This Premier League season has to be finished no matter how long it takes

There is a great deal of passion in football right now over whether the Premier League should be restarted at some point in the summer.

There are good points on both sides of the argument and no doubt the debate will rage on for weeks and months to come.

On a personal level, I want this season finished no matter what and if that means it restarts next year then so be it but cancelling the season, for me, is a non-starter and should not be considered under any circumstances.

I just feel that it is only those fans, including many Arsenal fans I am afraid to say, that has had a bad season that wants the season cancelled and all talk of football returning put on to the back burner.

Fans from Leeds United, Liverpool, West Brom, Leicester City etc take a very different point of view and therein lies the divide based on their own personal agendas.

Now, before the comments go into overdrive on here, that is not aimed at any of this site’s users, I know that because I have read their reasoning on here and it is easy to see the passion and heartfelt emotion behind their viewpoint.

To want the season cancelled just so that we can take advantage of our own terrible season just does not sit right with me and that is why I want the season completed no matter what.

It is wrong to start a new season when the old one is still outstanding, it is wrong to deny those that have put their heart and soul into this season and been rewarded.

If this season is null and void will all fines be returned? Records wiped clean? They should be if there are no winners declared and season erased as if it never existed.

What about the players and the goal bonuses, appearance money, clean sheet money, will all that be returned to the club? They did earn it but earned it doing what? playing a season that does not exist?

No doubt all these issues can be sorted one way or another but even so, football may be a business and that may dictate the road ahead but for me, I want fairness and effort rewarded, anything else would leave a sour taste in my mouth.

The integrity of the game is worth fighting for and cancelling this season rips that integrity to pieces.

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  1. Whether the season is completed or not one thing for sure is that Liverpool must be crowned champions. Only jealous fans would say otherwise.
    If the season is not completed the placings should stand. No relegation Leeds and WBA promoted. However the CL and the EL won’t be completed as that will require players crossing borders. Next season’s CL and EL group stage won’t be played either for the same reasons at least not before Xmas at the earliest. So how will those teams who qualify for European competition be compensated?
    Logically they should automatically qualify for the following season which would mean an expanded CL and EL for 2021-2022.
    For Arsenal getting 9th won’t seem like a disadvantage because no one will be playing in the CL or EL next season.
    However this plays out those teams who have worked hard to achieve high placings should be rewarded and not punished. Teams like Arsenal who have had a dog of a season should not be reprieved.

    1. Good post stevo which I agree with and how anyone can think any football will be played in the near future when we now officially have the highest death rate per capita in the world and 10% of the total deaths of the entire world is beyond comprehension.

  2. Where is your “integrity” in effectively advocating for a resumption which could put the lives of many at risk.When will you realize that there are things which are far more important than association football.

    1. Grandad, you will have noticed that I said I dont care how long it takes, even if it is next year or even after that but when it does return I want this season finished. I have never advocated risking peoples lives, I am one of those vulnerable ones but lucky to live in isolation anyway and I will never mess with peoples health but that does not change the fact that I want this season finished whenever that may be.

      1. It is pointless to finish the season instead of starting the next one. They just have to decide how to end this one before July like initially planned. If they can’t play just finish it. Crown Liverpool or not we don’t care. Majority want a new season comes August if the situation has returned to normal. It’s funny you sound just like a Man utd fan. Arsenal fans are known to be cool and polite people generally.

        1. Highbury Hero, I do not believe that fotball fans from various clubs behave differently according to which club they support. They clearly do not! Human nature is not defined by club colours or locality!

      2. Martin, provided you are prepared to wait, as you now say you are, for perhaps the first time on here, then we are DEFINITELY on the same page. I TOO want this season finished but only when it is safe to do so. Previously you were advocating a June restart.

        1. Read the articles again mate, I reported what the people in authority were saying and until that changes I am on board. Does not mean I am advocating anything. I also said that I would change my stance if the authorities changed theirs.

  3. MARTIN your article implies that some of us don’t want this season finished and I doubt that is true. I certainly WANT if finished. However, the key difference between your viewpoint and mine is that I have accepted, some weeks ago now, that what I want, I will NOT get.
    The only way this season will be completed this summer,is if all morals from government . players, fans, medical folk in football, officials press folk and many others disappear overnight. I consider the chance of any of those happening as zero.
    But that does not mean I don’t WANT to finish this season; at some safe time in the future, possibly next calendar year. But until a widely available effective vaccine is ready for all, I see NO sane, ethical way it can ever happen.
    I want, or at least have wanted at some time, many things in my life that I knew I WOULD NEVER GET. But I know the difference between aspiration and attainment.

    1. No Jon, not implying anything about anyone on this site and I have taken careful steps where appropriate to make that clear in my articles over the last couple of days. I have decided to take a peaceful approach for a little while so that everyone gets on and will keep my gun powder dry and try to avoid any contentious articles as best I can, however, someone will always be upset I am sure. Regardless, I have zero intention to annoy anyone right now, even I am tired of the bickering from us all, myself included. That said, I am opinionated and that is my style and my harsh articles will return and everyone will know who I am referring to and such like. But for now, I assure you, anything I write is not intended to imply anything or upset anyone and if they have I apologise in advance. I have taken this decision and approach off my own back, I will never be censored or told what I can or cannot write but neither am I a fool that fails to see the toxic atmosphere that had developed and I have taken steps to rid this site of that toxic atmosphere.

      1. The fact that you delete comments that challenge you say otherwise. Instead of having fast finger on deleting comments why don’t you take them head on? What are you afraid of?

        1. FINAL WARNING This is the second time you have made this false claim against me. I have not deleted your comments, Previously Admin Pat told you it was him and not me because you was abusive, which I must say you must have been really really abusive for Pat to delete your comments. Either contribute to the comments appropriately or do not, I don’t care but take note, no more making these false claims against me and abide by the rules. I do not have the patience for this.

  4. There is an argument that this season has to end and it is a sensible argument. The issue is when and how long will it be before that happens. That will only become clear when this virus is under CONTROL. The best scenario would be to finish the league to an end. I cant see how any European football can be played at all next season behind closed doors or on a computer. It will not be logistically possible or safe, in whatever form.

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