Thomas Frank insists Kai Havertz should have been sent off

Brentford manager Thomas Frank is furious that Kai Havertz was not sent off for simulation earlier in the game between his team and Arsenal, as the German proved to be the hero by scoring the winner.

Havertz had gone down under little to no touch when he was on a yellow card and could easily have been cautioned.

However, the referee and VAR did not see enough in his action to punish the attacker, and he became the hero of the night by scoring the winning goal in a 2-1 victory for the Gunners.

After the game, a visibly upset Frank said, as quoted by the Daily Mail:

‘I actually don’t think Havertz should have been on the pitch when he scored the goal,’ he said. ‘For me it was a clear dive [in Collins’ challenge] in the penalty shout. If you see that slowly, the diving is clear. Maybe it’s difficult for the ref but the linesman maybe should have seen it.’ [Was already on a yellow]

Just Arsenal Opinion

Havertz may have made the most of the situation, but there was at least minimal contact between him and the Brentford defender, which made the situation tough for the officials.

The decision was the right one, and we were lucky the official did not make a harsher one and sent him off because it would clearly have affected us.

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  1. The ref didn’t see it, so lucky for us. I did think the first Haverz yellow was unlucky, I dont know how else he is supposed to jump.

  2. Oh please, Frank just a sore loser, his entire team could have gotten a yellow card for time wasting

  3. This highlights the discussion Jon Fox and I was having with regards to players being sent off for diving – it’s opinion based.
    The on field officials and VAR officials agreed it wasn’t worth a yellow card – others think it was.
    If Porto dive as much as they did in the first leg, the match would be abandoned as they wouldn’t have the necessary eight players needed on the pitch.
    My view – he was touched, only Kai knows if that was enough to send him tumbling the way he did.

    1. Havertz has a habit of falling easily in the box under minimal contact but ain’t a dive or yellow card offence.

    2. Ken just watched the thriller at Anfield.
      What a game! And we stay top. City were on the rack most of second half and Pool missed many chances . But a draw is good for us and we stay top for a week at least now.
      Ederson injured and went off, hopefully its a long term out fo him.
      I presume you watched it?

      1. Excellent game Jon and the result I wanted.
        I believe we will beat city as we have the determination to right last seasons wrongs.
        I think Ederson will be fit for the game, but I’m confused as to why he wasn’t red carded, as he was the last man.

        1. I think it’s something called the double jeopardy decision as I think it’s been deemed that a penalty and a yellow is enough punishment. I’m not saying it’s fair but think that’s why.

      1. No, but they can rule on a penalty Reggie and Jon’s previous suggestion was that diving warranted a red card.

        1. What i meant to put because you put VAR didn’t think it was a dive. Is. VAR didn’t intervene because a dive is a yellow card and VAR can only intervene to upgrade to red.

    3. Great point with Porto. They had a clear strategy to fall on top of the ball whenever pressed and the ref always capitulated and gave them a free kick

  4. There was contact just very minimal. So it was a flop and going down easily, not a dive. Players go down easily many times every match.

  5. To be fair every pundit seems to agree he should have gone, but hey, some you win, some you lose! Anyway we are now top of the league for the next three weeks.

        1. Not those of us with a sense of fairness GB and I love it when pundits and “know all fans” have to eat humble pie.

  6. Thomas Frank needed to look at the antics of some of his own players before making judgements on ours.
    The match lasted 49 minutes, mostly due to them simulating head injuries and generally slowing the game down at every opportunity.
    I did however think Kai dived, but he’s so lanky that even the slightest touch or trip sends him all over the place.
    And we’re still top.

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