This summer will be Arsenal’s best chance to land a top striker

For years Arsenal fans have been crying out for a top striker to arrive at the club, and this summer looks certain to be our best chance of doing just that.

This coming close-season is set to see a number of Europe’s biggest talents moving clubs.

Sergio Aguero appears to have lost his first-team role to Gabriel Jesus, and is claimed to be open to a switch. I’m certain that he will attract interest from Real Madrid, which could lead to one or both of Karim Benzema and Alvaro Morata to leave in search of guaranteed first-team football.

Chelsea’s Diego Costa may well find himself on the move also, having been rumoured to be in want of a new bumper contract in order to stay with the Blues. A return to Atletico Madrid may well open the door for Antoine Griezmann to make his move, and he would be a huge signing could we land him.

Borussia Dortmund have already named their price for Pierre-Emerick Aubamayang, which could see him on the move, while Bayern’s Robert Lewandowski is regularly linked with the exit door.

Paulo Dybala has found himself to be Juventus´third choice behind Mario Mandzukic and Gonzalo Higuain, and could grow frustrated with his lack of opportunities, while Romelu Lukaku, the current top goalscorer in the Premier League, is known to be eager to make the step-up to a Champions League side.

Olivier Giroud will be turning 31 in September, and our club has regularly favoured younger players, and this summer could be the ideal time to either replace him, or bring in an understudy who could displace him in the near future.

Should Wenger finally step-down from his role at the end of the season, Giroud may well find his time at the club will end also.

Which striker would best fit our club? Could we land any of the above?

Pat J

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  1. This summer will be Arsenal’s best chance to land “a new manager” … This new manager will get us “hopefully” a good striker because Wenger failed to do so since VanPersi …

  2. This summer will be Arsenal best chance to reassess itself:
    -Ox, Gibbs, Alexis, Mesut & Wilshere in the last 18 months of there contracts which 2 of them are our best players. Will all of them go hence forcing some personal change with promotion and BIG spending or they all stay and we keep the course? By the way the year after it’s Ramsey soap opera among others.

    -Wenger is out of contract and having not won the EPL in the last 12 years and not challenged for UCL since that ’06 final is it time to call for a change maybe not in style of play but in resolving those recurring problems and hurdles that hurt us every year with a new manager? Back room (old players integrating organization)? Board? Director of football

    -This is where our ambition differs from the other big clubs we should have technically joined after the emirates was fully paid. We seem interested in Reus but to replace a possible outgoing Alexis instead of trying to pair them and form a formidable trio with Mesut.

    -Dybala is one that got away as he joined Juve when we seem interested. Higuain is off the radar now and Aubameyang could be an interesting one. Lukaku though costly looks like the better option.

    -Last piece of business I am a neutral…all I want is for the club to go back to those shiny days. If it happens with Wenger or not I don’t care.

  3. I don’t like to pee on your bonfire but;

    Aguero; Can’t see Man City selling to a direct competitor

    Benzema; Morally bankrupt and not the player he was 5 years ago. NO.

    Morato; Over hyped and not good enough

    Costa; I think he’ll stay at Chelsea, and can’t see them selling to us anway.

    Griezmann; Man Utd bound

    Aubamayang; Real Madrid bound

    Lewandowski; Staying at Bayern

    Dybala; Has potential, but that’s all at the moment.

    Lukaku; Yes, young, strong, quick for a big unit, scores goals, needs to improve his touch a bit, and not let his head drop like I’ve seen happen, because when this happens he can go missing.

    So out of the list of possibly available strikers, Lukaku is the No.1 choice, because of his football and his real world availability.

    What I heard this morning really P’s me off, apparently Arsenal have in excess of £220 million sitting in the bank, of course not even half of this will be released to whatever manager have next season, because Kroenke uses it as collateral for loans to purchase other teams and build new stadiums in the USA, not forgetting of course his $150 million ranch.

    i’m sorry to say it, but while he is at the head oh the club, Arsenal will always be the nearly club.

    1. I’ve been saying go for Lukaku for 3 years
      since he did it in west brom
      hes the whole package,
      now his price will be like 80 mil or something ridiculous
      so i doubt itll happeen.

  4. We’ll prob go for the young lad at Celtic or the even younger one at Monaco. Liv will prob get Lukaku or Manu Che depending on other players, we’ll say we went for him but he chose them for money. City will get Aub if Madrid don’t pay the 80-90m. Alexis is who we need to concentrate on for now, I wouldn’t mind getting Bakayoko though, our midfield might not be as strong as we’d hoped, and I wouldn’t mind replacing Ozil with someone like Reus.

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