This young DM looks like a typical Wenger signing….

I am not so sure that Arsenal are in dire need of a new DM, unless he is already much better than the ones we already have at the club, but knowing Arsene Wenger he is probably looking a bit further ahead than I am.

So the news that we are considering bringing in a young Norwegian defensive midfielder strikes me as a typical Wenger move, and the Norwegian youngster Sander Berge does actually look like a very promising acquisition. He was only snapped up by Belgian side Genk in January of this year from Valarenga but he was established at the Norwegian side at just 18 years of age, and was thrown straight into Genk’s first team on arrival in Belgium.

He is very big and strong, having come from a family of basketball players, and also has a few international caps with Norway despite his young age. He is obviously talented, and at a quoted price of around £18million could definitely prove value for money if he manages to prove himself in the Premier League.

We thought we had solved our defensive midfielder problems when Francis Coquelin proved to be our saviour a few years ago, but he doesn’t seem to have developed into the superstar we were hoping for, and Mohammed Elneny has also failed to impress much so far, so perhaps he could even be a candidate for a first team place at Arsenal straight away.

I think I’d be happy if Arsenal bought him and even loaned him back to Genk for one more season to help his development, as he looks like typical one-for-the-future Wenger signing….



    1. We need to be looking at Maximilian Arnold at Wolfsburg. Captain of the german U21 side, an obvious leader and a gritty, abrasive, hard working defensive midfielder who can control the game from the midfield. I’m surprised we are yet to be linked with him

  1. I can see where you are coming from, maybe one for the future, I guess that 18 million is about the standard for a future prospect. Think the starting 11 need a strengthening first, not sure elneny will ever cement his place as a started and la cock will only do a job against the weaker side, xhaka needs to show some form this season so we need someone else challenging in the dm position. If he was to be signed would he get a chance?

  2. I wish Wenger had left. One would think he thinking beyond the two year he has left.
    For the future? He shouldn’t be thinking of players for the future leave that to the next manager and go get the player you need to win the title next season

  3. We need players for both now and the future.So he could be signed and loan back to Genk..that’s what chelshit and other big teams are doing

  4. I am really interested in this chap, actually seen him in a CB position for Genk also some what reminds me of bielik , bielik started in the midfield position and has been moved to CB where he is gradually developing. If we do buy this young man i hope he is just solely used as a DM.

    At 18 million i think its a good investment and could give elneny or coquelin a run for the money, i have always long for the physical presence in front of our back three, four or five and i think Berge fits the bill

    1. what has happened to Bielik ? Thought he would have got in the team by now if he was that good or at least in squad on regular basis.. maybe a loan would do him good

  5. The fact that he’s young and he wants to sign him does not mean he can’t play for the first team now.If he’s ready for the first team now they should just sign him and give him the chance.It’s funny how because a young player is being signed they just say “one for the future” yet they are prepared to go for other top youngsters and put them straight in the first.If he’s ready just play him.You don’t need to be old to be ready.If he’s ready and better than what we have he should just be played.

    1. I wouldn’t mind if we found another young and hungry Holding. But lets try sign the bigger players first, and if a kid then comes along and makes a splash, great!.

      1. Are you saying that if a good young player comes along that we want to buy we should say no, we have to sign an experienced player first. So young player goes elsewhere.

        Yes we want to sign top players early to try and convince our other wavering top players to stay. But to turn away the chance of buying a good young player because we have not signed a top player yet is nonsense.

    2. Totally agree, messi, fabregas, etc. We’re young and good enough, so if he is good enough, play him!!

  6. I’d like us to get Goretzka, just my preference, I don’t expect anyone to agree. I believe he and Xhaka might become a force, formidable. Munich have signed Tolisso, if we are after Lacazette why can’t we just get things done like that, Bayern had no trouble dealing with Lyon. Maybe we should have been more ruthless if Wenger really did want Tolisso, I hope we don’t hear the usual almost captured BS.

  7. NO MORE POTENTIAL! We have to start buying ready made players, that can hit the ground running. The fans pump enough money into the club, so can we please start seeing it invested properly.

    1. Agree
      It’s rare for a young inexperienced player to become top quality
      Also we need players for NOW, not just future who are quality and experienced

    2. Agree. Part of the reason Sanchez wants out is because there aren’t enough proven players around him. Mbappe is really the only exception, but we need experienced attackers that will we know will give us results. Alexis was such a good transfer because he was proven talent. When Arsenal makes purchases like that, things go well. even ozil to an extent, despite his frustrations at times, has definitely helped bring silverware back to the club. We need to keep going forward now though.

  8. Just checked out his youtube clips, and considering how they show the highlights, I’m not impressed. The competition he’s facing looks to be a mixture of youth team football and players lacking quality, and he didn’t look too much different to that himself. Also they mostly showed him making passes, but easy passes. His ball control didn’t look Arsenal quality to me. He looked a little on the slow side too, without enough aggression for a DM. I am by no means an expert at judging younger players, but this was my honest opinion of the lad. He looked very raw, but not in an exciting way.

  9. We desperately need a quality DM or Defensively strong box to Box player

    A year or two ago we should have got Kante or Wanyama

    We should try for GUEYE – premier league experience and top quality

    OR internationally try for Seri, llerimendi, strootman, Gonalons, fabhino

  10. We need to be signing proven quality..

    Does Wenger know he has to either title next season or come pretty dam close..

    He needs to be making signings that will CONVINCE Sanchez and ozil to stay ( as well as paying them want they want money wise )

    Do we really believe some 18 year old norwiegen is gonna increase their likely hood to stay.. probably not..

    I’m more interested why the Lacazette deal isn’t done yet? Surely we know what the price is so let’s pay it then get him in soonish..
    Then we need a strong CB I still believe van dijk is worth a punt.. remember city paid 47odd mill for stones . So why not chuck a cheeky 50mil for van dijk.. 23.. premier league prooven.. strong tackling and good in the air.. if say 50mil is a fair price in TODAY’S market..

    Am I wrong?


  11. Chelsea and Man Utd will try to bring Ronaldo, Morata and Veratti and we are after an average defensifive midfielder from Genk.

    Standard transfer window @afc

  12. I dnt think we are serious…y dnt we jus pay wnt lyon wnt..y is our transfer always.dis easy 4 man city 2 sign silva..4 3 yrs we cnt sign lacazette..y dnt we try eduardo vargas den? sanchez team mate..dia combination look deadly

  13. I think at the moment we have enough young players with potential, can we just concentrate 100% on getting the 2 or 3 world class players we need to make us challenge for the PL. Like a previous comment I wonder why the Lacazette deal is taking so long or if he isn’t interested in him just come out and say so. If he is interested just pay the asking price and get it done….

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