This transfer could be MASSIVE for Arsenal title hopes

While all of us Arsenal fans will spend a happy summer with another trophy in the bag, I am sure that most of us will be keeping a sharp eye out for what Arsene Wenger does in the transfer market. It does sound like the boss will not be trying to bring in too many new players to boost the Arsenal squad but hopefully the signings will be the kind to get us buzzing.

As Wenger said the other day, however, our chances of winning the Premier League also depend on what our rivals do in the summer. We all expect Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool and Man United to spend some serious money, but how they do it and how well their new signings settle will have a big say on the fight for the title of champions.

But there is also the matter of who they might lose, with United possibly saying goodbye to David De Gea, Yaya Toure and Milner leaving Man City and Sterling ready to quit Anfield. But Chelsea are likely to be our biggest rivals so all Gooners should be crossing their fingers and hoping that this report in The Sun is true, claiming that Diego Costa wants to leave the Blues after just one season.

Costa´s quickness to settle and his fighting and finishing qualities were vital to Chelsea this season and we saw how much they struggled without him the season before. If Costa does force a move back to La Liga, could it be the biggest transfer of the summer for Arsenal?

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  1. Ah Sh#te Fu#k :(:(:(
    Massive transfer for Arsenal.
    We rush to read the article.
    Its NOT about a top striker coming to Arsenal
    but someone leaving another club.
    Massive con 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. Really quite a few misleading headlines lately.
      But nothing better to do, comments are the best anyway.

  2. Heard BVB coach might be going to Pool.

    Forgot dudes name, meh couldn’t that good then I guess.

  3. You mean Costa the guy who literally appeared on Chelsea TV 6 Hours ago to refute those very claims wants to move. Haha I Call Bullshit….. Besides with Chelsea’s financial capability means they can let him go charging 50+ million and with there financial capability piss on the whole league and buy Cavani (By the way its an example im not saying its going to happen). In this transfer window concentrating on what other sides do will force you into making stupid purchases. Liverpool and Tottenham are prime examples of that.

  4. & There was me getting my hopes up thinking it was a transfer for us (I know: should have checked the tags).

    IF Costa were to leave they would no doubt make another top signing or falcao;) with a major point to prove to compliment the other quality strikers they already have.

    Let’s hope we strengthen where needed and not just hope our competition weakens!

  5. Just like the Monreal rumour really, unfounded. Do bear in mind the press is cr@p are ready to publish any lie.

    In the words of the great Jack Wilshere “What do we think about the press?”

  6. No Arsenal fans will be keeping a close eye on what Arsene Wenger does in the transfer market because they know he is not actively involved with it. He gives a list of players and the board appointed representatives do what they can to acquire some.

    Arsenal fans know all Arsenal transfer rumours are being copied from sources which copy from another source and that one another source – all of them knowing it has no truth to it.

    The only rumours which proved to be true since 2008 have been Samir Nasri and Podolski, just two out of 1762 rumours. New Arsenal fans might wet themselves when nthey hear a rumour about a player, but the truth babsolutely is this: Arsenal are under very strict orders to NEVER publicise a transfer until it is finalised. They then update the official website about 2 hours later. Deals which are publicised by clubs or agents to start a bidding war are abandoned, so if you hear a rumour which was true, it is no longer true …. like the case with Vidal who is now being publicly dismissed as nonsense by Wenger after hearing from Sanchez (another Chilean and close friend of Vidal) he has other plans.

    You will no way hear about one true transfer this summer, absolutely not, Arsenal will tell nobody and if an agent or selling club say anything, Arsenal back out of the deal. They make it clear that secrecy is a must or they back out. When a player gets a better offer from another club, they publicise it to MAKE Arsenal pull out.

    People will learn eventually.

    Look out for the following cliches found in these rumours.

    “According to reports”

    “According to a source close to ”

    “According to ….” meaning there is no source at all and this has been plucked from thin air.

    “It is rumoured ….”

    “Agent of seen in London” Newsflash, most people flying to Britain will land in London and be spotted before going to their destination outside of London.

    “Agent of said to be in talks with Arsenal”

    “Arsenal make a bid for <Name of player?" nope, Arsenal do not publicise bids.

    "Arsenal to sign ” nope, Arsenal do not publicise intended targets.

    “It is reported by Arsenal are going to sign” The last people Arsenal would let know is a newspaper.

    ” about to be a part of a deal to acquire ” Arsenal will not unsettle Arsenal players or the other player by publicising this. Never have, never will.

    ” is excited to be linked to a move to the Emirates>” The player has no idea about this rumour and Arsenal has never contacted his club.

  7. I am really worried by the financial power of Chelsea and Man City. Chelsea have made a profit
    of 90 m pounds after winning the EPL. They have also sold Mata and David Luiz for big money and signed 2 top class players in Fabregas and Costa. This season they will add 2 or 3 more world class players and will be very tough to catch them if we dont add a quality striker, keeper
    and a midfielder.

  8. in other news…

    manchester united are one of the highest spenders in the world, only psg were ahead at the beginning of the season. the likes of real, and barca were behind and then man city.

    seriously though, how the f’ do you spend soo much and come up with such an average team? same goes for sp*rs? i mean the hilarity of united and spurs. and yet they do not get enough stick. look at di maria. then look at ozil. who get s more sticK?? hahaha ohhhhh to be a gooner!!!

    since we ve started spending good money, all our signings have been great. starting off with özil, to sanchez, to chambers… in all seriousness, wenger needs to make a few aditions. if he does, i trust they will be quality. i have far more trust than in the managers of those godforsaken teams.

    1. I agree we need quality players. Average players will do no good. Look at the difference Ozil
      and Sanchez have made us winning 3 trophies in 2 seasons. We need 3 world class players.
      Keeper because we have not signed a top class keeper since Lehmann left us. Also we havent
      replace Henry who can score 30 goals per season and also a CDM we havent replaced Vierira or
      Gilberto although Coquelin has performed for us.

  9. We are linked with plenty of strikers lately like Benzema, Higuain, Martinez and Vietto. I just hope we can sign someone who can score goals and has pace upfront to trouble quality defenders.

    1. Whilst i agree that spending on players on top class players is a necessity. I do have to agree with Wenger on “Quality not Price tag”. Brendan Rodgers famously said about our Inbred cousins of the north (Tottenham) “If you spend £100 million on players, you best be damn sure you win the league”. Fast forward to Last year behold Liverpool signings you produced diarrhea (Sh+t is too good of a word). So the one thing i hope doesn’t happen in this transfer window is for Arsene to go ballistic with whatever money he is given, like a kid with a tenner in a sweet shop. I pretty sure last summer there was a point where vast majority on this site where raving on about how we need to sign Radamel Falcao look how that turned out for United 16 million for a loan(Thats his wages+ loan fee) down the toilet.

      1. The problem with Liverpool is they signed full team whereas we need only 3 quality players.
        We can afford to spend 40-50 m on a quality striker and maybe 20-25 m on CDM and keeper can be signed at 10-15 m. We will also get rid of Podolski, Diaby, Flamini, Sanogo,
        Campbell and Arteta.

  10. Strike force of injury prone Walcott, Giraffe Giroud and Welbeck reject is not gonna win us BPL title. Alexis will miss plenty of games next season. We need a class striker badly.

  11. I think it’s true what Graeme Souness said about Arsenal a few weeks ago. If we don’t strengthen our current squad, and the likes of chelski, city, united, etc all bolster their teams. We are just left standing still and not showing any real ambition to win the league next year.

    I’m Over the moon we have won the FA cup for the second year running. But now let’s go all out for the league title next season.

    It’s early days yet, but let’s hope we get some quality signings done. Sell some of our bit part players like Diaby, Flamini, Arteta, possibly Podolski?

  12. My dream wish list is
    1. Cech
    2. Vidal
    3. Milner
    4. Reus (if Walcott leaves)
    5. Lacazette

    Get rid of Flamini, Diaby, Arteta, Podolski, Sanogo, Campbell
    Loan off Akpom, Zelalem, Hayden, Bielik and Gnabry

    1. My Dream list

      1. Illoris (GK)

      2. Varane (CB)

      3. Greizemann (LW)

      4. Kondabgaia (DM)

      5. Lacazette (FW)

  13. You biaaaaatches have zero ambition
    First you drool over the Mickey Mouse Trophy
    Now you choose average players like lacazette, Cech, Milner, Lloris, Kondogbia etc.
    This is who we should get
    1. Neuer
    2. Hummels
    3. Reus
    4. Pogba
    5. Suarez

    Sell: Wilshere, Welbeck, Mertsacker, Szczesny, Podolski, Campbell, Sanogo, diaby, Flamini, Arteta and Oxlade

    Only 5 players needed.

    THAT IS AMBITIOUS…..biaaaaaaaatches

    1. We will be bankrupt if we sign all of them. They will cost 320m.
      Neuer 40m
      Hummels 40m
      Reus 40m
      Pogba 100 m
      Suarez 100 m

      1. Minus money from selling Oxlade, Wilshere, Podolski, Welbeck, Mertsacker, Campbell, Szczesny etc.

        We will also make money of sponsors

        We won’t go bankrupt. Don’t be silly

  14. We don’t need A defensive midfielder

    We should always ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK
    Defense is for sissy boys

    1. When we didnt have a proper CDM we were in 10th position. Since Coquelin started performing well we were consistent. We lost against Swansea when we substituted Coquelin.

  15. Sell Jenkinson 10m, Podolski 5m, Campbell 5 m.
    Release Diaby, Flamini and Arteta
    Loan: Gnabry, Sanogo, Szczesny, Zelalem, Crowley, Akpom
    Sign a quality keeper: Cech
    Sign a quality CM: Vidal/Schneiderlin
    Sign a quality striker: Martinez/Benzema/Higuain/Lacazette/Vietto

  16. Its good to see players like Coquelin, Bellerin, Monreal and Ramsey playing well. This all happened because we brought quality players like Ozil and Sanchez. If we can bring 3 more quality players next year Walcott will score 50 goals, Wilshere will be the best CM and Mertesaker will be the best defender.

  17. Wenger will never buy 3 top players. He hasn’t until now and he wont start after our most successful season in a decade. Yes third and FA cup is the best we had in 12 years. That in itself is sad for an Arsenal fan. But what is sadder is that Arsene will not buy heavily again. Although i do think we need at least 3 top players to compete with Chelsea, City and Manu next season. I cant see more than one and if we are really lucky two coming.

    If he buys just two players i hope they are Vidal and Cavani

    1. It would be stupid to sign Cavani who doesnt deliver in big games. He has struglled against better defenders just like Giroud.

  18. Its just the same once again. We are linked with every available player. We even talk of Pogba, even though he will never come to Emirates when all the big clubs are after him. We need to sign players with good work ethics and who are hardworker ( like Sanchez). having said that We also need DM who can tackle, tackle and tackle and a striker like Drogba, who not only scores regularly but also strikes terror in the penalty area. We have invested in lot of players who are fragile and end up loosing to good defenders. We need some one like Suarez or Costa.

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