Those defending Laurent Koscielny will struggle to justify his latest actions

Laurent Koscielny has left Arsenal under a cloud and earlier today we ran an article “Good riddance – Arsenal finally offload disgraceful Laurent Koscielny” and surprisingly the Frenchman had a few defenders in the comments section despite his atrocious behaviour.

Well, this video says it all, it tells you the character of the man and what he feels about his nine years at Arsenal.

If the video above is not enough to convince his defenders what sort of man he is then I do not know what will.

You cannot disrespect the shirt and club that paid you an immense amount of money and provided you with a platform to develop into a top-class player and expect gratitude and respect.

There was some sympathy for a 33-year-old that wants to return to his home country at the end of his career but to go on strike and then do such a disrespectful video must surely have convinced even his most ardent defenders that he is not worth their efforts.


  1. Lets move on from koscielny. Arsenal should try and get a good dm before the end of the transfer window.

    1. If every player who leaves Arsenal is a traitor, then Arsenal should not sign any player as those coming to the club are traitors to the club they leave.

    2. I agree that we should move on. The guy is 33 and he is the past. He never gave us any problems and was a good soldier. And we probably reneged on some promises.

      But do you really think we need a good DM over a few good CD?

  2. I had never liked him, he’s always flopped in big games but then he’s been lucky with the media. I can name Big games where he was at fault for Arsenal’s defeat. Birmingham, Atletico Madrid and last season’s Europa league final to mention but a few.

    1. We would not have finished in the Top 4 and 2nd place a few years ago without Koscielny
      I also remember when he manhandled Messi

      He was a very good CB for us especially with a slow partner like Mertsacker

      1. He was the only defender we had he gave everything he is tired after ten years without a premier or champion cup I pity him

      2. Being the best doesn’t mean he’s actually good. He’s just better than a terrible pack. I personally like him just as I like Ramsey. The like isn’t linked to their footballing abilities. Kos has let us down in many big moments just as much as he’d saved us. In his last years, I can say he’s made virtually same number of errors leading to goals as must as the more criticized Mustafi. 3-1 loss to United at Emirates and that goal against A. Madrid always come to my mind whenever his name pops up

      3. The hazard goal, Birmingham, Atletico Madrid, Barca, Bayern etc. He was good against average teams because his mistakes were not punished or let’s say we outscore most of those teams

    2. At best Kos was average, the Liverpool,Chelsea, Bayern and other drubbing that we got was part of him being out of position,he looks great against average teams but gets found out in big games. I tell people France wouldn’t have won the World Cup if they had him in their team. The European cup defeat was partly his fault as a very good defender would unsettled the Portuguese attacker and not allow him room to take the shot

    3. Gavana, we have players from the past and present – well wishers and traitors. Adebayor,Nasri, RVP, Ashley Cole,etc. and now Kos fall in traitor category. Kos was average best, AFC defense was crap after the Invincibles make this chap look like the “Messi” of our defense, remember we had Vermalen with us then. He cost us the League Cup then and so many penalties and fouls, I agree with Oscar.He would not even make it to the bench in any of the other top 5 EPL teams.In his 10 years at AFC there was only one inquiry from Bayen. Good riddance to him, all the Wenger boys being shown the door after years of pampering. Next I read that Ozil is being linked with DC united, another good riddance if it happens, we have Cabellos. Eagerly waiting for some news for Xhaka, Mustafi,Elneny, Jenks, Chambers. Retain Iwobi and Kolas till December, gauge their performances and move them in Jan if possible.

  3. Honestly, I’m pretty over it. Two days left in the transfer window and our closest CB link is Rugani. That’s a bad sign.

    1. doesn’t make sense at all…the club management has issues….when will the cut mustafi ozil and iwobi salaries.

    2. I don’t get this news about them slashing his wages, I’m sure when a contract is signed you can’t slash someone’s salary. If the club offered him a new contract with half his normal salary he can always reject it. In conclusion he didn’t revolt because of the salary offered.

    3. I am one of those fans who staunchly defends our best defender, possibly I’m too emotionally invested to be objective but…..

      Why is this so offensive to some?? It doesn’t bother me. Granted you wouldn’t normally see a player do this but its his unveiling (and probably a thinly-veiled dig at his previous club) and its over now.

      (Let’s wait to hear his side of the story a couple of years from now, for the mean time let history judge him kindly)

      1. Doesn’t really bother me either, Welbeck. Not as bad as I was expecting it to be. He’s gone, it’s over, the end. Tomorrow we will sign his replacement (Ha, wishful thinking, I know!) ?

        1. I really hope we do too. I think the board were holding out because they wanted Kos to stay. So now tha he’s finally gone, I expect us to sign Coutinho as his unlike-for-like replacement.

          I love the idea of him on the left. The opposition can’t attack if they don’t have the ballso our defenders will be fine.

      2. Welbeck
        I respect your opinion but in the real world if you downed tools or pen in your work then you would be sacked
        Our so called ex captain gets money in his pocket for doing this
        WAS our best defender at some point but never a good captain or leader
        He has been living off his past glories for far too long
        He was part or the focal point of a bad defence for many a season
        Happy to see him gone and start rebuilding with a new back four

        1. A. Ball08, I respect your difference of opinion too and it is fair to say in the real world if you’ve been mistreated by your employer (and we’ve all encountered bosses like that), you would have the choice to put up with it in silence and be exploited or to walk away.

          Being a multi-millionaire footballer, effectively owned by your employers, is no different only the money exchange is obscenely uneven and they live outside of the world the rest of us reside in.

          I can agree our defence wasn’t the greatest, but he was by far the best man in that poor defence. An exemplary Captain possibly but,definitely not a leader in the truest sense.

          We can both be glad he is gone but what does it say about the board that he was still the best defender we’ve had since…. Hmm ? Sol Campbell I think??

          Where do their priorities lie?

      3. Would we be upset if Auba’s first club video was him wearing a Dortmund shirt, then removing it to reveal Arsenal colours underneath.

        Also, the great attachment to “the shirt” is not so prominent in every footballing country as it is in England. And Wrighty reacted as if Laurent had removed the shirt, then pissed on it. Get a sense of perspective, man.

        I’m not defending Laurent. While it’s possible the club broke some form of oral agreement, we don’t know that.
        But man oh man are people overreacting.

    4. Todd, just to clear this up, the club offered kos a new two year contract, at 50% of his current one, when that ran out at the end of this coming season.

      I will leave you to judge if this was a correct decision, as whether the attempt by the club to get kos to change his mind after refusing to travel and going on strike was also wise.

      Why UE made this public, I just cannot understand.

    5. Exactly, that’s biggest disrespect AFC showed to our captain. The put on the line his body for the shirt. Just last year he played 29 games from serious injury. He deserved better respect than cutting wages. Let’s hope we buy a better replacement coz mustafi is a disaster in waiting.

  4. No respect for the shirt at all! Unnecessary dig at Arsenal. Koscielny’s actions are truly shocking and confusing. I now wish they denied him the move just so that he could rot in the reserves.

    1. I agree that was so unnecessary and disrespectful his worst than RVP in my books now, I don’t care what he did for his salary before just let him train with the youth for the rest of his contract

  5. Tottenham has reached an agreement with Juve over Dybala… Now I just don’t care if it’s a necessity, I want the Countinho to Arsenal rumours to happen.

    1. My goodness, 70M for Ndombele and another 70M for Dybala! The spuds definitely mean business! They have strengthened well. A midfield of Ndombele and Ericksen will destroy Xhaka and Guendouzi.

    2. @Luckyville, especially as the rumour about Ozil to DC United circulates. No one knows for sure if it is the truth, but if it is, then this is the bestest window ever!!!

      Let Coutinho come with Samuel Umtiti in tow and Kieran Tierney as icing on the cake.

      The stuff fantasies are made of.

      1. Ozil possibly off the D.C., Elneny possibly off to Galatasaray.
        Don’t do this… Don’t give me hope.

  6. Y’all need to get out of your feelings concerning Kos. He had reason for doin what he’s doin,and it got zero to do with anybody not directly involved. So put on your big boy/girl pants and move on…

    1. @NY, No. Whatever anybody at the club did to upset him, he has no excuse for soiling his memories with fans who supported him while here. If the club offended him, what about his numerous fans in the club. They also deserve to be treated with such spite?

      We will move on, yes, but do you think you his pathetic and insulting behaviour will not be quickly forgotten. It was so unnecessary. Such a loser’s mentality from him.

  7. Seriously who cares. Players are employees of a company that play football, why do we demand they have to be different from anyone else who works for a company. Reaction plays into their hands, it’s how the players gain more Kinney through commercial deals and so on. Support the club as what it stands for in our community f””k the players, except for a few, they are hired help!

    1. Dan the cannon God bless your soul so so much, I don’t get this crap about how he treated us or stuff. He’s a worker who worked for Arsenal, who else will do any different in their respective jobs? I already wrote an article countering all of this and will submit it.

    2. I like your opinions Dan, you try to be objective and level headed. Long may that continue.

      I’m gradually being sucked into this site. We are such a divided fanbase its unreal.

      1. Thanks all, hopefully I have an article that will be on here and I welcome the comment and debate. After all it’s all just opinion until it’s fact! Just hate the negative rhetoric as it infects us all in the end

  8. There’s a good chance I’ll call him names after watching the video… so, I’ll just ignore it, because I liked him while he was an arsenal player…… I’m still hoping we get Coutinho and Tierney….. Rugani too…. COYG!!

    1. The video really isn’t all that, AY75…I was expecting him to throw it in anger, but no.. he just took it off & put it down…

      1. Sue, I didn’t even see him put it down…is there another video out there perhaps?
        That would explain the hysteria surrounding it I guess.

        I honestly replayed this one about five times, slowed it down and enlarged the picture…still couldn’t see the shirt being thrown anywhere, let alone to the floor.

        I’m looking forward to reading Eddie’s take on this whole episode as well, it will be good to read another point of view.

        The truth is though, Kos really brought this c**p all down on himself by his refusal to travel and going on strike…so foolish of him.

        1. Or put his arm down then, Ken ? you know what I meant haha!
          Yes, I’m looking forward to Eddie’s article, he’s like you & speaks a lot of sense! So it should be a good ‘un!
          I have to agree, Ken… but life goes on.. the sad thing is though, it’s an end of an era & seeing a team photo on Twitter earlier, there’s hardly anyone left.. Martinez & Jenko now….

      2. Quite a relief to hear that…. I had assumed he spat on the club’s badge…. or something that heinous, given some of the comments I read… :-D… thanks Sue

    2. Childish & emotional fans everywhere. Had a new player we just signed did this exact same thing, we would be so loving it. Why do some fans feel so entitled. Just because they support a club, they expect grown men to always do what pleases them. You lads should fvckin grow up! Most of you can’t live up to 50% of the standards you expect of others.

  9. Just arsenal, you need to grow up…whats disrespectful here? Grow up already

    ceballos did this and every one was in cloud nine…some one does it and your in pains?

    Your new employers gives you directions to follow and you tell them no?…football is a business, players are also employees of this business.

    A man doesnt want to work for an organisation again…so free him and respect his right to decide, hes not a slave, hating tjis way looks and is very very unhealthy…

    If henry was begged to stay at arsenal before he left for barca..grow up

    1. Nero, bless your soul!! I’m tired of this crap this is creating. what’s offensive about the video?

  10. To be clear to the arsenal fans..continho was offered to clubs arsenal included but arsenal clearly isn’t intrested presently focused in bringing in a cb…just to be clear …no imagination here please…

  11. OT….. Lennys latest info on Tierney

    “He’ll be fit in a week or two,” he said. “He still has some abductor pain, but I think the pubic issue is starting to settle and he’s over the double hernia as well.

    “I know there is talk of him being out for another eight weeks, but that’s nonsense. I don’t know where that’s come from because that’s certainly not the case at all.

    “He’s missed the whole of pre-season, but I’d say he’s more or less a week away from getting back on the grass and getting back integrated to the training. You can add maybe another week or ten days on top of that before he’s ready to play.”

    So there we have it…. The lad should be ready to go by time we face Pool…. Fingers crossed the deal gets done in time ?

    1. According to Sky Sports the 8 weeks came from Lenny, however I personally believe Lenny, and I’m convinced that Sky Sports themselves started the rumour. They’ve been doing this sh*t against us for years, started with Ferguson and Wenger. You’ve only got to look at the dirty smile on Mancunian Vicky Gomersall face every time she reads a bit of negative news about us.

  12. I have watched the video several times and don’t see what is wrong with. You are inciting anger against him which is not fair. I want him gone after his act of insolence towards the club and I’m glad he did the way we want and not on his own term. So bye bye Kos.

  13. Hate is not a good thing. Let’s look forward and hope our management make a quality CB signing before the end of the window. It looks like Daniele Rugani is on his way.

  14. Would love to see how much he creamed of our club Vs success, appearances etc. Anyway no hard feeling other than the departure, average player in an average team producing average results. Will always be remembered for the average player he was. When push come to shove he didn’t make the europa cup we could have won, lost the europa we should have won cost us the league cup he should have won and couldn’t even turn up for his countries world cup final. But let’s all wish him well cos he claimed about £70m in wages for our club. Enough to support a third world nation for 2 years. Yeah well done skipper

  15. Finally he’s gone. No excuse to down tools ever, quit on his teammates and the club that made him who he was.

    One of the weakest captains ever at Arsenal, and lacked the leadership we needed from a veteran player.

    Ramsey gave everything until the end, while Kos quit before the last lap. Let that sink in and think about that.

    Ramsey had contract withdrawn, taken off the table, yet still gave everything.

    Kos wanted maybe even expected club to ignore his last year so he could go elsewhere.

    If Kos was retiring then forget the last year. But he wanted to keep playing so new club has to pay a fee.

    I will always remember Ramsey with love and gratitude. I’ll remember Kos like I do Cole, Sanchez, and RVP.

  16. Who cares now. He is gone along with Jenkinson, possibly Elneny to galatasry and Mustafi to Monaco. Brilliant business if we can bring in a CB and Tierney who is only a few weeks away from fully fit.

    Looks like is Rugani who is coming on a 2year loan deal. Saliba next Summer.

    1. Dear Sue he gave his response and statement like an hour ago, but you won’t see fans knowing that. All they’ll do is call him names and say he’s disrespectful.
      Humans, hypocritical lots we are

      1. Eddie, haven’t read this, can you tell me how to access it please?

        I am sure the full response will appear on here very soon, along with the other video showing him throwing the shirt to the ground.

        1. Eddie, got it…well, well, well!!!

          Been in discussions with the club for months, 9 wonderful years at our club, acknowledged the fans…I won’t preempt your article sir, however he felt he needed to go on strike and that’s what is the puzzler.

      2. exactly….Kos was number 1 centre back for France and he did real well…before his injury, Varane, Umitit and etc has to rotate to partner him

        at Arsenal he played with 100%..throwing his body here and there, pressuring and chasing every ball and opponents

        if he had a prime Sol Campbell partnering him and Gilberto in front….our defense would be awesome

  17. Kos was a great Arsenal warrior.
    Any one who says anything else is a complete idiot.
    Kos kept Arsenal in the Champions league for 5 years.
    Cole Cliche Toure Nasri Adebayor all left for oil money.
    Vieira Henry even Fab deserted the ship.
    Wilshere + Diarby were paid double for years in the medico room while Koz played on despite a terrible achilles injury.
    Wenger lost his marbles in later years and the club signed even more bizarre players costing millions achieving little.
    Warriors like Giroud Koz Monreal saved the club.
    Arsenal treated garbage ie Wilshere Arshavin Nasri Djourou Podolski Perez Park Sanogo Bendtner Chamakh Kalstrom Gabriel Santos Debuchy as Gods and has treated Kos like dirt.
    Arsenal’s stupidity meant we lost 120 million on Ramsey and Sanchez going on a free. Then threw another 60 at Auba and now another 72 at Pepe. So Arsenal can throw 250 mill around no sweat as well as 500 mill on garbage these past 10 years but can’t let a great warrior go on a free for the sake of 4 mill.
    Unfortunately most Arsenal fans especially young fans memory only go back to the last time they checked their phone.
    For them loyalty means nothing.
    FIFA-19 and fantasy football leagues in fact life itself
    does not value loyalty any more.
    Farewell Koz a great Arsenal warrior.

    1. Completely agree Bro n great reply to all the Kos haters. This club has lost its value and pedigree because fans have lost the culture and value on which this club was built. Respect your players and specially the ones who served 9 years.

  18. Totenham agree dybala deal with Juventus, personal terms left to be sorted. Didn’t they just moved into a new stadium?? We struggled to buy n r actually still struggling to spend. How come they have £140 million and more to spend with new stadium? Have they been more clever than us financially? We are way bigger then them and are one of top richest club in world…

  19. It’s not about how good he was it’s about his recent behavior. He is a disgrace to his professional status. He could have left the club with dignity but choose to act like a spoilt brat that wanted his own way. Now. He has no class and will be remembered not for his performances on the pitch but by the way he has disrespected his team and team mates. He is worse than RVP. and some of the other players who left under a cloud. Karma will be his judge.

  20. I think that video is completely unnecessary, I mean how hard is it to just shoot normal unveiling video? It is the same as RVP, he was forcing a move then laughing at us. That kind of attention-grabbing actions are really childish. We don’t ask for a dedicated-for-life captain like Francesco Totti, just shows some respect, isn’t it too much to ask?

    I have an idea, how about fans record a video doing exactly the same thing he did, wearing an Arsenal shirt bearing his name, taking it off, then showing the video to him. Let us be kids again.

  21. Ken skipping training is completely wrong, that’s the only thing he got wrong. He should’ve resumed training while processing his transfer.

  22. i have read a lot of comments from many fans bashing Koscielny, but i am one big defender of him. For the years he has served the club, he has been outstanding, he was our Captain and led by example. played his heart out for the shirt. The club was wrong to offer him a paycut. I am a working guy and I wouldn’t take a paycut whatsoever. every employed person would agree with me that you wouldn’t take a paycut just to extend ur contract, especially if there’s another company out there offering you better or similar terms. So in as much as we bash Koscielny, let’s not assume the club was right is suggesting they reduce his wages

  23. I tried to understand huis situation and did sympathise to a degree,but he went about it the wrong way,after yesterdays Video though i cannot forgive him,sorry Kos but you have defo crossed the line mate I hope you can live with yourself.

  24. is Martin sick today its 10am here in Uganda and no new article on the site….
    Kev u need to be active in this last hours of the transfer window wat happened to u

  25. This is the main reason i always tell my family to never by an Arsenal shirt with a payers name on it.
    For most of them its just a job and they couldn’t care less who their employer is as long as they get their fat paycheck

  26. thx agu. Said it too.

    We lose one top defender who put a condition in order to stay : bring a top CB as Koulibaly bc he cant do all defense job as for years; we lose games for that. He stood up and got sacked for that and a few dollars…

    Its one day left to sign a koulibaly and an experience epl cb as Cahill i been suggesting as Kos was leaving for sure. He just signed to palace free!

    We in a cold capitalist business venture, treats us as players or coach; use and abuse us all.

    Pepe payement plan is like 15M at signing, same for saliba 10M, same in 2021, remaining january 2021.

    But both useless as we need a all new top defense; not easy to do payement plans when teams want complete fee as Tierney; we can see difficulty to dish 20M with bonus.

    Because we do have a 50M budget beside players with value we cant sell.

    We spent 10 on Saliba, 15 on pepe, 6 Martinelli, total 31M. Sold Kos for 4, puts us with 23M left; but no defense!

    Hear Coutinho to add attack tho, we can manage, loan is 20M for season; 10M now and 10 in 2020 before season end is deal we trying.

    Guess we still have 13M left, do a payement plan for a new defense may work. 7 upfront for Kouli, 3 for tierney, 3 for sidibe should sort it!

    Kroenke tricked is like suckers, addition in team must adapt to team and EPL beside not get injured. Pepe mocking dribbles can get him in injury room all year; he must physicacly beef up.

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