This morning’s Arsenal transfer gossip – Pavon, Dembele, Campbell and Sanson

There are certainly a lot of Arsenal transfer rumours popping up every day, so let’s have a quick round up to start off the day…

Unai Emery must be aware of all the top players in Ligue 1 after his time at PSG, so it is no surprise we are linked with the Marseille midfielder Morgan Sanson. The 23 year-old improved drastically last season and chipped in with 13 goals in total as Marseille got to the Europa League Final. Sanson’s agent is quoted as telling Foot Mercato: “Tottenham really follows Morgan. Really. Arsenal follows him too. Now, I do not know what Unai Emery will want.”

We also have a possible outgoing with the rumours about Lacazette, which I don’t believe for a minute, and also Joel Campbell, who played against England last night, is said to have agreed personal terms with Galatasary. I doubt we will see him back at the Emirates, unless Emery has other ideas….

One rumour I want to believe is that Arsenal have held talks with Boca Juniors starlet Cristian Pavon, who is at the World Cup with Argentina. He is only 23 and we could do with a young talented pacy winger right now, but if he plays well in Russia we could have a lot of competition…

I got a surprise when I read today that Arsenal’s Head of recruitment Sven Mislintat would apparently ‘love’ to get 21-year-old Dembele from Barcelona. So what, everyone in the world would, but of course they qualify it by saying he “is unlikely to join this summer due to other priorities.”

I am sure that there are lots of players that Arsenal fans would ‘love’ to get, but are any of the above rumours likely?



  1. LUCKYVILLE says:

    Pavon is whom I want

    1. Kojo B says:

      Yes! Christian Pavon

  2. Sean says:

    In sunny Salou this week, 1st chance i got to come see whats happening at JustArsenal. We have been linked with everyome again but Dembele (as much as i hoped he would come on loan) is not on his way. A tricky winger is needed,dont know too much about Pavon bar the fact it says hes one to watch for at the world cup along with Quinterio from Columbia. If we sign a winger it wont be until the last purchase as we have still a GK & CDM (TOP PRIORITY SIGNINGS).

    We have signed Leichsteiner on a free, sorts out RB for a season with alot of Exp to help us get back in to UCL this campaign & to help Bellerin. Sokratis is near enough, if not, completed… just waiting on an announcement & best of all he turned down Utd/Mourinho in favour for us apparantly & thats according to his father. That will replace Per Mertersakers spot. Were then left with Mustafi, Mavraponas, Holding, Chambers then Boss to come back at Christmas. Someone has to go & would rather sell Mustafi & bring in another but can see him staying for one last season to improve just like Xhaka.

  3. Naija Jollof says:

    Nothing concrete about the Dembele rumours but Pavon is likely. Another player AFC should really consider is Nodombele, that guy is the next superstar Dmf. Wake up Sven and Mislinat. Wake up!

    1. gotanidea says:

      Tanguy Ndombele is a box-to-box CM with similar playing style as Moussa Dembele’s

  4. gotanidea says:

    – Cristian Pavon: We already have Nelson that has strong right foot and plays pretty well as a right winger

    – Ousmane Dembele: One of JustArsenal’s articles said that Arsenal fans should not believe this rumor, because it is highly improbable

    – Joel Campbell: Not impressive when playing at Arsenal and he would most likely go

    – Morgan Sanson: Based on his clip against PSG (, his style looks like Wilshere’s. I feel Tanguy Ndombele would be better as a box-to-box CM and his style is similar to Moussa Dembele’s

    – Danny Welbeck: He usually does well for England, like in the Costa Rica match last night. Hence we don’t know whether he is in Emery’s plan or not, but his contract is expiring

    – David Neres: Another young left-footed right winger that scored plenty of goals in Netherlands ( Might be much cheaper than Bailey, Mahrez and Malcom

    1. Dalinho says:

      For starters we have to keep Welbeck bcoz he’s English and the English quoter has to be met plus he’s a great personality at the club for young English players like nketiah etc Mustafi has to be sold tho without question, iv been looking back at our season and he’s just to weak and scared for the prem! Pavon would be great but I can’t see it happening but I’m hoping we get Soyuncu and Torreira bcoz they could gives hope for the future plus there affordable! Then a GK has to be signed this season and I just hope we can find one that ain’t £20mil but is young, tall and ready to improve! Then a winger like Pavon bcoz he stays out wide and crosses the ball which is practically alien at arsenal! Nketieh has to get game time this season coz I believe he will be the next Ian Wright with his finishing abilities and pace!
      Aubameyung………..Mesut Ozil
      ……. Xhaka………….Ramsey
      Team 2
      I don’t have to be that formation or that line up but these are the players I’d like to see next season! If the links are true!

  5. Sue says:

    Have not heard anything else regarding Seri… is he Chelsea bound??

    1. John Ibrahim says:


      Chelsea has got no money…..Abrahamovich is being sanctioned

      1. Sue says:

        Well that’s what I saw… but it’s probably another dodgy rumour!

  6. Declan says:

    Surely, Shaqiri at £12 million is a steal!

    1. gotanidea says:

      He is not very fast, did not score a plethora of goals for Bayern/ Inter/ Stoke and he is in a relegation zone club

      But he is definitely creative, hardworking, strong, tricky, has a strong left foot and played decently as a right winger

      If Arsenal do not have the budget to buy a faster and younger left-footed right winger, Shaqiri would be a decent option at 12 millions

      1. Ackshay says:

        Also he is still freaking 26 years old, lol from the career he has had so far you would think he would be late 20’s or early 30’s but the guy is still young. We haven’t had a real tricky winger who could scare the shit out of defenders. ox was the closest but he still used pace as 1st weapon, walcott did in the youth too. i am bored of those supposed super fast players who cannot beat defenders or just don’t scare them since epl defenders are accustomed to them.

        Having shaqri as our 3rd winger target isn’t that bad just look at kante not many teams went for him even though he had a affordable release clause.

        1. AshburtonGrove says:

          Not only that, if we get N’zonzi too it would be two massive fingers up at the Rugby club! Big smile on my face.

      2. Sven Svenson says:

        Something wrong with a right footed right winger then?

  7. Jeremy says:

    We seem to be targeting all positions except the priority- GK and DM.

    DM is critical and we will likely be in deep trouble again the defense went to sleep like last season.

    Clock is ticking but in my opinion, nothing to shout about yet.

    1. tas says:

      I was thinking the same thing for me GK first

      1. tas says:

        also when i have a flash back of the 2017/18 season apart from City most of the other top teams seam to be mainly strong on attack from our right so its essential that we get a capable right back

        1. tas says:

          silly me that’s why we got Stephan Lichtsteiner

          1. John Ibrahim says:

            ain a 34 yo lack of pace and ageing???

            fans are already complaining a 32 yo Kos lack of pace and aged

          2. Ozziegunner says:

            John, I think you’ll find Stephan Lichtsteiner is quick and has retained his pace, despite his age.

          3. Ozziegunner says:

            Kos has a shot archilles tendon.

          4. Amidewa says:

            Lichtie has kept his pace and is still noticeably faster than Chambers (and about 200 percent better overall as a fullback), our previous backup.

  8. igwe says:

    Introduce Reiss Nelson, Eddie Niketeeh more frequently in epl matches, that will help boost their confidence just as it worked for the young jack, song, theo, oxlade, Ramsey and still working for Maitland Niles

  9. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    These are just the usual rumours. I won’t believe anything until I have seen it reported in a reputable site like Metro.

  10. GunnerSince2004 says:

    Just got goose bums when I read Liverpool is about to sign Fekir. On top of that, they’ve already signed Fabinho and Keita is in-bound. The Alisson rumour is also becoming stronger. People, all Liverpool need now is another CB to partner Van Djik and they can go toe-to-toe with Man City.

    Apart from those 3 incoming signings, they already have Henderson, Wijnaldum, Chamberlain & Lallana in their midfield to name a few. Not such a bad bench.

    Arnold – Van Djik – New CB – Robertson
    Keita – Fabinho – Fekir
    Salah – Firmino – Mane


    Bottom line – for every step forward we take it seems the top 4 teams are taking two meaning we will always be behind.

    Our midfield to be frank is average no matter how much we want to sugar quote. Even Tottenham has had a better midfield than us of late. What’s worse is what we have on the bench.

    Let’s be ruthless and sacrifice some big names for the sake of balancing the team. Liverpool sold Coutinho for 130mil and people thought they were done. What did they do? They didnt immediately replace him coz they had abundance of attacking talent but instead strengthened their weak arrears by buying Van Djik for 70mil (50mil change). And now using that 50mil change they have just bough Fabinho for 35mil (change now 15mil). Then from their transfer budget they can take 35mil add the 15mil change from Coutinho and buy Fekir for 50mil. Net spend since selling Coutinho = 35mil but they now have balance and 3 reasonably WC players.

    Do we really need both Lacazette & Auba who are both WC i.m.h.o when we don’t have a WC DM, keeper, winger & CB?

    Can we really not get a better B2B than Ramsey?

    The Liverpool project is entering its 3rd year, i think, and it’s beginning to bear fruit though in the beginning Klopp was buying some average players i.m.h.o (Wijnaldum, Karius, Klavan).

    Let’s do it the liverpool way without buying some crap players. Fellaini is good but not good enough if we want to be competing with the Top 4 again on in UEFA CL for that matter. Sokatris we bought to plug a leak but is medium term at best. Litchsteiner is a squad player and competition for Bellz at best.

    Why not go for Lemar again? If we sell Lacazette and top up a bit, we can get the kid as he plays in a winger position which is more pressing for us right now. Why not sell Ramsey and get Seri as he is a more disciplined B2B and has this Sadio Mane feel to him?

    1. GunnerSince2004 says:

      While we at it, get Rugani ship out Mustafi. Net spend will be between 5 – 10 mil

      1. Muffdiver says:

        Liverpool look frightening now
        United will buy big as usual
        City will add to there invincible squad

        We don’t need 2-3 players
        We 5-6

        1. Sue says:

          Well that’s Liverpool winning the league next season then

          1. Muffdiver says:

            And all that ridiculous front 6 are early or mid 20s ….
            Edwards has used coutinho money to get fabinho Keita fekir …tell me how we couldn’t use all 3 ….infact all 6 ….actually I’m gonna be bold here …id say 11 vs 11 Liverpool are better bar one or two players
            That’s how far behind we are now

            No title talk please …i live on earth

          2. Sue says:

            We’ve made a start, but like you say we’re miles behind…. I thought our days of being thrashed were behind us! ?

          3. Ozziegunner says:

            Gunnersince2004, I agree we need to strengthen in midfield and defense; but why do we need to weaken the attack by selling Aubameyang or Lacazette to do it? It’s taken Arsenal years to get 2 decent strikers. It’s not as if Arsenal are a poor club financially; unfortunately Kroenke has no ambition.

          4. GunnerSince2004 says:

            What I’m implying Ozziegunner is that it’s nice to have a Merc C-Class and BMW 3-series in your garage but is it not practical to have a Range Rover or Toyota Hilux instead of 2 sedans for those off road moments when you don’t want to be found wanting?

          5. GunnerSince2004 says:

            Lets replace the BMW 3-series with a Range Rover or Toyota Hilux and the garage looks more balanced and still has quality

          6. GunnerSince2004 says:

            We can always buy a VW Golf 6 or 7 or whatever’s trending to console for the BMW 3-series…..

          7. Break-on-through says:

            Buy a bus pass, it will save you on price/petrol/space, do the smart thing, be an Arsenal pro.

            Wonder what Oxlade thinks of his playing time and improvements going forward now. The only way he starts is if they go 343 and he’s on flank duty. Or if he stays well then it looks like Ox had seen the wind of change so he struck before the pundits even seen it coming. I can’t help feel a bit of it is down to how AFC fans treated him during a certain game.

    2. John Ibrahim says:

      it was Wenger that was interested in Lemar….ain sure if Mislintat or Emery is interested in him as well

      1. GunnerSince2004 says:

        Point is we need ready made talent that’s 25 years and below which is what Man City, Liverpool & Tottenham are averagely comprised of.

        Auba (29), Ozil (30), Laca (29 i think), Sokatris (29), Cech (36), Monreal (32 i think), Litchsteiner (34), Koscielny (33), Welbeck (28), Ramsey (28), Ospina (30 i think).

        Those players i just mentioned seem to be the core of our team and it seems they will all either reach their expiry date or be sold around the same time meaning we will have a mammoth task replacing them – kinda like when the invincibles were disbanded in a period of just 2 seasons and we went 9 years without a single trophy.

        Let’s also get 2 or 3 blossoming players under the age of 25 who are top level football ready for continuity when those old players were stocking up are finished and intergrate so there isnt such a huge gap between our young players and those old players.

        Players in mind: Lemar (Winger), Dembele (Barca) (Winger), Dembele (Celtic) (Striker – replacement for Laca if sold), Martial (Winger), Gimenez (CB), Rodriguez (Swiss RB), Pavon (Winger), Pellegrini (CM), Rabiot (DM), Weigl (CM), Icardi (FW), Coman (Winger), Berardi (FW), Zouma (CB), Neves (CM), Niguez (CM), Barbosa (FW), Butland (GK – second choice).

        Get the idea ……

    3. Amidewa says:

      Sell Lacazette???? ???

      And the backups to Auba will be Nketiah and Welbz??? LOL

      (okay, Nketiah in the league cup and early stages UEL I’d be okay with).

      1. Dalinho says:

        Our future should be
        Soyuncu 22
        Leno 26
        Torreira 22
        Bellerin 23
        Mavropanos 20
        Iwobi 22
        Nketiah 19
        Nelson 18
        Niles 18
        So as long as we buy Soyuncu before Liverpool do and Torreira before Napoli do then our future looks bright plus leno is young for a GK as long as Liverpool don’t buy him either! It will take arsenal a couple of years to add more quality but the backline and athletic midfield part will be sorted then arsenal can do what they do best and get play makers!

  11. Ackshay says:

    why haven’t we got leno in yet is a mystery for me ? We need a good gk immediately as even if cech gets his form back i don’t think he will be here next year. Leno has a 22m release clause plus his team have already got a replacement in case he wants to leave again. he is 26 so the gk position will be locked for at least 5 years.

    Even freaking liverpool are getting their shit together while we sleep. Most of us don’t care for huge money signings(even if they feel good) as long as we get good players. We are getting experienced heads like sokratis and Lichtsteiner which is good but where are the mid 20’s players we need in the middle of the field. Putting xhaka at dm would be suicide and i pretty sure xhaka is a better deep-lying playmaker than a dm.

    1. GunnerSince2004 says:

      If Liverpool then go on to get Leno as well from under our noses I’ll be shattered……

  12. Anesh says:

    When Stoke were relegated, I hoped Arsenal would go for Shaqiri. He is quality n only 26yrs. If he really goes for 12mil it’s a bargain. He’s a game changer n will benefit with lacazettes n abumayang. Hope we in for him. Depends what new boss thinks. Just don’t delay. We could lose out on the best players due to this. Already Liverpool have been proactive. We must not be reactive n take leftovers

  13. David Rusa says:

    We are left behind in connection to what? Is the competition about buying players or deploying the players we have correctly and instilling in them a fighting spirit as we bring in a few reinforcements in crucial areas of weakness like the backline and midfield. What has the Liverpool project which has come of age delivered? A Champions League final that ended in disaster? I sometimes get amused by the double standards of our supporters. When Liverpool goes to a CL final and performs dismally against Real Madrid it has greatly improved but when Arsenal loses marginally to Atletico in Europa semi final it is a disaster! What kind of logic is that? Do we envy Liverpool for being 4th in the League and losing miserably the CL final? I just don’t understand it all. We were in the top four for twenty consecutive seasons and some of our misguided supporters despised that and even christened it the Wenger trophy! Now that it is gone the same people have a nostalgia for the good times of being fourth! Let us get real and support our new head coach and the team instead of being jealous of people who are yet to achieve anything. The same goes for Tottenham and Pochetino. Whereas Spurs have improved, by their standards, they should not attract envy from Gooners because they have achieved nothing and might not achieve anything any time soon. Thus far Arsenal is still ahead of both Liverpool and Spurs both in terms of statistics and the trophies won in the last three years. So fellow Gooners let us give our team all the support and we shall be in top four this coming season.

    1. Ackshay says:

      WOW just wow if you cannot understand the difference between going to the champions league final and being eliminated in europa semi-final (it was the actual final) then i dont know what to say except learn football.
      20 years in top 4 without improvement is stagnation also in the 1st 15 years there were only a big 4 so finishing last or 3rd of a 4 team league is weak lol.

      1. Ken1945 says:

        Please read again David Rosa’s post.
        How I read his post is as follows… despite 20 consecutiveutive years of CL it was deemed not to be good enough by some supporters.
        During that time, Spurs played just once.
        Their supporters realised what an achievement that was and got completely behind the club and the players.
        We, however, did not see this as an achievement and started ridiculing the club for not winning it or at least competing.
        During the twenty year unbroken run, we reached two semi finals and one final. We lost that final 2:1 to Barcelona, having played nearly 80 minutes with ten men and a substitute keeper.
        Liverpool played in last year’s final and lost 3:1. They have still not won anything under Klopp, just like Spurs under Porch. Not even the so called second rate FA cup.
        Both clubs set of supporters have been fantastic during this time and rejoice in the fact that they have qualified for the CL. and their fans are a credit to their clubs.
        Meanwhile, despite being more succesful than both of those clubs, Unt, City and Chelsea, our fanbase was becoming more and more disgruntled and it was obvious that changes were needed and that is what has happened.
        Just over four weeks ago, we changed our management structure and all believed a new era was about to happen.
        Now, because Liverpool have signed players, we are at it again, questioning the club’s vision etc.
        Players being missed, not good enough, too old, too young, with doomsday beckoning!!! This after just four to five weeks!!!!!!!
        Give our new manager and his team time to assess what we have, after all porch has been five years and Klopp four years without winning anything. Not even the fa cup three times in five seasons.
        Your analysis completely ignores the money being available within those top six clubs and how Emery has to work within a budget, whilee Pep, Maureen, Klopp, Conte and (to a lesser extent) Porch have unlimited resources.
        This is a fact of life and one we, as Gooners, have to learn to live with.
        Yes, were a shadow of the Invincibles and a new era is under way, let’s get behind this new philosophy and support the club as other fans do with their less successful teams.
        If your throwaway line about … learn football …has any relevance, I suggest you absorb the three paragraphs above and realize the real situation within the premier league and that winning is not a god given right to any club.
        That is what I made of the post and I agree with him 100%.

        1. Ackshay says:

          So your logic is to compare ourselves with liverpool and tottenham. clubs who have been beneath us for the last 20 years to consider ourselves better lol, i’d rather compare my club to man u, chelsea or man city who have actually won trophies just like us in the last decades.
          so using your logic we are good since we are better than burnley who operates on a tighter budget than ours. in the last decade how many times have we competed for the title or atleast got 80pts answer: ZERO. in that time liverpool and tottenham who were operating on the same or less budget than us have achieved it.

          Yes winning is not a god given right to any club except to the elite of the elite clubs like barca but 20 years of top 4 without at-least winning once is nothing. The moment fans accept that going another 10 years without winning the epl is acceptable we become also-ran like spurs.

          1. Ken1945 says:

            So suddenly up pops Burnley into the discussion.
            One minute you are telling me that we should compare ourselves with Liverpool because they played in the CL final, then when I point out they haven’t won anything for the last eight years,you compare us to Chelsea p, City or Unt.
            I explained to you the difference in spending power but you just ignored the fact completely.
            Here’s an example… our reported transfer kitty for this season’s fifty million…City spent that plus on a right back…Utd spent 90 million on Pogba… Liverpool received over 100 million for one player…Spurs received over£90 million for Bale…can you not see that this is not a level playing field and as Arsenal fans we have to accept this, at least while Kronky is the owner?
            Why do you think that Ihave accepted we won’t win the premier league for ten years? I am actually positive about the new manager and his team.
            Liverpool haven’t won the title since the premiership was formed and Spuds likewise.
            Their fans never lacked belief and stuck with the club.
            They didn’t start bleating about other clubs overtaking them. just gave them total support and encouragement.
            As you quite rightly say, it seems like their patience has been rewarded.
            Now it’s time for us to support our club.

          2. Abel says:

            Ken, you can’t convince someone whose mind is already made up for him by others. He is unable to reason for himself and just echoes anti Arsenal pundits.
            For the record, I also agree 100% with David Rusa

          3. Ackshay says:

            Those dumbass so called pundits that only want to divide us can all go to hell for all i care. The only point i am trying to get is that we are in a bad phase right now since we are the weakest of the big 6. Comparing us to weaker teams to convince yourself that all is good is living in denial. A liverpool team that has only been in CL 2 times in the last decade would consider that a success. A spurs team whose only barometer for success is us would also consider CL qualification a success
            We are arsenal, CL qualification should be the minimum requirement for us. i am optimistic this season that we will be much better with emery which is a good coach that i wanted to manage us.

          4. Ackshay says:

            I am just saying that not long ago we used to compare ourselves to manu at the top and we were still far behind on budget. Then slowly as we regressed or others progressed we started to compare ourselves to weaker opposition( at the time) just to convince ourselves that we are still good. It was 1St Chelsea then city now even Liverpool and bloody Tottenham are at our level(remember watch the gap). I can accept petrol money made Chelsea and man city stronger but Liverpool and spurs were weaker than us both on the field and financially. Also Chelsea haven’t been strong on the transfer market for some time now so its not a financial fall but stagnation that killed us.

            “They didn’t start bleating about other clubs overtaking them. just gave them total support and encouragement”
            Spurs and Liverpool were always behind for most of the last 20 years so cannot whine about overtaking lol. Plus I assume you are talking about the fans who started supporting post 1998 which haven’t seen their team at the top. As we close in on 20 years without winning epl the new arsenal fans will be like them, no expectations of epl title just the occasional CL run. Oh I know plenty of fans who whined and critised when their club were languishing in 6/7 place far behind us for years.

            2nd year without CL money has hit our budget but Liverpool and Tottenham managed to get in top 4 without CL money so should we. Also that reported budget was told by the same clueless media that didn’t know that we had already interviewed and choosen emery 2 weeks before announcing him after his contract with psg ended. Then they invented last minute cold feet about arteta and some fan bought their shit.

          5. Ken1945 says:

            One point you make that I would like to know as well, us this…. where is the money that the club made from twenty years of CL qualifications AND for finishing in the top four for those twenty years as well?
            These are the questions we should be asking, if the reported fifty million transfer budget is correct.
            With regards to our supporters, I am referring to the here and now, not last season or twenty seasons ago.
            Some fans are already questioning the new regime before the season has even started.
            That’s not support, that’s just trophy hunting and that’s why I compared some of our current fans to the majority of Liverpool and Spurs fans.
            Yo refuse to acknowledge the fact that our owner will not sanction the kind of money needed to compete with the likes of City, Utd, Chelsea, and refuse to acknowledge the spending power given to Liverpool and Spurs due to the massive transfer fees they received for two players, so let’s agree to disagree and support Arsenal in our different ways.

  14. Martinzoney says:

    @ David Rusa, Even if Arsenal ain’t winning trophy, we need to see them displaying better football on the pitch, and not the non challant attitude and inconstitent performance they often put forward. Watch Spurs and Liverpool games and you will see the difference in their players’ attitude to games compared to our dear team Arsenal. Also, UCL final can’t be compared in any way to UEL semifinal defeat.

  15. Boliviangunner says:

    Christian Pavon absolute yes!
    Skilled dribble
    Great centre ball
    Powerfull shot
    Highly determined on the pitch
    Very aggressive
    Combative attitude
    Has always been a winger
    Hes 22
    After the World Cup he will come back as a world class footballer.
    Raw talent training for 2 months with Messi, he is learning from ”la pulga” at this very moment!
    If we can sign Pavon Id be thrilled!

    1. killamch89 says:

      His finishing could use some work though and this is coming from someone who watches the Argentinian League. There is also a player called Pity Martinez – he is an excellent playmaker and we should get him as a backup to Ozil. He has great dribbling skills, a wicked turn of pace, excellent vision and scores some bangers. P.S. Pavon reminds me a bit of Alexis Sanchez in the way he attacks very aggressively and he’s an excellent crosser of the ball and can cross with both feet. He is way more selfless than Alexis.

  16. Boliviangunner says:

    Gonzalo Pity Martinez
    He is a CAM
    he also plays on the wings
    Right footed
    Highly technicall
    Great dribbling skills along with pace
    Good vision
    Mentally fast
    1 v 1 skill
    good long distance shots
    Not very strong
    Not really aggressive on the pitch
    Soon to be 25
    No caps for national team

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