Wherever we finish, this summer will be so crucial for Arsenal

A lot will happen this summer. Not sure that it’d be the best for the club though. by Konstantin

Hello, hello fellow Gooners! Excited about tomorrows game with Southampton? I am not too excited. We simply must win for a number of key reasons. Starting with the fact that we still have an illusionary chance of finishing in the top 4 if, and that’s a big if, West Ham get something out of Liverpool or City make the bottle of the season.

Now, I never thought I’d be such a West Ham fan for their final games of the campaign, but if they beat or draw Liverpool, adding to the fact they ended Spurs’ title hope, I’d be really happy. It’s not impossible, even though they are terrible. And that former player thing that just always come back to haunt you in England could certainly do us a favour if Carroll could get one over his former employers.

Having said all that, I think Liverpool will win and our games won’t matter and I do think Arsene will not make Liverpool sweat by bottling it anyway, but it still could still come to the last day of the season and as I said, Middlesbrough would be relegated by then and they are. But winning the remaining games is important, because we need to build some sort of confidence before playing Chelsea in the final of the cup.

If at the start of the season you offered me a top 4 spot and the FA cup, I’d take it. It’s the ceiling Arsene can achieve and the minimum of my expectations as an Arsenal fan. But the way the season has gone, people have opened their eyes, that real change starts with a certain Frenchman, who didn’t waste the chance to devalue the role of other people at the club.

“I am the manager of Arsenal Football Club and as long as I am the manager of Arsenal football club, I will decide what happens on the technical front. That’s it.” Arsenes’ opinion on a possible director of football. That little “that’s it” at the end is so important. It highlights the fact that it’s all about power. Other people practically don’t matter. It’s all Wenger. Arsene FC 1996 – 2017 hopefully.

I’d like to use Southampton as an example of a club, where the manager isn’t everything. They sold key players, season after season yet somehow, they comfortably survive in the league. They got managers picked too and they are still okay. Why is that? I guess the model of the club works and it isn’t over reliant on any one person.

Over time Arsene’s records started to fall one by one. His record against Chelsea and United fell to a negative trend and now Tottenham is starting to sink too. He lost to lower league teams in the cup, he will finish beneath Tottenham this year and now the top 4. His last standing record is about to fall. Funny enough he did beat Mourinho, despite the fact Jose practically handed him this one, but funny if stats continue to fall, maybe he’ll finally win at Southampton and Stoke?

No, no, no, let’s be real. Football doesn’t work like this. Alexis and Ozil look like they care more about where they’ll be playing next year and we’ve left all the work for the summer. It’ll be an extremely important summer that’d end up in a disaster. We’ll leave it all to Arsene again and he’ll fail us again.

We’ll not spend enough to rebuild the squad and the Europa league is coming. But even if I assume that a miraculous fairy-tale ending comes and we get 4th and the cup, we need to stop papering over the cracks and look at the real issue. We’ve been hiding it far too long.

This summer will decide if we step into the future or we will continue heading backwards at a rapid pace.



  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Wenger will be arrogant till the end, because he has so much power.
    Power corrupts
    The Board empowered Wenger and doesnt want to lose him

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Don’t worry, when he finally steps down, Wenger next job at Arsenal is Sporting director and he’ll be pulling the strings of the muppet that replaces him as manager. ?

      1. Yossarian says:

        That’s a chilling thought… Not unlikely though… Unfortunately.

  2. Goonerboy says:

    I love the part about breaking all stats as i really want us to win at southampton and stoke, its long overdue and i fancy us to do the job, however, i dont want us to break the top 4 stat…lol

    Seriously, i can’t wait for the season to end as i discussed with my fellow gunner yesterday, this summer might be one of the most interesting and important one in our recent history…

    fingers crossed!!!!

  3. Goonerboy says:

    @ Arsenal Girl

    That’s why he should receive the blame for most things going wrong in the team now, he has more or less confirmed he is in charge of nearly everything…

  4. Daniel Egwu says:

    The reality of Wenger’s statement as regards director of football for arsenal is his way of testing the arsenal waters. If he is fighting that position, it means he will definitely sign for another two years. Wenger’s methods are unravelling and the results are unmistakably grim. His insistence on doing things his own way, albeit , too infuriating and currently unfruitful has blown in his own face. We have always known that arsenal has no striker – Giroud, Welbeck and the Walcott experiment would always come short, but Arsene reckoned otherwise. We always knew that his tactical fixation wouldn’t take the team any where, but he hoped against hope. We knew that his team needed more winners, hustlers, a strong back bone and fresh charge other than this top four mentality, but Wenger saw champions in the making. Their perennial seasonal collapse and injury problems became the butt of premiership gossip, but without addressing them, Arsene went into every season doing the same thing and hoping fof a different outcome – madness or is it uninformed arrogance?
    Much to Wenger’s true tradition of waking up when the party is ended, I wouldn’t be surprised if by stroke of good fortune (other results in their favour as usual), arsenal still makes top four since the contest for premiership diadem is over. Never, ever accept Wenger’s promises of change or being better informed. All these will still be mired in his arrogant arrogation of knowledge of football matters, as according to him, he has managed over a thousand games. He will never give arsenal the kind of striker it has been crying out for but rather make half hearted attempts as in Suarez, Higuain, Vardy and later reel off the big names he would have signed.
    If Wenger remains in charge for next season, gunners must temper their expectations. As usual, he will make cosmetic changes, bringing in a striker who may not be as good as Giroud (Perez), a defender that will sit on the bench (Holding , Gabriel) and a midfielder with promise that will be an under-study for Coquelin. He will pack the team with soft ball playing, attacking midfielders and light weight defensive midfielders who will dazzle at the beginning of the season, only to crumble when the real season begins at the business end.

  5. Gavana says:

    The longest season ever!

  6. ger burke says:

    wenger is beginning to remind me , very sadly, of another little deluded man , not too far from wengers native france in fact. the only difference between these two is that the other falla had a moustache. very same carry , but in football, thankfully .

  7. Yossarian says:

    My brother is a West Ham fan, so I follow their games more than most other teams in the EPL. Although they are “Terrible” they are capable of producing some surprising wins, and might do us a favour in the race for top-four.

    Frankly I don’t care though.

    If I knew that there was an adequate budget, and somebody trustworthy to sign a top-top-striker, quality replacement for Cazorla, and a quality replacement for Alexis, then use good tactics and sensible team rotation throughout the season & motivate the players ALL SEASON, then top-four and FA Cup isn’t important, because I would have real hope that we could be genuine title-contenders in the next league campaign.

    But what are the chances of that happening?

  8. Vlad says:

    You must be a hoot to hang out with, Konstantin. Full of energy, full of optimism. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I’m being totally sarcastic. Once again, you keep whining about Arsene, even though the title of your article suggests that you’ll be talking about summer signings, and off-season preparations. Yet there’s maybe one sentence about that, and in the rest you sound like a broken record by repeating the same stuff over and over again. If you’re not excited about our tomorrow’s game against Soton, don’t watch it! Me, personally, I’m dreading end of May because there’s nothing but stupid baseball on TV for the next two months. As for “terrible” West Ham, did they not just beat Spurs to end their title hopes? So why don’t you do us all a favor, and stick to the facts rather giving us Konstantin’s Guide to the End of the World on the daily basis. Not everything is doom and gloom, you know. There’s something called hope, and I, for one, still have it. There are still games to play. And I’m sure there are still more twists and turns until the season ends.

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