Thomas Partey issues public apology to Arsenal fans

Partey issues public apology to Arsenal fans

Things were already going bad for Arsenal. They were two-nil down against Jurgen Klopp’s men when Thomas Partey received a second booking.

The red card shown to the Ghanaian means that he will miss the Premier League home game against Burnley on Sunday.

After somehow managing to avoid missing a single league game for the Gunners due to his participation in AFCON, how ironical it is that when he’s here, Partey won’t be able to feature?

If you ask me, it’s an Arsenal thing. *gives a thumbs up*

After his naivety, the former Atletico Madrid man immediately took to Instagram to issue a public apology to the Arsenal fans.

Partey was critical of himself on his social media handle

On his Insta story the midfielder said, “Am responsible for anything that happened and will take all the critiques, I should be more intelligent not to get in a challenge already booked.” He’s certainly right there.

The 28-year-old continued, “But this is my personality, I like to fight for every ball. I love this club and I love my country, even though things sometimes don’t happen how I wanted.”

“I would continue to work harder and make things right. I came back with the mentality to make myself available for team to get to the final, but it did not happen as planned.”

I am not happy with what happened yesterday: Partey

“I will continue to give my all on the field of play because this is my life, and this is what I chose to do. Am not happy with all that happened yesterday and at the AFCON, but I understand only with hard work things will change.”

“So, I’ll continue to work hard to change this.” He ended with a humble ‘thanks.’

This makes it clear that the combative midfielder is not just a good player, but a good human being too who cares about his club and country.

After going out of the EFL Cup, Mikel Arteta’s men have only one target now: to finish in the Champions League places.

And Partey will be one of his team’s front faces for their fight to do just that.

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Arteta discusses Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool, our lack of players and our red card record

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  1. Correction. Artetas men have one target and that is to finish top 6. That was the best target at the start of the season. So if we make top 6 it will be a successful season for Arsenal. No one predicted top 4 for Arsenal in the summer. No one. After going 0-3 no one on this site predicted top 4 absolutely no one. Most said top 6 was out of the question except me of course. So those who wrote off Arsenal at 0-3 have no right to turn up now and start talking top 4. Talk about plastic flip flops.

    1. So let me get this straight, your version of success is the following:

      Not winning FA Cup
      Not winning League Cup
      Not winning EPL
      Not qualifying for UCL

      Strange version of a successful season.

    2. My expectations for us from the beginning of the league has been qualification for UCL and it remains so.

      I’m not sure of where you had the info that Artera’s men have a target of top 6.
      Although top 6 would mean bettering our two previous seasons, I believe we can do better than that with what we have and with here we are.

      So I will wait for the season to end with hopes that we can make it.

    3. I agree with you on this fairfan
      I think that top4 for the majority was unattainable this year, bearing in mind our starting point of 8th place
      I’m mindful of the inexperience of our manager at the time and the shenanigans in the dressing room as well as the shortcomings of the peeps at the very top of the Arsenal tree who conspired to give Mari and Soares contracts at the end of their loan deals for example. Signing Pepe is another.
      You have never shied away from your support of Arteta so fair dinkum sticking to your guns. I’m not as sure of him as you are but I’m not an Arteta out individual

      1. I agree SueP, not that fairfan needs our support, he is more than happy to stick up for himself on here from what I have read

  2. Only person who should be apologising is the clown that thought it would be a good idea bringing him on .

  3. Partey shouldn’t have played yesterday. I think he should have been tested for the league. Bringing him in straight into that kind of game just 6_7hrs after a long flight was not good enough.

  4. There is no need for Partey to apologize.
    Selecting Partey yesterday was one of the most appalling and outright clueless decision I have seen from Arteta…even worse than his pushing of the said injured player back onto the field against Tottenham last season.

    How on a earth can a jet-lagged and tired player be fresh and ready to play in cold weather (within seven hours of landing) and after spending the last two weeks playing in a tough tournament in the heat? And now it seems he’s been told to kiss the emperor’s ring!

    1. Yet he did RFrancis, with no reference to any of that, he stood up and was honest in that it was down to him, as he did earlier this season when he gave his own performances in an Arsenal shirt so far 4 out of ten, both good enough for me,, he will serve his ban, come back and hopefully be a better player than he has been for us so far

      1. So what else do you expect him to say FF? He has no choice but to accept the blame….fall onto the sword for the boss. Arteta needs to show some courage, step as the leader and take responsibility for putting the tired player in a position to fail. That’s what a good manager should do.

        1. I expect him to tell the truth and he did, why do you think he would do otherwise, as you say he had no choice it was his own actions that got him booked for a second time, that’s what he said

  5. Playing Partey confirmed how low arteta is technically as a coach. why bringing him on after few hours of landing from afcon? arteta knew very well that Burnley match is a must win yet, he decided to gamble on partey. only God knows what arteta has done to kroenke and the board that they have so much trust on him. experience coach will never make such mistake. well, I blame the board that appointed him.

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