This was Arsenal’s BEST transfer window EVER!


Hello there friends. How are you doing today? If you are still hung over from Arsenal’s ‘disappointment’, it is time for you to start cheering up. If I told you that we actually had our best transfer window in like forever, you wouldn’t believe it. It actually took me a while to figure this out as well, so believe me when I say that I write this article as a neutral and not as an AKB (Arsene Knows Best). I will like to begin by identifying the causes of our disappointment and there are two main reasons for this. High expectations and Arsenal Football Club’s poor public relations. Let me explain.

Believe it or not, we have six new players in our squad. They may not exactly be the players we had hoped for (Falcao, Reus etc) but five players were bought in this transfer window (Sanchez, Chambers, Debuchy, Ospina and Welbeck) and a sixth one came back from a three year loan spell. Yes Joel Campbell is a new signing in every sense of the word because up until now, he has never played for Arsenal. So that is six new faces in our squad. That is not bad at all. Hector Bellerin has also been training with the first team so I take it that he has been promoted as well. So make that seven new players. But you wouldn’t know this because our manager and the club he represents do a terrible job of explaining these details to their fans.

Blame it on negligence or arrogance but the fact remains that our public relations department is doing a terrible job of selling our progress to our fans. Have you guys ever considered that Isaac Hayden can be brought in to do a job at center back when injuries hit? That must be the reason Wenger never feels pressured to finally get us adequate cover in center back. But he never communicates this to Arsenal fans so we keep feeling like we are short at the back. But when you consider that we have Metsesacker, Koscielny, Hayden, Chambers, Monreal, Gibbs, Debuchy and Bellerin, that is eight players for four positions – two in each position. The names I just listed are a nice mix of experience and promise which is not bad. But Wenger just fails to communicate his thinking to the fans.

Now if you are doubting whether we have made progress in this transfer window, let me make it very clear to you. I will begin by saying that we are still short of one ‘established’ central defender and defensive midfielder, even though we can make up the numbers from our academy. But then focusing on only these two deficiencies will not allow you to see the improvements we have made in other areas. Let me start from the small improvements and gradually work up to the big ones. In the goal keeping department, we lost Lukas Fabianski on a free transfer but then replaced him with David Ospina, a world class goal keeper who had an incredible world cup. Folks, that is an improvement. Once upon a time, none of us trusted Fabianski to take our dog for a walk. We even went as far as naming him Flappy Handski for his terrible performances in goal. Of course he improved towards the end of his stay in Arsenal but when judged on overall performance for the period he was with us, David Ospina is an upgrade without a doubt. So we did well in goal keeping.

In central defense, we replaced Thomas Vermealen with Calum Chambers. While Vermaelen has more experience than Chambers, early performances so far indicate that Chambers is an improvement on Vermaelen. Chambers is getting his first call up to the national team and has been voted man of the match several times for the few games he has played so far. Wenger never trusted Vermaelen one bit all through last season but the boss just cannot wait to give Chambers a game. In fact, the boss is so determined to field chambers regularly that he has got his name penciled down for three positions in right back, central defense and defensive midfield. If nothing else, such vote of confidence indicates that Chambers is an upgrade on Vermaelen and we all love Chambers for his solid performances so far. So again, we have done well in our only central defensive signing.

In right back, we replaced Bacary Sagna with Mathieu Debuchy. While it is a bit difficult to determine whether Debuchy is an upgrade on Sagna or a like for like replacement, one can argue that the fact Debuchy benches Sagna in their French national team is enough evidence that he manages to edge our former right back. So again, that is a third transfer victory for Wenger. But you wouldn’t know it because the boss lets his deficiencies dominate his strengths. Even though Carl Jenkinson has been loaned out and we all worry that Debuchy has no cover, we have Hector Bellerin who was amazing in preseason and particularly good in going forward and linking up with our intricate attacking play. But rather than remind our fans about this, Wenger is out there mouthing off as if we are a bunch of idiots.

And it is in attack that we have made the most progress. Last season, we had no pace and we also had a shortage of central strikers. Giroud, our only senior striker, started off well and did just okay generally speaking, but the lack of a capable deputy saw his efforts begin to diminish. And then what happened this summer? We signed Alexis Sanchez, a world class striker, Danny Welbeck, a young but promising central striker and also welcomed back the brilliant Joel Campbell, a brilliant and tricky forward who can play on the wings or as a central striker. And guess what folks? Sanchez, Welbeck and Campbell are not replacements! They are brand new additions to the squad because Podolski remains with us. Even if one manages to argue that Sanchez and Campbell replaced Bendtner and Park, well, they are still upgrades, aren’t they? And we still have Walcot to come back to the side.

So all in all, we have not done badly in this transfer window at all. I am angry that we are still short at the back and in defensive midfield, quality wise. But all in all, we have a better and pacier squad than we had last year while keeping our best players as well. Arsene Wenger is chronically annoying and full of himself but the truth is that nobody is perfect. Unfortunately for Wenger, he always allows his imperfections to dominate his achievements and that is why a perfectly decent transfer window ended up looking like the worst we have had in a while.

So folks, if we can manage to ignore our annoying manager and focus on the squad he has built, I think we will all be happy at the end of the day. By the time Walcot comes back into the side, definitely, Wenger will put him at the right flank thereby moving Sanchez to the center of attack. I have every reason to believe that by the time Sanchez beds into this team, he will be as lethal and menacing as Aguero and Costa. So far, Sanchez has had two clear goal scoring chances in his last two games and he scored both. That is clinical. That is the front man we have been waiting for and we signed him.

Guys, we did not get Cavani or Falcao but we got Sanchez and also got Welbeck to back him up when we need a big target man. Seriously, that is not bad at all. Peace.

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    1. Yes, Yepes is great, Lugano is free as well. But we have a squad of 28 players of which only 3 are under 21. So we have a full squad, we can not bring anyone in unless we send someone to loan.
      Problem is we have too many players in midfield for one position that we dont really use. Diaby, Coquelin, Arteta, Flamini and even Wilshire are all vying for that spot next to Ramsey.

      I would bring in Yepes and send Coquelin on loan that seems to be the only logical move.

            1. The easiest $hit to do is to predict doom and gloom. Only retards do this because guess what : eventually you’d be right. Sure, takes time but even after 199 years you would say : I told you!
              By chance, if we won’t lose this season anywhere with 5 or 6 goal difference would you come back and say you support the spuds?

              1. Yes it is easy to predict because its been happening a lot lately, You must be suffering from amnesia.

                Why would i want to come back and say i support spurs, that’s just stupid, but i see it gets you thumbs ups, No what ill do iscome back and blame the dinosaur in charge

        1. Only you would get rid of Coquelin. That speak volumes of how smart you are. Should Coquelin not be on loan last year he would have become a beast DM. Why? Because our midfield spent most of the time in the physio room instead of the pitch. And guess who’d have to feature games? No, no Kallstrom, he was a panic buy we concluded. Would have been Le Coq ! Himself. The fact that he is back now means Wenger learned from last season. But you are too dumb to understand. Nevertheless, consider this as a free lesson.

      1. There are effectively 14 midfielders all trying for a maximum of 5 available positions in total. Even with multiple competitions and injuries some very qualified players will struggle to even make the bench even occasionally. Nearly 3 players per slot.

        The defense has only 6 players for 4 slots. 1.5 players per slot. Sure to be in uniform every game, every competition. Wenger admitted he over-used players last season including Mert – it will be worse now.

        Anyone see the problem here?? I am not an EPL manager but I can do simple math.

        1. Agree completely

          4 competitions, not to mention we are known for injuries. Also sent Jenkinson on loan

          Setting ourselves up for trouble

        2. Right back can be covered by : Debuchy,Bellerin,Chambers
          Left back can be covered by : Monreal,Gibbs,Flamini (which btw can play on the right too – see Milan years)
          CB can be covered by : Mert,Kos,Chambers,Hayden,Monreal recently

          It is not best but let’s not make a drama out of it. There are still 3 options for each slot.

          1. I tried to make sense of what you wrote but there is no way to do it. You are counting reserve players and midfielders playing out of position as a good way to operate?? You have Chambers playing multiple positions – he is good, but he can’t. And Monreal as CB? Delusional. This is a recipe for disasters.

            Delusional. Purely Delustional.

        3. I tend to agree but the only one thing I would say in mitigation is that teams generally do not like rotating defences/GKs – you will only see changes generally because of injury or drastic loss of form. You think about some of the most sucessful teams of all time and their back 5 was pretty much the same week in week out. There are also not many tactical options with the back 4 so no need for extra different type players to mix it up. Burn-out for midfielders and tiredness is also a lot more common than defenders and rotation is a more useful for tactical reasons in these areas. Still looks thin though but I bet even Mourinho is hoping to have at least 4 of his back 5 inked in on the team sheet for the whole PL season. All in the lap of the gods really regarding injuries.

    1. That will be a wonderful day for Arsenal. If Diaby can stay fit which is highly unlikely unfortunately I would sign him for another 2 years the rest need replacement and are blocking transfers in the squad.

      1. You would sign him for another two years! Please never consider any vacancies at Arseanl….I wouldn’t let him sign my shirt..get riiiiiiiiid

    2. In all honesty all four must leave next season that will allow us to bring in the world class DM we really need!

    3. how dare you put diaby in the same class as arteta, flamini and coquelin! Diaby is far better than that trio. The only misfortunes he had was with injuries, which cannot be blamed solely on him because he never had enough time to recover, Wenger always rushed him back to the squad due to lack of depth. thats one of the reasons why his injuries kept recurring. with flamini and arteta now available, diaby will be eased back into the team n i believe this will help him stay fit.

      And when he’s fit, he’s a beast – far better than flamini n arteta. He’s very comfortable with the ball at his feet, u can pressurize him all u want but u cant dispossess him ! u cant easily out-muscle him either! In defense he is not bad at all. if arteta can be successfully converted to DM as small as he is, what makes u believe Diaby cant? in the holding midfield deparment, i think we’ve got a new signing in Diaby.

  1. Long but AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
    “Rob.” His voice was low. Flat. Devoid of emotion.
    “Danny! Danny boy! My man.” His voice sounded forced, contrived, as if it were trying just a bit too hard.
    “You ready for your trip to Italy, mate?”
    “Hm? Oh—right. Italy. Thursday. I don’t know. My thigh is acting up. You know how it goes. I may not be up to it. Well, it’s not a vital match, now, is it? I’m sure the lads can cope without me.”
    “I thought it was your knee that was the issue.”
    “Right. Um, yeah. It’s something to do with the muscles in my thigh and the knee. Same leg. It’s complicated.” He paused meaningfully, his chin dropping just a bit, as if he hoped that his gaze would say more than his words could.
    Welbeck took this in. “Tough news. I hope you overcome it. I know we, uh, struggled without you being fully fit this past season.”
    “Thanks, Danny!” Again, the voice sounded tinny, hollow, forced.
    “Listen, Rob—if I can address you as such—I, um, I won’t be around much longer.”
    “Retiring, are you? Can’t say I blame you. You might have been Fergie’s baby, Old Trafford’s darling, but this is my town now. Even Rooney knows that. Don’t feel bad. You’re not the first to get van Persied. Ask Arshavin or Bendtner. Hell, ask Theo. ‘When the Skunk is scorin’, the rest are borin’.’ You like that? I came up with—BOOM—just now.”
    “Erm. Yeah…” Welbeck’s eyes scanned the room, looking to make contact with someone who would bail him out. It seemed that everyone was preoccupied, unlacing a boot or aligning shin-guards just so. “Listen, Rob, I—”
    “Dude, this locker-room, this squad, this club, it’s mine. I didn’t like Moyes, and he’s gone. This van Gaal? Wrapped around my finger. Watch and learn, bro. I’m running this show. I—”
    “Rob. Listen.”
    “What, man? I’m testifying. Preaching. This better be good. Better than the so-called ‘service’ Rooney and Mata offer.”
    “I…I don’t know what to say to that.” Welbeck studied the floor. “I, um, I’m leaving.”
    “What? C’mon. We still have some a few minutes to—”
    Welbeck sighed. “No, Rob. I’m leaving. For good. I’m going to Arsenal.”
    Van Persie threw his head back and laughed. Others looked up, startled at the uproar. “What? You’re leaving? To Arsenal?! Puh-leeeeeeeeze. Let me tell you something about playing for Arsenal. Wenger, or is it ‘Venguh’, insists on taking all the credit while you take all the blame. You think I got to where I am by being loyal to that cheese-eating surrender monkey? Nope. If you’re going down there, prepare to go down. As in, down the table.”
    “Wait, Rob. Didn’t Arsène help you develop, stand by you when things got a bit tough?”
    “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yadayadayada. End of the day, you gotta strike when the iron’s hot. The Emirates iron was stone-cold, and I was the only one doin’ any striking. You can take that to the bank. I know I did.”
    A look of confusion crossed Welbeck’s face. “Rob, I’m confused. Doesn’t Arsène find players and make them into superstars? I mean, look at you. At Feyenoord, you were a hothead. You came to Arsenal, and—eventually—became a world-class scorer, one of the club’s best since Henry. Couldn’t I emulate—”
    Van Persie’s eyes bugged out. “Henry? Henry? Don’t talk to me about Henry. If I had stayed, I would’ve shattered that Frenchie’s records, I promise you that. It’s just that the injuries slowed me down here and there. Speakin’ of injuries, lemme share a l’il secret. If you’re ever not quite in the mood, if you’re ever feeling a bit, well, you know, jaded, just limp around a bit until the physio asks what’s wrong. The rest takes care of itself. Back to Henry, though, if I had been fit, let me tell you, I—”
    Welbeck put his finger to van Persie’s lips. “Shush, Rob. Shush. I—I’ve heard enough. Ever since you’ve arrived, I’ve seen my trajectory flatten. I was supposed to be this club’s talisman, but that’s shriveled to dust. You came along and we won the Prem, it’s true. But to what end? Fergie’s gone. Moyes has come and gone. We’re spending money on transfers like it’s going out of style. Shaw? Falcao? Are you kidding me? I grew up loving this club, and what has it become? It’s Man City. It’s Chelsea. It’s…it’s…I don’t know. I need to go somewhere where they believe that players can come in and grow, where they can prove themselves. I can’t do that here. Not anymore. I…I—”
    “Hey, Danny, what’s wrong? There’s, like, drops of water, like, coming out your eyes. What’s that all about?”
    Welbeck looked up at his erstwhile teammate. “It’s called passion, Rob. Passion. You traded it for glory. I’ve done just about everything I’ve been asked. I’ve played wide. I’ve tracked back. I’ve passed when I should have shot. I’ve kissed your butt. No more. I’m going where they might appreciate effort and passion.” With that, he picked up his duffel and strode off, leaving the aging striker to contemplate what had just transpired.

  2. It may have been our best transfer window but we still expected more still no DM,we won’t win the BPL or Champions League with our squad that’s fact delude yourselves all you want!!!

      1. Chambers has never played there and the other 3 are in no particular order: not good enough, over the hill and was never really a DM anyway and a handy back up but no more..

        1. Actually hi did at U17 and U19. This is the reason he did not got so much game time at Southampton. Pochetino sees him as RB. Which is good as well.

    1. Fully agree signing Bergkamp alone made it the best window in this window we still didn’t get our world class CF,DM and CB,Welbeck has potential he’s not the standard needed to win big trophies like the Champions League!

      1. Easy to look back now and adjudge the transfers of Henry, Bergkamp etc as being the best but if you are old enough to remember you will know there wasn’t a huge buzz at the time nor for quite a few months after. In a years time we may be more enthusiastic about this year’s business – could be 1 or 2 future legends in the making, you never know.

  3. this wasn’t best above avg needed a cb & cdm & there were options out there
    eziquel garay 6m to zenith
    mandzukic 17m were all available
    cdm we could have got carvalho

    arsenal needs a director like overmars/petit/bergkamp

    1. just shut the fu ck up with Garay and Manzukic. There is no player worse than both of these in the Arsenal squad. You have no clue who Carvalho is but you tout him as the EPL savior. Pi$$ off already.

      1. They never saw any of these players actually play. But they read a lot about them on Bleacher Report and Mirror!

  4. I am fairly content with our transfer window. After watching Chambers, I feel this lad might have what it takes to be a decent DM. He has excellent control on the ball and great tackler. Anyone else think this? One step at a time I guess, we need him as a CB right now but in the future he might make an excellent DM.

  5. …Wenger is out there mouthing off as if we are a bunch of idiots.

    We are.
    It’s not Wenger’s job to disseminate PR to the faithful.
    You were correct in laying that bit at the feet of the AFC Mktg Dept.

    After the early-July signings?
    I was never stressed. I had some hopes.
    But I’ve got confidence that this group will mesh well–
    given some time to familiarize with one another.

    This could be quite fun.


  6. Nah, it’s 1999 and the signing of King Henry.

    EPL defenders were shaking in their boots when he played for us. Can we legally clone him?

  7. Step aside from the transfer issues, I really concerned about our current performance.

    The fact, in our last five matches, we still have a serious problem in beating the likes of Crystal Palace, Besiktas(twice), Everton, and Now Leicester City.

    While Chelsea beat Leicester, We draw.
    Chelsea beat Everton, We draw.

    (Maybe) It is not really really bad result until now, but it is a serious problem in terms of performance and tactical display.

    I truly hope that we can significantly step up our current performance.

    By the time Arsenal faces City at next match, Dortmund, and Chelsea in the next month we will have a pretty good idea what we’re made of.

    In attacking performance problem, we can’t break opponent defence and we lack of goal scoring abilty, when we face Besiktas, Crystal Palace, Leicester City.

    Actually, we have an alternative solution from our current squad.

    We have quality player like Rosicky and Campbell, but Mr. Wenger choose not to given even a single chance for them to play. Rosicky and Campbell deserved a chance to proved their worth. They absolutely can improve our attacking performance and they can help the team, IF they were given a chance to play.

    I admit, I’m a big fan of Rosicky.

    I’m sure, his quality can help to solve problem in our midfield, he can orchestrate our midfield and tempo very well, inject much creativity, spirit, directness, and accels the speed of the game.

    He create chances & spaces for others. His game is always looking to go forward and drive at defences. He takes risks and makes things happen with his penetrating dribbles, clever movement, and accurate pass so we can break down the opponent defence.

    While Campbell’s quality can help to solve problem in our flank and striking role, our lack of speed, and also our lack of goal scoring abilty.

    In recent interview, Rosicky said,

    “It makes me very sorry that I haven’t been given a chance yet.”

    ” It is difficult mainly because you know that the potential of the team is elsewhere and we haven’t done well so far.”

    “I think I could have helped but, unfortunately, I can’t put myself on the pitch.” – Rosicky

    1. So long as Wenger insists on using Ozil or Cazorla to pretend to play the LW each week, the struggles will continue. Either Ox or Campbell could be used on the LW to much greater effect.

  8. Are you sure you are not being paid as the club’s new spin doctor? Lets address just one part of your article. You say we have 8 players for 4 positions but it’s not about numbers, it is about quality. Lets just imagine that shock of all shocks, we get a few injuries and maybe add in a suspension and before you know it we are going into a run of games against our title rivals with champions league games in between. Never mind, we have Bellerin at right back, Haydyn and Chambers at centre back and Monreal at left back. What wenger has simply done is buy a young right back who he says can play there or centre back of DM but he can’t play everywhere as promising as he is! He made a player who had an awful season, namely Arteta captain. Sold an experienced centre back and loaned out our second best right back and bought an inexperienced player who is meant to replace both. He bought Welbeck through gritted teeth because of Giroud’s injury so has bought an average forward to replace an average forward.. Wenger will simply not pay what players are worth, hence we don’t have Carvalho, Khedira, Rabiot, Manolas, Falcao, Cavani etc etc insert name here.. He will however pay over the odds for someone when all else fails and he is backed into a corner.. Hence Welbeck..

    1. You are missing the point. If as arsenal supporters, you all expect arsenal to be buying 30mil pound players in every position the way that mancity and chelsea buy, you will remain perpetually miserable. Arsenal will always be short of a few players here and there but we have come a long way since the days of denilson, squillaci and Almunia. If you dont see the progress here, you may be better of supporting real madrid or psg. These clubs dont live in the world and the fact that arsenal has managed to compete with them is a miracle. In preseason, I watched
      Our arsenal tesm completely humiliate machester city with all their billions and that is the pure joy I get supporting a club like arsenal that still manages to pull off miracle after miracle even when we lack the spending
      power of competitors like chelsea, man city and man united. Our squad is not perfect, but it is not rubbish either. When you see the way some of us complain here you wouldnt even know that we spent 35 million pounds of our hard earned money to buy Alexis Sanchez. But it is all doom and gloom for some because we did not buy carvallio.

      1. No we don’t expect £30 million players in every position.. We do however expect quality, especially when we have had all summer and we have funds available.

      2. Many words and not any of them make the delusion go away. Nonsensical. Just covering for the manager that messed it up. Join some of us in realityville.

  9. of course bcse for last bunch of windows we have been selling quality and bringing mediocre players from the french league…so wenger stopped his football ponzi scheme…i guess we should be grateful for that….oh sorry he sold verm and brought in a 12 year old prodigy from the albanian sunday league

  10. @Captainweestain… Nice & intresting story.. I like it.
    Now to whosoever wrote this article, It’s our results by january that’ll determine how GOOOOOD the transfer was !
    {Ars Vs Che * Ars Vs Mancity * Ars Vs Liv * Ars Vs Manu}. These games also show how the transfer has Mentally Upgraded us…

  11. I agree with Mohawk (posted near the top)

    6 defenders 4 spots
    sent Jenkinson and Miquel on loan.
    14 midfielders 5 spots
    Diaby, Arteta free agents next season

    Why didnt Wenger get another quality defender and CDM?
    Especially defender.

    I disagree that it’s our BEST transfer window. We needed to sign a top striker (we got a decent one with potential), a quality defender (should have kept Vermaelen if we have only 6) and top CDM

    1. You needed to sign a top striker? Well, have you ever heard of a guy called Alexis Sanchez? Many say he is not a striker. Well, is lionel messi a striker? What about christiano ronaldo? But they both score the most goals. Alexis Sanchez is a top striker and we bought him. Maybe some day some of us here will finally realise that a striker is any forward who scores goals and Alexis always scores goals. But hey, never mind all these facts. You can go back to doom and gloom.

  12. Positives:
    All of our signings were excellent and could be considered upgrades, Sanchez and Welbeck have the potential to blossom at Arsenal.
    We should have gone out 110% to get a young and strong DM player.
    No idea why we didn’t ensure we brought in a versatile CB. I would have paid well and offered a first team spot, (benching BFG). No idea why we sold TV5 before buying a CB. Hope we wont regret this.
    As @Invicibles49 said, a good window but could have been even better.

  13. Germany is losing because no Arsenal players started, but Podolski has been put in for draxler so Germany have a chance now. Podolski will score.

    England aren’t winning because they put the best striker on the bench. Welbeck. The inferior strikers Rooney and Sturridge didn’t score. Hodgson needs to put Welbeck on to win.

  14. @cartman. I thought Welbeck had a knock in training and may have a minor injury. If so I don’t want him anywhere near the pitch!
    Come back fit and strong to us 🙂

  15. Nope, I disagree. The best transfer window ever was when we bought Overmas, Petit, Vieira and Kanu Nwankwo and probably Anelka so soon after. Beat that!

  16. chamberlain still work in progress…poor for england tonight first touch isnt good never really in control of ball

  17. Rooney scored penalty

    But seriously. That was the only way he could score tonight because he played really poorly.

    He didn’t play like a £300,000/week player
    Falcao should tell United “I will sign for you permanently if you pay me 3 times more than Rooney” lol

  18. @lordmoor. He always looked sharp, plays with effort and is a good player, we just wouldn’t admit it due to the shirt he used to wear 🙂

    1. There’s also a very interesting analysis by some dude on the official site. He explains what Welbeck can bring us compared to Giroud. Basically in his opinion, playing Giroud upfront makes it easier for teams to press our midfielders, since Giroud is so immobile. Welbeck on the other hand will keep running behind, giving some space for the likes of Özil and Cazorla, and lessening the pressure on Arteta or Flamini. It makes sense when you think that the best defense is offense. I never though this kind of article would appear on the official site of a club. lol (Poor Giroud)

  19. Since the season ended there have been pages and pages written about transfers on this forum. In fact hundreds of pages. Out of all that discussions there were some very common demands here which I think 90% of the fans agreed. This was:
    – get a CDM
    – get a defender and
    – get a world class striker
    And AFC management were well aware of the basic demands. I still think all these 3 demands have been totally ignored and not acted upon. However I am really looking forward to the next Arsenal game with Welbeck playing and will be supporting my dear Arsenal all the way!!

    1. You do know right that football clubs do not act upon 3rd party “demands” – and like it or not fans and supporters are third parties.

      1. In an honest world, the clubs should act on the fans and supporters wishes because we (fans) are the bosses of these clubs. Simply because we pay the management and players their wages and benefits. But I know we live in a dishonest world and therefore who cares for the fans as they are downgraded to 3rd party!

        1. I agree but “in an honest world” – you know that doesn’t really exist in the modern business world. Think fan power works well at lower league clubs but soon as you get in to the higher echelons with mega bucks it all evaporates. I think the single biggest influence the supporters have on the bigger clubs is the power to remove managers. May take a long time and it will not always succeed but fan’s discontent with the manager if demonstrated at the ground does eventually register with most boards. The biggest problem pubgooner, even in an ideal world, would simply be which fans do you listen to???! Bottom line no top football club can be run on a democratic, committee like basis – simply wouldn’t work.

  20. I’m not a big welbeck fan as you know but seeing him in CF position tonight, he could score a lot of goals for us as we will create chances for him

  21. This window was significant. Three players with PL experience were signed plus a marquee signing means we have continued on from the Ozil signing.

    Squad was very short last year so we have definitely improved. Off course some people are going to complain but they would have complained regardless of who we signed.

  22. It was a pretty good transfer window.

    The only negative is we let defenders go without replacing them first. We did target 5 defenders in the last day, so there was intent at least. I think we should have moved on faster from Carvalho, our first target among the 5.

  23. One Marquee signing per summer will help us in future but not now

    Chelsea got Fabregas, Costa
    United got Falcao, Di Maria,

    We should have tried to get on an even par with our rivals.

    We need to keep up. That’s why we should have got top forward like Cavani, Martinez, Reus, Falcao and top CDM like Carvalho, Bender, Khedira, Gustavo, Scneiderlin.

    Also we are short on defenders putting physical and mental pressure on our 4 main defenders.

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