THIS is the Arsenal team that will start against Sheff Weds tonight!

Obviously I don’t have a crystal ball, but I think I have a good insight into the way that Arsene Wenger thinks when it comes to resting players for Cup games. Le Prof has already said that Cech, Chambers and Campbell will play so I won’t take credit for those predictions!

Tonight’s trip to Sheffield Wednesday should be a lot easier than the task Arsenal faced in the last round when they had to go to White Hart Lane. Matthieu Flamini scored the two goals that knocked Tottenham out, and I think that Wenger will play Flamini in a more advanced role than usual. Wenger told him to go for goals when he brought the Frenchman on at Everton, and I am sure that was in preparation for this match.

Mertesacker is back from his illness, and he will play alongside Chambers, with the normal reserves of Gibbs and Debuchy up the sides.

I think Wenger will stick with Coquelin to provide some protection for the defence at the start, but I expect him to be taken off as soon as it looks like we have secured the win. Maybe Bielik may get a run out as sub depending on the score of course!

I think Walcott will be the striker as he hasn’t scored for a couple of games and Wenger will want him to get a bit of confidence back tonight, and Campbell and Oxlade-Chamberlain will be in support. The Ox desperately needs confidence and e may feel a bit happier against lower League opposition and he may be played as support striker.

I believe Wenger’s wild card will be Alex Iwobi on the wing, as Jeff Reine-Adelaide is out at the U17 World Cup.

So here is my starting XI


I am absolutely certain of nine of them, and the only question marks are over Coquelin and Iwobi.

What do you think?

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  1. Im sure wenger said afterwards against everton that he didnt want flamini higher up the pitch trying to score

  2. Its just sad seeing both Le Coq and Cech in a capital one game knowing there importance to the 1st team plus the amount of games they have played.

    Atleast Theo was rested against Everton a good 60minutes run out can do and hope he rekindles his goal scoring should he play tonight. Injuries are quietly snicking in and unbalancing our team.


    will definitely start, as for the rest I guess we will have to wait for the official line up. I am confident Coq wont start tonight though, Wenger would be cuocuo to allow that.

    1. Just to add on why is Gnarbry routing on Westbrom’s bench when he can do that for us and actually play in certain games like this one plus the FA cup. The club should rethink this loan move or have a word with WB. Maybe a lower league or a team like Sunderland would appreciate him better, Big Sam did wonders with Jenkison, give him Gnarbry too.

  3. I think Bielik needs a start and I think this kid is something special. Just the game for him to show what he has. I do think first team for him next year

    1. Hi arsenalkid1970,
      on the issue of Bielik, I keep reading people commenting on how special he is and that he should play tonight, is this from his performances during the reserves team playing CB mostly on how are others accessing this guys performances?

      Excuse my ignorance as I rarely watch our reserve team games (abit tricky to watch from my part of the world).

      1. Hi mate I have seen him play a good few times and yes he is very special. You can look him up on YouTube
        He needs to build up a little but he is still a kid

  4. Ozil, Sanchez, Bell, Mon, Boss shouldn’t be looked at. I think Cazorla should play the 10 role to create some chances for the first hour.

    Deb, Mert, Chambers, Gibbs
    KB Flamini
    Cam Caz Iwobi

    Bench: Macey, Gab, Ox, Giroud, Coq, Kam

    Defense should be ok as they are all first team players, may be a little rusty due to lack of game time. Midfield should be ok with the mixture of experience (Flamini), youth and magic (Cazorla) and Walcott can hopefully put a couple away to get some goals to his name. That’s my opinion, very excited to see the line up tonight. COYG

  5. Why should we risk Peter Cech in a Carling Cup? Isn’t it the time for Macey to stand up and be counted?
    Debuchy Chanbers Gabriel Gibbs
    Falmini Beliek
    Iwobi AOC Campbell
    Subs Martesacker, Cech, Willock, Bennaccer, Fortune, Julio Pleguezuelo, Monreal

  6. Yeah it’ll go something like that, but I reckon Cazorla might play instead of Coq now that Arteta’s not avail. Also I think there is a chance Ozil will play some part. We don’t have anyone who can come in for Ozil with assisting qualities, I don’t think we will see Cazorla play there again unless injuries and Aaron Jack and Rosicky are out.

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