This will be Arsenal’s scariest ever Champions League draw!

The changes made by UEFA over the seedings for the Champions League is simply going to mean that the Group Stages have every chance of being many times harder than in previous years, when every top team was guaranteed at least one lemon in the Group.

First of all, let’s look at each pot….

Pot 1: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Leicester City, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Benfica, Paris Saint-Germain, CSKA Moscow

Pot 2: Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Arsenal, Sevilla, Porto, Napoli, Bayer Leverkusen, Manchester City

Pot 3: Basel, Tottenham, Dynamo Kiev, Lyon, PSV Eindhoven, Sporting Lisbon, Club Brugge, Borussia Monchengladbach

Pot 4: Monaco, Besiktas, Legia Warsaw, Ludogorets, Celtic, Dinamo Zagreb, Copenhagen, Rostov

So, unless we get very lucky with CSKA Moscow or Benfica, we are guaranteed to get one of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus or Paris Saint-Germain.

Pots 3, and especially 4 or much easier, but we could still end up with a group with Barcelona, Monaco and Borussia Monchengladbach in it!

But let’s be positive. What is the best possible group we could end up with?

I’m going to go with: Benfica, Club Brugge and Celtic. This would mean we get a reasonably easy run plus their will be very little travelling….

What do you think?



    1. Blimey you want it so we get there by playing, you think are easy ones. Even easy ones we Fu::k up. Don’t you all get it, it’s what Wenger thrives on mixing with Managers of bigger teams he is like a snob,nose in air thinking I’ve done it again. CB

    1. Highly unlikely. We couldn’t even beat Monaco a couple years ago. PSG is in our group so 99% chance we’ll grab 2nd again and then draw Barcelona.

  1. It doesn’t matter who is in the group. You have to be at the top, not get 2nd place and get knocked out in last 16 for 4/5 consecutive seasons.

    If Arsenal get Perez he will be second striker behind one of three Wengers favourite Sons Giroud. I hope if he comes in he takes every opportunity to displace Giroud as no1 striker.

    With Valencia Deal for Diego Alves to Barcelona now off, I think Arsenal can get their way with Valencia offer for Mustafi.

    Then we are back to who doesn’t deserve to be in first 11 argument.

    1. This is what’s happening with Perez

      “Arsenal’s £16.9m bid for Perez deemed ‘unacceptable’ as Deportivo La Coruna reject attempt to pay transfer fee in two instalments”

      We have become a total and utter joke. This is a release clause you have to pay it in a single installment. Duh.

      I actually hope we dont get him – he is not what we need, we dont need an alternative to Giroud
      We need much better than Giroud.
      Bunch of amateurs ruining the clubs reputation.

      1. it’s beyond disgraceful. Every year we continue to embarrass ourselves. How is this acceptable to any fan and anyone who is part of the club????

        1. why is it disgraceful to offer to pay the fee in two installments? lol no plan of finance and trying to be the babossa

          1. Because Krish when a club “activates” a release clause its paid in full.

            A release clause activation means that the selling club has no option but to sell, at that fixed price the whole transaction is non-negotiable including payment terms.

        2. My guess is that Wenger is playing poker with Everton and he doesn’t really want to sign this striker, at all.
          He is probably trying to hold Everton to ransom regarding the sale of Lukaku.
          The story so far:
          Everton have already activated Lucas’s release clause, Wenger has jumped in at the last second and is obviously trying to manipulate this deal, Hence his ridiculous bid, which clearly states that he is not interested in signing this striker.
          According to reports, Wenger wants Griezmann and for this to happen he needs Lukaku to be sold to Chelsea and Costa to be sold to Athletico Madrid.

          Surely if wenger really wanted Lucas perez he would have put the £17 million down for him?
          He can’t be that delusional. …. Can .. he? ? ?

          1. Hahaha With Wenger you cant be sure about anything now hahaha
            But I dont know…about this tactical move…rumour is that Wenger is waiting this certain transfers happen to get Griezmann at the end…I mean why would Chelsea sell Costa to Atletico M even if they buy Lukaku??

            1. Hahaha because Chelsea want Lukaku and the player wants to go to Chelsea, they already had a 50 million bid rejected by Everton.
              Athletico Madrid were interested in bringing costa back, who is a bit of a liability at Chelsea.
              You know how it is lol Wenger likes doors opening for him! (Ozil and Sanchez)

          2. I don’t get it. As per your theory if Wenger is bidding for Lucas to stall Everton ,it means they might not get Lucas in this window. So how will this prompt Everton to sell Lukaku??
            Don’t you think Everton would want to sign Lucas before they sell Lukaku ?? If your theory is correct Wenger should back off the deal and allow Everton to sign Lucas.
            Or maybe you meant Wenger is getting into a bidding war so Everton end up paying more for Lucas and have to sell Lukaku to recoup the money. That still doesn’t make sense because Everton have new owners and they already got 50 mill. for Stones. So they don’t need the money..

            1. Don’t worry about it mate,
              There’s more stressful things in life to worry about, lets just sit back and watch Wenger Play out his Pokemon game lol ?

          3. Well, word on the street is that AFC has finally agreed to pay a one-time fee for Perez.
            And there seems to be some Valencia-Arsenal-Deportivo connection going on there.. I don’t really understand. It seems Arsene is trying to play game with Valencia. Kind of a “kill two birds with one stone” thing.

      2. lolololol people who have absolutely no plan of managing a club having a go at something they dont understand.. you feel that we became a joke cause we asked to pay the fee in two installments? you are a joke to be honest 😀 of course the media always targets us our fans are a bunch of brainless sheep who think every negotiation is over their level and feel disgraced xD

        1. Krish read my response above and stop talking about things you have no idea about, leave your computer and go outside and play hopscotch with your friends.

    2. Arsenal so far had bid rejected for Perez as we wanted to pay the 17 mil in two instalments and not all in one go. Bid rejected!

      Unbelievable! Our club is mad, utterley mad.

      1. actually thats pretty normal to offer it first in two installments and when they accept it good for us more money to be spent on a star player but well of course you sheeps think that offering to pay in two installments is mad lol

        1. our star player should be in the position we are currently skimping out on. Yet another season of Ozil servicing strikers that aren’t good enough. Spare me the “let’s see how he is, he could be a worldy” nonsense that Wenger has said for the last decade. We all know AW just couldn’t get his act together and spend the money necessary for a true top striker. This guy is 4th, 5th choice. I will have no ill feelings towards either Ozil or Alexis if they don’t renew contracts. They were promised a team that could compete, and it hasn’t happened.

  2. Embarrassing! We can’t even get Lucas Perez, lmao!! What a joke! We want to pay a 17mill transfer in two installments! Whoever is in charge of our transfer business should be FIRED… Oh, wait isn’t it Wenger who get’s final say on these things, just like everything else at the club?

  3. Jesus Christ. Arsenal paying 17 millions in two instalments? Oh . Someone get me a gun . This is unacceptable

    1. exactly. People wondering why it’s embarrassing? It’s the principle that we cannot afford a 17mill striker. After we’re told every summer “we can afford any player in the world” or “we can get the best players now.” Gazidis as usual lies out of his teeth, what else is new. Everton willing to pay the cash, but Arsenal are not. I honestly don’t care if this goes through or not. This is just another one-season wonder like Vardy. Is he really any better than Giroud? If he’s not then why are we getting him? I’d much rather just go into the season with Giroud and Walcott, wait on Welbeck, instead of adding another deadweight player that won’t leave for 3-4 seasons. 4th place is our goal afterall. This guy won’t lead us to the title.

      1. Exactly, Wenger always sticks to player he has got even if they are not good enough …So rather let this season go and get a big st next season… or he will get a excuse next season(if he stays)..”we have Giroud, Perez,Walcott,Sanchez…so many st”

  4. West Ham payed 20 fckn million to the Swans for Ayew and a big club like Arsenal can’t pay17 millions for someone we need badly? This is beyond madness and its an insult to the club and we the fans. Is Arsenal a bank ?

    1. Can you say with 100% certainty that the payment for Ayew was not scheduled in multiple installments ?

  5. Wenger already spent his £50m budget it seems. What a waste! We Will see history repeat itself again. We already lost the league imo.

    1. Twig they do but this is not the case Perez has a 17M release clause. Everton met that clause, we are trying to negotiate below that clause. If we meet the clause of 17M Deportivo HAS to sell and we HAVE to pay in full. We are a joke –

  6. lolololol people who have absolutely no plan of managing a club having a go at something they dont understand.. you feel that we became a joke cause we asked to pay the fee in two installments? you are a joke to be honest ? of course the media always targets us our fans are a bunch of brainless sheep who are butthurt and think every negotiation is over their level and feel disgraced when it gets rejected xD you are so easy to manipulate, thats why the media loves you guys you are fodder to them, its an insult to the fans that they want to pay in installments? you do know that its a matter about millions.. there could be about 100 reasons to prefer paying in installments and its neither disgraceful nor insulting…

    1. YOU CANT PAY A RELEASE CLAUSE IN INSTALLMENTS!!! Stop trolling and go outside and play and leave your mom’s computer alone.

      1. first show me a page citing what you are saying and even if it was true, a release clause is a clause which gets triggered but a selling club can agree to a fee when they want to sell even if its under the release clause so there is surely the possibility that they can agree to a payment in installment, but of course they want to have it in one payment but because of that the offer is neither disgraceful nor insulting

      2. You best tell Wenger to go and play hopscotch then ?

        According to Spanish media outlet Cadena Ser, Deportivo La Coruna have this morning rejected Arsenal’s bid of €20m (£17m) for 27-year-old forward Lucas Perez.

        The former PAOK forward has a €20m release clause in his contract but Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger reportedly offered Deportivo the money in two instalments.

      3. and i never troll 😉 if >5 people feel the urge to write the same thing a lot of times why shouldn’t i answer it with the same method of you moaners? Copy&Paste… see how annoying it is to read the same comment again and again??

        and i don’t even mind that you want to call me names but sorry are in the kindergarten? it was soooo bad… i made better jibes when i was still an infant, learn something from fatty ^^

        1. @ Krish

          Lean from fatty?… Like what? ?
          How to munch 10 Big Mac’s whilst driving home for Sunday dinner and not leaving any clues behind,( Burping included) that would upset the misses? ? ?

          1. wait… whaaaat? misses? do you want to imply you have a plural number of women/wives at home (cooking a sunday dinner for you) :O 😛

      4. And how the fsck do you know that? It doesn’t even made sense. A clause is just a clause you agree to pay. How you pay is between you and the seller!

  7. I hope Wenger knows he has to sign a STRIKER this week. Man City signed Bravo. They are a real threat. Wenger should sign the Lucas guy ASAP.

  8. Please could you guys stop the nagging.I thought many of you early in the transfer window were saying you’ve reduce expections for the window.Now look y’all just talking and nagging too much.Why can’t you wait till the end of the transfer window and judge him after that.After all the most important thing is if we get what we need and not crying or weeping just because you think nothing is happening.As for me I’m gonna relax and wait till the end before I complain or not.I’m not gonna be a pretender by nagging and complaining all day long then come to support the coach pnce he gets what we need

    1. dont worry, i’ll never support wenger, haven’t for years. He’s clueless and the sooner people see that the better.

  9. As for the champions league rigged group stage draw:



    Dynamo Kiev

  10. Champions League…who cares! It’s a tournament that Arsenal have become an embarrassment in! I’m only interested in seeing how Leicester, and Man City get on. With Arsenal, it’ll just be the same old, same old. We’ll qualify from an easy group, people will wax lyrical about Wenger’s fantastic record in the group stages, and we’ll then crash out in the last 16, irrespective of the opponent, throwing the tie away in the first leg. Rinse and repeat!

    1. Hold on! You only care what Leicster and Mancity are doing? you sure you’re on the right fan page mate? Do I honesty think Arsenal will go far in the competion with the currunt squad?No. Do I want them to be successful? Hell, yes!

  11. imagine the storm if we draw or loose at watford, not saying it will happen but this team is lacking confidence… they are playing away, if we have 2 or even 1 pt on 3 matches, could get interesting… just saying… until we get a win in the EPL, I won’t be concerned w the UCL,

    1. it’s a nice change. I still expect 2nd in the group, but at least we finally get different opponents.

      1. Yep a new challenge will be nice plus I don’t think psg are any where near barca or bayern. Hopefully we can string a few wins together in the league and go into the ucl with a bit of confidence

    1. Sadly I can’t seem to remove last season’s fruitless trip to Zagreb in the group stages. Never easy to travel such distance midweek to a hostile environment.

      With said, Arsenal definitely has a manageable group.

    1. we’ve gotten so many harder groups while being pot leaders. I’m satisfied for sure. we finally may not travel to Germany this season! (if we get through and get Bayern in R16, you can blame me)

      1. With this current squad, we will finish second no doubt and draw Barca or Bayern (oddly we never draw Real).

        However, I fear another display as last season against Basel (first we lose, then we go to Switzerland needing a 2-0 win or something).

        1. after 20 years at the club, hopefully Wenger has learned to play his No1. goalkeepers this time around. We can only hope!

  12. Its a doable CL draw for us, PSG the top seed, but i would be more afraid of Luds and Basel, we tend to under rate our opponents especially from leagues we think are lower than the EPL, when we should be ruthless.

    If we get Perez and Mustafi this week it may have not been a too bad a market for us, but still have this bitter taste though from the thought that we could have had them before the season start and we could have been on six points instead of one

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