This one Arsenal target is a player Unai Emery must try and sign

Arsenal are going to be linked with a huge amount of players this summer, that is the nature of the transfer window and some of those players will be donkeys but some will be diamonds.

It is those potential diamonds that we would want Unai Emery to at least try and sign and one such player is Lyon ace Moussa Dembele.

According to the French media, Arsenal sent scouts to watch the 22-year-old in Sunday’s game between Lyon and Marseille.

Dembele only came on in the 75th minute but it was not a complete waste of time for the scouts as he found the back of the net ten minutes after his introduction.

We were not the only club in attendance, Man Utd was also present and therefore it likely that we will face stiff competition for the Frenchman’s signature.

No fee has been mentioned but if we are sending scouts then we must be very interested and satisfied that we can afford him.

Dembele is a huge talent, he scores on a regular basis and has a career record of 87 goals from just 192 appearances.

I have watched him a few times and he has never disappointed me, he is quick and versatile and is still young, if we signed him now we would have a player that could be with us for a decade, well beyond the time of Aubameyang and Lacazette and would be a perfect addition to our already strong forward line.

Arsenal have to sign another forward because we will be fighting on at least four fronts next season and Dembele does not necessarily have to be a bench warmer, there is a solid argument for a front three in the same way Liverpool occasionally use a front three to devastating effect.

The bottom line for me is that if we can, we definitely should sign him.


  1. First and foremost we should really be looking at defenders! I’m all for attackers but not before the defence is fixed and it needs major surgery.

    1. what about if we lose Auba or Laca or both through injury?? in the middle of the season? we need the entire overall to make Arsenal a team to challenge for EPL, we need new players in every position i would say we need 10-15 new players (squad width) same as Liverpool and ManuCity.
      Also i am not against young players being promoted but most are not ready or good enough, Wenger tried that project and it didn’t work out with the exceptional of Fabregas, and i really hope Sanllehi with his experience while at Barcelona will bring the same blueprint to Arsenal in the last past 10 years everything was under Wenger (his way or highway) and that’s the reason we are in these kind of mess!

      1. I agree with you on Wenger 100% and as I said I’m all for attackers but defence needs surgery more than the offence and with our reported miserable budget I don’t think we can strengthen everywhere, Kos is 33 and injury prone Mustafi is plain useless Holding has a long term injury along with Bellerin, Monreal needs replacing too and Mavropanos should be loaned out.. Sokratis only arrived last summer so I expect him to stay but not impressed with him either. Hopefully we have a good window ?

        1. I think that might be a strategy when you come to transfer window for Arsenal, you don’t come out and say you have 300mln to spend and that won’t be either a very smart move i am pretty sure we have good budget plus players sales and some who are leaving for free we will be just fine, as long as we have Raul and his contacts we will buy some good players before we didn’t have that !!! remember Dick Law it took him over 6 months just to close one transfer

          1. Hahaha yeah the infamous Dick Law the man, the myth, the legend ? hopefully it is but they were pretty accurate last summer when quoting 70 mil! At least Emery knows the squad better now and will know what to keep and what to sell! I expect Mustafi, Jenks and Elneny first to be shown the exit door but transfers aside we have a Europa League final to play that should be our only priority right now ?

      2. @enagic
        What if Auba and Laca gets injured? What if Kane and Son gets injured? What if Higuain and Giroud gets injured? What if Lukaku and Rashford gets injured? What if Aguero and Jesus gets injured?

        We have top notch strikers, what we do not have is top notch wings, LB’s and CB’s. Lets put our very limited budget towards the positions that’s holding us back currently. We only went 3 games out of 38 without scoring in the league this season. Dembele isn’t going to solve our problems.

  2. Why did he come on at the 75th minute for Lyon if he was good enough? Was he injured before that? NO?…….Next Please!!!

  3. Arsenal has been poor on scouting dept during Wenger’s era, Dembele while at Celtic was available at some point for around 10 – 20 million now iam pretty sure if they have to sell will be over 50million and Tielmanns went for under 20 million to Monaco now we are talking about double that amount.

  4. We don’t need a new striker at all! Emery’s had enough problems trying to find a system that suits the two strikers he already has, and you want to bring a third one into the equation? Dembele would also be a downgrade on Laca, and Auba. Defence and wingers are the main issues to sort out, and then central midfield. We’re sorted upfront…unless either one/or both of our strikers wish to leave.

    1. ThirdManJW
      My question to you is, what about if one of Auba or Laca is injured/suspended in middle of the season?? Arsenal has squad depth problems for long long time when you compare to Liverpool or ManuCity, it didn’t matter Salah, Keita in their 1st 11 was out they still beat Barcelona same thing can’t be said to our beloved team Arsenal or remember Laca and Auba are not getting younger any more!

      1. Well you can’t spend big money on player on the off chance one of your stars get injured. The ONLY club in England that can afford to do that is City, where they have two quality players for every position. I think you’re wrong to suggest Liverpool have great squad depth. In central midfield they do, but everywhere else isn’t that great. Yes they beat Barca with injuries, but most clubs can cope in the very short term. Take Van Dijk, Trent, Shaqiri, out for over half a season (which is the equivalent of the Holding, Bellerin, Welbeck injuries), plus loads of other injuries and no way would Liverpool have had the season they have done up to now. Or take Salah or Mane out for half a season. I don’t think Liverpool would cope as well without them.

        If either one of Auba, or Laca missed some games, we’d actually cope fine, because it would make Emery’s job easier. He has struggled to find the right balance with two strikers, as most managers would, as hardly anyone plays with two upfront anymore. The team would look a lot more balanced with one striker in middle with natural wingers either side. Laca’s age isn’t an issue in the slightest. Auba is 30, but very fit and quick still. I do not see why we can’t get at least three more solid seasons from him. One has to remember that with the advancements in sports science, and nutrition, players stay fitter for longer these days.

        We’re trying to get to the next the level so I do not see the logic of getting rid of your best players regardless of age. Auba has just won the Golden Boot, in a team that finished 5th!

        1. But to make my story short, Liverpool has better players and better team by miles than Arsenal. As we won or drew those 3 games we lost, we could have been talking good things but we are very very poor.

          1. You’re missing my point. If Liverpool had big injuries to key players they wouldn’t do as well as they have done, which is the same for any other club in England, bar City. Most of their squad players are better than our squad players, but it they would still have the same problem as us should they lose key players. Lovren/Matip are decent, but would they cover well for Van Dijk for over half a season? Shaqiri covering Mane or Salah for other half a season?

            Liverpool have better players than us, so what is the logic of getting rid of our best striker, and one of the best strikers in the league, when we’re trying to close the gap?

  5. Liverpool did not “occasionally” use front three, they always use front three with great effects. However, they assigned two inverted wingers (Salah/ Mane) and one false nine (Firmino), not three strikers

    Moussa Dembele is another striker that we don’t need, since we already have Aubameyang, Lacazette and Nketiah. If Arsenal want to use 4-3-3 like Liverpool, Barcelona, Man City and the other top European teams, they have to get inverted wingers/ wide forwards

    Nelson sucked on the left side, so I hope Arsenal can get a better right-footed LW like Wilfried Zaha and Hirving Lozano. As for the RW, I hope Saka or Amaechi can play well in that position, otherwise we need Pepe or Malcom

    1. gotanidea
      If the mentioned price is right, count out Pepe since is out of our reach and probably Malcom, Saka, Amaechi i am sorry they are not ready to play for Arsenal 1st 11 Zaha is just another physical and overrated player. i am pretty sure Emery has his short list already from Spain, France and South America.

    2. Hmmmn seems u are obsessed with pool
      And why would Emery do what klopp did
      Emery should have his own project and how
      He wants his team setup

      1. Classic Sue! Leeds wait for a return to the PL will go on another year 16 years since being relegated

        1. I did wonder this morning if that was you Kev… but the numbers threw me… thought it should have said 72 ?? so Luke Skywalker is no more?! What about your lightsaber?! ?
          I nearly choked on my drink when the commentator said 16 years!! I can’t believe it’s been that long!
          That really was a brilliant game (until I saw Cashley!) Derby were worthy winners.. what a comeback!!

          1. I’m not a 70s kid Sue you are ? he’s been retired along with John Wick and the saber ? haha yeah I actually think it was Leicester that relegated them if I remember correctly ? you know Sue I watched the game but didn’t even notice him until full time haha ?

            1. Hahaha I asked for that ? no doubt it was Leicester then, you’re full of facts!!
              Haha, I wish I hadn’t noticed him!
              So who do you want to go up? I’d rather Derby.. although I’d love to see how Grealish does in the PL (he’ll probably end up going to the spuds – think he’d fit in rather well there – cocky, arrogant, bell ends.. you get the gist ?)

              1. No I checked they beat Leicester 3-2 on the April I think they got relegated after that haha either way they still can’t get up ? since we haven’t lost at villa park since the 3-2 defeat in 99 I’ll take villa lol ? oh I get the gist Sue he’ll be right at home with Tottenham ? so when is the final ?

                1. It’s on bank holiday Monday.. 3pm..
                  FA cup final on Saturday (come on City!)
                  Our game 2 weeks today Kev! I’m not even bothering with the CL final.. ?

                  1. This Monday or next ? I heard if Watford win then man utd have to qualify for Europa League in July lol that’s unless city are booted out of the CL then man utd will be supporting Arsenal in the Europa League final couldn’t make it up ? you not watching it Sue ? ? I am it’ll be fun to see both sets of supporters look terrified ?

                    1. A week Monday. It’s crazy, isn’t it?! When will they find out if they are banned, do you know?
                      Oh good god no, I can’t think of anything worse than watching those 2 fight it out! Can’t stand any of them, so rather than my blood pressure reaching boiling point, I think I’ll go to the cinema instead! ?

                    2. Apparently investigation is underway so I guess we’ll just wait and see the outcome ? hope they investigate Liverpool too ? I know what you mean Sue I don’t want either of them to win it lol but I’ve heard people say they’d rather Arsenal lose the Uefa cup final for Tottenham to lose they’re CL final but I wouldn’t we shouldn’t lose out on European glory just because they might win a CL before us! If they do so be it we just have to take it on the chin ? Godzilla ? ?

                    3. I want us to win, but I don’t want them to win.. but now I’ve said that, they probably will ? June 1st will be sheer hell… I can’t believe I’m going to have to pray for Liverpool to win.. urgh! Best of a bad bunch though I guess ?
                      Oh god Kev.. I’ll watch anything that night – even the Avengers… yes Godzilla, or even a foreign film with subtitles ?

                    4. I’ve watched every Champions League final since Juve vs Dortmund in 97 and I have to continue that run ?? haha I bet you’ll be checking your phone though ?? I don’t want Tottenham to win but at the same time I don’t care I don’t think about them I only focus on Arsenal and bagging that Uefa cup is all that matters ? anyways they won’t beat Liverpool I just don’t see it ? I hear utd might have to pay Sanchez 12 million to join inter lol ?

                    5. Haha expensive piano ? Well Sue at your time of your life that’s expected ?? goodnight Sue enjoy your sleep ????

                    6. It does come with perks Zimmer frames, Stair lifts etc ?? well Sue you have a great day and don’t forget the Portsmouth vs Sunderland game tonight I’ll have to rush home for that one ?

                    7. Hahaha!! Well at least at work there are plenty of zimmers at work!!
                      Thanks Kev, you too! Enjoy the sun!
                      Oh yes.. I might even give the premier league darts a miss for Pompey!! Not!! ??

                    8. Getting some practice on them are you ?? haha thanks Sue, are you watching the game or the darts ? Speaking of arrows your bf was fighting with another player it was all handbags though ?

                    9. Absolutely! By the time I need one (yes I know, next month!!) I’ll be a dab hand with one ?
                      I opted for the darts (Price won tonight, but is out now as Gurney won!) It finishes next week. I saw that – he should have floored him, although that would have taken some doing, have you seen the size of his chin? ?
                      So is the football any good? The transfer window is open…. ? let the mass exodus begin…….

                    10. Oh your missing a classic Sue 0-0 ? hahaha I can’t remember what he looks like is it a Jimmy Hill chin ? ? So what competition was he eliminated from ? yeah but I don’t think the foreign markets open Sue just the English one ? not next month in a few years when your hip goes ??

                    11. Haha not quite the moon shape like Jimmy Hill, but it is big – he isn’t called Super Chin for nothing!! ?
                      Premier League – it’s down to the last 4, it’s at the O2 next week.
                      That’s alright because I wouldn’t mind Zaha or Fraser ??
                      Well that game tonight was never going to live up to last night! Who is Sunderland’s manager? Don’t think I’d know any of their team now!

                    12. Haha super chin ?? why is all dart players fat ? Is it because they learn they’re trade in pubs ? ? I’ll take Ryan Fraser but don’t want Zaha ? listen to me I don’t want Zaha like it’s my choice ? some man called Jack Ross Sue I don’t even know any of they’re players either lol

                    13. Too much alcohol & no exercise (although they call walking up & down the oche exercise ?) that’s why I like Price – he’s like a breath of fresh air ?
                      Zaha is a dream anyway.. there’s no way we’ll get him.. god knows where he’ll end up! Oh I forgot – what you say goes!! ?
                      Never heard of him ?

                    14. Hahaha pint of lager curls is one exercise ? they should make a new dart competition called the battle of the bulges ? Sue we probably couldn’t afford Louis Saha let alone Wilfred Zaha lol Kroenke like Wenger is not a fan of the transfer market haha I always wondered why Wenger just didn’t take up international management because he clearly didn’t like signing players ? neither have I haha so you all set for your holiday?

  6. I know… but I can dream, hey?! I just hope we don’t have to wait until the last day to sign someone (no panic buys, oap players, broken backs please)
    No.. everywhere I look right now, it’s all about planes crashing – I’m scared ??
    So did Sunderland win?

    1. We’ve gone back to looking for 10 million pound signings it kinda feels like the 90s again I guarantee Norwich will have a bigger transfer budget than us ? no well yeah the first leg so they’re through to the final ? yeah light aircrafts not commercial airlines because they’re safe as houses ? I’ve only ever been nervous about one flight and that was the first time I was ever on a plane ? so Jeremy Wade has a new fishing show called Dark Waters I can’t wait to get stuck into that ? the Copa America kicks off in June should tide us over until pre season ?

      1. I’m sure Delia let’s be having you will have something to do with that ?
        A plane’s a plane Kev ?
        Dark waters hey? As long as Sanchez doesn’t play I might watch some ? it’s gonna drag!!

        1. I bet you have some Delia recipes at home Sue?? haha he’s that bad these days I’m not sure Chile will even entertain him lol Qatar and Japan are the guests this year ? nah once Copa America is over we’ll be jetting off to the states ? haha well yeah but light aircrafts usually fly on one engine or twin engine and they’re much safer but a commercial plane fly’s on 4 engines even if 2 fail it can still fly just throwing some facts out there lol. If I see that Istanbul final once more I’m gonna lose it ?

          1. More facts ? Oh Christ.. just think in a few year’s time, we’ll probably be saying if we see that Madrid final one more time……. ??

            1. That Madrid final is already doing my head in and it’s not even begun ? anyway to hell with Madrid the real competition is in Baku ? as you see I could be very handy in a pub quiz and speaking of a pub quiz I was at one when I was younger and question was who scored the winning goal in the semi final of fa cup for Arsenal and against what team in 98 so I answer Christopher Wreh against Wolves then the answers come out Lee Dixon against Tottenham I couldn’t believe it as you can imagine I was enraged and quizmaster sat there arrogantly telling me I’m wrong and I’ll be disqualified if there’s another outburst ?

              1. I know! That is one day I’m absolutely dreading!! Urgh.. what a game.. 22 players I can’t stand ? can’t think of anything worse!!
                You’re wasted in your day job.. you must become a Chaser – what would your name be? ? have to think about that ?
                So City can do the domestic treble tomorrow.. looking forward to it, just wish we were in it… oh wait.. we are in a final ?

                1. Well someone has to lose take comfort in that ? you probably won’t care as you’ll be celebrating the Europa League ? I’d rather be in the Europa League final than the fa cup final even without a Champions League spot ? our record in Europe is awful we’re really only a domestic winning team it’s time we start winning European trophies like the big boys do Jesus even Celtic, Villa and Forrest have European cups we haven’t even won a European trophy that still exists ? yet ? oh I don’t know *The one* ? Lol have a great day Sue TFI Friday ? oh was meaning to ask do you remember Fun house ? Fun house, whole lot of fun, prizes to be won ?

                  1. I like the FA cup (It’s our tournament ?) love the build up etc… but…. on the other hand, I’m used to watching a European final, but with us in it??!!! Wow!!! Now I’m excited!! Bring it on!
                    Oh Pat Sharp… what a donkey! And don’t even get me started on his hair!!
                    Have a great day too, Kev! TFIF indeed ?!!

                    1. I used to love the fa cup build up and all that but it’s all different now and hard to believe we haven’t won a trophy other than the fa cup (not including CC) for 15 years ? haha you remember ? oh the mullet ? was your hair ever like that in the 80s Sue ? ? Absolutely ?

                    2. Hahaha no it bloody wasn’t ??? how on earth could you leave the house with hair like that?!!!
                      So predictions for tomorrow Meg… ?
                      I’m going with City.. 3-1?? Deulofeu to score!! Aguero, Sterling & KDB

                    3. It was the 80s you could wear your hair like that ? I bet you had some fond memories of that era probably a big Spandau ballet fan ???? God I don’t know I want Watford to win and man utd will have to cut they’re pre season short for Europa League qualification in July ? I’ll probably say 2-1 to city but hoping it’s the other way round ? So I watched JW 3 now can’t wait for JW 4 ?

  7. Actually I loved Duran Duran & Tears for Fears!!
    I saw earlier that Zaha will listen to offers from United!! Surely not, as he said he wanted to play in the CL ?
    Sod United! ? I haven’t seen any JW’s ? (your namesake! Haha) it was obviously good then??

    1. Great Sue ? did you know Keanu reeves gave all his matrix money to cancer charities ? Everyone obsessed with the royals it’s was me and you who paid for that bloody wedding last year! The real people are the ones who share their wealth! Haha but he flopped there the first time didn’t he ? Oh well we’ll get Ryan Fraser ? and that getafe defender who looks very good he’s from Togo like Adebayor ? haha Hungry like the wolf ?

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