This is why Atletico Madrid and Barcelona want Alexandre Lacazette (Video)

It should not have come as a surprise to anyone that Arsenal forward Alexandre Lacazette would find himself the subject of transfer speculation following a brilliant season for the Gunners.

Spanish giants Barcelona and Atletico Madrid have been linked with a move for the Arsenal player of the year following a stellar campaign that saw him bag 18 goals in all competitions.

Big goals against Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, Napoli and Valencia, to name just a few, show how important the Frenchman has been to us this season, without him who knows how much poorer things would have been.

It would be easy to write about how good Laca has been for us, what he brings to the team and how he offers much more than just goals but sometimes a video can be much more rewarding.

I found this video on youtube of Lacazette this season from Score 90 and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I did.


  1. He has decent goal and assist stats in this season, despite not impressive as a striker

    But there is no stat for being a threat, or for terrorizing a defense, or for linking up play at the front. Lacazette worked hard in the field like Iwobi and that effort is usually not appreciated enough

    However, I don’t believe Barcelona and Atletico Madrid have serious interest in him, because they need a more lethal goalscorer. If they come knocking, Arsenal should set the price tag no less than 70 M

  2. Barcelona is a major dream for a lot of players. It would be a step up for any of our players. I hope Lacazette and Aubameyang aren’t too greedy and stay here. They are our two best players. We already need to replace most of our starting line-up and we don’t need to replace our best strikers as well.

    If we don’t win Europa League, we will not be in Champions League and Lacazette will find Barcelona even more attractive

    So I think we need to win Europa League to have a good chance of not losing our best players.

  3. i doubt if Barcelona is after laca. It might be base less stories from the media. Athletico can be of interest to laca now that Greizman will be leaving.

  4. He’s nothing short of £80m in todays market if Griezmann is higher than that.

    He’s an extremely hard worker who actually works his socks off to get the possession back.

    I hope we secure Tagliafico or Grimaldo as our new LB. Followed by Manolas to replace Mustafi.

    Herrera or Rabiot to replace Ramsey for free, as long as Rabiot’s wage demands are not too frivolous. I have a gut feeling Rabiot’s going to have to lower his demands since no one is yet to agreed to pay what he wants (Real, Barca..).

    1. You got to wonder just how greedy a player is if he is unable to agree deals with even Real or Barca. I think it would be best if we steered clear off of him, he seems like a proper mercenary. Another potential dressing room virus like Pogba and Sanchez.

    1. First track made the football look better, esp when dribbling, second track was complete crap, same with third one. You need to compliment the moves by picking the right tracks, otherwise just let the football do the talking.

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