“Those last few minutes were so” Journalist reacts to Arsenal’s win over Leeds

Charles Watts admits Arsenal got away with one after their 2-1 win against Leeds United this afternoon.

The Gunners made a fast start to the game with Eddie Nketiah scoring a brace within the first 10 minutes.

Leeds then had Luke Ayling sent off on the 27th minute. Almost everyone may have thought that Arsenal would then run riot.

But the Whites stood firm and scored a consolation goal in the 66th minute, threatening to beat Arsenal from behind.

Luckily, they could not score another one and Arsenal held on to their 2-1 advantage until the end of the match.

Football London’s Watts admits it was hard to watch Arsenal in the last few minutes of the game. He tweeted:

“Those last few minutes were so horrible. 

“Arsenal lost their way in that second half when the third goal didn’t come, you could see they weren’t really sure how to play things. Could easily have been punished. 

The result is all that matters though. Thought Elneny was excellent.”

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This game ended in a win for us which is the most important thing, but our players need to do better in terms of keeping their momentum going.

When we face Spurs later in the week, we cannot afford to switch off as we did in this game, else we would pay for it.

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  1. I expect eyeballs out football from us, a lot quicker and stop the stupid sideways passing. Its got so much riding on this game, especially as it means in one foul swoop at their heap, we can rub it in their faces. Got to be ruthless.

    1. We win its over, we draw it’s basically over, we lose and then we have to win the next two and it’s over.

  2. They ain’t got anything compared to us historically,just gotta get ruthless and destroy those wannabes at their wc on thursday and put them in their place,COYG.

    1. Three lovely points.

      Dosen’t matter if we get there by a short nose.

      What’s important is that our eyes remain focus on the prize Thursday, Days of square pegs in round holes are behind us

      1. Speaking of square pegs,I hope that MA won’t do a Pep and try to be too clever .I think that he should play Tomi as RB on Thursday and either Tavares or Soares as Tomi wasn’t bad but not great either,at least with Tomi as RB we have nothing to worry on that side and whoever plays as LB,we know will need help and plan accordingly,no??

        1. That’s exactly what am talking about Siamois, I tend to get real nervous with the kid in that Left back spot.

          Tomi is just back so I didn’t expect him to be razor sharp just yet, but that would’ve make a perfect outing for him going into the North London derby.

          No over thinking we should just stick to the basics and be compact.
          The gaffer seems pretty good at setting up his team well for these encounters

  3. I think this has been a feature of this team this season.playing badly and only reacting to going down/conceding a goal or when we go 2 or 2 goals up,we stop playing, attacking.

    1. That will come with the strengthening the spine of the team Siamois, key to that would be a striker with venom

      Note we struggle to manage and kill off games, and with five changes coming next season will make it even the more important to get our recruitment right

  4. We were sooooooooo lucky in those last seconds but now only one gut busting effort is needed against the toot because of that.

  5. Would we have said Leeds we’re lucky have they played and won like we did?
    Where from all these “lucky lucky” statements being bandied about?
    Do we expect to go outfield and play all the game without challenges because the teams we play are only in for sightseeing?
    People sound as though the team just got where they are by luck or on a silver platter.
    MA with his men have done a good season’s job to be where they are today.
    The most important element is the 3 points.
    The dribbles, fine play etc…I mean “the how”, is not important. At least not at this moment.

    1. You need to start another article, this was referring to the second half and the last few seconds where we nearly blew the win. If you didn’t see how Lucky we were not to concede, you need to look again. We dont complain about luck but now we have had it, we need to make hay on Thursday. Personally i hope we get every bit of luck going and win Thursday, i wont complain.

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