Thomas Frank makes a very bold statement about Arsenal this season

Brentford manager Thomas Frank has lavished praise on Arsenal ahead of their match this weekend.

The Gunners return to action when they take on the Bees in this London derby, and it would be one of the exciting matches to watch.

Frank’s side beat Arsenal on the opening day of the league season last term, just after their promotion to the top flight.

It was an embarrassing result for the Gunners, and it started a poor run of form to begin that season.

However, Mikel Arteta’s side has started this one much better, and they are at the top of the league table.

Frank says they are the second best team in the land, only Manchester City is better.

He said, as quoted by The Sun:

“We are playing against a very good side.

“It was one thing to beat them a year ago.

“For me, now, after Manchester City, they are the best performing side in the Premier League.

“I said to the players today that we will need to be able to suffer and defend very well.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Being at the top of the league table and winning five of our opening five league games is a huge positive.

We could see the loss to Manchester United the last time as a one-off, and we expect to beat Brentford.

But they are not a team we should underestimate, and they have proven that even in this campaign with some fine wins.

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  1. The trouble with brierf reports such as this one, which state the blooming obvious, as compared to actual articles that give us a new angle, a fresh insight and even something of the authors own opinion, is that they are BORING BEYOND BELIEF AND ARE SIMPLY SPACE FILLERS.

    I stay on JA in the hope that we occasionally get to read a worthwhile actual article – such as KENS two David Dein pieces, with one more to come – among the humdrum of brief,say nothing of interest reports, so EASILY foisted on us all, by SOME inhouse writers.

    Who agrees with me that JA should aim for quality above quality , esp when so much of that supposed “quantity” is…….! Fill in your own blanks!

    1. Jon, I am really looking forward to Kens final piece.

      Every so ofetn we are fortunate enough to get a really great piece.

      1. YES “EVERY SO OFTEN”.

        I AGREE AND ALSO AGREE ABOUT Ken’s eagerly awaited last instalment. But it is that long gap between one fascinating article and the next that is the MAIN PROBLEM.

        Very occasionally, we get a good run of worthwhile articles in a short period of time.

        But in the long term these fine articles are like priceless gems , made more priceless still, by their rarity!

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