This morning ALL the rumours are about Mbappe!

Kylian Mbappe is now the hottest property on the planet, with Arsenal and just about every other big team in Europe are counting their pennies and trying to persuade the 18 year-old to join them. The youngster himself has made it clear that it will be his decision alone as to his next destination and that alone gives Arsenal as much chance as everyone else to win his signature, especially as Wenger admitted that he had visited the teenagers house last summer.

But obviously everyone else is also trying to get in on the game, and according to Marca in France, the Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane has personally spoken to Mbappe about moving to Madrid. The problem for the youngster is that he is unlikely to walk into a starting spot with the strikers already at the Bernabeau.

Over in England, the Mirror is saying moneybags PSG have offered a world record £119m for the 18-year-old striker, while Liverpool have apparently had a measly bid of £87.89m rejected by Monaco out of hand.

Despite all these counter-offers it seems that Wenger is still quietly confident of getting him at the Emirates.

The Telegraph is even going so far as to say that Mbappe is quite happy about the idea of moving to Arsenal, and explains succinctly that the Gunners would have to remove quite a few of their current ‘heavy’ squad to make room for the increase in their wage bill. That would surely be true of any club that tries to bring the future superstar to their club.

I am sure that there are other available players around that are being linked with Arsenal, but this morning there is only one player that is on every gossip page…..



  1. yes, get rid of every other squad and team player and just have mbappe take on the premier league! lol

    his wages wont be massive, but his signing fee will be so his club and agent get a nice slice of the pie each.

    sanchez is going, and mbappe will be used to appease the fans and the funds from AS’s sale will be used in combination with others to try and get him to sign.

    1. Most of the naive fans think signing Mbappe can bring Arsenal back into its glory, LOL. Don’t forget Mbappe has similar stature and playing style like Falcao, Eduardo da Silva and Jose Antonio Reyes. If you don’t remember their failures, you must have remembered Falcao’s stints in MU and Chelsea.

      I feel Mbappe is a huge gamble and Arsenal needs a player that can make an immediate impact, not a hot prospect, because of Arsenal’s current situation. If Arsenal does have that amount of money, they should have focused on Aubameyang or Lewandowski (in my opinion, I think he is one of the best strikers in the world currently).

      1. I support you on the fact that Araenal need a player who can make an immediate impact.However,it’s also naive to try to create an impression that he’s going to fail due to similar playing style and stature of the players you mentioned above.Even Eduardo would have world class and possibly better than Van Persie if not for his leg breaking.It’s likely Mbappe is going to succeed and if he gets signed up by another club we’ll be chasing him on the future.The same gamble being taken on Mbappe is the same that was taken on Henry.If Henry had failed I don’t think Arsenal would’ve been this great club today.This is a very similar situation to Mbappe.Weneed players now to have an immediate impact but we should not be inclined to think Mbappe would fail if Arsenal should sign him.

        1. Thierry Henry’s and Van Persie’s stature, physicalities and skills are similar to Lewandowski’s. Unless Arsenal suddenly changes its football style in the upcoming season, I think they had better have strikers like Lewandowski and Aubameyang.

          Also the transfer fees that Arsenal gambled on Thierry Henry and Van Persie are just fractions compared to 100 million plus Arsenal will spend on Mbappe.

          1. You don’t get it do you?I’m not even talking about the money.But I agree with you that for the kind of money that will be spent on Mbappe it’s a higher gamble.Henry was bought to be a starter and as the main man for Arsenal.He was so young by then and the pressure on him was massive.Looking at the impact he’s had in our club if Henry had failed who would imagine what Arsene would have done.To me he’s our best player ever.Arsene put a lot of trust in him to be honest but the gamble paid off.However,I think he had a point to prove to world and to Juve hence he succeeded.The same as is with Mbappe with even a higher transfer fee and more expectation.If he’s ever signed for that amount he’s coming here to be the main man whowill send us into glory.Forget Ozchez for all eyes will be on him.

            1. Falcao is much more heavily built and less agile, Eduardo and JAR’s feet are not nearly as fast. Henry and Anelka had a similar stature to Mbappe at 18. Lacazzette, like Falcao will provide a foil for him.

              1. Denilson to real Betis was the world’s most expensive player in 1998 at 21 million pounds, Wenger paid 10 million pounds for Henry in 1999… it could be said that Wenger paid over the odds for him at the time seeing that he wasn’t even that highly rated as a striker as Juventus had converted him to a left back.

        2. Henry was a World Cup winner and had had a few seasons of top flight football. Mbape for all the hype is only an 18 year old that had a good debut season (he scored 15 leauge goals which is good but not too great). No one knows what he becomes despite all the optimism and promise. The media has made Mbape look like he is Ronaldo de Lima of this decade. Mbape shouldn’t worth more than 30- 40 million pounds (that’s taking into account today’s transfer fees madness). None of the players who were bought for exorbitant fee did not prove themselves for about 3 consecutive seasons (Zidane, Kaka, Ronaldo, Bale, Neymar, Suarez, Pogba). The Mbape talk is just nauseating.

      2. I Got an idea too ?? you obviously haven’t watched Mbappe in action lol.

        How can you compare a 30+ Injury prone Falcao to an 18 year old Mbappe, who has already proved that he can terrorise some of the best defences in the champions league? He also had the England defenders pooping in their pants in that recent friendly.

        Man your tripping with comparisons to Reyes & Eduardo da silva ?? stop hogging & pass that blunt son.

        1. You referring to me?I don’t see how Mbappe compares to any of them in terms of stature and playing style.He’s got Henry’s stature and playing syle.

          1. The ?” I got an idea” part was a big clue to who I was referring too mate.??

            Even Henry stated that Mbappe’s attributes are a different breed but the thing that he liked the most about this kid was the way that he ‘Thinks’ whilst running with the ball.

            1. GAME OVER!!!
              Arsenal have reportedly been quoted a whopping £130m for Monaco’s Kylian Mbappe.

              They obviously didn’t like the £100 million + a Giroud offer then? ?

              1. i say pay what ever the cost weather he will be a flop or not, we have to send a massage to the world Arsenal is back

      3. I agree to the fact that Mbappe is an excellent player but frankly, we need someone like Lacazette more than Mbappe.
        I have a strong feeling that Mbappe will be a failure in the EPL.
        Please let’s pursue Lacazette and convince Sanchez to stay.
        Arsenal all the way.

    2. That actually makes sense.
      They’ll sell Sanchez for around 50 million quid, and probably to Mancity. They’ll buy Mbappe for around 110 million quid and in two to three years time, they’ll sell him to Real for at least 120 million quid, so the transfer of this guy would cost them 50 million, which is just a bit more than what they paid for Ozil.
      The club will still keep on sellin’ dem shirts like crazy, gullible fans will believe Mbappe himself is enough for the title push and the good old rinse, repeat goes on.

  2. If Arsene get’s this done i just hope we can hold on to Sanchez AND we would need Ozil to bring his 15/16 form back

    1. Ozil will record mammoth assists with a clinical finisher in front of him.I just feel he gets frustrated because most of the chances he creates in a match are not well taken.I also feel usually the players fail to read a lot of ideas.He’s really being wasted in our team.That’shis best ability so they need to get someone who can finish off the chances.If Wenger doesn’t get someone who can finish then I think Ozil is being wasted and should be sold.

      1. yeah you’ve got a solid point. but what changed since 15/16? he had assisted almost every game with Giroud and Alexis tapping them in.

        1. That’s the point.Something needs to change or else I don’t see the need of Ozil here.If his best ability is to create chances why put players who can’t finish in front of him.We need to play to his strengths.The guy needs to be used effectively.I was shocked at the number of assists he had in 15/16 season.Even people thought he’d break Henry’s record but it couldn’t happen.What’s the use of Ozil if he can’t assist?

  3. Will Mbappe join Arsenal like Benzema, Higuaín, Suarez, Vardy, and Lacazette joined Arsenal?

    I’ll believe it if it’s completed and officially announced. Otherwise it could just be another farce, like so many others before.

  4. It’s better if Arsenal use the money they would have used on Mbappe to strengthen the required positions in our team.That would be the wiser thing to do.Besides it likely Mbappe will stay for at least one season before moving and to me he should.What is Wenger waiting for?Why not just go all out and sign a striker even if that’ll be our only signing.Arsene should just sign someone who knows where the net is.I still can’t believe wevmissed out on the EPL to Leicester.It was all down to poor finishing.Even if it was meant to be for Leicester there’s a reason why everything happens.

  5. again mbbape ?.forget about him.just watch the german kids in conf cup.most of those kids r actually far better than our walcot ox ramsey wilshire (obviously)

  6. Why is everyone so fixated about Mbappe , He is good and turn out to be a great signing but 135 million on an 18 yr old with only one full season under his belt looks too high. Instead if we are ready to spend 135 millions, go for Aubamayeng or Lewandowski.

  7. Isn’t it kinda funny that all this positive news regarding Mbappe and Arsenal started popping up right around the release of the 2017/18 merch?
    No way it’s accidental.
    I’m starting to believe that kroenke is paying top dollar for spreading deceiving news through newspapers, so he can sell shirts. He’s like a Turkish salesman, he’ll do anything to sell you his goods.

    1. @Satank- For your conspiracy theory to be true Kroenke would have to actually know who Mbappe is … I doubt he can even name a full Arsenal eleven.

  8. Fatboy keep updating me; I like your zeal and confidence this summer and I chose to be a happy gooner this term hoping coin will change face this time around. Go Arsenal go gunners!!

  9. Mbappe is definitively a huge gamble with an astronomical price tag, but last I checked Arsenals most productive, TRUE striker on the roster didnt quite make this list.


    Does the French wonderkid possess the ability to join this list in an Arsenal shirt? I would be willing to wager the probability is much higher than what we already have seen in Giroud over the years.

    Personally PEA or Lacazette would be my choice and allow Wenger to add two more quality signing(Seri and Lemar) for the same price of Mbappe.

  10. Mbappe will have to be nurtured carefully for a least his first season in the premier league. He’s only 18 years old . Won’t be able to play the same number of games as Alexis . Do not want him to end up being injured most of the time.

  11. Doesn’t this sound similar to Suarez situation.Wenger is doing this to keep arsenal fans interested and later he can comment that we were not able to compete with likes of RM or Barca

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