Thomas Partey hopeful of being fit to face Leeds next week

Arsenal fans could clearly see that Thomas Partey was a great improvement in our midfield in the few games we’ve seen him play, so we were all devastated when he was taken off injured in our unbelievable 3-0 home defeat to Aston Villa.

Partey was practically ever-present for Atletico last season, but it looked like Partey was going to suffer the Arsenal curse of serious injury after just a few games for the Gunners. The results of the scan have not yet been revealed officially by Arsenal, but it is in Gooners natures to assume the worst…

But not according to the Arsenal expert Charlie Watts, who has claimed on his YouTube channel that, after speaking to a source close to Partey, the Frenchman is confident that hisinjury is not serious and could return quickly, even in time to face Leeds in just 7 days time.

He would certainly give us Gunners more hope of the points next Sunday, if you take note of what the Arsenal captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang told the Express after that excellent performance against Man United: “It was a great performance from the whole team and it was great to see Thomas Partey play like that even though he’s not been here long.

“Off the pitch, he’s a really humble guy and you can see that on the pitch as well because he really gives everything in the game.

“He is really simple and quiet, so humble, and we all really like him.

“On the pitch, his strengths are his energy and the way he can stop counter-attacks and dangerous situations. That’s really important for us.

“I think he locked down three of Manchester United’s midfielders on Sunday – that’s my point of view anyway – and that’s really important for us.

“Also he can play forward really well when he regains the ball and that’s a good point for us.”

Well, let’s hope that Charley is right. It would definitely increase our confidence of getting something out of the game at Elland Road if we brought Partey to the Party!


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  1. I checked the AFC website and TP isn’t listed as injured so I’m expecting on that basis that he’ll be fit in a week’s time

    1. Hi SueP, I just checked the Arsenal website and they don’t even list Partey in the squads Stats Section!

      1. I’m obviously missing something then Pat. Not difficult in my case. I just looked at the team page and 4 were down as injured/resuming training

  2. He hopefully be okay.

    But if injured, Arteta can’t replace him by Ceballos (as done in last game) but a more defensive player; Common sense! Niles in, not Ceballos.

    We did need a playmaker before Partey injury, ceballos in for Willian,

    Niles Elneny
    Auba Laca Saka

    But Arteta is in his own world, far from simplicity consisting to play players in their natural and or best position.

    We already know Luiz & Willian will be on.pitch,

    asked if Auba was not a mistake on Left, he said “maybe!”. Considering then; FINALLY!

    He will play him in middle or right to keep Laca on, or sit him, play
    Pepe Auba Saka

    Which is the best attack option, then AubaLacaSaka….

    Bellerin Holding Gabriel Tierny
    …………………..Niles Partey
    …………..Pepe Auba Saka.

    This looks very good as well, knowing we now miss Ozil, which is simply nu

    We finally have the full team and that DM Partey needed badly, allowing to luck defense and give freedom to Ozil to unlock attack!

    Useless to speak about it unless anyone knows if a way to include him back in EPL at least.. Do we need someone badly injured for that?

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