This is why Arsenal really can win the League this season – Facts!

All the pundits and commentators, and even loads of Arsenal followers (I won’t call them fans) have been predicting that Arsenal will collapse and fall out of the title race, simply because that is what history has told us. But records are made to be broken and this is looking very likely to be Arsenal’s year.

Everyone was predicting after five games that Man City would win this title easily, but where are they now. Then Liverpool were all the rage. So we won’t talk about the Bournemouth game last week shall we? Currently everyone is saying that Chelsea are invincible. So should we remind them of the last game they lost? Embarrassed at the Emirates? We should not feel inferior to them in the slightest…

But the biggest thing about this season is the fact that we have conceded the first goal SIX times out of our 15 Premier League games, but every single time we have fought back to gain at least a point. At Man United we looked totally dominated but what happened? Wenger brought on Giroud and Oxlade-Chamberlain, and we scored, thanks to our reserves. Against PSG in Paris, we looked dead and buried, but we again came back and finally got the equalizer.

This team will simply not accept defeat no matter what, and Wenger will make the tactical changes when needed. This team is not the Arsenal of old that drops their heads when they go behind. This team REFUSES to lose, whatever the situation.

When Wenger was asked today if he was worried when Arsenal went behind to Stoke, he made it clear that there is no reason to worry with this squad. “It makes you think that six times is not a coincidence. (coming from behind). As well it makes you think in the future when you go 1-0 down, this game is far from lost because you know your players have the strength to fight and come back. Overall I believe that’s very positive for us.

“I think we have a united squad, even if it’s frustrating for some players not to get the number of games they would like to. But everybody is on board. We can only do it all together. At the moment the energy levels in the team is very united and very together, and that’s what we need if we want to be successful.

“We want it to be different. I believe since we lost at home to Liverpool, in the Premier League and Champions League we have been absolutely remarkably consistent. That’s very difficult so it shows that the team is ready to focus and to give absolutely everything to win the games. Can we maintain that collective energy? I think we have a chance.”

You can’t knock the spirit of the team, sometimes we have dominated like against Chelsea, West Ham, Basel and Ludogorets. At other times we have had to pull the game out of the fire, like PSG, Man United and Tottenham, but this team has never given up and accepted defeat. And they won’t because they know if they don’t play their best and win the game there is another player on the bench that will.

We have the squad to fight all the way, and I really believe hat our fighting spirit can take us all the way, even against teams like Barcelona or Bayern Munich. This squad is as good as any other team in Europe.

Am I right or still dreaming?

Sam P


  1. NY_Gunner says:

    Like your optimism…

  2. SQ says:

    And then you look at the bench and see the likes of Giroud,Perez and Ramsey..this team mean business

  3. Godswill says:

    I can’t believe we were 1 goal down and I did not panic.
    A key player injured and I did not feel that the game is lost.
    Looking at the bench shows Arsenal to be a diffetent team from the past few yrars.
    Now anyone coming in tries to make a point. Imagine the contributions of substitutes yesterday. Hmmm. I have confidence.

  4. Wilshegz says:

    Liverpool have a poor defence n cnt replace Coutinho ATM, Mane is gonna leave for AFCON soon.

    United are out of the race alrdy

    City have a poor defence n no planB especially against Bus-parkers

    Arsenal ll only miss Elneny for AFCON which is hardly a miss n have planB in Giroud’s aerial prowess n Ramsey.Xhaka outside shots.
    with a pretty solid defence

    our weakness might be complacency when we are leading comfortably n sometimes wrong selection by Wenger.

    Chelsea dnt seem to have any weakness yet or if they do iv not seen it yet.

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