Thomas Partey returns to London for assessment after another injury problem

Thomas Partey arrived at Arsenal from Atletico amid great fanfare a couple of seasons ago, and it was touted that the Ghanaian would be the midfield general that the Gunners have needed for many many years, but sadly things have not gone too well for the 29 year-old since arriving at the Emirates.

In his first season at Arsenal, he only managed 24 starts across all comptitions with a never ending litany of injuries, which meant he spent more time on the treatment table than on the pitch.

Last season was not much better, with Arteta trying to manage his fitness, and he only started in another 24 games, and we started to see a pattern developing….

This season, despite fans begging Arteta to buy a good backup midfielder, we yet again started the season with Xhaka, Partey and Elneny, and we all know how that went…

This season Partey started just 4 games before suffering a recurrence of his injury, but Ghana still called him up for their games with Brazil and Nicaragua, and this has now been reported by the official Ghana FA website.

Does it look like Arsenal fans will simply have accept that Partey will miss most of this season as well?

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  1. Our need for a midfielder is clear as day.

    We must sign a number six in January whether Partey is injury or not.

  2. We have to replace Partey. His injury record is becoming a nightmare and detrimental to our team’s progress.

    We have got to say goodbye and get in another much more reliable player to replace him.

  3. Come’on;
    it’s really so annoying, that whenever we needs his service most in a game he always had an injury problem mostly big games!
    Our next match again spur. Is really a vital game and it will be great to have him because his impact in game is very good.
    He’s just like abou diaby.. Mmmmdamn!

    1. Partey is giving us a bad time and it cost us.So far it costed us a game against Man U and if this continues we might find ourselves in last seasons face so a replacement must be made earlier in January to avoid giving away games,but one may hope for is for him to at least play against the best and the rest we can manage with other players

  4. Indeed, partey injury record is some thing to worry about. If this is to continue Arsenal has no any option other than to bring his replacement.

  5. He should do the right thing like Diaby did and not take his wages when he’s not available. £180k a week is a lot when you only play once in a while

  6. It’s a real shame for him and us but it’s no use having a player in the injury list all the time without proper back up

  7. We can’t continue hoping Partey is fit for matches and maintain our ambitions. It’s time to make the choice to bring in a player who will start at DM.

    His continous injuries are negatively impacting the club, and we have to move on without him. All efforts should be made in January to find a reliable DM to replace Partey.

  8. It is interesting that no one is in any doubt about Partey’s quality in the team.

    I feel he should be managed a bit better by the manager. Let him be a 70mins player on match day and give the last 20mins to Sambi to bed in and improve in the role.

    Also if possible to manage the work load in training with him as well for the good of the team just until he completely recovers from the reoccurring injury.

    1. Partey is being paid about £200,000 a week.
      That is poor investment to just play him for 70 minutes. Even 70 minutes is too much for him on average.

      We should cut our losses and get rid in the summer if we can make a few quid and replace him with a younger.

  9. Still wondering why we didn’t sign Paquetta in the summer. I watched him in his country’s game against Partey’s and I was salivating

  10. We have to now support Sambi . We have eve behind him. He will do mistakes but hopefully will learn fast .
    We can not rely on Partey . In the next 9 games let’s see how many he is fit to start

  11. I have read various reports he was allowed home (not sent home) after Arsenal requested he comes back and apparently he will be fit to face spurs.

  12. Let partey leave international games and the arsenal as a team should bring in a replacement. Partey is not reliable.

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