This is why Wenger prefers Vidal to Schneiderlin – Tactical Intelligence!

The Revolution of the Deeper Role. The birth of Intelligence‏. By Galen.

Mathieu Flamini left Arsenal for Milan in 2008. We are now in 2015 and we have been having the same debate for the last 7 years. We want a defensive midfielder. I can’t remember a summer passing without us analysing this position. Last summer we spent £16m on Chambers but the plea for a DM was ignored. So what is Mr Wenger thinking?

Arsene argued in 2012: “The age of specialist DM is over. There are no defensive midfield players at the moment,”

“We try to find the defensive balance collectively. We have fewer players who are purely defenders but some are physically strong in defending, like Diaby, some are tactically strong, like Arteta.

“At the moment we have the balance because everybody participates, but we have fewer specialists, purely defenders”

Wenger clearly thinks is about the team and not the individual when it comes to DM. You have got managers like Pep, Van Gaal and Arsene who believe that having a player just for the sake of destruction does not help the team. The ball must continue rolling. This difference has led to a high use of the deep lying playmakers and the registra. Pep explained that Macherano was too defensive and could break the teams hold of the ball by maybe taking an extra touch. Which explained why he played him at CB and went for Sergio Busquet instead. So what is a registra, and what is a deep lying playmaker. Examples include; Xabi Alonso, Pirlo, Varreti, Schweinsteiger, Busquets, Carrick etc. I downloaded books by Sacchi, Mancini and Ancelotti they all gave similar explanations.

A more aggressive version of the deep-lying playmaker, suitable for possession-oriented tactics that press high up the pitch. He is given complete freedom to dictate and play from deep positions, offering a dynamic and unpredictable creative outlet from behind the attack. He will seek to maintain intense pressure by constantly looking for new chances as his more advanced teammates get into goalscoring positions.

Deep-Lying Playmaker
Operates in the space between the defence and the midfield, and aims to initiate attacking moves through pinpoint passes to players positioned higher up the pitch. He is a creative player that also has to be competent in defence.

When you think about the deep-lying role you think about intelligence and awareness. Guardiola said: “Lahm is the most intelligent player I have ever trained”. Where did he play him? DM. While a player like Xavi Martinez was played at CB instead.

Arsene said of Mikel Arteta. “Arteta is an extremely intelligent player, focused and committed.These three qualities together make him an exceptional player and he understands everything that is going on on the pitch”. Manchester United manager LVG also mentions the word intelligence when talking about Carrick.

For some football managers the DM role has been revolutionised and now its all about intelligence . French TV Channel Canal Plus mentioned yesterday that Morgan Schneiderlin would have been signed by Man United a long time ago. But that LVG said he should be signed only if United are not able to sign Bastian Schweinsteiger. The rumours today is that Schneiderlin won’t sign if Schweinsteiger is coming to United. Now you easily start understanding how having a creative defensive midfielder seems very important in the ways teams are shaped up. LVG clearly feels Bastian is way superior to Morgan even though Morgan could be way better defensively.

Is this the reason why Vidal is been mentioned as an Arsenal target? Vidal has the intelligence to play like an attacking midfielder (like at Juventus) while also having the intelligence to play as a defensive midfielder, like at Bayern Leverkusen. Is Arsene more interested in Vidal because of his intelligence, creativity and his all round game?

Well I will conclude by saying that, personally, I am old fashioned, and I like the idea of a “Makelele role”. I like a ball winning midfielder like Mascherano for Argentina, Krychiwiak for Seville, Imbulla for Marseille, Javi Martinez (pre Pep) for Bayern. Wanyama for Saints, etc. Coquelin may not recycle and fine tune our game like Arteta but isn’t that the reason why we have guys like Ozil, Rambo, Cazorla and Jack in the team?

I am not a football manager and I can’t claim to know more than these world-class Coaches but I have loved watching some Coq at Arsenal. But if intelligence, distribution and organising play from the back is the way forward then who am I to argue?

Coquelin has shown that having a “Police Officer” can work perfectly for Arsenal.


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  1. I would be happy and satisfied if we get Vidal as he is a work hose who together with Le Coq will get the best out of Ozil and Sanchez.would love to see the striker signed but not sure with wenger’s plan on walcot as far as CF position is concerned.

    So Cech and Vidal will definetely take Arsenal to a new domensional.I luv Arsenal to death and very optimistic about the next season.

    1. Just imagine a 4-3-3 formation of bellerin(speed)-gabriel-kos-nacho(sold at back and good on bombing forward)
      ramsey-Vidal-Le Coq(all good defensively and offer everything going forward)
      Ozil-walco(New striker)-sanchez

      That team is devastating to the full effect

      1. What!? No Carzola even on the bench? If Ozil must start then Ramsey has to drop to the bench for Carzola. I can’t imagine a starting lineup without Santi.

    2. Rotating is cleary very important and specially in our squad known for injuries, but you cant expect having players like Santi, ramsey and wilshere all being on the bench at the same time. Vidal move don’t make any sense to me really (Schneiderlin would). Vidal is a box to box player with high stamina and he manages to combine defensive work and scores goals. On his day he can one of the best in his position and thats whats a good box to box player should be doing. We have Ramsey and Wilshere for that and Santi who can pay cm role.

      Let’s say we play Coquelin and Vidal at the same time. Bench: Santi, ramsey wilshere who already all fight for the same cm role. It just doesn’t make any sense. MS is as much DM as you can get, he just covers much space in midfield and maybe looks like a box to box player.(which he also can play) I would describe him as Arteta + Coquelin maybe Arteta has just a bit better passing but I would say his defending is at at least as good as Coquelin.

      1. i agree with you totally,we don’t need Vidal.Obviously hes an exceptional player who it would be hard to turn down,but i don’t see him going back to being a DM again after hes been playing AM for Juve.The only real reason i can see for Wenger to buy Vidal over Schneidlin is lockeroom politics,because i feel it will be easier for Wenger to bench Ramsey,Wiltshere or Santi for Vidal than it would be for Schneidlin

  2. i see schneiderlin wanting the D.M position for himself(is he a True D.m?) at the expense of our very own Coq……. I wouldn’t buy that……that’s why i had wanted someone who’d serve as an understudy to the Coq not a displacement…….. Um Vidal?…. The guy is a “Guerrero II” ….he can do almost everything on the pitch (oh! I wish he was in his early 20’s)…. But he isn’t a True D.M even if he could play there……, Le Coq’s position is safe. Someone complained bout how we could manage all our midfielders…… Injuries are inevitable, form depreciates , there are many competitions to feature in…… That’s how they get game time….. A rotation policy can suit em all……. Lets get vidal ……lets increase our fanbase (in chile as well) ….haha!….. Lets conquer the world!

    1. Understudy to Le Coq? Chambers, Hayden & Bielik why would we need to buy someone else when we have three players who can be a back up to Coquelin.

      1. What you mean Beilik the child who has never played at senior Level or the PL or Chambers who is a defender not a defensive midfielder?

        Do you want to win things this year?

        1. An understudy is someone who learns Someone else’s role. Not what I said that’s what he said. Why buy someone else when that’s basically what we’ve already got. I don’t even want some one just to offer competition to Coquelin. He’s a quality DM but compare him to others and parts of his game aren’t great. For me the DM position is something that could be improved like Cech for Ospina. Why stand still.

          1. I agree with we need competition, for sure! But I can’t back the thought of learning how to play a position/role on the job with the cut and thrust of major comps (PL/UCL) and all that is at stake.

            Small margins that can mean the difference between 1st and 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) IMO.

          2. Hey pizza for sacrifice…… Are u taking us to far back to his Leverkusen role or his most recent juve role? ….u see, this is why i said “he’s not really a True D.M, even if he could play there” ….. Ever heard of the word “versatility” ? That’s what Vidal is….. He does just bout anything in the Midfield (DM,AM,Playmaking)…… All he needs is adaptation and instructions from the Team manager…..u have to understand a statement before pushing the Reaction button selflessly

            1. i disagree,especially with your previous comments about getting a DM who would be an ‘understudy’ to Coquelin,i cannot think of a worse idea,its this kind of complacent philosophy with lack of competition which has held us back for so long.

    2. “But he isn’t a True D.M even if he could play there…….”

      You never saw him play at Leverkusen obviously haha. When people say this its obvious they’re just saying words in order to have an opinion, even an uneducated one.

      A DM responds to the team. It’s actually quite stupid to say sign a DM. It’s not a plug and play position. Vidal would fit us insanely well. With Coq rotating, this is a transfer that puts Chelsea in our sights.

      Watch tape of him at Leverkusen, read reports on the player before just spouting nonsense. It makes you look kind of stupid.

      1. but hs adapted at Juve to an attacking midfield position,would he really want to go back?

    3. Coquelin IS the understudy, just why you think 5months in the first team elevates him to greatness is beyond me. He’s played less than a handful of CL games, never touched the international stage, and has 20 good matches under his belt in the premier league. Those are the facts.

      Vidal/Schneiderlin/Whoever does come in will be an established player he can learn from. This nonsense about an understudy is the same as suggesting we get an understudy for Chambers. 5months at Arsenal and some fans think you’ve cracked the world stage….should hear yourselves.

      1. @Charlie
        True talk. I think most fans are that way. Our players are always the best. I remember somebody saying that if we signed Kondogbia will he be willing to be on the bench for COq? I guess Coq is already legendary.
        But can you blame us Charlie? When was the last time we had a proper Dm at Arsenal.?

        1. Mate I honestly think that’s why so many claim he’s world class….he’s just a big upgrade on what passed as a DM in recent years.

        2. Yes, some fans do overstate FC’s ability compared to some others but regardless of his lack of experience he undeniably did a job for us – even his most severe critics acknowledge that. But I don’t recall anyone expressly saying “Francis Coquelin is world class” although plenty suggested he was doing as good a job defensively as many of his big name rivals/peers. Can he improve to a standard approved by his detractors? I don’t know but would imagine the best way to find out would be for him to play. Anyhow, if someone like Vidal turned up (wishful thinking) I am guessing that AW will revert to a 4-2-3-1 (relying on the energy of 2 players who can cover the ground and between them provide the defensive tenacity – Vidal/Ramsey as the 2?) And Coq will be benched and perhaps be used in there for big away games or to come on late to try and tighten things up or close out a game.

          And whilst accepting the point about fans eulogising just a little too much about one of our players it does sort of reverse the trend of denigrating our players and wishfully elevating the status/ability of other team’s players – the grass is always greener is a powerful thing on here. And for balance, Kondogbia is nearly 2 years younger than Coq and only played a handful more top level games and with 4 full international caps to FC’s nil – he may be good but he is hardly the experienced old-hand at a level where he can strut his stuff and tell FC to “watch and learn son”. And plenty on here will tell you he is world class – really? Why is he going from a well-paid job at Monaco to a no champion’s league declining mid-table Inter. A lack of ambition? Maybe the opposite – a huge amount of ambition to reverse their fortunes. Or was that his best offer?

    4. Vidal is perfect ! Coq will keep his place and Wilshere will learn how to keep a cool head

    5. I remember clearly in the early part of last season when we were so exposed at the back bcoz of the lack of a proper DM until Coq came in a steady the ship. He did a dam good job however I don’t see a problem with getting Vidal or Shneidlin as they would make us more stable jus like how Chelsea got Magic when they had Mikel and Ramirez.

  3. always love reading your articles Galen. great assessment there. I always say spending 25 million pounds on a player that will only sit on the bench is crazy that’s why Vidal is way better. we need a fighter in our team and he fit the bill, thought of Vidal and Le Coq in midfield in Stamford Bridge will keep Maureen glued to his seat for 90 +5 minutes.

      1. Was indeed a very impressive article. I never heard Registra been used before, obviously an Italian phrase, used to love the Gooooalazo.

        I think for the Prem Coq will suffice, Arteta too for the most part and if they play together I think they could make a very solid base.

        The Registra player sounds better suited for top European football. We come up against so many solid defenders in our league that we do need someone to fight fire with fire, thats were Coq comes in. In Europe maybe Wenger is thinking he has Registra players in Ramsey Jack Diaby if fit or in his thinking maybe Arteta. Or he could go with the defensive Coq.

        The only way i see Wenger buying another cdm now is if he is willing to upgrade on Coq. I cant see him getting an understudy as he has Arteta Flamini? Jack Beilik Chambers Diaby? Ramsey and is known to put square pegs in round holes for a time if called for. Luckily Coq has only tasted five months of first team football because it should/would make things more easy to explain. He would embrace the challenge id imagine, with confidence.

        After reading the description for Registra I believe Zidane would have been the hallmark.

    1. But on what premise do you assmue Schneidlin would be on the bench?this is a hollow arguement,with no evidence or proof

  4. Those watching cze v Isl your Cech who was in medical yesterday and who transfer will be completed tommorow has conceded a soft goal while OSPINA was the best copa america player.CECH is a casillas for me we are wasting money here but I still doubt it will happen if you signed BA you will also sign cech Mourihno is not a boy! arsenal priorities set always set upward down by Wenger,we need a dm and a st

  5. Good article.

    I’ve never liked the out and out DM, teams have 6 player in front of the defence I think every player needs to offer more than just defensive qualities. If your on top in a game it pretty much takes a man completely out of the game if all they can do is defend. Coquelin has done a fantastic job since coming into the team and he’s won me over a little bit to the idea of having a pure DM but I disagree with people saying we need another Pure DM as back up / competition for Coquelin. If we do bring in another player I think they need to be some one who also offers more creativity And someone who can control the tempo of the game from deep midfield.

    To me Vidal makes sense. If he is coming I think it’ll be to play in Coquelin’s position. I’m sure Wenger will have explained the role he wants him to play. & I know at Juventus he likes to get forward and he has more freedom than he would playing in Coquelin’s role but I’ve seen him play in a DM role in the past when he played for Leverkusen. He offers the defensive qualities Coquelin does but with a more passion and offers vision and drive and can adapt to the tempo of the game.

    I’m not writing Coquelin off I think he’ll be a very good back up and maybe at times also partner Vidal maybe to close out games but like Cech for Ospina Vidal would upgrade the stating 11.

    1. Definitely agree and have always said two no-nonsense players sometimes need to be played to nullify opposition with a potent attacking threat (think Barcas Trident).

      Other times play whoever is more on form or more suited to the teams needs for a particular opponent.

      I really can’t see Wenger myself being interested in a guy who parties during a major tournament and as a result totals his motor whilst being pissed..

      Besides I believe him to be happy with Le Coq and Arteta (Flamini may go).

      1. You don’t know how the opposition are going to play so you can try and pick a team more suited to playing against the opponent. But theres no guarantee whatever team you pick will work. That’s why you need players who offer more than one thing and can adapt to the tempo of the game. A pure DM who’s basically a defender playing in midfield doesn’t have the adaptability. It’s also subtle differences the being able to pick a pass being able to read other players and picking the right opportunities to drive forward. Coquelin’s fantastic at the defensive stuff. Off the ball he’s fantastic defensive positioning allows him to intercept the ball make tackles and he plays some decent passes but compare him to the best in that role there are far better. He will improve but I don’t think he can reach the highest levels. It’s a position that could be improved.

        1. No I agree there are better DMs if we are saying by definition they must be versed in the art of picking a cutting pass forward as well as protecting the back 4.

          As for adapting to the opposition not such a believer. Great teams don’t do that.

          They set our stall out. As in the following:

          We have a wall in goal and you shall not pass.

          We have a secondary wall (back 4 let’s say) that will not let you pass or play in or around our area.

          We have a combination of strength/steel and craft in the centre of midfield and pace and delivery down the wings to petrify your defense.

          Up front we have a deadly assassin who will make your net bulge should he get a sniff of the ball or at the very least run your defense ragged.

          Let them worry about what we can do to them not the other way around!

    2. Totally agree. A football playing team simply cannot have a passenger in the heart of the pitch. Arsenals entire philosophy is built on possession, so to have a player who contributes nothing when in possession is like playing with a man less.

      Nothing wrong with having a player with the defensive acumen Coquelin has, but Arsenal fans on here are getting carried away in their own hype they’ve created for Coquelin. He was good last season, but any competent Dm would’ve looked a world beater compared to the few that’ve played for us in recent times there.

      I think it’s totally ignorant also to simply chalk up our solidity to Coquelins introduction. Kos came back from his achilles trouble, Ospina went in goal, our tactics shifted, and our FB’s were noticeably restricted in bombing forward all around Jan onwards…..yet there’s this line that Coquelin came into the side and we were solid as a rock because of it. Coquelin has been and is being overstated by fans, to deny Vidal/Schneiderlin because of Coquelin is lunacy. Nothing wrong with appreciating what we have, but you can’t be so blind with bias to suggest a player like Coquelin/Giroud/Ospina can’t be upgraded. (I mean look at 1 good performance from Ospina does for Colombia….people actually questioning the Cech transfer! jesus christ.)

      1. Great comment CC. Totally agree with everything. The whole team has improved defensively and started getting back behind the ball and key defensive players have returned so it isn’t just Coquelin’s contribution.

        It makes me laugh with Ospina reading comment about him not being good enough all season then one game for Columbia and everyone’s saying did you watch him for Columbia. Well actually I’ve been watching him all season and I can safely say Cech is an improvement.

      2. A world-class footballing team can’t have passengers in the heart of the pitch i agree,so why are Arteta and Mertesacker our captain an vice captain?Lol

    3. How about a 4-3-3 formation (false 9 system) if Vidal signs, below being the team.

      Debuchy/Bellerin (depends on Pace vs Solidity based on the Game)
      Monreal/Gibbs (depends on fitness & form)
      Coquelin (Defensive Duties)
      Vidal-Wilshere (CM)

  6. Okay…The role is called “Regista”…
    I personally think that Vidal is not a Regista…If we need a regista…Then go for Verratti…
    If a box to box is needed the Vidal is Perfect…If we need a Powerhouse..Go for someone like Wanyama…
    Any of the above would do good..
    All I want to see is someone who can stand upto Maureens so called Big boys and Kick them in the Arse and say..Not this time assholes…Its our time…Some one who can do some FLAT TRACK BULLYING to the bigger teams…Same like the Mighty Viera..I loved the way he Schooled Roy Keane…

    1. Verrattis your man then. Was superb against che each time. Always available and can pick a pass, links up ala Wilshere but lets go at right time, and is tenacious fighter.

    2. Veratti will go to Atletico/Chelsea type of team and I can’t see him leaving PSG anytime soon. Vidal can be converted into regista, you seem to forget Arteta was an AM before being put in a defensive role, and leCoq was a b2b as well

      1. do we really have the time to buy a top player an then convert them?why not buy a ready made player?i don’t see the relevance of mentioning Arteta since he was once a pivot at Barca as a youth and the fact he hasn’t really been very successful converting to DM

  7. If Wenger gets Vidal.. Then I suspect that’s it. Cech and Vidal. I doubt he’ll get a striker but He might surprise us the ‘Wenger style’ although Cech + Vidal are surprises though *smiles*. Coquelin deserves to start….Imagine an improved Coquelin. We ain’t seen nothing yet from him… Better days!

    1. Who said anything about a CF ? A longer term option for LW is still needed. We should sell Sanogo and go for Draxler

  8. So Wenger did not
    rate Coquelin and sent
    him out to Charlton.
    Only brought him back as a last resort.
    Now Arteta and Flamini are fit he
    should send Coquelin out on loan again. Right?
    Because Arteta is the creative DM he prefers.

  9. and what of Vidals intelligence when he totalled his Ferrari while being drunk during a major tournament!?:) not judging as I would probably drink before games and at half time.

    I personally don’t care if you use a registra or a DM. As long as they are extremely confident in that role and can perform in it (when used correctly) within the chosen system.

    Hence Morgan/Vidal would both be superb acquisitions.

    Wengers idea of non specialists is revealing to me and shows his whole ethos that was inspired by Barcelona and was part of the reason we switched from tall powerful midfielders (petit/vista) to shorter attacking biased ones in attempt to bring tiki taka to the PL. it never worked..

    For me a non specialist isn’t the best at what he does. By being a specialist you focus and excel on a specific role.
    So for Wellbeck that in a utopian landscape, might be taking on players and scoring goals or being a great crosser of the ball.

    If a DM threads the passes forward and also has defensive qualities also where is the non-specialism here. Does that mean they also run down the wings when they choose or be the furthest man forward when the moment takes them?

    I do have a leaning to a slightly more rigid system that has 11 specialists on the field. They are multi-faceted in each role (all can control and distribute a simple pass) but have only two areas in which to build competence. Of course within this system special players are allowed to roam (Messi,Ronaldo) but without a structured unit where everyone is well drilled on their roles and what is expected them at certain times then everything can go to shet!

    Look at George Graham’s obsessive drilling and training of Adams, Winterburn, bound and Dixon. You could not get a piece of paper between those guys as as Lee Dixon says himself they had a telekinetic understanding nurtured through constant drilling and developing an understanding of each other’s responsibilities..

  10. There is no way in hell we’ll sign Vidal……I mean don’t get me wrong, will love him at the emirates but I don’t see Wenger spending 21m on a 28year old who will just disrupt d development of his ‘babies’….infact I don’t see juve selling him dat cheap tbh…….we don’t need anoda attack minded DM(song), wat we need is a tactically sound DM who could read a game and make interceptions at d ryt time AND WON’T BE BULLIED OFF THE BALL……imo, Ramsey plays exactly like vidal and will be as good as Vidal in d next 2 years….get me a rugged black dude like wanyama who knows when 2 commit a foul and still not get a card(I swear I don’t knw hw he does it)

    1. Did you just say ‘get me a rugged black dude’?

      Suspect, whichever way you read it!

  11. “Arsenal are genuinely interested in Vidal, but we all know what Wenger is like when it comes to splashing the cash. Juve want €40m. Do it!”
    -Agent edward

    I have been following his twitter page for a long time and he is almost as reliable as sky sports only faster.

    Lets hope wenger signs vidal 😀

  12. I’m kinda surprised that the Gundogan transfer rumor suddenly stopped. I mean, the player wants out of Dortmund and there has been no news regarding that. Seems to me like an Arsenal signing, secretive.

  13. Nope, doesn’t have 2 b black but enough with d tactical bullshit……javi Martinez is d ideal DM….has everything u need in a DM…he is wearing a seatbelt on d bayern bench(I guess dats y dey cant win d champions league) and pple like lahm play his position(wtf is wrong with guardiola!!!!) .WE DON’T NEED VIDAL AT ALL…will he b able 2 stop pple like hazard, ronaldo, messi….he can’t man mark and dat is wat we desperately need…look at Chelsea(I hate dat club & their manager with every fibre in me) they would pay matic and Ramirez against d big guns of europe. why? cuz they knw they cant beat teams with those above mentioned players with just matic….we have le coq and who else???? arteta, flamini?……..we don’t need another DM who wants to have identical no in terms of goals and successful tackles

  14. I agree that Coq is not the finished article yet but let’s not write off his creative side. Was it not Coq who picked out Theo on the left wing that led to the first goal in the cup final? I think there is a lot more to come from him.

    1. Oh cmon Ozy you can’t pull that nonsense surely? He’s a professional footballer of course he’s got a 40 yard pass in the locker, the crucial element is the continued and consistent ability to be a factor with the ball when the team has possession….pinging a cross field pass in 1 game doesn’t make you a pass master.

      Of course he has room to grow, and here’s hoping he does it…but no reason not to buy a better player in the meantime ay?

      1. I agree CC but – you can’t deny how footy commentator’s turn on the reverential tone and start jerking off when Gerrard, Alonso or Pirlo does the same.

        1. Charlie does exactly that, if schneiderlin made that pass we wouldn’t have heard the end of it but since it’s coq its a given that it should be done and he should receive no credit

          1. What even is that comment? Are you mad schneiderlin is better than coquelin? Grow up.

        2. Think that’s a stretch, with the exception of Gerrard whose passing is massively overrated, the other two are proven pass masters and commentators/fans rightfully marvel at their ability on a CONSISTENT basis.

  15. Galen, happy Sunday and happy week to all of us in Jesus Christ Name. Amen! I think you got the correct description for DM Coquelin, which is a police officer in his team to be policing and arresting any errant intruders that intrude into the Gunners territory he’s stationed to be policing. The emergence of Coquelin in the Arsenal’s deep lying midfield in the 2nd half of last season of Arsenal games had neutralized most of the defensive flaws in the Gunners back-line. Which hitherto had leaked-in goals that saw us missed out of the title. The Boss has to get a contrasting DM that can play essentially as an attacking DM that attacks the opponent attackers to restrict their incursions into the Gunners half and Coquelin will mop up any attackers that managed to escape by intercepting them. Thus, the Boss need a versatile specialist attacking DM to partner Coquelin and complement his efforts and could also do his intercepting job when his is not available to play. Arteta, Ozil, Cazola and Ramsey are not specialist attacking DMs that attack to stop the opponent free flowing attacks from the source. But they are basically midfielders who are attacking to feed our strikers to score or score by themselves. Jack Wilshere can’t play the role of the 2nd specialist DM because of his injuries record. But he can play as a right wide man for Arsenal.

        1. Atheists. I come on here to get preached to about football by the likes of you my friend – not from any god above. Long may this site remain religion and politics free.

  16. Signing Vidal and cech will never give us the PL because none of these two is a 25+ goal machine. Wenger is coming out next season as all other previous seasons- to struggle for fourth position.
    I do agree that Vidal and cech are fantastic players but no offence, what has been denying us trophy ever since the departure of Henry (and RVP in his last season) is lack of a goal machine. Alexis is great, cazorla is magical, ozil is pure talent, Le Coq is beast but you see, none of these players is a natural finisher. This is simply the searon why we play great football but with nothing to show apart from possession. The point is , we don’t have what it takes to compete for major honours. We need somebody that will be converting their good job into action; we need a world class striker – Benzema, aguero, Suarez, Costa, Lewandowski, RVP, etc.
    If wenger means business this coming season, he would have sorted the striker stuff long before the season finish.
    I would pretty much like it if trophy-aiming Gunnerz here will correct me or support my view. I tweet @maigari33

    1. simple, we had RVP, he scored 37 goals, why didnt we win EPL? Liverpool had Suarez, Liverpool scored more than 100 goals, why didnt they win title? Chelsea score 70 goals this year, why did they win title? simple answer : Defence, and you are telling me that signin Vidal who will improve our physical and tehnical aspect of our game is a bad thing?

      1. @Almir,Lol.When Rvp scored 37 goals we didn’t win the league because the rest of the team wasn’t good enough mate,don’t you remember Wiltshere was out for the whole season,Nasri an Cesc had left with no adequate replacement,Ramsey was going through an awful spell we had no Cazorla,Sanchez or Ozil and Alex Song was our most creative midfielder.Liverpool didnt win the league because other than their front 3 + Gerrard the rest of the team wasn’t good enough man 4 man.Chelsea have great balance.
        No one is saying signing Vidal is a bad thing,but the fact is we need to fit the right piece into the jigsaw puzzle Vidal is a good piece but maybe not the RIGHT piece

    2. @maigari33,you are spot on my fellow gooner,we bought Sanchez he scored 25 goals in all competitions yet we still finished further away from 1st than last year,so clearly the team needs more than 1 player it needs a new spine,Cech is a start but we also need Gabriel to step up a new dm and a striker,to just challenge City an Chelsea finished ahead of us if they strengthen more than us,logic suggests they will open up the gap on us.

  17. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG, Arsenal finally signing big names and fans dont like it, probably cuz we are so used to mediocrity that we forgot how is to have top quality players, some fans dont want Vidal, hhahahaha he is the best player in Copa, they are worried about Ramsey or Wilshere, they need to be better than Vidal to play, thats reason why Ospina wants to leave, cuz he knows he wont have a chance against Cech, if Ramsey or Wilshere cant rise their game and become top players than why wouldnt we go out and buy players that are top quality, is Ramsey better than Vidal? NO so Wenger is finally doing right thing, if you want to play for big club you have to be the best player !!

  18. Registra schmesgistra. Coquelin’s emergence in the second half turned our season around and is enough proof to me that the Makele DM role is not dead. If Vidal can come in and play that role (certainly didn’t look like he has that mentality from the CL final) then great. If he can play that role and is versatile enough to push forward if required in front of Coquelin than double great. If he’s a box to box or deep lying playmaker than no thanks, already got enough of those.

  19. Interesting article, thumps up!

    A real weakness in Wenger’s intelligent gentleman DM role, was shown in the CL games against Dortmund, where Klopp desrvedly punished Wenger several times for trying to be Barcelona2.

    Conquelin has the physical raw power, but he’s unique in that he has developed into “imminent passer” which makes him a natural first choice.

    To beat a team like dortmunds two years ago, pairing Coq with Vidal would be ideal, but against typical defensive PL opponents like Stoke or Norwich, I’d take out Coq all together and play someone like wilshere in the deep role, to better open up defences.

    Things looking bright for next season with the Squad we have, so save the remaining transfer funds for a beast up front. I doubt that Walcott will be good enough up front.

    1. Totally agree! Cow is wasted when the other team barely gets 1 or 2 shots on goal. Jack should slide in there 100% of the time.

  20. if its true then that would be great but for me nothing excites until wenger sign a world class striker

  21. Well, I’ve just learnt that the Vidal rumour is actually true and is supposedly a done deal already. Hfeller, the same guy who announced the Sanchez’ move to arsenal long before it materialised has once again confirmed that Arturo Vidal will definitely sign the dotted lines after the copa america tourney
    GREAT news!!!

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