Thomas Partey issues clear statement over Arsenal rumours

It seems that Thomas Partey is a very popular choice amongst Arsenal fans to come to the Emirates this summer, and we were suitably encouraged when it was reported that the Atletico midfielder’s father had apparently revealed that his son had told him that the Gunners were in talks with the Spanish giants over a move for the Ghanaian.

This caused a storm in the media, and Partey’s representatives JJSports immediately issued a categorical denial. And now the player himself has taken to social media and issued a statement on his own Instagram page, which reads…..

Quick Note !!! In the midst of transfer period, a lot of stories are created, manufactured and also alleged until the final day of the transfer period.

Mostly adds up to the hype and promotion of the beautiful game .

Father of Thomas Partey might have said something but can we also put everything aside and respect the official communication from his management JJSports.

At this period a lot of persons (some media personel) in search of exclusive stories would want to pounce on conversations around just to suit their agenda.

The fact is that, any statement heard was an opinion clearly misinterpreted to suit a particular agenda.There has been nothing officially communicated or no such conversations between the player and anybody.

There is absolutely no truth in what the player’s dad was alleged to have said.

We wish the media and all fans will embrace the official message from the player’s agent and not any family member or friend.

We are not in normal times,let’s keep believing everything will be back to normal and football will take its place once more in the heart of many.

Thank You!

Team Thomas Partey 5

Now, we all know that there is a lot of wheeling and dealing behind every transfer, and it could be that Thomas Partey’s agents are simply trying to avoid any undue influences on the talks with Atletico, and are annoyed that the father has jumped the gun by revealing any discussions.

Or maybe he was just misquoted? Although that is unlikely considering the original report came from a radio interview…

But, as one who believes there is no smoke without fire, I am still very hopeful that Arsenal are keen on bringing Partey to the Emirates, but for now, we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?

After all, we all love a Partey!


  1. Glorious says:

    It will not be a bad idea to bid for him when this season is over. They are just being professional in their dealing, it is left for Arsenal to do the needful when the time is ripe.

  2. Marty says:

    Getting fed up with all this Partey talk, there is no way that we are going to spend £50 million on him. Why would he leave Athletico to come here anyway. I know we want our club to have ambition but this one ain’t happening.

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