This week is looking good to be Arsenal’s pivotal point of the transfer window

Arsenal fans would like Mikel Arteta and his team to improve on last season’s performance, which saw them finish second behind Manchester City in the English Premier League standings. They were on the verge of winning the league title when they lost their opportunity toward the end of the season. This laxity allowed Manchester City to overtake them and take the title.

In the end, it was clear that the Gunners were unable to launch a significant title challenge due to their lack of squad depth and inexperienced young team. This summer, Mikel Arteta is trying to add quality players with some experience to his squad to fix those difficulties.

They have so far confirmed the arrival of Kai Haverts from Stamford Bridge. They are also on the verge of securing the arrival of at least two more new faces in the coming weekArsenal is set to unveil both Declan Rice and Ajax defender Jurien Timber this week as new members of its family.It has been made known that Arsenal is nearing the end of its negotiations with the relevant clubs to recruit both Rice and Timber.

They had already agreed with the players’ agents and they only needed their teams’ approval for the deals to become official.In addition to the agreements with Rice and Timber, Arsenal could disclose the extension of contracts with William Saliba (who would have been a free agent next year) and Reiss Nelson (whose contracts expired at the end of June).

What a fantastic week it will be for Gooners this week!

Sam P

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  1. Nope, because nothing is confirmed yet

    West Ham/ Ajax could reject Arsenal’s payment terms and Saliba/ Nelson could decline to sign the new contracts

    1. True. The the unpredictability in football now a day’s crazy. We shouldn’t count our chicks yet. Sometimes, some fans say you’re a pessimist because you don’t put your entire hope in something, hence not being highly disappointed.

    2. Gai, I bet DRice and Timber are done. The rest is just a formality the clarity will be open by weekend. That much I know. I tell you there are sources very real and not popular

      1. Nothing is finalosed on Saliba and Nelson as their agent are working on possibilities..

      2. I heard Man United are still interested in Timber. I wouldn’t be disappointed if he doesn’t join us

        1. Arsenal will give them plenty of opportunity to sway the player – while Edu is bartering over pennies Man United will just sign him.
          The more things change the more they stay the same.

        2. Ten Hag wanted Timber last season but he rejected. He clearly wants to come to Arsenal I don’t think ManU will offer more than Arsenal’s 40M for him, I don’t see him as what they badly needed. They are seriously in search of a CF. I worry less about DRice & Timber they will join Arsenal.

    3. I think it’s more to do with wanting to comply with FFP, especially for West Ham by delaying things until this month, rather than the payment terms and I also think that Rice is still abroad on holiday.

  2. It’s not 100% but I’m quietly confident all will go through. We are not in the era of Wenger with botched up transfers and losing top players

      1. Mudryk wasn’t botched, we dodged a bullet, Willian has had a good season with Fulham but it just didn’t work out with us. Some you win and sometimes a loss is also a win.

        1. You can’t say we dodged a bullet, the reality is that it’s not that simple.

          Mudryk @ Chelsea = average
          Havertz @ Chelsea = average

          So is Haverts going to be bad signing for us? No you can’t say that at all. Different players thrive/struggle in different environments so to say because 1 was bad somewhere doesn’t mean they’d be bad everywhere.

  3. It will take on act of God for Arsenal not confirm the signing of Rice , Saliba and Timber, in fact photo shoot stage is being prepared, vacation cut short, base on reliable sources.

    But Arsenal not signing Lavia could be a blessing in disguise from unconfirmed reports.

  4. In the time that we have been pissing about with the Declan Rice transfer our competitors are bringing in players.
    Man City have been linked with Gvardiol – they will have signed him in a few days and we will still be faffing around with Rice.
    Pay the f**king money or don’t pay it.
    Declan Rice isn’t that good – there are better options out there.

    1. How many more times, Is nothing to do with the money!
      The reason has been mentioned above ⬆️

  5. I have never understood why our transfers take so long to get over the line. Liverpool just completed the transfer of that Hungarian player within days of triggering the release clause.

    1. Arsenal have always been notorious when it comes to transfers, always trying to squeeze a little bit extra, they will never change, been like this for years

  6. Me2 you dnt know what you are talking about regarding Rice. He is a top quality player. He is a upgrade to partey due to the fact that he is more durable than partey. No disrespect to partey, but he can’t last the 38 matches of a season.

  7. We have been hearing from the likes of Fabrizio Romano that the Rice deal is almost agreed. Yet now we are hearing about deadlines for completion, with Sullivan playing hardball. Most of this is probably just media froth, but Arsenal need to get this done.

  8. Lack of squad depth, I will accept, but inexperience No! If anyone is to be blamed for inexperience it should be Arteta and I’m pretty sure that he knows it. Hopefully lessons learned and a much stronger squad as well this season.

  9. I am writing this with my cynical of Sydenham hat on.

    We are spending a lot of money in this window, with, it appears, the backing of the Kroenkes.

    I wonder if they are fattening us for Market?

    Selling EPL clubs seems to be in vogue currently.

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