Man City bid could be good for Arsenal AND Wilshere

He may have started only nine Premier League games last season, but I have a feeling that Arsenal are about to see the best of the England international Jack Wilshere. To do that, however, the club and Arsene Wenger will need to keep hold of the injury plagued midfielder – and that may not be as easy as it sounds.

There are reports all over the football media about Wilshere being a transfer target for our Premier League rivals Man City, with this one in the Daily Star claiming that the Manchester club will open up with a big bid of around £40 million for the 23-year old, if they fail to land their primary target Paul Pogba from Juventus that is.

And with Pogba said to prefer a move to Spain’s La Liga with Barcelona or Real Madrid, it seems likely that Man City will come for Wilshere. In a way though, this could be good news for Arsenal and the player. If Arsene Wenger stands by his word and refuses to sell Wilshere, I think it will give young Jack a huge boost of confidence, as he loves Arsenal and just wants to be loved back, and played of course.

Injury problems have been a major factor in the disruption to his career so far and that has allowed the likes of Ramsey and Cazorla to get in front of him in the pecking order, but after a stunning finish to last season which saw him collect a goal of the season award, followed by two more Man of the Match games for England and two more superb goals, Wilshere should be in the perfect frame of mind to start next season with a bang. And he may just have convinced the Prof to try him in that deeper lying ‘Pirlo’ position.

So by getting this one piece of transfer business just right, Wenger could be securing the future of Arsenal and Wilshere in one stroke. Do you think Jack will be a major player for the Gunners from now on?

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  1. Just a note on Aubameyang. He would be a great signing for Arsenal. At 185cm tall he is closer to Giroud in height than he is to Walcott, and he is really fast as well. He would be a great signing for CF position.

    1. Hope we get him, we should have signed him last season when he was in France. If we get him then Theo should be used as a right winger

      1. He showed that he can play in a top league as well in Germany. In a poor season for Dortmund he still got a lot of goals. He will convert more chances than Giroud and Walcott in CF position. But the rumors are form a rubbish German newspaper so most likely it’s fake.

        We definitely need a good striker that’s for sure.

      2. Alexis Aubameyang and Walcott. That is the definition of rape. Imagine Alexis is your slowest forward. lol teams will be defending infront of their keeper.ll. he is lighteening quick with good finish. If am not mistaken he is the fastest footballer in the world at the moment. Scored 25 goals last season in a struggling dortmund team.

        He has been the shinning light for Dortmund so I doubt they will be willing to selI. I was thinking players like Hummels Reus Ikay sabutic etc will be on the market. But dortmund don’t seem to be selling anyone. U never know.

      3. I disagree that Theo should be used as a RW anymore, Theo doesn’t do enough defensivly out on the right and that can cost us points, I like Bellerin but I would prefer the player ahead of him to also get back and defend like Alexis does.

        Aubameyang may not be a tackler but he has shown more willingness to get back and put himself in the way, Aubameyang I think is a better dribbler of the ball as well compared to Theo which would help in setting up attacking play.

        Not to mention Theo has been waiting all his Arsenal career to play CF, he has ‘done the job’ long enough and deserves a chance to prove himself as a CF, Theo has shown he can score againt the ‘poor’ teams (hatrick) and he done it under high preasure (FA Cup Final), he has also gotten international hatrick. Some players never get a hat-trick in their whole career so for Theo to have one for England and a EPL hat-trick I think warrents some credit.

          1. That is what I am saying.

            We need a player who can score 25+ goals from the right like we hope Alexis will do next season for us.

            Giroud may not be good enough to lead the line BUT he is good enough for Arsenal, he has a habbit of scoring when he hasn’t played a couple games and I do think he has a role in the team against the ‘bully boy’ oppositions who think football is Rugby.

            Giroud isn’t the man for when we want a swifter attack, he is good at holding the ball up so again, he can be the go to guy for when we want to hold the lead.

            The main man should be Theo.

            We haven’t rushed him back like previously we have.
            Theo is one of our best finnishers, when he lacks confidence it does effect his shooting… esp when given time to think.

            Wenger has always said that Theo will be moved into the middle, Wenger knows what he is talking about so I trust in him.

            I could ask why you think Wenger is wrong and that Theo can’t do the job as a CF?

            1. Theos always injured mate,theres no way he can be the man on the bench.Theo gets a big injury at least once evey season

              1. We just simply can’t afford to rely on Theo,giroud is a better target man, we need something different upfront, benzema or Martinez offer that. But sadly I’m thinking Wenger is just going to do what you said,rely on Theo and giroud and try to give some chance to danny. My picks in order would be
                1. Giroud
                2. Welbeck
                That is if we don’t get a striker which I think we won’t. Theo is not a good finisher, we all know that, he misses 3 or 4 golden chances before taking one. Theo is simply not the answer.welbeck has a better chance to lead the line in a year or two.welbevk needs a world class striker in the team to learn from.

                1. You made a bold claim saying Theo is not a good finisher, shall we look into this false perspective?

                  In the 14 gamesd he played last season he got a 75% shot accuracy.
                  Seaon prior he got 59% and the season before that one he got 63% of his shots on target.

                  Higuain got a 58% shot accuracy last season… Theos worse was better than that.
                  Higuain got 55% shot accuracy the previous season so again, worse than Theo.

                  Last full season for Theo and he scored on average 0.55 goals per EPL game, Theo played Right AM and got that… Higuain got 0.58 goals per game as a CF.

                  Theo can finish, he might fluff some chances but he hits the target more often than not and he can find the back of the net.

                  Theo is a finnisher…
                  Don’t believe me?
                  How about Rosicky?

                  “Since I joined Arsenal – Theo came six months earlier than me – I have seen him grow from let’s say the kid when he arrived. “You could see that he would be a good finisher [then], which is what he is showing now. “He is a real threat in the box, has got an eye for the goal so it is very good to have him back because you never have enough guys like that.”

        1. I wouldn’t mind playing our own version of barcas MSN with Auba, Alexis and Walcott. Give them free roles up front, that way all of them will be able to play as strikers rather than “supportive wingers” as i’d call it.

    2. Personally I think he would be ideal on the right, he has scored plenty of goals from out wide and he is one of the few players who could keep up with Theo on a break, he could play CF for moments like Alexis did in the FA Cup final (and resulted in Theo getting a goal).

      I think Ozil would enjoy his pace in the team ontop of Theo, our front 3 would be electric!

      Oh and he isn’t a great header of the ball, he has only 1 in the league but personally I don’t think that’s a problem, Alexis is happy to drive into the box and he has a fantastic leap… and our own legend TH14 wasn’t known for scoring with his head either ^.^

    3. The positive thing about Aubameyang is that he is comfortable as a winger and a Striker. So he and Walcott can switch during the game just like Messi and Suarez did this year for Barca.

      They are both whippet fast and can finish. And if either one is hurt then we have Giroud for the Striker position and Ox for the Wing.

      I think it makes total sense for the way we want to play.

    4. Breaking news- According to skysources, Arsenal has agreed a fee of 10.9 million for Peter Cech. Its just remaining a confirmation from Magnificient signing for arsenal, UP GUNNERS

  2. Jack is a great talent. He has lots to offer and will shine this season. He has a huge part to play in the coming season. We are all aware of that. To be honest we have the best midfield in England, if we can add another holding midfielder like wanayama to our team we would have one of the best midfield’s in Europe. Maybe Wenger is thinking of using jack in the role lecoq plays. I’m just left wondering who Wenger wants to sign???he seems happy with what he has,I hope we get wanayama and a striker.hope Wenger spends the cash. We are on the verge of winning the bpl

  3. Off topic. FFP has now been legally blocked in the European courts. The spending chains are back off of Man City, Chelsea and PSG. As if they ever weren’t off, but now it’s going to get even more difficult to compete.

    1. City can give us £80 Million for Jack then if they want. 🙂

      Sell Flamini to them for a pony!

    2. Am surprise people on this forum want him to stay. Now that he is linked to another club they all want him to stay. I remember fans on this forum say he only plays out of favouritism and that he is not good enough for Arsenal. I remember people saying that when ever jack Plays Arsenal never wins a game.
      But I will say it now. If jack wilshere is to become available big teams will all be wanting to buy him. United madrid barca City Chelsea will all be interested.
      For some reason everytime we lost a game everyone seem to blame jack. Even when he got injured and we were still loosing games some people still had to blame him for the loss. Sometimes i wonder if some people watch their games from the radio.

    3. I don’t think so – they have only tried to block the second phase, which cuts the losses a club can make. UEFA are contending it and are still going to implement the second phase, but last years regulations still remain intact.

      Citeh are career destroyers – everyone knows that – they’re even destroying Bony. How is it fair, when a guy who really improves Swansea’s chances, and creates competition in the EPL is made to sit on the bench? Money and sport need to be regulated. The charm of football is that most clubs have a chance to win. We don’t want a situation like we have in F1 ATM, where people are leaving in their droves because of the boring predictability of the outcome.

  4. Have we turn a feeder-team to Mancity? I repeat Mancity? I know they have got money now but I know how we do spank Mancity anytime we play them before the Arab men took over. Anyway’, Wilshere is hungry. We shouldn’t sell Him….We sell only if its a swap deal. Aguero to come to us…. I know Mancity won’t like such business so we are not selling Wilshere….

  5. If Jack lives up to his potential, he can take over Cazorla’s position in a year or two, when Santi finishes. But that still leaves him in competition with Aaron Ramsey. For now at least, Wilshere has to improve his game. A good player, potentially a great one, but at the moment he’s far from being a key player to our squad.

    1. @Mick The Gooner
      That is something I don’t agree. I will get loads of thump down but we shall not beat the top teams with cazorla and coquelin. Ramsey needs to play there due to his energy. For me its cazorla or ozil especially in the big games. When you play shit teams like Villa and Hull city you can get away with it in the league but when we meet the top teams in the champions league and the premier league we are always going to found out.
      DM– Coq or New DM. Imbulla or Schiniderlin or Krychiwiak

      B2b — Rambo or Jack

      AM—- Ozil or Cazorla

      rambo should never be playing out wide. he should be in the middle. battling out with all that energy and tackles and goals and runs. Ozil and Cazorla should battle it out for the number 10. especially in the Big games. Against United we were fxxxx Unbalanced and they were toying with us as if we was a Championship team. The solution was simple. bring rambo in the middle. He is our most complete midfielder and that is facts. Defensively and offensively he is balance and got and ey for goals and plays well in Big games.

      If cazorla or Ozil have to be on the bench then no problem. Thats what competition is all about.

      1. spot on. Its tough to leave Cazorla out the starting lineup because he did have some excellent games in the middle. But when Ramsey played back in his CM position towards the end of the season he was tbe best player on the pitch. Don’t like to see him wasted on the wing. If Ramsey can hold form then he should start ahead of Cazorla, and Santi battles it out with Mesut. All these players can be rotated anyways too

    2. Where r are the bids for Ramsey? the delusional ones on this site went idiotic over the silly reports of a bid from barca for Ramsey whicH was so obviously stupid as the guy lacks level of skills required of even worst barca player …. Wilshere is a far more accomplished footballer … Ramsey scores more it’s true but that is only important bcse of wenger’s failure to bring in top quality attackers prior to Sanchez arrival … Carzola wilshere rotation makes sense this year before wilshere takes on that role full time next year

  6. Need somebody to tell man city to try and produce their own academy players, Jack and Ramsey could be the next Xavi and Iniesta of Arsenal in the future.

    1. It would be nice if Ramsey and Wilshere can build up a ‘psycic’ connection between them, it could be a way to play without a dedicated holding CM for large parts of games, Wilshere is doing the job for England and we all seen how Ramsey can tackle when in form so together they could do a wonderful job bossing the CM.

      A CM of Ramsey, Wilshere and Ozil sounds scarey as hell to defend against. It could push the opposition to break and then rest either Jack or Ramsey after 55/60 mins.

      Obviously not every game like that but the games where we dominate possesion but just have difficulty breaking them down. Maybe Wilshere could surprise us all and finally be over his injury issues and become a tough tackler as well…

      1. if we’ve learned anything this season it is that the team MUST play with a true CDM like Coquelin, unless you want to go back to conceding a ton of goals? Wilshere and Ramsey have played enough time together, they have horrible chemistry.

  7. Jack will be tried out as No.10 to cover Mesut when he is tired and ineffective and when more drive/physicality is needed (and dare I say a goal). Likewise he will swap out with Santi in the deeper role for the same reasons.

    We won’t sell him.

  8. Wilshere is a good player but just so unreliable and constantly injured. Hard to say no to 40mill when odds are he’s going to get injured again for a long time this season. If he were leaving the league I’d say take it but I would rather not help out City. If City dont get Sterling or Wilshere they will have to resort to wasting money on crappy home grown players instead of spending their cash on players they actually want. I say keep wilshere, mostly for strategical purposes.

  9. Jack is irreplaceable, even a swop deal with city won’t work for me. We must keep him. I’m sure Wenger won’t listen to any offers.

    No news about us signing a DM, maybe Wenger wants jack in that position

      1. If it wasn’t for Jack and Abou then our physios would of gotten very lonely, you can never underestimate the benefits of keeping your physios entertained! It is irreplaceable!


    1. @seancali
      No one is irreplaceable. Jack included…
      We’re gettin rid of a top notch stopper and keepin a gaff prone one. We kept Diaby on the books waitin on him to “come good”Now we gotta wait for Jack and a couple others to also. All the while, some here(you included) shoutin about how “ruthless” we have to get.
      Take the money and let someone else wait for him to “come good”

  10. y don’t we just take the money and run away with wilshere….. seriously we could pull it off! they’ve got a shit load of money to spare right?…… Lol

    1. How fickle are people Remember the Home Grown Rule exist, meaning when we register the 25 man squad for the premier league 12 of them would have to be, Home grown. We all know English talent is overpriced, so if Jack wilshere who is a England International were to leave, the only logical replacement would be another or someone capable of breaking into the English team , since that wont happen on the cheap, we would be forced to delve into the sub par just to feel the quota, I’d rather have Jack Wilshere (who loves the club, and actually shows potential) as a squad player/ potential first team player, than Someone like friggin Jonjo Shelvey (I’m not saying is going to happen) so we can just meet the quota!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. @inapropriatetelletubbie
        I’d rather have a sub-par player, who plays, than a “future” top player who’s always injured…

        1. very true. its like choosing between Welbeck or Wilshere. Welbeck isnt the most talented player but hes contributed 10x more to our season than Wilshere has. Jack just isn’t around much to be considered an important player. And even when fit I dont see him starting over Ramsey or Cazorla in b2b role, and obviously not over Ozil. Jack has been around forever and still has no defined role in this team. I dont mind if we keep Wilshere but if we sell him its not even close to the end of the world, and we just cashed in big time on an injury prone player.

        2. The Point I’m trying to address is that, The FA ruling on Home Grown talent is iron clad, there is no way around it. So how are we supposed to match that quota if we are going to sell off someone who by the way is only 23, and has barely had time or opportunity to live up to his potential. Besides after coming back from his injury spell has looked impressive and a lot stronger… And you want to let him go because you believe he would get injured? If footballers Aren’t prepared to get injured they should take up swimming…….? What defines a footballer is his ability to arise from those injuries. Jack is as good as any.

          1. @Iapropriatetelletubbie
            Jack has had more chances than any of the Young Guns. Dude is injury prone. It’s not about if he’ll get injured again, but when. We have other homegrown talent.

            1. You’ve got a point but I’d really like to see what Jack is capable of before cutting him loose, so far so good in recent performances. With that being said I’m not a fool either i realize that eventually you’re gonna have to ask the question where are we going with this?

      2. we’re not even close to having to worry about Homegrown players since we have tons of them and City/Chelsea only have a few. Selling Wilshere leaves us with Walcott, Ramsey,Coq,Gibbs,Chambers,Ox,Szczesny, Welbeck, Martinez, with Gnabry, Akpom, Bellerin shortly gaining homegrown status soon after. All Chelsea has is Terry, Cesc, Cahill I think and one of their keepers. And City I can barley even name you one outside of Hart.

      3. You heard of Crawley?
        Just saying… If Jack was to go (which I hope he doesn’t) then we could move a youth up, it isn’t like we need to replace Cazorla and Ramsey as well who are currently in the team and do the same role.

        Our quote would be…. Oh yeah, thats right, the same.

        1. Dear Gooners,
          At the end of the day there is only one person who knows the skills and input of his Arsenal players and who can improve the team and who needs to leave, and that is certain a certain Mr Arsene Wenger.
          I suggest rather than get brain damage with all this speculation, we leave the decisions to him and sleep well. Up the Gunners !

          1. Spot on bro . What’s with all the permutations when in the long run the Prof will just kill all hopes with the exact opposite. I’d rather we chill out till all the signings are made rather than raising hopes that ends up only in our minds. GUNNERS all the way.

        2. Dear Gooners,
          At the end of the day there is only one person who knows the skills and input of our Arsenal players and who can improve the team and who needs to leave, and that is a certain Mr Arsene Wenger.
          I suggest rather than get brain damage with all this speculation, we leave the decisions to him and sleep well. Up the Gunners !

      1. Alright NY?
        Absolutely, still not sure myself who it is exactly id like to see come to Arsenal. What you thinking?

        1. @RWRW
          Same here. As long as they can hit the ground running, as well as contribute to us goin all the way, I’m good with whoever Aw brings in…

  11. Keeper is great news and our own W S will take so much from this as I think he is willing to learn. Our jack is going nowhere at all. I think AW will play him in the DM position along side F C

  12. Vidal/martinez next please 🙂 looking to go and see the arsenal xi game v Bristol rovers on the 18th of July, tickets £10 each. Anyone else thinking of going? I hope that bielek will be playing.

  13. @arsenalkid1970. Hope he doesn’t play alongside coquelin, jacks not tall enough, quick enough, his kegs aren’t kong enough and he’ll definitely get injured if he plays in this position. He doesn’t have cazorlas quick feet to get out of tight holes.

  14. As long as Wilshere avoids getting injured, he can easily become a better player than Gerrard, Lampard or Scholes. Im not english, so english/british players dont matter too much to me – but he’s a true gunner – and is one of the last players i want to see leave the club because of that.

  15. 100% arsenal should not sign ANY midfielders. Coquelin owns the DM slot, and he knows if he does not perform, he will be out of the team fast, he doesnt need “competition”. Firstly we have Arteta who is a half decent backup. Secondly Wilshere has proven with England he is a gun in the deepest midfield position. Thirdly, Calum Chambers is definitely capable of performing in the role, mark my words he will play there in preseason as well as centreback. Our central midfield pairing can be any 2 of cazorla coquelin wilshere ramsey. Dont forget mesut wont play every game so wilshere and cazorla will deputise the number 10 role also. The teams balance is perfect now. If, and I say IF we can get our hands on a WORLD CLASS CB and/or striker, then do it, but if no significant upgrade on our current, dont bother. I would love to see Hummels or Varane

  16. Citeh are living in the past. We’re not a feeder club anymore so keep your dirty oily hands of our players! We should’ve tried harder for second place to put them in their (third) place.

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