Thomas Partey to Arsenal would be like a dream come true

Thomas Partey to Arsenal would be a dream come true

Thomas Partey has been generating a lot of interest from the press recently, with stories of Arsenal approaching both Atletico Madrid and Partey, the media has been spinning out conspiracy theories. Will he be an Arsenal player next season? Will the club go all out and buy him next season? Can we afford to pay his release clause? Whatever decision the club takes, I sure hope it will make Partey an Arsenal player come next season.

I have never hidden my admiration for a tough tackling midfielder; and I have always wanted Arsenal to get one! Last month, I made a post on how I want Arsenal to look for a replacement for the likes of Xhaka and Guendouzi, who are meant to play defensive midfield for us. Ever since Gilberto Silva and Patrick Vieira left Arsenal, we have not really found a good replacement for them. In Thomas Partey, I see the ideal midfielder to replace Xhaka and give us something close to Vieira. Come on Arsenal, let us go get this man.

Did we see the Liverpool versus Atletico Madrid game in the UEFA Champions league on Wednesday? Did we see how Partey took charge of the midfield and didn’t allow the likes of Salah and Mane play their game? Did we notice the hard tackler in the middle of the pitch who went for every ball and won almost every duel? Do we need somebody like that at Arsenal? If we need somebody like that, then won’t it make a whole lot of sense if we buy Partey? He is tall, well built and has a rugged approach to football. He will add steel to the Arsenal defence and also concede less fouls in the process.

The Arsenal midfield has been bullied in a lot of games because they didn’t have the hard tackling midfielder who can bully opponents. They lacked somebody like Kante, the ever working Chelsea midfielder. In games where we should be bullying our way to victory, we get bullied and our midfielders lose possession in delicate places. With the arrival of Partey at Arsenal the midfield will be solid and strong.

I am not trying to say here that the other midfielders at Arsenal can’t do a good job, what I am just trying to say is that the midfield needs to made stronger and more vicious. This can only be done with the acquisition of a player like Thomas Partey. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Best on the pitch at Anfield. And if he is that good he would be the best at Emirates too. Match after match, season after season. Make that dream come true!

  2. dream move it would b
    nd it’ll go a long way to show our ambitions nd convince our stars 2 stay with d club nd build 4 d future
    pls just sign him already


  3. A nice thought.Him or Dennis zacharia.but u just know it’s never gonna happen because a) his agent is using us for him to get a better contract.b) AMadrid will ask for silly money which our current regime will never pay & last but not least c)we won’t compete when a bidding war starts.well just slink off into the darkness with a “well we tried “excuse.

  4. asin ehh @kklin
    arsenal fans hav bcome so pessimistic. their mind is always saying it won’t happen. these guys are making money out of us, its our right 2 demand 4 d team 2 b better nd make us happier. maybe we take a cue 4rm united(didnt mean it ooo)

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