This Ramsdale statistic could be one of the reasons Arsenal are struggling

Aaron Ramsdale has been one of the finest signings in Arsenal’s recent history and some of the big saves he has made this term are one of the reasons the Gunners remain atop the league standing.

Mikel Arteta trusts him fully and the Englishman is one of the first names on the team sheet when he is fit.

However, he has been error-prone in recent weeks and some of those errors have proved costly in the Gunners’ bid to win the league.

The Daily Mail reveals his error that led to a goal against Southampton was his sixth of the campaign and he has made two more than the next player.

Ramsdale is good with his hands and feet, but this stat shows there are parts of his game that must improve if he wants to help Arsenal become champions again.

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Ramsdale is one of the finest goalies in England, but his errors are costly and he must fix them if he wants us to win the league.

Clubs will watch clips before facing us and try to unsettle him if he does eradicate the mistakes in his game.

When that begins to happen, it would be much harder for us to win games and we can only win the title conceding less than our opponents.

Arteta proud of our comeback after Arsenal 3-3 Southampton

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  1. “Ramsdale is one of the finest goalies in England..”

    “..his error that led to a goal against Southampton was his sixth of the campaign and he has made two more than the next player.”

    These contradict. He’s not the finest goalies in England if he’s clearly the most error prone goalkeeper in the whole league.

    Like it or not, we need a new goalkeeper who can challenge Ramsdale and take over. Great saves don’t mean much when you’re single-handedly at fault for conceding 6 goals. PL is full of great savers, we need a goalie who’s good at both.

  2. As far as I am concerned, The Matt Turner I watched at the world cup is 1000 times better than overrated RAMSDALE

  3. I have watched a lot of arsenal games this year but I have never seen Ramsdale saved a corner kick in the air.

    He is always good at pointing ball away and most times, to the opponent.

  4. Admin pat i request this article to be removed as it is pure lies and misleading. Writing an article without checking your fact is terrible.

    Ramsdale has 2 errors leading to goal not 6. Facts from premier league itself.

    Using garbage site such as daily mail as source is criminal.

  5. Yet another scapegoat. Ramsdale has done a good job but he isn’t Ederson. Asking him to do things he isnt capable of is not his fault. The option to boot it long is not on in our set up.

  6. I can see see why Admin Martin can’t be trusted at the computer keyboard. Another nonsense article. There’s absolutely no substance in your little write up. You don’t,,,,or more like it can’t back up your claims. The mistake against Southampton was a shocker,, but you stop there. What are the other mistakes

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