This transfer to EPL rival will infuriate Arsenal fans

It is not the much talked about transfer of the Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez to one of our Premier League rivals that we are talking about, or not this time at least although that could still be on the cards at some point during the summer transfer window.

This time it is another of Arsenal’s attacking stars that a Metro report suggests is set to be sold to one of our direct rivals. There were rumours in the football press last week about our England international midfield star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain being fed up and frustrated about the lack of contact over a new contract with the club and the latest news is that Arsene Wenger is ready to okay a £ 25 million move to Liverpool.

I really hope this is all pie in the sky because I and many other Arsenal fans would be fuming if the manager let such a talented player go, especially after a season in which the Ox finally started to realise some of the potential we have been waiting years to see.

However, the report does also claim that this sale would be done in order to allow Arsenal to keep hold of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil by raising their wages substantially. If that was true would it be okay with you Gooners?



  1. am tired of sanchez and.his agent..if he want to stay let him stay..if he wants to go let him go..he should stop making us restless

  2. I will definitely want Oxlade Chamerlin to stay. .Our chances of getting where we want to be will be bolstered if Wenger keeps Sanchez, Ozil, Ox, etc. He is strong, direct and verstile. If we get the likes of Lacazette ,Rafinhia or M’bappe ( by a long shot), we will have a solid frontline that will be hard to stop. We are really bettet defensively . If and only if we can have a ffit and efficient Carzola, i will have tremendous faith in our team.

  3. I suggest Arsenal fans start preparing themselves for when Alexis forces his way to City(Pep). Admittedly his goals and assists were great this past season but that masked the fact that he’s an individual. Fans say he’s a fighter which he is while calling the rest of the players weak not realizing the numerous amount of times he loses the ball with his selfishness, often causing us to be countered while he throws his tantrums and blames the entire team. This I’ve seen with my own 2 eyes and won’t live in denial. Alexis doesn’t strike me as loyal either. In fact our other World Class player folks continually bash as well will probably be the one that shows loyalty to our club. Hope I’m proved wrong but I see the writing on the wall, why Wenger is going big for offensive players to replace what we will lose.

    1. Thank you!!! In a team of 11 players, even if you had an engine the size of a tractor, had durability of the energizer bunny and had the skills Ronalmessi, you still have to realize you are 1/11 about 10% of the team, I don’t think we’ll like to see Cech leaving his goal to join in on attacks as much as we see Sanchez chasing the ball all over the pitch. We were known for our amazing one touch football and our brilliant team goals that leaves the opponent dazed like Wilshere and co vs Norwich but so many times have I watched Sanchez hold ball just a bit longer than necessary because somehow, the teammate closest to him “cannot be trusted with the ball”. RvP, Fabregas, Rosicky among others were not exactly workhorses but they gave us some of the most breathtaking football we’ve ever seen…why was he surplus to requirements at Barca? If Sanchez stays, I’d play him as a wing back where he can put his high work rate to good use, track back as much as he wants but we need players who are more committed to offence to play in the final third.

    2. You mate are spot on and well said! So glad that other people
      Can see this. I wouldn’t even care if he does leave as I think he has single handedley destroyed the team spirit in the dressing room last year with his tantrums
      and histrionics.
      He wants to remember he was on the bench at Barca and not so good back then.

  4. Sanchez is a big treat to arsenal fc…I can see future potentials in ox chambalin wenger selling him to his rival is a continuous mistake which can ruins wenger future…..Arsenal fc should keep both ozil and sanchez on a good track….Europe league need agresive players …

    1. I feel you, but until the club proves otherwise that things have genuinely change I won’t believe it until I see it. The last we’ve been in the this position was in 2012 with RVP. Now we’re there again but with now 2 players this time around. I genuinely believe Özil will stay though. This summer will be the biggest we’ve had in so many ways I feel.

  5. Same old same old sell cheap buy expensive tell Sanchez find club abroad sign a new contract or sit on the bench all season keep the ox get laz and mbappe Ozil has nowhere to go so keep his wages the same get some spine Arsenal

  6. I have to admit that for a long period of time (several seasons) I was not sold on Ox and the way in which he was used. He was used on the wing, but Wenger told us his long term place is in the center. On the wing, he would be OK but nothing more, in the center he showed great promise but never got many games. Then last season he has moved again and this time to wingback. For me, he was a revelation at wing-back and by far our best player in that position. I would hate to see him go to a rival because I think Klopp or another manager might turn him into a super star.

    I don’t buy for 1 second the argument that we will sell him to afford Sanchez and Ozil. Wenger knows he will lose Sanchez.

    Sanchez decided to leave when he realized he will not win major trophies under Wenger before the season was over. And if he did not decide that but instead decided to see if Arsenal would be ambitious in the transfer market to gage if he had a chance of winning anything he will have seen what we have all seen, that it is unlikely anything has changed at Arsenal and that only weeks away from preseason we have signed one player on a free, a player we had reached agreement with last season.

    So no, I don’t believe we are selling Ox to make room for the salary increase for Sanchez and if you want to do that you would wait for Sanchez’s signature and you would sell Ox for more than 25 million.

  7. It’s beyond jokes if The Ox is sold to Liverpool for £25 million.
    Getting rid of the fringe players who don’t even make the bench will free up enough money to cover Sanchez & Ozil’s wages.

    The truth is, Wenger’s dictatorship is based on loyalty and those players who belittle him or the club will find themselves either on the bench or pushed towards the exit doors.
    And even that backfires like it did when Sanchez was benched for the first away to Liverpool because of an issue on the training ground.
    Walcott wasn’t so lucky after making comments about C. Palace being more up for it, in our shambolic defeat to them. He went from wearing the captains armband to boot boy and he hardly played since then.
    Even though The Ox got plenty of game time in the absences of Bellerin, it seems as if his off field gesture of liking a WengerOut post on one of the social media outlets is probably the main reason for Wenger’s willingness to sell him.
    Maybe these guys needed to look towards Ramsey and see how he licks butt when saying good morning to the Boss? ?

  8. As I understand it there are new rules about how much a club can increase its wage bill by from one season to the next. Increasing Sanchez and Ozils salaries to the levels reported in the press would easily exceed that limit. As such if Arsenal are to keep them then several other players have to go to reduce the wage bill.

    Personally, whilst I think both of them are good players (on their day) Im not convinced they are worth the amount of money being quoted.
    I would rather focus on the team as a whole, even if we lose Sanchez and Ozil. Our squad lacks depth, and with our injury record its an area we need to improve. Lets not forget Sanogo was part of the squad last year… We need to do better and promoting a few youth team players, whilst a good start, wont fill all the places we need to improve.

    Having said that, if Sanchez and Ozil are staying then there are other players I would prefer to lose before Oxlade-Chamberlain. Walcott for example, as I understand it he is on a considerably larger salary than Ox and I think Ox has shown signs of improvement this year, whereas Im still not convinced by Walcott.

  9. SANCHEZ is a 3 season player it seems, he gets bored. Let him go all that he brings has been outweighed by this saga and last year’s negativity.
    We must sign someone with his skills etc then sell but for a large price!
    We cannot and must not sell Ox he’s on the up and must be utilised more this coming campaign.

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