This is why Ilkay Gundogan would be absolutely perfect for Arsenal

Mikel Arteta wants Ilkay Gundogan and that’s what everyone is talking about right now. Whenever I imagine the German midfield genius joining Arsenal, I’m like, “If you can’t beat them, weaken them.”

Although many of us believe the Man City man, who could join on a free transfer, could elevate Arteta’s midfield, some are doubtful. To these doubters, I can only advise them to listen to what Owen Hargreaves says about the 32-year-old. The ex-Man United man believes that if there’s one footballer he knows who can do it all in the midfield, it’s Gundogan. Though he didn’t advise him to join Arsenal, the ex-PL star hinted why Arteta’s project would reap big rewards if Gundogan joined.

“A fabulous football player,” said Hargreaves on PL Productions as quoted by HITC. “He can play in so many different positions. Remember that season when he was almost their highest goalscorer?

“He can play as a center-forward.

“Deep midfielder. Box-to-box. He is almost the perfect Pep player, Ilkay Gundogan, with no ego. No opinion. He can be dropped and sit on the bench.

“He can play in the biggest of games and is always there when you need him. He consistently produces the goods. And he is humble and respectful. But deep down, there is a winner.

“I think Gundogan sets the tone for what Pep wants from these players. He doesn’t want divas. You look at Cancelo. There is something there that he didn’t like, and he was gone.”

With Xhaka tipped to leave and it is noted that Arsenal needs to inject experience into their squad, Arteta can kill two birds with one stone with Gundogan’s arrival. Maybe Arteta make that deal happen. He should sit down with Gundogan with a 3-year contract in front of him, and offer him the promise to advance into coaching. And boom! He joins.

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  1. Please Aretha isnt getting Gunduan. And Arsenal haven’t got De Bruyne, Haarland or Grealish to compliment an aging Gunduan.

    1. Exactly, without the right players and system you’ll be left with an aging player who can’t replicate his city performances. The fans will turn on him quickly then he will waste away on our bench like so many other players.

  2. Strongly agree with the writer and also in agreement with Hargreaves on Ilkay Gundogan.

    This is one player I have been talking about for many moons and I resume urging Arsenal in the winter to pursue the German.

    There are a few regular on JA that try to scold me about his age and reminding me about the other aging midfielders we have currently on the books.
    As Hargreaves was at pain to point out the German is not just another midfielder, he could well be the difference when it matters most.

    Pep Guardiola will never sanctions this player joining us but it’s now out of his hands,

  3. How many league titles have Gundogan won at City? One? Two? And what about his salary demands?

    I could be wrong, but don’t expect a 32-year-old player at the tail end of his career (and coming from a championship team) to be the ideal midfield target at this time.

    What’s in it for him, except money?

    That said, I admire certain parts of Gundogan’s game.

  4. I don’t think age is an issue with Gundogan . Think of Modric or Pirlo at 32. Both players were still in their prime at that age. What these three footballers have in common is that they rely mostly on intelligent movements, technical brilliance and astute passing rather than sheer athleticism and pace. Provided Arsenal sign a more athletic midfielder like Rice alongside him,he could be ideal for Arsenal.
    That said I don’t think Gundogan will come to Arsenal. I think he will remain at City

  5. With Xhaka expected to leave this summer there is a strong argument to say we would then need to bring in 3 midfielders and one of them would have to be a free transfer as there is no way the board would spend big money on all 3 signings but I don’t think it will be Gundogan unfortunately and is more likely to be Tielemens underwhelming as that may sound.

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