This transfer window is crucial for Edu as well as Arsenal

Losing a semi-final never feels good. Especially when a team has looked out of their depths in the league campaign. If there was one thread of hope that Arsenal fans were holding onto this season, it was the Europa League, and they looked certain to reach the Final to face Manchester United. But the Gunners’ exit at the hands of their previous manager Unai Emery slashed their hopes of entering the Champions League through the back door.

The majority of Arsenal fans have targeted Mikel Arteta for Arsenal’s recent decline. However, it is worth pointing out that the downward trajectory started well in the middle of the last decade.

The latter years of Arsene Wenger era was painful too. Arsenal were hardly competing with the “big boys” of England.

Then, Unai Emery entered the frame. The club missed out on the Champions League spot in the last few weeks of the 2018/19 campaign. And then astonishingly lost to London rivals Chelsea in the Europa League final. The Spaniard never recovered from that period and was relieved of his duties exactly six months down the line.

Mikel Arteta finds himself in a similar position. Hence, the Arsenal faithful must question themselves, whether the problems at their beloved club lie deeper than they think?

Those who were criticizing Arteta on their social media handles, repeatedly came up with words such as “incompetent manager,” “inexperienced coach,” “not up to the standards of Arsenal.” Although those statements might be true, that cannot be said of Arsenal’s previous two managers in Arsene Wenger and Unai Emery.

Where Wenger won countless accolades during his time at North London, Emery was a highly respected coach across Europe. His teams had won the Europa League, the French League and cups and many more trophies. Maybe it says something; The problems are not just at a superficial level.

Speaking ahead of the match against West Bromwich Albion on Sunday, Arteta told the reporters that there were things that he cannot say in public.

He said: “They are things to analyse more internally, I am sorry. We have done that. There are things that we cannot discuss here.

“I take full responsibility for my part, for sure, since I arrived here what I have tried to do, giving my life, my best ability, investing every drop of energy that I have emotionally to support everything that has been going around with my knowledge, with staff, with all the players that are trying to contribute with all the club to give our best.

The Spaniard continued, “But so far it has not been enough and this when the question mark comes, why it is not enough? Is it just a thing? Is it the manager? Is it many other stuff? What is it?”

Of course, the results cannot go like this forever if Arsenal have any ambition to be back competing for the big titles in England as well as Europe.

Arsenal have a right-back in Hector Bellerin who reportedly does not want to be at the Emirates. Same is the case with Bernd Leno. There are players who don’t fit the style of Mikel Arteta.

There are big questions marks on the likes of Nicolas Pepe, Willian, Matteo Guendouzi, Lucas Torreira, Rob Holding and many more, that whether they fit into the Arsenal mould or whether they are just round pegs trying to be inserted in square holes.

Thus, revamping the squad and backing Arteta at least till the end of the year, might be an unpopular opinion right now, but it might turn out to be a clever one in a few months time.

But Edu’s role is a massive one this summer. Arsenal cannot allow Arteta to recruit players exactly according to his liking.

If they do so, they will be in the same position they were in when they sacked Arsene Wenger in 2018 and Unai Emery in 2019.

Edu needs to find a balance between pleasing the current Arsenal manager and looking at the broad picture of the football club.

Because as they say, “A good technical director gives the manager what he wants. But an excellent one knows when to say ‘no’ to the manager.”

Yash Bisht

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    1. agree Wayne just heard MA is looking for a goalkeeper the TWAT sold Martinez and bought Runnasson and he was no good I think the pair should leave

  1. Edu,another “ beauty” next to Arteta.Two cuckoos on the same weak branch.Both inexperienced and inept.Waiting for Edu to bring all the “ about to retire” Brazilian players to Arsenal.Soon Edu will be named director of “ Arsenal-senior Brazilian retirement facility”.I heard Fernandinho from City needs a shelter in the summer when City contract expires.At 36,he’s the exact player Edu needs to incorporate in Arsenal ranks.Ex-Chelsea Ramires and Oscar still playing?They may be close to 40,but good enough for Edu,come on in,enjoy the royal pay for doing nothing at Arsenal!

        1. “Pepe” has 11 goals from intermittent appearances and again benched after scoring a fine goal. Certainly Arsenal overpaid, but a long way from the worst recent buy, because of his contributions.

  2. Not a pretty picture is it. This guy just can’t be trusted to make bold and far sighted decisions.

  3. Which transfer window is not crucial?

    every transfer window is always crucial and must spend big and buy big

    The media and fans have been calling every clubs to spend big at every window……

  4. wrighty yesterday : “the people who are going to oversee who’s coming in and who’s going out are unfortunately the same people who signed someone like Willian for three years. ‘Are we going to give those people the power to try to do this overhaul? I don’t trust them. It worries me.”

    1. And last summer very fine analysis from ESPN :
      ” They appeared to have an opportunity to move on from some veterans and execute a long-term plan a la Liverpool, which over a number of seasons built a core of players of similar age who all peaked in performance around 2019-20.

      Instead, the club decided that those three wins were all the proof they needed of an impending breakthrough, and leaned on locking up veterans to put the finishing touches on a contender that didn’t actually exist”.

      I hope that the team that got it mostly wrong last summer is not exactly the same this year it at least that they learnt since then acknowledging the mistakes.

  5. After knowing that the pegs are round then it is better to make round holes and rather not square holes. So think whether to discard all the round pegs or to change the carpenter who like to make square holes…This what Chelsea did and they are reaping results…

    How many players did Arteta recruited? How many left on free? What was the loss he created to club? Painstakingly drawn to 10th position. … That was the only thing he has done…Now its enough..

    I dont believe that our players are worse than West ham players…Bring in a coach for few millions who can improve results with the squad we have rather than spending 200m on overhauling players. The players like Willian who were recruited by Arteta speaks volume…

    So think well and act wise…

    Sack Arteta.. Save Arsenal !!!

    1. to many fans

      Leicester and West Ham have spent big and thats why they are at their current position

      1. Leicester and West Ham have also spent well and their managers and recruitment staff are well past the “L” plate stage.

  6. Arteta has given complete backing to to the current club structure and the board. According to him it’s not broken inside. The executive level personnel at this club for the last 10 years just haven’t had a clue. Gazidis was another disciple of the Kronkes, he cut and ran when he realised it was all going pear shaped. Vinai knows nothing about football or Arsenal and his decisions of late have shown that. Edu is an enigma, a former Arsenal player who “should! know about the history and culture of the club. Yet he engages in “dodgy” transfers bringing in some of the worst and inconsistent players the club has seen in recent years. Edu should work in the City of London with the other vultures, selling his granny for a few quid. Stan is still making money so the fact the footballing side of the business is “failing” won’t unduly bother him. Even if you put aside the fact the club is going backwards in terms of footballing performance, the business model of not investing in the club is unsustainable. I think Arteta being crap is the very least of our worries! Sorry rant over.

  7. At the time we appointed Edu, I thought it was a mistake given his limited experience. Having 2 inexperienced guys leading the rebuild and the club is a big mistake for a club our size.

    Having said that, they managed to get Partey who I still think could become massive for us. I hope Edu and Arteta can find a suitable partner in midfield for Partey. One with a lot of energy and mobility.

    I lost a little bit of faith in Arteta after the Villareal games, however, I still would not be surprised and in fact, I would be happy if he improves next season. I think he is an intelligent guy and surely he will evaluate himself.

    If he stays, he has my support. Just wish he had a David Dein next to him.

    1. They are both too inept to preside over the destiny of the Arsenal! Sadly equally useless board seems to think otherwise. We are set to wallow in the doldrums of mediocrity.

  8. Say tank you to
    Bellerin, Luiz, Gabriel, Kolasinac
    Xhaka, Cabellos,
    Willian, Laca, Eddie
    In addition to Torrera and Guendozi who will never make it due to attitude issues

    Team1 – EPL
    Uani Simon
    Chambers, Marri, Holding, Tierney
    Partey, new CDM
    ESR / Emi Buendia
    Martenelli, Auba, Saka

    Team2 – FA / League Cup
    AMN/Cedric, Saliba, New CB, promote from U23
    Elneny / upgrade from U23
    U23 upgrade
    Nelson/ Balogun/ Pepe

    Need to hire – Unai Simon, Emi Buendia, Yves Bissouma and hopefully Max Aarons (if the fee is right)
    In real time it will never happen as the wages are too high for some players to be offloaded. We are stuch with one or two years more of mediocrity till Wenger’s last standing man’s contract winds down.

    1. Loose Cannon. do wish you would check your facts – seven of the players you mention were not signed by AW and please check how many were given new improved contracts by gazidid/UE originally signed by AW.
      Let’s hope your not including Saka and ESR as players you want out, as AW signed them on as well.

  9. Wise words JanV.Our Club has become a respite home for the old and infirmed who have lost their productivity some time ago.I should know because I am probably one of them.

    1. Grandad there’s still hope for you to pull on the jersey and run out for us at the Emirates. They’ve signed Luiz and are “allegedly” looking at Bertrand. I’m sure you can’t be that much older?

      1. Seventy four next month GG, but still actively involved in Sport in terms of indoor and outdoor lawn bowls.Started playing in 1984 and have been hooked ever since.Plenty of youngsters play the game which has become very competitive.Come to think of it ,perhaps we could use the Emirates to host a Bowls competition which would be far more entertaining than the rubbish I have seen there this season..If he happens to read this, I am sure my fellow oldie, Jon F will confirm just how addictive Bowls can be.

        1. Fair play Grandad, yes I’m as disappointed as you are with what I’ve seen this season. I liked MA when he played for us and I sincerely hoped it was going to be a success. A lot of fans out there still supporting him but I’m not one of them.

        2. Hi Grandad

          I’ll be joining a Bowls Club in September and really looking forward to it. Unfortunately I have my 3rd Knee op coming up after a bad injury that ended my football career. Just need to recover from that op then time to tackle the greens!

          1. Well I’ve had a go at boules but prefer a 4 mile slog round a golf course- muttering under my breath when I mess up a shot

          2. Remarkable coincidence PJ as I started bowling after a knee ligament injury finished my footballing days.You will enjoy bowling of that I am sure and the excellent social aspect of the game.The indoor game is more technical and ,some say, more skilful than the outdoor game, but I am sure you will soon get hooked.

        3. I play bowls and played today, even with two broken ribs still healing. Joining a bowls club, some years ago now, was one of the very best and most fulfulling things I have ever done in my later life years. I would recommend bowls to anyone who wishes to live longer, stay fit and make new friends.

  10. To anyone who is interested the Athletic have published an article on the ins and outs at the club since MA was made manager i found it quite worrying it detailed the staff hiring/firing ..well i don’t want to spoil it.

  11. My fear is that we will buy second rate players who will maintain our sideways football. When I see we are interested in Sander Berge when we need Emi Buendia, etc, etc….I see more money down the drain. My old grandmother used to say ‘Cheap is dear’, and how true that is. She meant quality. Example…Willian the expensive freebie. Buy cabbage get shite

  12. I hope we buy forward looking players. I noticed for Atletico, Thomas Partey was playing with forward movement, momentum and tendencies but, here at Arsenal has been trained with very sideways tendencies…. total opposite to Atletico. Poor coaching compared to Simeone who keeps comparatively forward Momentum.

    1. Exactly, I’ve made this point a few times. The longer the majority of our players are coached by Arteta, the less consistent they tend to become.

      Remember Partey’s first few games for us, brilliant!

      Also Arteta say some of the players are good but just can’t reach the required level. Surely the job of a coach is to coach players to become better?

    2. Good point Sean. If you watch our midfield in games, Xhaka and Ceballos are static, Elneny’s natural game is much more defensive. Partey is dynamic and is equally at home in defence/ attack (well he was at Athletico?) Dare I say we a Jack Grealish, probably going to get crucified for suggesting that.

      1. Not crucified, just pitied for being so unrealistic! You seem to have forgotten who owns us!
        Its not Sheik Mansoor nor Abramovitch, IF THAT HELPS TOU REMEMBER!

  13. Arsenal fans with their seasonal delusions and false hopes. The truth is that this current Arsenal can not stand shoulder to shoulder with the other top six teams. The best they can do in any match is to play like a Stoke City or Bolton Wanderers in order to grind out a meaningful result. Arsenal has fallen from the high level it used to be, the earlier you accept this fact the better and stop hoping for a miracle.
    I used to be a fan but I got tired of the promises without no result, constant heartaches from abysmal performance both on and off the pitch, high hopes in the summer and disappointment the moment league starts, the list is endless. Considering all this and many more, I then purposed within my heart to stop supporting Arsenal, I chose to be a football lover that I have always been. I fell in love first with football, then Arsenal, therefore, I can not afford to lose my first love because of Arsenal.

  14. Another article by MA’s supporter to put the blame on others.

    If you are a good manager, you can’t change and motivate the team to be in top 6 within a season. Instead, all these incompetent supporters put the blame on players, bad luck, and past managers, no pre-season games.

    Did Arsene blame the players, the lack of money from owners (when we still need to pay for the stadium), no pre-season games (these games are to earn Asian fans’ money)?

    Let see what MA will do till December as he will be here because Kroenke like him.

  15. Stans inaction and perpetual silence really does speak volumes…

    No change = no ambition; to correct the failings..

  16. Edu needs to realize the players arsenal needs and get rid of the players arsenal don’t want…..he must find young players of high quality at a good price……..and get rid of deadwood…..and to make them jel as a team…….and that cannot be done in one season…….sooooo the question….can arsenal afford to have an inexperienced Edu for the next few seasons… I don’t think so………….and as for Arteta…if he’s going to have fall outs with some players then that’s no good….then he should be replaced too………..!

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