This is why David Luiz is important to Unai Emery

David Luiz believes Arsenal can challenge for the title

David Luiz is a player that splits opinion, however, Unai Emery is convinced that the Brazilian is a huge asset.

For those that see the former Chelsea star as a liability, they can point to a few occasions this season that vindicate their viewpoint. On the other side, his supporters point to his winning goal against Bournemouth and the experience he brings to the team.

One of his attributes is his unbreakable confidence in himself and his team. He is not joking when he says Arsenal can challenge for the title, he believes it deeply. That is one of his strongest characteristics through his career, that is why he has won so much.

Speaking to NBC Sports, the 32-year-old exuded confidence revealing his burning ambition.

“For me, if you start something, and we’ve just started the Premier League and all of the competitions, if you don’t think you can win the competition then you won’t start anything in your life,” Luiz said.

“I want to improve and adapt myself for the style of Arsenal, as a club and how the manager wants us to play. I think we can do that together.

“My vision, my ambition and my will is always to fight for the title and between the club, the players and the coach, we have the possibility to fight for the title. I think this club deserves to shine again.”

There is little doubt that Luiz is saying the same to his teammates. I have no doubts that the younger players listen intently when he speaks. That is why he is so important to Emery, his attitude and positivity feeds to the rest of the team.

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