Thomas Partey’s recent social media activity will excite Arsenal’s fans

Arsenal has been linked with a move for Ghanaian midfielder, Thomas Partey for a long time now.

The box-to-box star plays for Atletico Madrid in the Spanish top flight and the Spaniards are not willing to let him leave.

He has been one of their finest players in recent seasons, but he has strong interest from Arsenal.

The Gunners want to bolster their midfield options at the moment and Partey is one player that they like.

The latest reports claim that he has rejected a new contract offer from the Spaniards and they have accepted that he will eventually leave them (TeamTalk).

Arsenal has been busy strengthening their team in this transfer window, but the Gunners haven’t signed a midfielder yet.

They need to sell some players before making a move for him as Atletico have told them he will only leave if his release clause is met.

It seems that the Ghanaian will love to be a Gunner in the coming season and his recent social media activity will have the Arsenal fan base excited. tweeted about the midfielder and captioned the post: “Thomas Partey is going to be a star.”

An Arsenal fan retweeted it with a comment saying: “Going to be? He’s already a star,” his comment was liked by the midfielder.

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  1. OT.. Villa have lodged a 2nd bid for Emi… closer to the 20m asking price, apparently. I say they can sod off after the other day at the Emirates 😂😂😂

    1. If the offers keep coming, I fear we’re gonna eventually lose him. Don’t see the board resisting a good offer.

  2. Mr Kroenke and his cronies should either pay the fee or vacate our club. Why do they have to keep dithering on every single purchase? I hope no club else comes along the rails and win the race again. We need Partey as much as Arteta does and also Aouar immediately. This family has taken more money out of Arsenal than they have invested.

    1. It’s the Board and senior executive that is “dithering” over the Arsenal’s transfer targets. This has been a feature of Arsenal’s transfer dealings for many seasons. Kroenke Sports & Entertainment employ these people to make such decisions.
      By the way Darlingbudsofarse, you must be a forensic accountant to be able to categorically state that “this family has taken more more money out of Arsenal than they have invested.”
      Proof please, given KS&E own the Club outright, have consolidated the Emirates debt and paid off the banks/lenders?

      1. Ozziegunner. I could not agree more. I posted yesterday (somehow it got lost) that Instead of making total unsubstantiated claims people should get better informed. I also suggested that the Arsenal Suporters Trust was a good place to start. Fans tend to forget the large sums of money spent in the last few transfer windows and seem to think the odd 50 million is nothing. Easy when its not yours.

    1. Do never buy anything at Walmart’s. Boycott them. Stan Kroenke is married to the Walmart money. Give us Partey and Aouar, and we buy your junk, Stanley.

  3. Too much talk and rumours about partey, its very unlikely this guy is coming to arsenal, we should remember that time waits for no one, sell who needs to be sold and get the bizness done ASAP,

  4. The Kroenke’s ought to be ashamed of themselves treating As’nl this way. It’s a disgrace. They don’t know anything about real football, football played with the feet, European Football, and that’s okay, but it’s not okay showing this brutal lack of interest in their ownership. And it’s unprofessional too. Look at Chelsea. When Frank Lampard say he need £150m to buy players for in the summer window, he get’s it. With Asn’l it’s different. And very much so. I’m sure the bord of the club would be delighted to serve Arteta with cash if they only could. But they can’t. The Kroenke’s say no. You’re incompetent as owner of a real football club, Mr Kroenke. You should stick to your american way of football, played with the hands. American handball.

    1. Robert on what facts do you base your assertions? Do you honestly believe KS&E intervenes in player contracts?

  5. Partey must be bought asap as the man is showing so much keenness to join Arsenal. By the look of it he loves Arsenal. We can sell Socrates, Mustafi and Kola to make the funds available. If someone wants to come to Arsenal, we must make the best of his liking.

    1. Then the big Q is: Who’s gonna buy S, M & K? But I’m with you all the way. To miss TP now would be an act of crime against all the devoted and loyal fans. Even if the club is innocent to all the unrealistic (?) expectations the speculations in media caused us Asn’l loving fools.

      1. Napoli wants Sokratis, Leverkusen and Schalke want Kolasinac. Nobody wants Mustafi because he’s injured first of all, and his wages are too much for the quality of player. He’ll be impossible to move. Bellerin is still being linked with PSG, Emi has links about moving too, and Lacazette has very light rumors (wouldnt expect him to go unless someone makes a worthy offer). And of course Torriera is wanted by several Italian clubs. So there are definitely players that are wanted by other teams and enough there for us to raise money for our targets. The problem will be getting the fees we want and getting them done quick enough.

  6. Sokratis has Napoli and a few other German teams looking at him, as Mustafi is injured he wont be sold this window maybe January and Kolasnic can go back home to shalke or Roma are the both interested.

    Rob Holding will now be staying at Arsenal which means Chambers could be away back to Fulham on a permanent basis but will be sold.

    Torreira has a few clubs interested, recently Torino lodged a €24m bid for him & Fiorentina have enquired for loan to permanent deal.

    Guendouzi was offered plus £31.5m for Auoer, rejected. Partey is just waiting until we find deals then we activate the guy out clause of £45m.

    Martinez could fetch us some money as we have a £20m bid from Villa for him on the table as of now, I’d reject it then ask for £35m or we keep him.

  7. Thomas partey must be arsenal player this season.Mikel Ateta SHOULD DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO BRING HIM TO ARSENAL PLS.

  8. There’s an african gent that wants to buy the club probably next year but needs to finish his business in africa first he’s got more money than kronke and he’s been told by them how much it will cost to buy arsenal lets hope he buys, he says he’ been a fan for years

    1. Brian,
      1/ Dangote has not got more money than Kroenke,
      and 2/ he has not been told how much much it will cost!
      3/ I think the word “gent” is up for debate!

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