This photo is a KNIFE to the heart of Arsenal transfer hopes!

They say that you should not count your chickens until they are hatched and I don´t think that Arsenal fans had, but there was still a lot of hope and optimism that we might be able to complete the transfer of the Borussia Dortmund and Germany international star Marco Reus in the summer transfer window. Those hopes were boosted recently by reports that the player was keen to work with Arsene Wenger.

Unfortunately this picture shows the talented and dangerous 25-year old forward signing a new contract extension with his struggling Bundesliga club, which will keep Reus at the Westfalenstadion until 2019. Unfortunately for clubs like Arsenal who were hoping to swoop in the summer and take advantage of a £20 million release clause, it appears that Reus is one of those rare examples in modern football of a loyal player.

The pacy forward was born in Dortmund and spent 10 years in their youth system. He also snubbed his friend and former team mate Robert Lewandowski on the pitch this season after the Polish striker ran down his contract and then signed for Dortmund’s big German rivals Bayern Munich.

This contract does not necessarily mean that Reus is off the market entirely. There may even be a new clause in his contract with the club currently battling relegation, but he will certainly not be going anywhere for just £20 million.

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  1. Wait, some of you guys actually thought we’d sign Reus?
    Anyways, contracts don’t mean anything in football anymore.
    In fact, that contract is probably there just to insure there is a HUGE release clause is in place.
    Reus will leave, but only for the right price.

    1. Really cool “ahahahahaha”. Just how aren’t Arsenal an option for Marco Reus? This contract means he’s going to go for 30-35mil pounds instead of the 25mil EUROS. So let’s speculate who could get him:

      Real – Possible, but crowded
      Barca – transfer ban
      City – FFP
      Chelsea – FFP
      United – Possible
      PSG – FFP
      Arsenal – Possible, we like an expensive German and we pursued Reus last summer.

      Again, why not Arsenal exactly?

  2. why would a player of his class come to our club . we have no ambition not leadership . these players want to win , arsenal do not want to win , they are content with finishing 4th year in year out . it is a great boast indeed to say that we are the 4th best team in england over the past 20 years . yeah , we are so full of ambition !.

  3. It’s not a huge loss anyway. He is pretty much like Sanchez. He plays LW and RW and CAM. He isn’t a striker.

    We have Walcott and Sanchez for wings. We have Ozil and Cazorla for CAM.

    Yes I would have accepted him because he is an awesome player.

    But focus on priorities. A Top DM and Top Striker
    (another specialist LB would be nice too)
    After we get people we NEED then we can splurge on extras.

    In summer we should look at Cavani, Falcao, Jackson Martinez, Dybala, Destro, Benzema. We should look at Schneiderlin, Carvalho, Bender, Gustavo, etc.

    1. Love the looks of Dybala and actually took the time to watch a few Palermo games and I personally think he should replace Podolski. Yes he’s not a big name most would love to have but he’s one of the best young strikers in Europe. I remember posting here about how much I wished Wenger would use Vela as leverage to get Griezmann and loads laughed it off and said pretty much “HELL NO”, now he’s doing the business at Athletico Madrid. Now I feel the same way about Dybala who can as Griezmann play both as a stiker and a winger and is left footed which we are clearly short on for better balance and could be our left footed Alexis, but I’ll wait and see what Wenger pulls out of the hat this summer…

    2. I personally love Memphis Depay. He is by far the best player in the Dutch Ere Divisie. He is an LW that scores lots of goals. This will allow us to play Sanchez on the right. This should pave the way for OX to play in B2B role.

      But seriously we need Schneiderlin first. Plus a world class GK.

  4. marcoooo noooooooo
    *pops in cd
    all by myselffffff, dont wanna be … mWHY GOD WHYYYYYY
    *turns phone off,draws curtains, grabs haagen daaz

  5. It’s not the kind of signing that we need! I don’t get why everyone was really plugging this one. We need fewer flair players and more bulky solid players.

    1. we couldnt use a world class left winger? who have we had there- ozil, ox , santi-
      they are better?
      in top 10 players in the world last 3 years running-

      we were plugging as at 20 mill u were buying a amazing player at a cut down price in a position we have no one for as of yet

  6. Also you can see a positive (Sort of)

    Reus is staying at a struggling club rather than going to rivals and making them stronger.

    Also, this shows that you should never trust rumours because it just causes disappointment.
    Anyway, if we don’t stay in Champions League it will be difficult to get other top players.

    Lets focus on this season. Lets try to stay in top 4, do well in FA Cup and Champions League. Summer will come soon enough.

    1. Simple answer … We aren’t !

      We looked at him before we realised Sanchez was available , but went for him instead !

      But because we showed interest , the first team that gets linked every time his name is brought up is us , same as draxler ….

      I’m just glad that all the inevitable gourcouff and kalou rumours are being replaced with the likes of draxler and reus !

  7. Don’t see it as a knife to the heart, regardless of all the Wenger bashing fans do one thing is for sure there are numerous top and upcoming talents out there who would love to be under his tutiledge. We have had and trophy drought until the recent FA Cup triumph and there are real reasons for that most notably financial but I have no doubt in the world that the Arsenal will be a force again with or without Wenger at the helm and we will all look back and realize the greater good that he has done for our beloved club… With that said I expect a total professional performance from the boys today against Leicester so we can move forward as a club as a whole, that’s including the staff, the manager, the players and fans alike…

  8. It’s not the end of the world… but now we can’t use the 20 million release clause which is unfortunate. Dybala and Lacazette should be the clubs focus now IMO. I’d prefer Lacazette at this moment but haven’t seen any live games of Dybala. My mouth is watering for the game today… no less than 3 points. COYG!

  9. It’s just a strategy..for getting more bucks. Really appreciate Reus here for helping BVB, BVB also deserves it for making him such good plays.

    Kudos to BVB and Reus..!!

  10. It’s amazing how loyal you can become when offered £280k a week. It can make you give up all your ambition and aspirations.

  11. The way I see it, LW was never a priority for us. Reus not coming to us isn’t the end of the world I feel. In fact, we should make CDM and CB our top priority this summer like we should have for the past 2 seasons.

    And, if we can put a cherry on top by buying an awesome upcoming striker, that would be great too!! COYG

  12. Our priority is Schneiderlin for B2B that way we don’t have to keep waiting for either wilshere or Ramsey to find form.

    The depending on who leaves,e.g Campbell, Podolski…we can look into getting lacazette or Dybala.

    Then if Wenger is on crack and feels like winning trophies again, suarez would be great.

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