This season could see five teams fight for two Champions League spots

Unless there is a major turnaround in fortunes for Liverpool and Man City I think we can all agree those two are bankers for two of the four Champions League spots available via the Premier League.

The conventional thinking then goes that the final two spots will go to either Man Utd, Chelsea, Tottenham or Arsenal.

I am not sure that will be the case this season and would throw Leicester City into the mix, I believe they have a genuine chance this season.

The four pretenders have all dropped points already, United lost at home to Crystal Palace, Tottenham ditto Newcastle United, Chelsea got thumped 4-0 at Old Trafford, drew with Sheff Utd at home and were lucky to escape with a draw at home to the Foxes.

Arsenal has not suffered an embarrassing home defeat yet and it can be argued that at this stage look the more solid of the quartet.

Leicester remains unbeaten so far, as stated above they held Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and was unlucky to leave West London with just a point and have been very impressive so far this campaign.

Obviously, it is early and things can change and maybe the big clubs do start to open up a gap like they did last season but for me, the signs are there that Brendan Rodgers men will be serious competitors this season.

If I am right in my assumption then that makes it even harder for Arsenal to grab one of those two Champions League places but that also applies to United, Spurs and Chelsea.

It could also be the case that after another five or six games I write another article and claim there are six teams fighting for those two places if Everton continues to improve as well.

But for now, I am predicting that Leicester City has to be considered genuine top-four contenders.


  1. Lenohappy says:

    Leicester may not even be in the top6, I think the top 4 will be man city Liverpool arsenal and toth, am sure Ole Gunnar Solskjær will be sacked this season and I don’t see Lampard getting top 4 with those strikers.

  2. gotanidea says:

    Could be, since Emery has been wasting his chances by using defensive tactics

    Leicester City have a great DM in Ndidi. I wish Emery would give Chambers a chance in that position

    Who knows, maybe Chambers could play better than Torreira due to his physicality. I believe Chambers can thrive in 4-3-3 formation

  3. jon fox says:

    I agree about Leicester being in the hunt too and am relieved that MAGUIRE has left them, as they would have been even more dangerous had he stayed with them. I do NOT think he will improve United enough to make top four though. I think the current bookies odds on us being marginal favourites for 4th are about right. I also hope Liverpool dethrone the oil corruptly owned City as winners. No other team apart from those two will be even remotely in the hunt by end of Sept, IMO. Realism as ever from me! A properly run club over a corruptly owned and oil rich club ,ALL DAY LONG FOR ME, despite what Sue and many others on here want. I fail to understand their reasoning, assuming they have any, which I doubt. Principles matter, to some of us!

    1. Lenohappy says:

      Jon fox,
      Everyone has a what they want and like and I don’t think you should decide for anyone who they should support. “despite what Sue and many others on here want. I fail to understand their reasoning, assuming they have any, which I doubt” that’s an arrogant word and its like you calling them a fool for not wanting what you want.

      1. kev says:

        Let’s just pretend he doesn’t do that always

        1. kev says:

          I agree with his point on Liverpool though

      2. jon fox says:

        Lenohappy, You are failing to discuss the principle though,you are merely telling me what YOU think is wrong with my post. In other words doing as you say not to do! Ironically to you(BUT NOT TO ME), I TOTALLY STICK UP FOR YOUR FREEDOM TO DO THIS BUT YOU, IT SEEMS, DO NOT. You fail to note that I DID NOT, IN FACT, TELL SUE AND OTHERS WHAT TO DO. WHAT I DID DO IS GIVE MY OPINION ABOUT THEIR OPINIONS. THIS IS TRUE CALLED FREE SPEECH IN A DEMOCRACY AND SOMETHING WHICH WOULD BE SNOWFLAKES SEEM AFRAID TO ADOPT AND MISTAKENLY COMBAT. This sadly, now common and misunderstood condemning of the freedom to challenge others free opinions- NOT the right to hold them but MERELY the opinion itself, PLEASE NOTE – is ENDANGERING true freedom of speech. Snowflake second hand anger and being insulted on behalf of someone else( ie a third party), whether or not that person asked their “help, is a tiresome and totally anti liberal misinterpretation of free speech. I will defend the right to free speech, even when it insults snowflakes either directly, OR by third party adoption on their behalf. What you are saying is actually an anti free speech tyranny that fake “liberals” as you would appear to be, fail to properly understand. Please reconsider how you understand what TRULY constitutes free speech. I assume, though perhaps I should not, that you DO believe in free speech. If you do not, then I pity you and fear your miscomprehension of an important life principle. The growing tyranny of snowflakes is a huge danger to freedom and to TRUE liberalism. I am sure this post is clear and urge you, as a thinking man, to really consider the truth in what I say, as it is of far more importance than any mere football team, even AFC!

        1. ken1945 says:

          Jon, hope you are well.

          I read through your reply to Lenohappy three times, first to understand exactly what you are saying and also to try and ingnore the number of capital letters that tend to stop the flow of easy reading – but that’s your style etc etc.

          Free speech is a wonderful thing that our country has held dear for a very long time, but there are many ways of using that privilige without belittling others in the process.

          One can discuss in a dignified manner, whilst believing that the other person has the same intellectual and life experience that one believes he has himself, but it doesn’t matter anyway if that person has a valid point does it?


          One can discuss in a way that infers how much cleverer, worldly experienced, mature and, indeed, a thoroughly superior human being one is…as an example I give you (in my humble opinion) Rees-Mogg.

          His disdain at everyone who doesn’t agree with him, the way he dismisses them out of hand, the contempt he holds others in is the other side of the right to “free speech”.

          We have spoken at times on the phone and your actual “spoken words” are so totally different to the way you actually write your words – that is why I continue to discuss with you on here.

          I don’t use “justarsenal” to receive lectures on behaviour, writing techniques, what free speech means, how to use it etc etc It’s to discuss The Arsenal.

          I believe you forget (YES I HAVE at one time or another also) that we are all gooners and that is where the “Rees Mogg” analogy comes in with you.

          Completely different thoughts, but all valuable and with one thought/purpose in mind…the success of The Arsenal.
          Question and debate, agree and disagree, humour and pathos, all in the name of free speech…but disdain and arrogance shouldn’t be part of our fanbase.

          As someone who has been accussed of being a fascist, slanderer etc etc on this site, the use of free speech can be take to the extreme and, maybe Jon, that happens far too often.

          1. jon fox says:

            A typical well phrased reply, Ken, but slanted to be from your own point of view only not from mine. I would expect all posts to be from the writers point of view so so not mean the above in a critical way but in merely an observational way. My well known and oft stated view is that we should be free to insult , though not to do so gratuitously, nor to deliberately insult people for insults sake. We should be free, in a free society to state, even forcibly, our own views which may forcibly differ from others. You also well know that I instinctively shy away from half truths – as I see them , of course – and insist on straight and non ambiguous speech. This gets at the full truth, again as the writer(whomsoever they be) sees that truth. We should ALL be totally free to write OUR own truths and to challenge the truths of others. Otherwise what we have is NOT free speech but instead, a sort of whitewashed mish mash of “generally accepted allowable” comments which are terrified to state the real truth in case it might offend someone. We should be free to offend if necessary, has always been my firm belief. Free speech is far too valuable to be compromised for fear of upsetting snowflakes . Snowflakes who though generally young or very young but are sometimes older too. I n short we should not be forced into just one way to write or speak. That is freedom and is liberating. The opposite though, is to inhibit freedom and truth.
            Imagine if all fans when in pubs pre or post match, never ever said anything forceful but only used bland and “allowable ” language. How boring and false that would be . Fortunately it will never be the case and hurray for that!

          2. ken1945 says:

            Jon, but why would you want to insult someone because their views are different to yours anyway?

            I have always found that questioning, rather than insulting, leads to more enlightening discussions.

            The minute one insults someone, they are defensive and defend their corner…ask questions and we learn things (if they are answered of course!!!).

            Anyway, you and I will carry on sparring and parrying with each other, safe in the knowledge that neither of us will see eye to eye, or budge a centimetre.

            By the way, what WILL YOU DO IF A SHEIK BUYS OUR CLUB?
            I would welcome him with open arms, get him to buy out the spuds and use their stadium for training on…just imagine!!!!

          3. ken1945 says:

            Jon, just scrolled down and seen your answer – I’m sure it will make interesting reading and be completely different to mine!!!

  4. Sue says:

    I agree about Leicester.. Brenda seems to be doing a good job… Vardy is banging them in (that beauty against Bournemouth!!) Over all they’ve got a decent team & I’ll admit I’m a little nervous about visiting the KP!!!

    Oh, once again I’m mentioned, regarding Man City (makes a change to Ozil i suppose) Jon.. I’ve said many times on here, why i like City.. you’ve obviously not bothered reading those comnents!! Once more.. just for your sake.. my daughter supports them, so i want them to win, so she’ll be happy. I like pretty much all of their team & i really like the football they play… so what’s wrong with that??
    One thing i am curious about though, is what if our team had all of that oil money? Would you be moaning then?
    Oh and sod Liverpool ?

    1. kev says:

      Here’s hoping Guardiola and City never win any major trophies again.I can’t stand the man with his annoying dominance of possession and the arrogance of City.I’ll always support Liverpool over them.
      If not because Spurs are our noisy neighbours I’d even prefer them over any club Guardiola manages and City as well

    2. Bobs says:

      If supporting Man city is because of making your daughter happy, I’m 100% with you.
      You even have more genuine reason than me cos I’m supporting Man City cos of my love for Pep and Arteta and some players(both Silva’s, Gundogan and De Bruyne). I love this players.

      The only reason I want Liverpool to win the league this season is because I don’t want Man city to win 3rd straight league and my love for Klopp, Firmino and Mane. But most especially for Klopp to win it and leave Liverpool immediately.

      1. Sue says:

        I agree about those players, Bobs..although Aguero is my fav!!
        Fair play about how you feel about Liverpool, I’m the complete opposite, but each to their own hey? We’re all different!
        I do think City will struggle, after losing Sane & now Laporte.. 2 big players out for a long time ☹

      2. Loose Cannon says:

        And join us once Unai’s contract is over.We got decent players for a top 3 finish, to win the league we fall short of 2-3 which Edu and Raul will identify over the year. Unai is Europa level, let him remain over there with some mid table club, not a daring ambitious coach.Would even prefer Bendan or Rafa over him, genuine coaches who make average teams good, good teams better. With the players available we can make it top 4, depends who gets selected and what tactics Unai chooses. PAL, Dani, Lucas, Tierney, six world class players we can achieve top three.

    3. Phil says:

      And you have just nailed it Sue- if Arsenal were bought tomorrow by an oil rich billionaire would Jon immediately stop supporting them? He would have to wouldn’t he? After all “ Principles matter to some of us”.

      1. jon fox says:

        To you Phil Arsenal, plus presumably family too(at least I hope so ), is all that matters in your life, seemingly. I am completely different from you and put life principles WAY above MERE football. That is why I am a more well rounded person than you and think more deeply on much else besides mere football. Even “mere” Arsenal too. That probably sounds like sacrilege to you, which would prove my own point. Care to make a real and non abusive thought through point in reply to my “principles being far more important than mere football” point? Even if only to admit I AM RIGHT ABOUT WHAT YOU SEE AS MOST IMPORTANT.

        1. Phil says:

          My reply to you Jon is a simple question.
          With your very high moral in regards Principles, what would you do if Arsenal were bought by a Billionaire Owner from a Middle Eastern Country? I mean with the sermon you gave everyone in an earlier post on this thread surely you would have to stop supporting Arsenal would you not?
          I mean “ Principles matter to some of us”.

          1. jon fox says:

            Phil Very easy for me to answer and truthfully, as I always do. I would not support our club were it owned by a total scumbag like Sheikh MANSOOR, who made his money from enslaving other disadvantaged people. I already harbour grave reservations about Kroenke senior BUT he is not in the same villainous league as either the Sheikh or Abramovitch. Corruption has degrees and though i do consider KROENKE corrupt in some ways, in USA, most folk are free to withhold their labour if they choose. No one is forced to work for Kroenke and thus a major degree of personal freedom among his workers is maintained. I am deeply unhappy about the whole Rwanda sponsorship though. I SEE A TIME COMING WHEN PRINCIPLED FOLK LIKE ME CAN NO LONGER STOMACH SUPPORTING MAINSTREAM TOP LEVEL FOOTBALL IN THIS COUNTRY. Arsena; is NOT among the worse in the Prem, not by a long chalk. This is, though only in part, ONE of several reasons why I stopped going regularly to games two seasons ago. As you well know, Wenger was one more important reason. So was the lack of effort from some players and I believe supporting a club should come from fans AND players, when on the field, at least. As is my way, this is a totally honest summary of my thoughts.

          2. ken1945 says:

            Well reasoned and principled reply Jon, so I wonder why you still follow our club, with such an owner, bad sponsorship and players bleeding the club dry?

            How, after you stopped going to the ground because of AW (I assume his FOOTBALLLING DECISIONS and nothing else?), can you cite George Graham as a manager who you admire so much more, despite him having to return money that he took from the club?
            Didn’t he get caught with his hands in the till?

    4. Ackshay says:

      Jon fox is another of those old man who think old age equal wisdom and knowledge over everyone. You cannot do anything about them so just ignore them. Luckily the world has evolved from this crap about elder knows best. Some do have incredible wisdom while some like Jon are arrogant and stubborn.

      1. ken1945 says:

        Ackshay, please don’t group all “older men”into that group that think that age equals wisdom!!

        I have three grandsons, 25 (owm fencing business/deer stalker) 24 (fully trained NHS physioand sporrts massuer) and 23 (just loves living!!!) and I learn something every time I see them.

        Likewise, age does bring practical experience….but as this is a football forum for The Arsenal, why don’t we just do that!?!?!?

        My top four? City – Pool – The Arsenal – Spuds and as Bobs says below, it’s just pure guesswork, with a lot of bias.

        1. Ackshay says:

          I didn’t group all old people to Jon because that would be unfair and stupid.

        2. jon fox says:

          Hi Ken. In ANSWER TO YOUR ABOVE POST(WHICH DOES NOT ALLOW A DIRECT REPLY UNDERNEATH IT, FRUSTRATINGLY), I do not know for certain what I would choose to do in the hypothetical question you and Phil both pose. I want to think that my life principles will overcome the drug that is AFC (AND ALL CLUBS TOO, TO THEIR OWN FANS , NO DOUBT). I must as ever be honest in my thoughts, so yes, I do not know for sure which it would be. Football “drug” addiction is an unhealthy state to be in, as I guess others may also agree. Or they may not!

          1. jon fox says:

            Further to the above, I have to think that I HAVE in some ways overcome that addiction, since I no longer go much at all. It was never JUST Wenger that stopped me going, though it was convenient in our many debates to say so. It was him in PART, of course , but never entirely. And NOW you know the full truth. I simpy loathe and detest the corporate corrupt business of most top level modern football. That is unlikely to change, either.

          2. ken1945 says:

            Jon, thanks for your honesty and I DO admire your stance, but others have different opinions and I giuess we are all entitled to them.

            Good discussion though, always nice to lock horns and as for AW, let’s just thank him (in varying degrees!!!) and move on with UE and the new regime – you won’t desert The Arsenal Jon, your too dyed in the wall and definitely not a trophy hunter!!!

  5. Bobs says:

    Top 4 can’t be predicted with just four games into the season.
    I remember Huddersfield been top 3 in four games when they got promoted.
    I remember people writing off Leciester to win the league even though we are in January.
    If there is one thing that has thought me, it is nobody knows the future.

    Yes Liverpool and Man city can win Top 2 but who is to say(not praying for it) Virgil dijk and Salah can’t miss 6months to injury and I’m sure you know what that means.

    2007/2008 Eduardo got injured and Arsenal season went down from there.

    During Leicester winning season, Walcott and Ramsey got injured and Arsenal season went down from there.

    Do you think Barcelona won’t have top the league by now if Messi is not injured?
    Do you think we won’t have make the top 4 if we don’t have injury to Welbeck, Holding and Bellerin. Even win the Europa had Welbeck not injured with that form of his in Europa?

    Take it or leave it, Injury is and will always be part of football.

    No one can predict Top 4, even Man U and Chelsea can make top 4(God forbid) instead of Tottenham and Arsenal.

    1. jon fox says:

      Bobs, On top four being uncertain you have a fair point. On top two NOT being City and Liverpool, for a stone cold certainty, you are just refusing to acknowledge the obvious top two(in either order). Nothing in life is impossible; the world might end, we might be invaded by aliens, BUT short of that type of unlikely event, you have not a hope of being right on top two being anything but City and Liverpool.

  6. Agu Emen says:

    Arsenal should be ruthless and prioritize the league.
    Last season Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal all lost points late on when we were all in the latter stages of cup runs.
    Spurs + Chelsea scraped in, we missed by one point FFS!
    Why repeat the same mistake this term?
    Something about doing the same expecting different results.
    Forget both the Carabao cup and the FA Cup because neither
    can get us CL football they just drain our PL chances.
    And please don’t give me any sob story about tradition
    or how the fans deserve silver ware.
    Yes Arsenal fans do deserve silver ware and they are
    known as the PL and the CL (a trophy we have never won)
    Please don’t tell me about Pep Guadiola taking
    all competitions seriously because with a billion pound
    20 world class player squad he can do as he pleases.
    Now if the Kroenke’s build a 20 man, billion pound
    squad next summer we can go in on all FIVE# fronts too.
    But until Stan and Josh bang down a billion we need
    to prioritize or die with the finish line in sight again.
    Yet if we beat Forest at home the eyes will light up
    and the fans will see the glory….please just no.
    #Community shield.

  7. John0711 says:

    TBH i enjoy watching city and liverpool as long as they not playing us, other than that i predict

    one point only emery can F this up, quit being defensive, play cabellos drop Xhaka
    people moan about ozil yet hes oceans above xhaka

  8. Sam says:

    I am sure Chambers will excel at midfield. Drop Xhaka for Chambers. Holding our best defender for centre back.

  9. Grandad says:

    Leicester are a very decent team but to me they lack depth in defence where there is a high dependency on Johnny Evans now that Maguire has moved on.Evans has a history of being injury prone and without him their back four may well struggle.That said, I would have taken Evans instead of Sokratis and Luis any day.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Grandad, I remember us both agreeing that Cahill would also have been a good signing.

      I don’t understand this idea that by signing a player for one of the “top six” we are buying “dross” – Cahill was a free agent and Palace sit above us in the league!!

  10. Kezstar says:

    Top 4 is achievable if we can be injury free. Injuries have a way of setting us back. Let’s hope we get lucky this term.

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