“This is what we want” These Arsenal fans want this one thing after Chelsea loss

A lot of Arsenal fans want the club to fire Mikel Arteta after their 2-0 loss to Chelsea this evening.

The Gunners have now lost their opening two Premier League games of the season and it is the worst possible start for a club that is looking to break back into the European places at the end of this season.

Brentford beat the Gunners in their first game of the season and they had a fine recent record against Chelsea before facing the Blues this evening.

The fans had hoped that the players would get them a win in front of a packed Emirates Stadium.

That didn’t happen with Romelu Lukaku and Reece James netting for the Blues in a game that Bernd Leno helped the Gunners to keep the scoreline respectable.

After the game, the club took to their Twitter account to report the defeat and their fans filled the comments with calls for Arteta to get the sack. Here are some of the reactions:

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  1. The weakest board in the premier league is the Arsenal board and this is why Arsenal is retrogressing. If they don’t sack Artheta now, the board itself is a suspect. No club’s board in England have ever taken this kind of setback nonsense from any manager.

    1. Comment ,the whole of professional football in
      this country is a joke, multi millionaires awash ,joke players,abject managers, reffareeing standards not fit for purpose.
      Supporters taken to the cleaners.

  2. Arsenal had the perfect storm two games in a row.
    Game 1.
    First time back in the big time 74 years
    injuries and Covid.
    No surprise with the result
    Game 2.
    CL holders and even more covid and injuries.
    So no surprise with the result.
    Game 3.
    Man City.
    PL Champions, away from home
    and players still coming back from Covid and injury.
    So our season really kicks off after the first interlul
    by which time all our players will have recovered and all new players bedded in.
    Norwich (H) Burnley (A) Tottenham (H)
    Brighton (A) Palace (H) Villa (H) Leicester (A)
    Watford (H)
    5 of 8 at home. Almost all players available
    Arsenal could win 7 and draw at Leicester so take 22 from 24 and be top 4 by 7th of November
    That is my expectation any way
    Top 4 here we come

    1. A sensible comment from a supporter. Those who have short memories, remember the man named Arsene Wenger lost 10, drew 6 against the top 6 in 21 games. Also we are not yet full squad with sickness, injury, late transfers, Euro fatigue,etc.

    2. Are you that deluded. We will struggle this season against teams like Norwich, Watford and Burnley. These are not easy games, the other teams there are as good as us or better.
      I just don’t understand where this arrogance comes from. We will be lucky if we are in the top half of the table after these games.
      Arteta is simply not good enough, tactically he is the worst in the league. The only reason he is still a manager in the PL is because he is at Arsenal.

  3. I can’t understand anyone who has faith in Arteta, people say it’s only 2 games in but it’s not only 2 games, he was dreadful last season too… Losing at home to Burnley, Wolves, Everton, Leicester, and Villa and also having 3 of those 5 teams doing the double over us! I can’t remember one game we actually played well for 90 mins, if we do manage to have a good spell it’s either first or second half and never both! Arteta has spent a lot of money and if anything we look worse… How bad does it have to get before people wake up to the fact that Arteta is nothing more than an assistant coach 🙄

    1. WHAT are we to have faith in, we haven’t a clue if he is capable of running a football team, how can we have faith in someone who has nothing to back him up. We are in the dark as to wether he has what it takes, How can we have faith?

      1. I think because he worked with Pep and Pep sang his praises people think we have Guardiolas second coming and after we get spanked next week, pep will sing his praises again.. of course he will..he’s his mate and with Arteta at the helm it’s one less team for City and Pep to worry about.

        1. Its scary that people are putting so much faith in a person who has a zero track record and then tell me im wrong. WOW!!!!!!!!

          1. What’s more scary is that the board and owner seem to be 100% behind Arteta, Reggie when was the last time you saw an Arsenal manager spend well over 100 mil ? So it looks like they would rather throw money at this BS process than just admit it’s not working.. I suppose it would help if Arsenal fans were united in Arteta out but there’s still fans that are willing to give him time to turn it around, only thing is they will be waiting a very long time.

          2. Yes Kev and some fans moaning about his players missing today. The only one missing from last season who would play was White, Odergaard played last season so did Auba, Partey and Lacca and we still failed to qualify for europe. And white today like last week would have got toasted, if he had played.

          3. I share the same views with you. After 2 seasons, the Board she have seen that we do not have any future sticking to Aterta.

            Why does Arsenal miss the opportunity to sign seasoned good managers. Knowing the culture of the club with little or zero knowledge of coaching does not bring results in the pitch

          4. YAWN! And repeat hourly, ad infinitum! A person with only ever ONE REPEATABLE post is beyond merely just boring. They are parrot imitators!

          5. Agree. I can understand during Wenger’s time when there are as many supporters backing him as there are who wants him out. After all, he has past glory he can stand on. But Arteta, I cant understand those supporting him. He is not a club legend, not the most popular figure in his playing days, no track record as a manager, and does not even give us good football to watch. So those backing arteta should enlighten us

        2. Hi Kev.. 20 months isn’t enough time to figure out a playing style??
          He looked lost earlier.. lose at the Hawthorns on Wednesday, after entering the comp in the 2nd round for the first time in forever, and the heat really will be on! Bad enough losing to Brentford, albeit I expected defeat today.

          1. Exactly Reggie we were atrocious last season with those players minus Ben White and had he played today his career would have probably been over lol. Well sooner or later they will open their eyes and see Arteta for what he is and that won’t be a top level manager, I just fear by the time the fans and club wake up where the hell will we be ?

          2. Yeah Sue more than enough time we look just as disjointed now as to when he walked in the door! What amazes me is how quick they were to chop Emery but Arteta has full backing even after spending a ton of money on some average players! Do you think so Sue ? Remember we have probably the worst board in English football they seem happy to go along with project Arteta

          3. Well they’re never going to admit they got it wrong, Kev. As long as we stay in the PL, that’s all they’re bothered about..
            We can’t go 3 PL games without scoring can we?

          4. Haha yes can you see us scoring away at City ? We couldn’t do it against the mighty Brentford 😆 what p*sses me off is that Arteta’s post match interviews are almost identical every game, we need to improve blah blah blah I can’t listen to him anymore Sue. I still can’t believe we splashed out 50 mil for Ben White when we can’t bloody score 🙄

          5. Kev I don’t watch the post match.. as soon as the whistle blows I turn over.
            Nothing seems to have changed, still can’t score, poor defending, as for the midfield 🙄
            There are a few bright lights – ESR, Sambi, the floodlights 🤣 New season same old same old!
            Dis you see Nice v Marseille? It all kicked off!!

          6. I watched Levante Real Madrid great game especially the second half I was impressed with Vincius Jr 😄 was Saliba involved? I can’t even be that positive Sue i just don’t see anything that excites me although Leno pulled off a world class save I doubt anyone will mention that though for their love and loyalty for Villas number one 🙄

          7. Kev.. Payet was hit by a full water bottle; he threw it back, chaos ensued; fans stormed the pitch.
            One of Marseille’s coaches punched a fan. Some of Marseille’s players had strangle marks!! Mental!!

      2. Im not putting faith in the manager any more Reggie – you’ll still see me saying positive things but please note its about the players not Arteta – all my optimism directed at them succeeding despite not because of Arteta. It least it allows me to have some hope!

    2. Y’all lot are so quick to judge my beloved Arsenal. I’m convinced we don’t support the same football club. The media’s onslaught towards my love had you so worked up about trophies you undermined champions league football when Mr Wenger was bringing that home every season like thanks giving. Now that we’ve been out of that elite bracket for a few years the media has made up the “top 6” to sell the top 4 finish scam as the standard. I’m for Arteta because he suits us, we’re far from where we think we should be as fans, getting rid of Arteta whether be it by resignation( which you ungrateful and egoistic Wenger spoon fed fans of the Highbury era are helping the media push as an agenda) or getting fired due to the pressure caused by external factors which will prove management’s lack of…management.
      The Highbury days were good I get it, however we haven’t been the same team since we moved and Arteta is not to blame. If you were expecting that changing a team’s DNA and building a formidable team “thanks to our Highbury lofty standards” takes a season or two? Think again. Everybody knew and understood the task at hand would take 3 seasons at least. But now the media is roasting Arteta because they actually see (or not)what he’s doing and wanna stop it with EVERYTHING they CAN. Y’all old crocks are poisonouing the new optimist bunch of fans with your lofty egotistical standards causing negative consequences just because y’all want to win an argument of football at a bar?

    3. Mikel Arteta’s CV, ex Arsenal midfielder and Assistant to Pep Guardiola, came to Arsenal won FA Cup, 2 eighth place finishes.
      Unai Emery’s CV, Sevilla UEFA Europa League Winners 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16; PSG Winners League 1 2017-18, Coupe de France 2016-17, 2017-18, Coupe de La Ligue 2016-17, 2017-18, Trophoe des Champions 2016, 2017, won seven out of eight trophies available, 76.3% winning record (higher than Blanc, Ancellotti, Tuchel and Ponchettino) at PSG; Arsenal 5th place, Europa League Runner Up. Sacked when Club in eigth position.
      Which head coach/manager deserved to be supported at Arsenal with discipline of players and transfer budget?

    4. But one thing I know is there is improvement in yesterday’s game looking to we have on field, and we have to understand that arsenal are in project now the players to know themselves and come of age to compete with the big teams for the next two years.

  4. Anybody who has belief that Arteta can coach winning football, here at Arsenal, must now realise that he cannot. He hasn’t got it. The quicker he goes the quicker the season can be saved. If he stays we are in danger. The players cannot play and will not play for him.

    1. Okay he goes who comes in ? And how long are you giving the new manager? What if the team does not play better under the new management? So in a nutshell it’s about patience, personally
      I would give 10 games then sack him if nothing improves but after 2 flipping games against the best team in our league and probably
      Europe. I don’t like losing but we are a team and club in transition
      We are NOT A TOP FOUR TEAM YET, so we have no right to think we can beat Chelsea, we should however beat all the teams that we should beat after the investments made, okay Brentford was bad result. I still think we will get 5th spot and I think we will get stronger the longer the season goes on because of lack of Europe this year.., please give 10 games to judge for this year…..

      1. Arteta has not brought anything to the table in a year and a half. He just hasn’t got what it takes. Clubs sack managers who are not doing it. Arteta should fall on his sword. We play poor, poor football, non-existent tactics, unmotivated. “How long are you giving the new manager”……enough time to make us a better team than Arteta can. If clubs were scared of appointing a new manager, no club would ever sign a new manager. Silly.

      2. GD fair enough comment Chelsea are better than us so no disgrace losing to them but what about being bullied off the pitch by Brentford and the dire backwards sideways passing and lack of goal threat we see each week under MA? 2 defeats already and a 3rd incoming with possibly no goals scored because I don’t see us scoring against city.

        1. To Kev and Sean, I would not loose any sleep if Arteta got sacked tonight but what scares me is a feeling of desperation and we keep sacking managers, the bad feelings have been around for 3/4 years now amongst supporters. I really really want this to work
          So I just want a little longer with the present manger so we can say it was not a knee jerk reaction before we change….

          1. But isnt 1.5 season enough to see gow good arteta is? Not only do we play dull football, we dont even get good result. Maybe since the board backs arteta with signing we should at least give him another 8 games. If we are at bottom half he should be out.

      3. But Goaldan, after 10 games, who would you bring in? It doesn’t matter how many games or who comes in, the question is, is Arteta capable? And for me at the moment what is going on NO.

        1. GD but surely after almost 2 years in charge we would have seen a style of play the manager is set on wouldn’t we ? I’m confused to what system the team plays the only thing I know for certain is we aren’t an offensive team and not much of a defensive team either because our defending at times is comical and I can’t see the 50 mil Ben White improving us much.

    2. I agree that Arteta lacks the experience to coach at the level required at Arsenal at this critical time.
      If and I say if Arteta is sacked who of the managers that are currently available would come to Arsenal right now. If he had been sacked earlier then some of those managers that the fans seem to want, bearing in mind that close on £150 million in transfer money was available, some might have been tempted. However, this opportunity has gone, so it seems likely that he will stay unless things go completely off the rails.

  5. If you still have a doubt that Arteta is not a for arsenal standard, then you don’t even deserve to support any team in the premiership. Your lot’s are supporting the teams in the league 2. How on earth are teams like Southampton, Leeds United etc with so call average players and manage by average coaches play with passion, energies, clear tactics and style but our own beloved arsenal with same labelled average players under Arteta plays with no energy, boring football and lack of respect for the badge. If you want to loss at least stand up for the badge, you don’t get bullied by Brentford last week and repeat the same bulls**t this week. Arteta can continue to hide under absence of senior players but I won’t be deceive again by a man that is not up to the task before him.

    1. That’s totally unfair Segun. How dare you say that anybody supporting Arteta does not deserve to support Arsenal. Question many things but don’t talk rubbish like that. They may be right or wrong but they still follow our club, so please respect that.

      1. 👍 Everybody wants Arteta to succeed, because they want Arsenal to succeed.
        People are right to be concerned.

        1. Ozzie, But as the constant “we want him sacked” posts show us only too clearly, “everybody “does NOT want Arteta to succeed! They should as fans, but only true suppporters stay true to our proper values when things are going against us .

          Such as Covid, which has plaqued our pre season and both our Prem elevens so far.

          Though, and predictably, ignored by the “sack him today ” crowd of immature fans!

          They do not recognise rational thought and fairness.

          1. jon, fairness would have been the Board supporting Unai Emery in player discipline and transfers. Arsenal backed the wrong horse, shafting Emery too early.

          2. For me it is not about the results but the way we play. We are struggling up front like never before and the football we play is just yuck. And dont even talk about covid. We have enough technical players in the reserve who can give us good football.

  6. Fairfan has always in the past been praised for having a balanced view. Although he is being perhaps (a tad!!!) over-optimistic this time round I enjoy his positivity. I still think Arteta will fail but in a spirit of balance rather than the totally one sided posts I am ready here are my pros and cons thus far updated with what I saw today. I am not going to waste everyone’s tim with the usual cocktail of either attacks on Arteta’s competance and who we should hire or blind faith – As usual with me it’s scattergun:
    + with 6 first teamers out it wasn’t an awful performance vs a top team
    + Lokonga looks a real find already, and Tavares makes things happen
    +ESR is already showing he’s improved even on last season
    – Martenelli is nowhere near the finished article
    – Pepe is bad for the team. Static and passes back more than Xhaka
    – Tierney is a very poor defender although a great winger but injury prone so unreliable. He will nerer play more than 50% of games
    +Fortunately Tavares is a fine prospect
    +Even with Xhaka permanently in the wrong place our midfield was not the issue today because Lokonga was everywhere and excellent. The lad’s a star
    +Imagine Partey and Lokonga!
    – Mari must go. Holding standbye or part of a 3 man defence only if height needed
    + Gabriel and White to start
    – Desparate need of proper RWB
    +nketiah had superb pre-season and deserves another chance when fit.
    – out of first 11 – Cedric, Mari, Pepe, Xhaka
    In: Ramsdale White Gabriel Tavares/Tierney Partey Lokonga Saka Odegaard ESR Martinelli Laca/Balgub/Nketiah
    Take out Tierney, Mari, Xhaka, Pepe and the team and performance weren’t bad. But I argue we need that RWB.

    1. 👍 A balanced submission I must say.

      A lot of people are either blinded by hate or just don’t want to face reality.

      No. This is not the Arsenal we want, but to pretend the two losses are as a result of the managers incompetence is to be biased. It’s okay to not like Arteta and it’s okay to want him gone, but dude is actually making changes that those who can look past their hate should see.

      I read how the same people who attack how his done business, praise Lokonga and Tavares, yet in same breathe moan about how he does business. They should at least be consistent.

      The sooner fans realize that Arsenal right now is only a big team because it once was and not because that’s what it is now, the better for them. And getting back to where we ought to be will take time, whether Arteta gets sacked or not.

      Now they won’t stop talking about how much has been spent this window, like Tavares and Lokonga hasn’t been performing well already, like Odegard has had a chance to play, like we have had a chance to field a complete team this season.

      It’s okay if people want to keep hating Arteta, but they should at least stop lying to themselves.

      1. Perspective was required and given
        Too many posts were totally knee jerk
        Come the Autumn we will know if Arteta has it. His players for the most part who will have had a chance to fully work together. If it’s still iffy then he’ll be off in a jiffy

      2. Alan, what Arteta now has to do, is show that he can manage these player resources to get the best out of them to optimize the performance of the team.

    2. Fair points guy, I just think Tierney is fine defensively and exceptionally good offensively but looks as you say injury prone.

  7. This is what I want – “Willian and Arteta lifting the Champions League trophy together next season.” COYG!!!

  8. What can one say after that performance. They players tried hard, I thought, but It was truly a men versus boys match (Including the coaches).

    I have been musing over our 5 new acquisitions.

    I wonder where the “golden child” (Odegaard) will play when he is available. Will he take Saka’s place, Smith-Rowe’s place, Pepe LaPew the $75m winger’s place, Aubameyang’s place?

    Or will he perhaps play in midfield, to bring some much needed steel (sorry couldn’t resist that)?

    Wherever he plays will he really improve the team?

    I watched the Brighton game over the weekend.

    It seemed to me that their defense didn’t look any the worse for wear after having lost the services of $50m Ben White!!

    (As an aside: I wonder if Arteta left him out of the Chelsea game so that he was not embarrassed trying mark Lukaku?)

    In that Brighton game Bissouma was by far their best player, and they have now already won their second game of the season!!!

    I wonder if Bissouma was playing in our midfield would we have put up a better show against Chelsea, and might we have beaten Brentford?

    I thought Leno had a good game, so I am not sure how the introduction of Ramsdale could have improved us there. (Hey, but we must have had a spare $30m hanging around so what the hell).

    I thought Lokonga had a reasonable game when he had the ball, but like so many of our players he seemed to get lost a lot. I cannot say he pulled up any trees in that game.
    Tavares is still vey raw, and if Tierney is out for some time I would be worried about him being an immediate replacement.

    BUT the “Brains Trust” knows best. I am sure that they thought long and hard about recruiting these 5 players who they are sure will get us back into the top 4.

    Another comment: It strikes me that both Arteta and the Board are hanging on trying to get past the International break when some “relatively” easier fixtures are on the docket.
    But will beating Norwich and Burnley prove that we have turned the corner? I think so. It will buy the Dynamic Duo at least until Xmas.

    After all, having potentially wasted $150m so far do you think the Board will want to show their total incompetence and fire both Edu and Arteta after losing to Man City next week (assuming we do of course)!!

    1. Great post, i couldn’t have put it better myself. Today, who would have missed out for Odergaard? He doesn’t bring a goal threat.Only one of Auba and Lacca would have played. Would Lakonga have been paired with Partey? I doubt it. And would white have coped with Lakaku? No. So we weren’t that much so called weaker today.

      1. Hiya Reggie – excuse me will address your and JW’S posts as they overlap. Here we have my first criticism of MA today too!.
        I would play Odergaard 10 ESR floating as he does already, Saka right and drop Pepe who cant like Auba play this way. CF to alternate until one eventually clicks and GM back to left Pepe stops flow, cant beat the fb and passes backwards. But of course Arteta will neither do that, nor play Lokanga and Partiy together nor play Tavaras all game. So predictable.
        Reason Lokanga looked “lost” was bacause Xhaka wast defence or mf he was dtranded between, so Sambi had 2 roles covering him. Defence alo had to slide right a lot as Cedric was invisible.
        JW you seriously think Arsenal lied about a covid test to not play White? That’s a pretty paranoid accusation.
        Not sure why Mari and not Holding got given Lokaku today IMO another FU.
        There u r JW – lots of ammo for you to complain about how much cash we spent. For me we have what we have, cost not worth discussing any more.

    2. JW I said that earlier I’m thinking Ben White was an absentee today because of his performance against Brentford so imagine what it would have been like against Lukaku and Chelsea and Arteta more or less said he’ll miss Man city, something tells me if we were playing Norwich next week Ben White would be fit and healthy.

  9. Hey Martin, what team do you support, it can’t be Arsenal because you take such joy at rubbishing my club, just asking of course out of curiosity?

  10. Look, I don’t like Arteta, I never liked him. Not as a person now, I mean as coach of Arsenal
    After we unceremoniously hounded out Wenger, our super ambitious board narrowed his replacement options to Unai Emery and Arteta. I didn’t want either but I accepted Emery because I didn’t want my beloved club to be a training ground for a rookie coach.
    But a fateful turn of events still brought Arteta as coach of my beloved team. Now some 20 months into his reign and my worst fears are coming true.
    But then, is sacking Arteta the right way to go at this point in time? I’m not sure the answer is a yes
    Disappointing as our recent results have been, (and they could be worse this weekend)I’d like to give a proper perspective to events. I think Arteta has been unlucky with the turn of events some of which he has no control over. Any coach would have struggled with the number of critical absences in the Arsene squad.
    I still believe that things will turn, probably after the international break, that is, if by then the entire squad is not felled by COVID!
    I’m willing to keep up the hope until something happens because if Arteta goes now, chances are that our board would go for another second-rate yes-man, and the sack merry-go-round would be truly on.

  11. I sometimes get amused by the various viewpoints on this website. Certainly no real Arsenal fan can say they are happy with the current situation. However there are mitigating factors which we should consider: injuries, illness and new players trying to bed in. No one should expect new players to come in and deliver right away.
    The one issue I get incensed with is the unjustified Xhaka bashing. There is a group of people who are bent on a vendetta against Xhaka for whatever reason even if he gets a hat trick! This same clique or their offspring are the ones that hounded Adebayor, Eboue, Gervinho, Giroud and other loyal servants out of the club. They have decided to sow seeds of hate for any player they feel is not to their taste. The same clique is the one which forced Wenger and Unai Emery to leave and now they are on Arteta! Their major motive, if they have any, is unclear. They behave like marauders and seem to have no clear direction except to get rid of those they dislike. This is a sad situation!
    It is my considered view that we should be patient and give Arteta up to December and see whether he can turn the situation around.

    1. Truth is he isnt good enough, showed massive disrespect to the club and i dont know of any pundit, ex footballer or opposition fan who rates him at all. It isn’t just restricted to Arsenal fans. Nobody is hounding him out, it is an opinion site, i dont get your rhetoric. He isnt rated and that is fact. You dont agree but thats your opinion which i respect but dont concur with. My take is his whole contribution to Arsenal is taking us lower and lower every season, which he is and has been since we started the freefall.

  12. After winning the cup, Ma thought he could no wrong.The rest is history.
    Managers will be sacked as the season progresses.If MA is to be sacked,get a proven winner . Conte aint going to wait for eternity.
    Timing must be perfect. In a way MA has been unlucky with injuries,covid ,etc.
    Against MC he could play anti soccer .If not the gullotine will fall on him.
    I wish him luck in these difficult times

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