This season really is All Or Nothing for Arteta and Arsenal

This is definitely going to be a crucial season in Arsenal’s history, and surely it will also be the year that makes or breaks Mikel Arteta’s coaching career. After two 8th place finishes in a row, it is now time for Arteta to prove that his rebuild of the squad has been a success or not.

It will be even more pressure added as the cameras will be following every twist and turn as the season unfolds. As the Executive Producer, Clare Cameron said: “We’re excited to have the opportunity to go behind the scenes at Arsenal to capture the exhilaration and drama of a unique season at the club,”

“The opportunity to get close-up access to a squad of talented young players, both on and off the pitch, see the return of the fans to football and understand what makes Arsenal such an iconic club, will make for a compelling All or Nothing series.”

It is certainly very brave of Arteta to embrace this opportunity as it is well-known that usually Arsenal do like to do their business privately and quietly, but Arteta seems very happy to go along with it. “We’re going to help as much as possible for everybody to see what this club means, how are things done at the football club, be as transparent as we can to show the values, integrity, passions and where we are trying to drive this football club,” he said on CBS. “Hopefully it’s a perfect year to show that. It’s down to us to try to produce the best piece we can so everybody can feel part of what we do and our fans can feel proud of what we do.”

What will be of extra interest to Arsenal fans will be seeing how the club conducts themselves in the last two weeks of the transfer window, as this is normally the time when the club are the most secretive, and I’m sure it will be fascinating to see who (and how) Arteta and Edu manage to bring in a new midfielder, and a backup goalkeeper at least, while the cameras are running. “If you’re reading all the time every news related to the club you can get confused,” Arteta continued. “You see that many names attached to it that one day you go from here to there. So obviously you’re going to like more A than B, if you get B and you were expecting A you’re never going to be happy.

“We will try to explain why we do things the way we can and be transparent with that.”

This is set to be a revealing insight to the behind-the-scenes in the Arsenal camp, and I am certain it will be fascinating.

But I really hope that have a fantastic and successful season to look back on, and not a depressing reminder!

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  1. I can not see it being any different he’s signed one player a like for like replacement and as not upgraded the team .
    He talks a good game as he fooled me once but he’s not going to turn into some managerial genius overnight ,his football is stale and outdated and he will continue to use the same methods this season ,I really do fear for this club ATM and I can not believe fans are still backing him and are expecting things to be different,I’ve already seen a few excuses coming out already before the seasons started ,same fans who turned their noses up at a top 4 spot now are happy we are fighting for a top 6 spot and getting back into the Europe league ,have some bloody standards we are Arsenal not bloody West Ham or Everton .

    1. Emery was sacked for getting 5th and making the EL final.
      Arsenal has had a lot longer and has a much better squad.
      Arteta has to make the top 4.
      But because of two 8th placed finishes I fear just getting back into Europe 5th 6th or 7th will be seen by weak Arsenal fans as enough.
      For me any thing less than top 4 should see Arteta sacked.

      1. Well said both, fairfan I feel the same. It won’t be top 4 finish but even if he improves a little bit like achieving 7th will be seen as improvement and flood of excuses will open up. how come the fans who justified and defend him for finishing 8th will not do same for him finishing 7th when its an improvement lol!.

      2. Emery was sacked in 10th with a lost dressing room. Freddie took us to 8th and Arteta took over with 5th place form finishing in 8th thanks to Emery having us so far behind. When Emery finished 5th he was given another year. You keep repeating this lie and I’m fairly certain I wrote the above to you once already on one of your multiple posts saying this.

        Please stop pretending Emery didn’t have us finish 8th it was entirely his doing.

        If Arteta starts badly this year just like Emery he’ll be sacked but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  2. I’ve raised my eyes to the sky and studied every inch of the cosmos and can tell with no bias that ALL OR NOTHING is going to be one epic TRAIN WRECK we will raise the bar of a laughing stock… Should we just start contract negotiations with Conte?

  3. Oh to be a gooner….
    I just can’t wait.
    I’d be happy to see arsenal compete passionately throughout this season and then we’ll see where we end.

    I love Arsenal.

  4. To think that I though a multi billionaire owner might be a good thing for us. Competing with the top clubs around Europe and winning more than FACups, which are welcome but not what I had in mind

    1. I just want to watch football, support my club and live my life happily.
      Let’s see what the season has in store.
      I ain’t whining or acting like I can tell what’s gonna happen.
      We’ll still sign some players, so I ain’t panicking

      1. You call it wining Eddie I’ll call actually given a toss about the club and not having my head in the clouds pretending all is rosey .

        1. Yeah well that’s the difference isn’t it?
          We all know the club is struggling and needs to do better. We all want the club to be better. What can we do? Moan about it everyday and whine every single moment just to tell yourself that you care?
          The rest of us choosing to take the other way and just be quiet while we support the club doesn’t mean we don’t care about the club or we are pretending.
          Some of us would rather deal with things differently instead of filling out daily ramblings with everydat complaints the whole world knows about

          1. I’ll keep moaning and whining and keep up with my daily ramblings and complaints Eddie ,you carry on in a dream world buddy.

          2. “I’ll keep moaning and whining and keep up with my daily ramblings and complaints Eddie ,you carry on in a dream world buddy”

            Dan I’d argue your the one in a dream world to be fair, doing this day in day out to the same set of fans (that already no your stance) when it has absolutely zero effect on the club. Complaining on JA isnt going to get MA fired anytime soon. By all means continue, but dont say someone is living in a dream world for not repeating the same rhetoric.

          3. “I’ll keep moaning and whining and keep up with my daily ramblings and complaints Eddie ,you carry on in a dream world buddy”

            Oh Rory you love a copy and paste don’t you buddy .Look I did it for a third time just to get that extra effect.

            Now to the comment ,I was responding to Eddie’s jibe at fans whining which by all accounts I have the right to do On a fan forum .
            Get this fans moaning about a fan moaning you could make that up could you !

            “By all means continue, but dont say someone is living in a dream world for not repeating the same rhetoric”

            Oh did a copy and paste …..

            Pretty much what Eddie says is repeating what he said before ,everyone on the website pretty much repeats the same thing daily so we all have that in common I suppose .

            As for the dream world you made no sense , but that’s for taking the time to read my moaning comments Rory ,I aim to please .👍

          4. Mate you can do whatever you want.
            As you can see you’re the one who responded to my comment in the first place. So by all means feel free to moan or do whatever it is that makes you feel good. As long as it makes you feel good

          5. See Jon this is why I don’t usually respond to your posts ,only as little as 2 weeks ago you wanted to be my friend and said how you would like to converse with me ,now here we are with you calling me dismal Dan ,you really do need to remember what you’ve said .
            As for going for a drink ,I bet you would be a right barrel of laughs 🤔
            Do you even have sense of humour.

          6. jesus Dan your so passive aggressive and sarky these days mate, I hate to see it 😔

            My sincere apologies bud.

          7. DanKit, stay the course bud, this club NEEDS you fighting the good fight far more than it needs the “thank you, sir, may I have another” crowd

          8. btw, in the most recent article about predicting the score today DFM predicts a 1-0 loss for us…furthermore, something very peculiar about the whole Auba/Laca “illness” gig

          9. So what? I cant be against repetitive ineffectual negativity and also objectively predict a loss? I want the same thing as you…a successful club, I just dont think posting on JA is going to change that in a hurry…

            Grab a banner and go protest or do something that actually might incite change, posting on justarsenal do not make you a revolutionist.

          10. The fact that you cant differentiate between the two speaks volumes. Good luck with “fighting the good fight” its bound to have a profound impact soon.

        1. Agreed SueP, despite knowing our vast shortcomings, keeps some sense of positivity and controls his emotions and not vice versa. Refreshing and commendable 👍

          COYG tonight 🤞🤞

        2. SueP I do agree with a whole lot of your views you know that.
          I think there’s time to get more signings and we’ll get them.
          Over the past hour, Odegaard to Arsenal has heated up. Plus multiple journalists keep saying Arsenal still have money to spend and we want an AM, a striker and a GK.
          So I’m looking forwards to it while staying calm

    2. SueP, you constantly balme the owner all the time but then you stand by his bad management and worst decision. You have it otherway around. The club has spent a lot in last 4-5 windows dont believe me see the figures your self so I don’t think Arsenal fans have the right to point finger at the owner in this prospective. But where the finger can be pointed is owner not getting rid of manager and others at club for under performing but there you guys stand by him for poor or no decision making. So I do not understand what sort of logic is this.

      1. Logic – you are so right.
        It is trange to se quite a few fans still live in the myth, that it is the owners’s lack of spending, that has created our problems, when 5 min. of research can prove, we are in fact a high spåending club. But the funds and the tema have not been managed well enough for at least the past 6-7 years. That is the root of our problems.

      2. Hello Logic
        The owner is responsible as far as I am concerned. He bought the club and installed so called top people to run his investment and to make the correct decisions

        The state the club is in now has been on the cards for quite a while and that is under the ownership of Kroenke. He has owned it under Wenger, Emery and Arteta and how has ownership improved our club? Letting the genie out of the bottle with the last Ozil contract is one. Not realising that something fishy was going on under Sanhelli. Who hired him? All these senior role cock ups have made a huge and negative difference to Arsenal now. The club has spent a lot of money on transfers – Pepe being the most obvious, but on reading the contracts handed out to the likes of Mustafi, Kolasinac and co, no wonder we are in a pickle, having to sell to buy nowadays, with barely a player up for sale with any value. I am disappointed with the Willian contract and that is on Arteta, but so much of what I am referring to happened before his arrival

        How much did Chelsea give to Frank Lampard to strengthen the squad? What about Lukaku? Grealish? City and Chelsea are adding to their already highly talented squads, while we go about it in a piecemeal fashion with too many average players earning too much to move on. When did we have a Coutinho or Bale, Maguire or Grealish?

        Leicester City are a prime example of a club that has a committed ownership that has been bit by bit working towards the success they are enjoying now. Was this just accidental?

        How many years did it take ManC to win the league, even after they bought the best and we expect Arteta to do the same without the funds to do it? Arteta may well flatter to deceive, and he may very well make a complete horlicks of it but the owners have had the ultimate responsibility for not hiring the right people at the right time in the first place and not acting when they should

        1. what would you say SueP, if Arteta, as has been speculated, actually used 150+M to purchase the players already in the fold and Ode de toilette and Ramshands? this is the what can happen when you back the wrong horse; not to mention, there are no guarantees that a future manager would get similar backing…so what then? you know, we would have to sell our best and brightest once again

          1. This TRVL is entirely possible unfortunately but if I’m reading you correctly, you don’t yet know that SK (or me) have backed the wrong horse – although that is looking more likely. Having said that, what happened before wasn’t all rosy either. And as you point out it probably won’t go well if Arteta fails. I can’t see Roman Abramovitch allowing what has happened to us to occur at Chelsea. We will have to wait for a wobble from one of the existing top4 and then LC look a good shout over us.

            Stan kept AW too long. I understand why. Top4 is a trophy. On paper Emery was a good shout until the dressing room took over. All the while Ozil was coining in £18m a year followed by several more on top dollar salaries over long contracts that are so bl**dy mediocre that they are un-sellable or will go for pitiful sums. Is this becoming self perpetuating – as it looks that way to me?
            You talk in terms of 150m which is a lot of money but it doesn’t get you much these days. One and a half Jack Grealish.

            There has been such a maelstrom of long term mismanagement that your last sentence may well come true

          2. agree with some of your sentiments, minus the Emery assumptions, as that locker room was a tire fire long before his arrival, which is why things disintegrated so quickly when we hit the first proverbial bump in the road…furthermore, don’t you think our spirits and prospects would have spiked considerably if we had allocated those funds towards some depth pieces and a “Grealish”…for the love of God SueP, Xhaka is wearing the armband again!?!

  5. None of us can surely except that MA should have his job if Arsenal finish trophyless and out of the top four this season. There are no more excuses. We cannot continue to with the, “He needs one more season” gibberish!

    We are out of Europe and that means fresher legs on the weekend to perform better that most of the top six clubs.

    I have given my support to MA and this summer was make or break for me to see if MA could turn his words into actions. He still has time to it but, I’m not convinced he do it yet. Time will tell.

  6. Other clubs are busy signning, we are on holidays in spain. Very strange and so messed up. No 16 z where we belong this season.

  7. I certainly expect it to be all or nothing for Arteta. If we don’t compete for at least top 4 this season, I will expect him gone if it becomes apparent, we aren’t competing.
    Arsenal will survive no matter.

  8. More signings are required fast specially in the midfield and GK areas. I only hope we dont resort to negative sideways football week in week out. We have to play positive football try as much to create, shoot and score and win games. Brenford ahoy, Premier League here we come.

  9. Given a distinct lack of attacking options,a fairly underwhelming transfer window and no new ideas on show during pre-season I believe that it’s likely to be a case of “Nothing”.
    At the very least Arteta should have used pre-season to try out some new ideas or formations better suited to his players.Instead he just regurgitated the same old tepid unispired dross.Even having the temerity to start games with the likes of Bellerin and Elneny when other “junior” squad members were far more deserving and would undoubtedly be able to offer more to the team.
    We go into the first game tonight with a very negative vibe throughout a good proportion of the fan base and little to feel positive about.Laconga and White are undoubtedly good squad additions but what about a back-up goalkeeper….a decent right back with the ability to defend as well as cross the ball…a dynamic attacking midfielder who can create chances and assists.
    Frankly if Arsenal are to fall short once again I’d rather do it by giving more of the “Hale Enders” a chance.I’d prefer to see Martenelli,Balogun,Azeez etc playing regularly and seeing whether they are good enough than watching Willian,Aubamayang,Bellerin,Elneny and Lacazette having zero impact upon the game whilst hoping that they will miraculously improve at a time in their careers that this doesn’t usually happen…especially under the tutelage of such a clueless coach.

    1. joel, to me pre-season looked like MA was playing members of the squad that he knew needed to fit so he could sell/release them (Willian, Kolasinac, Bellerin, AMN etc.). He may have been bluffing by including them so it looked better for us from the outside? I believe this was his plan during pre-season and it looks to have failed mostly. No one wants them. Like you said, it would have been prudent to work on ideas and formations etc.

  10. If we start tonight with Xhaka and Elneny in the middle you can bet your bottom dollar we will struggle to get the ball forward. Lots of sideways and backwards football will be coming our way!

    I’m very much expecting the same as last season. Very nervous under attack and dreading the mistakes leading to unnecessary goals.

  11. Luiz claims that decision was partly driven by his own ambition, with the enigmatic South American suggesting that plans in north London do not match his own.

    He added: “Both of us decided to split.

    “I came for two years and the aim was to win something, which I did (the FA Cup and Community Shield).

    “Now, I think the club has a different project for the long term. They have different ideas. My idea is to win, win, win as soon as possible.”

  12. Blunt and honest Jon Fox congratulates Ad PAT on being a considerably better writer than both Martin and Patrick. Rather like comparing Man City with WBA (IN Martins case and with Stevenage in Patricks case).

    I also apologise for writing in the third person this time, (though done for effect only) which is a particular dislike of mine and done usually by self publicists. I leave that “own goal”comment for anyone to land a knock out blow on me if they so wish! And some will wish!

    I have been firmly among those more considered fans who wish to give our manager every chance to fulfill his promise and who still continues to HOPE for this outcome , despite freely recognising MA’s MANY mistakes so far.

    As an honest realist, I also freely admit that at the time of his appointment and even now, I would far prefer a recognised household name with great pedigree as our manager.

    BUT I recognise that while Kroenke owns us that WILL NOT HAPPEN. I prefer living in the football world as it is, to living in a make believe fantasy world of my dreams, which will NEVER HAPPEN! Hence my continued support to MA, though I qualify that by agreeing with PAT and with most considered thinking fans that his time left to prove himself is runnig short.

    Exactly HOW short is difficult to predict; though I think probably next summer OR end of 2021. Or IF he succeeds, then could he be here as long as Wenger? Most unlikely, but I have learned in life to never say never!

    I also know that that last line will annoy and anger the “I want him sacked today” brigade who will now attack me for being honest!
    PS I welcome this Amazon Prime chance to learn more about how our club works and will not miss a moment of it. Will anyone? I much doubt that!

    1. Just out of curiosity, Mr jon fox, being the foremost and most vocal visitors in JA about slashing the players’ current wages significantly and fixing a salary cap, I wonder how can you welcome a venture (Amazon Prime show) that is supposed to put money into the owner’s pocket and there by increasing his power to dish out more meatier deals to the players than the one they undeservedly earn now.

      Is the show in anyway going to improve our team’s performance on the pitch or the team’s league ranking? Is there any sporting interests attached with the show? I know you don’t need me to tell you that this is just a PR / marketing gimmick to make some extra cash for the club. And more than anyone here in JA, you know better where that cash might end up.

      I just see some conflict of interests in your statements. That’s all.

      1. Vas C I really had hoped , (from our discussions last week) that you had begun developing the knack of seeing things in a wider perspective.

        I still hope you will eventually do so. But right now your cynical attitude towards what many of us more enlightened thinkers consider a wonderful opportunity for we ordinary Gooners to learn more about how our club is run from the inside perspective, is a great gift that we should ALL relish with glee.
        OF COURSE, I see the other side of the picture -after all, I AM 70 YEARS OF AGE, SO PLEASE GIVE ME SOMECREDIT -and am well aware that Amazon are not promoting our club out of the goodness of their heart(as if, honestly now!!)!

        I am not a silly, naive socialist who believes that all capitalism is evil. I believe passionately in ETHICAL capitalism, where the word “profit” is a good thing and vitally necessary too. BUT where obscenely greedy profits, which harm the customers and ordinary people, while enriching ONLY the greedy company, are wicked and bad. In this case we will ALL be enriched by greatw knowledge of how our club opeates . Riches are a far wider concept than simply material worth AND money in ones bank account. In fact, true riches of the immortal soul do not include money at all! Something to really think about VasC!

        If you have not grasped that fact by now Vas C, then you have not been following my regular posts on JA ABOUT WHERE TRUE MORALITY LIES AND WHERE IT DOES NOT
        I do not mean to be rude but sometimes things need to be said bluntly, even though I was foolish enough to have HOPED that by now you would have learned more than you have.


    2. Jon Nice to see you echo my thoughts once again.
      I’m also curious and eager to follow Amazon’s revelations about us. As you know I have a knack for having interest in whatever dealings the club engages in.
      I believe this series would allow us understand what’s going on at the club better.
      I look forward to it

  13. Yes and no Pat

    It will probably be another tough and frustrating season, I reckon things will get worse before they get better, it is quite feasible that we will have zero points after the first three League games but I think we will come back from that and have a good season

    Every season is “All or Nothing” for the majority of Premier League Clubs, nothing new there, it is often said in the media that it is the best League in Europe/The World, who knows, but I would say it is probably the most competitive in depth and although we have clear front runners teams challenging those front runners are hard to predict

    Barring relegation Arsenal will still be considered one of the top Clubs in England irrespective of results, life will go on at Arsenal as it always has done

    As for it being defining for Arteta’s career, I doubt that as well, for his Arsenal career maybe, hopefully he will get a full season and then results will determine whether he gets another but his stock is already high, he has an FA Cup on his CV, gaining Premier League experience all the time, players and other Managers speak highly of him, he wouldn’t be short of offers if he left Arsenal

    So I don’t think it will be ” the year that makes or breaks Mikel Arteta’s coaching career” at all Pat

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