Thomas Muller has his say on Serge Gnabry time at Arsenal

Thomas Muller has joined his manager to take a swipe at Arsenal after Serge Gnabry’s heroics in London last night.

Gnabry scored twice to help Bayern Munich record a 3-0 win over Chelsea in their Champions League round of 16 match at Stamford Bridge.

The win puts the Germans one foot into the next round and they will probably feel the second leg at home is nothing more than a formality.

Bayern’s manager has claimed that he knew that Gnabry was a great player when he turned out for Arsenal and Muller has added his voice.

The former Germany international was asked how it felt that Gnabry had scored six times on his last two visits to London and Muller couldn’t help but wonder what Arsenal would be thinking about that.

Muller was asked: ‘Serge Gnabry has scored in his last six games in London. That’s crazy, right?’

He replied as quoted in the Metro: ‘Yeah, Arsenal are perhaps asking themselves that! ‘I’m happy he is scoring so much in London now and not five years ago, because if that were the case he probably wouldn’t be with us now.’

Gnabry struggled to nail down a starting shirt at Arsenal and when he flopped on-loan at West Brom, it became obvious that he may never be a success in English football and it was for the good of both parties that he return to his native Germany.

Bayern are quite rightfully over the moon at what they have achieved against English clubs this season but there is still a long way to go in this seasons Champions League and they may not be so full of themselves later on in the competition.

As for Gnabry, it is good to see he is doing well for the German champions, it is just a shame he could not do it when he was with Arsenal.


  1. Can we stop talking about gnarby now
    Hes not our anymore, and what muller said about us is trash.
    Everyone know shady move that bayern use to got gnarby from us.
    Just move on

    1. I could explain that this is an arsenal news site and that Gnarby is very relevant and that no one is twisting your arm to read the articles but I won’t. What I will do is answer your question “Can we stop talking about gnarby now” the short answer is, no. More articles in the pipeline.

      1. If you do not see what the point is then why even comment? I think I know why, you are one of the biggest moaners on this site that actually adds very little actual contribution and you have this need to add comments for the sake of them to literally just have a whine. Maybe, just maybe, if you stop complaining and add a well thought out comment once in a while your opinions may carry some weight. I will not hold my breath.

        1. Unlike you SAGooner I do read every single comment because it is part of my job and you do moan more than anyone else. You also do some very good comments and I wish that you would stick to that because you do add a contribution when you stick to the substance of an article. As for last word, I suspect that my comment count would show that to be a mistake on your part. I will never stand by and allow the site or its writers to be berated, bullied, abused or be rude to and if that means I am vocal on occasions and objectionable, then so be it.

  2. Twisting the knife, Muller ” it was best for both parties Gnabry went to Germany ” Yeah right! Slightly better for one of the parties.

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