This next week is going to be the biggest test for Arsenal’s mentality

Where do Arsenal go if the Europa League fails?


This is going to be a very big week for Arsenal, something that we seem to be hearing quite a lot recently where every game is a test.


But for once it actually rings true, this is going to determine the strength and mentality of the squad and Arteta.


First we have to see off Olympiakos back in Greece, in the place we overcame Benfica only a couple of weeks ago, in what needs to be a comfortable result to give us a relaxed start before the second leg next week, and then on the weekend we have some pride that we need to restore in the North London derby which is one of the most important games in our season.


Recent years Spurs have got the better of us but if Arteta wants to win some fans back on side then beating Olympiakos and then Spurs would point him in the right direction of doing so.


There is no doubt that from now until the end of the season there will be tests and many ups and down I am sure but that comes with being an Arsenal fan especially in recent times.


If the boys are struggling for motivation and inspiration then I would take a look back at the wins over Chelsea and Manchester United, to show them, when they really come together and perform they can come out of games with positive results.


So Arteta if you’re reading this, why don’t you do just that and lead our boys to three consecutive wins in a week to really boost our confidence and chances of winning the only trophy that will get us back to the Champions League, because you have to start somewhere right!


Shenel Osman


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  1. I’m not worried about Olympiakos, but Spurs’ forwards will have more energy than ours because they don’t have to travel abroad to face Zagreb

    1. Yes same we said about Burnley
      That we had more rest bla bla bla
      They are no strangers to traveling or playing every 3 days
      We shouldn’t be making excuses for poor performances
      We seem to make an excuse even before the games
      I heard people saying that we will easily beat Burnley because they played a tough midweek game and we had a week off

      1. We were supposed to beat Burnley after pinning them down in the first half, but I believe Spurs would be the ones who pin us down because of their EL advantage

        1. Are supposed to??
          When we played spurs in the first half of the season
          They have played incredible amount of games we pinned them for 90 min. And they won 2:0
          Pinning a team can be tactical to catch you on the counter….. It means nothing when the required result is not achieved

          1. You’re right about counter-attacks. But we produced at least four clear-cut chances in Burnley, unlike in the Spurs game

    2. Well last time we met spurs we had the advantage, this time it’s other way around. Next few games will be a big test and also if we are an ambitious club which we don’t seem like to be then these games should also be used as a meter to judge if we keep Arteta or he should be sacked. For me if we get kicked out of the EL and stayed at position where we are or drop down further then Arteta has to go.

  2. The EL will be either the saving grace or the death knell for Arsenal’s season and especially manager Mikel Arteta.
    Win the EL and all will be forgiven the players will be heroes and the Manager hailed as a genius. To me only one team stands between Arsenal and glory. Our good friend up the road Totts. They too won’t make top 4 from the league and so want the EL to qualify for Champions League. United will qualify top 4 from the league so don’t need the EL. Roma may need the EL too as will Valencia. No one else is much chop so Arsenal or Spurs could get 9th in the league yet get CL from the EL. I’d much rather lose the league game on Sunday and win the EL game/games v the Spurs.

    1. Have you been watching us play?
      We barely survived benfica yet you are so confident that we can beat the remaining teams par spurs
      You must have seen things I didn’t see

  3. Leno, Luiz, Cedric/Bellerin, Xhaka, Cabellos, Laca, Willian, Pepe – these players cannot be trusted, either they amuse or frustrate. Arsenal is one team which cannot be predicted, either we spank someone or we gift the game on a platter. We thumped Leicester , failed the Burnley test, so chill, enjoy each game knowing that next season these clowns may not be around but we as fans/supporters will be there so will Mikel Arteta.

      1. Yes…
        He is one of the best of what we have, that doesn’t make him one of the best in his position

  4. 2 bad results and sorry and Arteta has to go I’m not having all this garbage about needing time to build his own team hes been in charge over a year and still doesn’t know his best team and the club has gone even further backwards sitting in 10th place is a absolute embarrassment and shows he is clearly out of his depth at this level!!

    1. Hello Danny
      You have been vocal about Arteta and of course our league position doesn’t exactly help his cause.

      I am interested to know if you think he has shown any improvement in the team bearing in mind the dreadful position we were in 15 months ago?

      Do you think that if Emery had stayed that Arsenal would be better placed? For those who quote a top5 finish and a EL final as a success – they forget to address the fact that the same players downed tools on him a few months later and so far under Arteta there is no feeling that I can detect that this is in the offing.

      Whilst I am disappointed that progress has not been swifter and I get the glums occasionally, I do see that the club as a whole is in a better place than it was even if the results are patchy largely due to individual errors. I fully accept that Arteta isn’t blameless but I’m not ready to show him the door

      This season has been strange in all sorts of ways. I didn’t predict that Liverpool would collapse or that West Ham would be flying high. Is it a case of Klopp out? As others on JA have pointed out a top and proven manager would be most unlikely to want the job if transfer funds are not made available, knowing that our owner isn’t a sugar daddy oligarch or an oil rich sheikh. Tuchel to Chelsea was obvious. Would he have come to us?

      I’m trying to look at the over all picture of the club rather than pick up on the manager alone and I’m prepared to give him longer. Ole was given that time and I thought he’d be long gone

      1. Hi Sue honest answer is as a team no hes not improved us only thing i can give him some credit for the emergence of saka who has been top class and to some degree smith rowe but he was forced to pick him to try and bring the creativity we were badly missing not sure he trusted him enough before but had no option to try him! The biggest mistake the club made was not getting klopp i was calling for it to happen a year before he went to liverpool the owner and board did not have the bottle to sack wenger at that time they should have been ruthless and done it and i would have been very confident the club would at least have continued the trait of us playing champions league football but now we are in a complete mess and a million miles away from achieving that!

      2. 👍 SueP, one game at a time. By the way Emery had a better record than Tuchel at PSG, yet people claim Emery “couldn’t manage a big club”.

    2. “I’ve made my views clear on Arteta so not going to keep repeating myself”

      At least be a man of your word danny.

      1. Shenel, by the way in recent years Tottenham always haven’t had the best results. I remember a 4-2 win to the Arsenal, during Emery’s tenure.

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