This result just shows how much we need change

This is the logical conclusion of years of going backwards. by Konstantin Mitov

We learn lessons the hard way. And this is the hardest ways of them all. You see, we can change formations, change the players, but we’re ignoring the real issue in the Arsenal coat.

Untill he’s gone nothing really matters. Giroud, Ozil, Xhaka, Ramsey, Gibbs, the hell why did we play Gibbs? Why did we sack Holding? Why move Nacho to the back 3, when he was doing so well as a wb?

Ask Arsene. In order of going forward​ in general we need to change the manager and implement a strategy for the club in general. A director of football, bringing back some former Arsenal players that will install leadership qualities.

I turned off at their goal and rightly so. We’re bottlers and even an FA cup won’t salvage the season. Unless a massive fan unrest is shown, Wenger will stay until he biologically can.

Let’s show him the door and go forward. Wenger out!



    1. AFC says:

      Wenger will sign a 2 year contract and he will get 4 mill pay rise for utter failure.It’s absolute madness the situation at Arsenal.

  1. Vanpayslip is hood ornaments/junkies win awards in my tournaments says:

    Only change Arsenal like are the new £1 coins

  2. Arsenal007 says:

    When we finish above Tottenham, we call it St Totteringham’s day. What do we call Tottenham finishing above Arsenal?

    Wenger has been a disaster. I’m still surprised many don’t see it yet.

    We have changed players…no success.
    We have changed stadiums…no success.
    We have changed medical staff…no success.
    We have changed Assistant manager…no success.
    We have changed scouts…no success.

    Just thinking aloud…but I don’t think it’s a bad idea if we change manager.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      How about calling it St Ass-holes May?
      And Wenger even changed his coat yet still… ?

    2. Gooner Craig says:

      It’s called a historic and legendary season for them lol where as St. Totteringhams day is an annual event.

      Just imagine that for a large portion of their fan base this is a first ???? damn!!! I bet there’s going to be a lot of babies born in Tottenham in about 9 months haha

  3. Aleksandar says:

    But first of all, the OWNERSHIP MUST Be Changed, if Arsenal FC
    want to have future. Mr. Stan is first who must be changed, because he is only interested
    in Money, and he will not INVEST money from SUPPORTERS properly in the Club.

    1. I agree Kroenke is part of the problem but lets be real he gave WENGER 100 Mill to buy players and what he got, XHAKA, MOUSTAFI, PEREZ , now these players play for their national teams so they are not the worse of the lot, the problem as I see it is the MANAGER even Lamppost Donkey GIROUD scores for France……………Kroenke’s biggest fault as an owner is not getting rid of this man whose shortcomings brought us to the final humiliation today at White Hart Lane….WENGER OUT…

  4. Abhi says:

    Most of the Arsenal players are mediocre with a manager who don’t have any winning ambition left, we need complete change in our board to players, only few players who have winning mentality should stay. Others should be sold and class players should be bought.

  5. Fatboy Gooney says:

    ?? Wow, even the mighty mouthed Konstantin is far too deflated and depressed to muster up a decent Rant! ? that’s shocking.

  6. ojay says:

    Lol.who doesn’t know Arsenal is doomed with Wenger?even the spuds fans had posters begging him to stay.we are in shambles

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Yeah, they obviously loved the 20 odd years of constantly being in our shadows and just like Oliver Twist they are begging for more! ???

  7. HA559 says:

    They wake up too late in the game. In how many games this season have we started playing from kickoff. I don’t remember any game where we scored in the first 10 minutes even.

    If that deluded manager doesn’t get rid of overated players at the end of this season he never will. The poor players are more than happy to sign a new contract, but the best ones want to leave?

    The subs never look like they will come on and change a game. Infact most of the time we become worser when the changes are made.

    We don’t play good football,
    We create around only 4 good chances per game (max at this moment in time).
    We have less possesion against a third of the opposition in the league these days.
    No good counter attacks.

    1. citrenoogeht says:

      What concerns me greatly is that Wenger has come out publicly and backed the obviously under performing players. I don’t know whether he thinks he is telling the truth, bluffing the public or double bluffing the accused players.

  8. Ignasi says:

    Genuinely sad at how shit Xhaka is. He’s a strong mid-table midfielder, but he looks so much out of his depth against the better teams/players. Even against city he was poor. Would happy sell him to Stoke for £20m.

  9. ThirdManJW says:

    I would love a reporter to have the balls to ask Wenger “Why do you keep starting Ramsey, Ozil, and Giroud?”. As soon as I saw the team sheet, I knew we were effectively down to eight men.

    Ramsey shouldn’t even be an Arsenal player anymore!

    How on earth is Giroud still starting upfront for us after FIVE YEARS?!!!!

    Ozil cost £42.5 million, and he wants in the region of £250,000/£300,000 a week to stay!!!!! Does this guy EVER turn up in a big game?

    I watched the game, and I found myself laughing most of time, because it was just that bad. Cannot believe how many times we had simply 5 yard passes, and yet still managed to keep passing to Spurs players. Ramsey attempting, and unsurprisingly, failing to pull off an overhead kick on the halfway line was the highlight for me.

    1. Ranjan Das says:

      Honestly it didn’t hurt that badly because of the form they are in (and the form we are in). The points table rightly reflects that. Apart from Chelsea they could have done that to anyone. But what worries me is how our players are not learning. After so many years of transition our players still are not developing- when will Ramsey grow to be the player we all expect him to be. Gabriel needs to be more astute to be able to help us win things. The only real defender is Kos and the rest are always prone to defensive lapses. The less said about our mid field the better. Good teams just walk past Xhaka and Ramsey and the boss says “Ramsey is critical for Arsenal’s” – tells a lot about our ambitions. Every position is suspect. Everyone is looking at Alexis to produce a bit of magic in every single game- no one else looks remotely capable of scoring.

      1. Janssen says:

        And the funny thing is (or not so funny), that Wenger had deliberately moved Sanchez to the one place it is hardest for him to produce some magic and that is the Left wing. Remember Wenger in an interview saying left wing was Sanchez’s weakest position because he has to cut back to his right foot making him to predictable for defenders? Well this is true but why put Sanchez on the left wing then? Everyone n football and most of the same fans know Sanchez is our only player of quality, Henry said he is the only player who would get into the Spurs squad, and we play him with one hand tied behind his back on the left wing with effectively no existing central striker to worry defenders (unless you count Giroud as a central striker but I refuse to believe Giroud worries any central defender).

  10. Goonergaz59 says:

    We are carrying far to many passengers at this club

  11. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Trying to soften the NLD blow!
    Honestly, it’s not as if Anyone expected us to beat the Spuds away,today. Our positions in the table and the fact that they haven’t tasted defeat at home in the league thus far,this season,told us that. yeah it hurts to lose a NLD but the writing was written all over the World, let alone a wall.?
    So let’s not get too depressed about this, let the poor Spuds have their bragging rights this year, It’s been so longggg for them, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t know what to do with it ?? Copying us would probably be their safest bet. But to call this a shift in power is beyond being premature, let’s see if they can repeat this next season and then will talk.

    The brightside? Yeah there is a one regarding the spuds. I hear that they will be playing all their home games at Wembley next season ? and if that is the case? Then you can guarantee that they won’t be winning many games there, as they showed in Europe, where they struggled in all their home ties. So you can imagine how all their league opponents next season will be extremely motivated by playing at that stadium. Therefore the Spuds will end up struggling and they will slip sheepishly back into our shadows…. To where they belong. ?

  12. khangunners says:

    It baffles me what has become of ou club. I think this results says nothing but just shows us that totenham hve finally caught up with us while we were busy entertaining mediocrity. This game spuds! Were favourites so i dont get why pple are screaming like we were the better team than spuds? What pple or us gunners should scream about is how and why are spuds favourites to win against us? We hve regressed badly. Sadly some pple are too blind to see that and now it has been like a contest where fans are divided we win one game and wenger is praised to the heaven and those calling for change are sent to hell. We lose and the fans bring back wenger to earth again and the cycle goes on. Shame on us all funs we hve let ourselves become a laughing stock!!

  13. John0711 says:

    Mesut Özil = £42m

    Dele Alli + Christian Eriksen + Victor Wanyama + Mousa Dembélé = £42m

  14. John Ibrahim says:

    Why are the fans not protesting to have the club directly under the payroll of our 3 billionaires owners?

    Fans should come out and admit that we want the club to be like chelsea , city and psg

    Our incoming manager cant overhaul the squad if he doesnt have the required funds available

    1. RSH says:

      Alexis Ozil and Xhaka all big money signings that Wenger was allowed to purchase and only one of them has turned up good. The board is clearly giving Wenger money to spend, he just doesnt know how to spend it.

      1. Ranjan Das says:

        True – I think Wenger is afraid what if he spends the money and still does not make it- he has forever lived under the excuse that we could not compete because of lack of funds and does not want that myth to be busted; When he had all the choices in the world – he bought Xhaka ; I just cannot understand the reason of buying.

        Last summer, I met the Roma players in Boston and clicked pictures with them and when they learnt I supported Arsenal they all pointed towards Pjanic and he started laughing.

        When we got Xhaka I thought we had the better player but it looks like we are losing our mind in the transfer market.

    2. Vinie2000 says:

      It’s not the owner’s.they gave 100 millions to spend last season the most ever, for what? Regression at it’s peak because of Wenger.get new manager, we can rebuild slowly and patiently with fresh ideas and players cull ( 5 at least ) but starts with US the fans who see football objective not subjective ( Wenger supporters ). Let’s keep on protest peacefully not like those SPUDS scrums. Let’s save our club. Wenger Out

    3. Janssen says:

      John, I think you have asked for the “club to be directly under the payroll of our 3 billionaires” but what does that even mean? That is not even possible.

      If you mean the owners should invest more money into the club to pay the players higher salaries (salaries are payroll) than the only way to that through equity (shares or rights issues). Usmanov has suggested a rights issue to invest millions in the club because he is an ambitious Russian but Kroenke doesn’t want it and controls the club.

      The owners could also make a loan to the club but this is more restricted because of FF.

      What is sad and unacceptable and should be unacceptable to the fans as well is that Usmanov who owns a good chunk of this club (around a third?) is not even given a seat on the board. In many legal jurisdictions when you own that much of a business you have a right to board representation. Kroenke is such a insecure man that he refuses to let Usmanov on the board because he doesn’t want any pressure or input from others despite not owning so much more than Usmanov.

      David Dein brought Usmanov on board because he knew this Russian (like others we know in the PL) is highly competitive and would want to put as much money in the club as needed to win the PL. Sadly Kroenke got to the 50% before Usmanov because back door deals were made where other shareholders sold out to Kroenke.

      The fans should hope and push for Usmanov to become more involved and to get at a minimum one seat on the board.

      But asking Usmanov to put the club on his payroll is not only not possible it would be unfair to ask him to pay for things Kroenke is not paying for and to ask him to pay for the club whilst not having one iota of influence.

      I promise you had Usmanov owned this club Wenger would have been out the door years ago.

  15. ArseOverTit says:

    Not surprised. Not happy.

    #wengerout as always

  16. Leo AW says:

    Didn’t watch the game. I’m tired of this Arsenal. Just waiting for the board to have some brains and balls, and Wenger to be gone.

  17. Geekaybee says:

    Arsenic Wenger slowly poisoning the club !.

  18. TR07_hide says:

    2-0 score says it all. Could have been much worse, though.

    I kept asking myself, “Is this really Arsenal? Where has all that passess and possessions gone?”
    The result was expected when I saw the starting 11, and I just could not help but laughing as they made so many bad passess and lost the ball.

    The biggest problem here was that this was the derby and we knew two Manchester clubs dropped points, and what more do we need to get motivated and fight? But they didn’t.

    Winning mentalty is what we miss for a long time and I guess that is because most of our players have not been exposed to REAL competition, REAL fight. How could Ramsey smile whenever he made mistakes? When came on, all I saw was the expression of nervousness on Walcott’s face. He can’t fight. But he gets paid big anyway.

    That’s because Wenger himself is not exposed to ANY competition. I thank him for what he did in the past but he just live on the past, which is not good for club’s future at all.

    And what happened to Lucas and Elneny? They were on the training ground.

    Finally, I have decided not renew my red membership.

    Please, Wenger, leave.

  19. Janssen says:

    Everyone on here knows I have been saying since last year that we won’t finish in the top 4 and I have been saying for years Wenger has lost pace with the development of the game. I am not saying this to get credit but I am saying it not to be identified as a WKB person or a Wenger sympathizer.

    Having said that, there is lot of anger towards Wenger which IMO is wrong. Yes we have regressed to being years behind the top clubs now but none of this was done by Wenger on purpose. He really wants to win. He managed to secure a 100 million budget as transfer money for this past summer. Although that is no longer big money (ask Man U what big money is) it is real investment.

    The problem is that Wener REALLY doesn’t know how to fix the problems on the pitch. He wants to, he tries (the same old things over and over again) but he has lost pace with the top managers who know what to expect from Wenger and have no great difficulty to counter his every move.

    This squad could have been improved tremendously with 90 million spend shrewdly. But Wenger is not lying when he says he believes Ramsey is the future of the club and when he says he wants keep Giroud. He honestly believes these guys will come good one day. He doesn’t say this out of some sick desire to frustrate us as fans knowing very well these guys could not get into any other top 6 team. No HE BELIEVES RAMSEY IS THE FUTRE OF THE CLUB. He believes that. So give the man a break. The only thing sick abut him is his desire to keep trying and his will to keep his job despite the obvious truth he is no longer qualified. But believe me he is putting in the hours and he wants to win.

    The men we should really be angry at is Kroenke and Gazidas as owner and GM they should relieve both Wenger and the fans from their suffering.

    Wenger should go no doubt, not one iota, but don’t be angry with him but instead realize he really does not now how to fix things. Be angry with the people in charge. Wenger is the sad old man who is allowed to disintergrate in front of the world. A man who’s dignity is fed to the woolfs by the inaction of the GM and owner. Fans all over the PL are singing for Wenger to stay, we have become the joke of the PL but not because because Wenger doesn’t want ot win, no, because Kroenke and Gazidas don’t belong in the game and also don’t know what they are doing.

    Don’t be angry because we have better players available than we play. Don’t be angry that Holding one of our better defenders after Kos was not playing for whatever deluded reason, don’t be angry that Perez, a much better left winger with a left foot than Sanchez, is not playing on the left wing. Don’t be angry he plays Monreal as one of the back 3 with Gibbs as wingback. Don’t be angry he plays useless Giroud in the center instead of our best striker Sanchez. Wenger really believes this was his best formation. I know it looks crazy and unbelievable but it is true. He has lost the plot years ago but not to frustrate us simply because he is old and did not develop with the game.

    Wenger should go yes. Feel sorry for him yes, but blame him or be angry wth him and you assume he knows better which he does not. The board and most importantly Kroenke and Gazidas should take action and protect this sad old man from further public ridicule IMO. The have destroyed his legacy and now they are destrying the club.

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