Thoughts on Arsenal v Man City – plus Aguero, Ozil and Alexis

Wenger coy on transfers and Chelsea but is he prepared for City? by KM

Hi guys. So I know that Man City is still four days away, but you kinda get the sense that the talk is evolving around our game with them on Monday night. It is labeled the title decider because we and them are the only top teams who look relatively OK, despite our own problems in the league.

Aguero has returned to training for the visitors and I will certainly not be surprised to see him start the game too. Bony has looked way off of what Aguero could offer up front and if he is fit, don’t raise any eyebrows if you see him on the team sheet.

I feel like we are slight favorites for this one. I watched City recently and they didn’t look that good. They got some results, but they are badly missing Kompany at the back and looking at the fact we’ve scored in most of the games we played so far, we should be able to cause them problems.

Make no mistake though, it will be tough game. When you come to the bigger occasions the motivation is bigger and Joe Hart said it himself “we need to be a million percent better against Arsenal” and I expect them to be, but nevertheless we are at home and on current form City are there for the taking.

Wenger said that Alexis has a slim chance to play, but rational thinking will leave him on the bench, even if he is fit. The lack of Coquelin in midfield is the big worry for me. His game vs Man City at the Etihad last season made his mark on our squad, but he was overplayed due to the lack of adequate replacements and we will likely start Flamini again. Against Yaya Toure how he and Ramsey turn up will be key, because Toure is the main driving force of City right now.

Our boss also said something like this – “we will be open for business in the market because we are short”. Typical Wenger answer for me. On the surface it looks like we’ll be in the market, but Wenger doesn’t like January although we’ve signed some players like Monreal, Arshavin and Kalstrom in that period, all with different success in the club.

In other parts of the press-conference the media tried to pour oil into the flame of the Wenger – Mourinho story, but the boss showed class and reflected all the taunts from those piranha journalists, so that they don’t have anything to bite on afterwards. You can bet that if a certain manager was asked the reversed questions he’d have a thing or two to say.

Finally, Mesut was given what is a well deserved break. I like this touch from Wenger because players get destroyed on those fields. When the CL is on, they play 2 or 3 games each week and English football doesn’t have a winter break, so I feel that giving someone 2 days off, is just enough to rest his body, yet not too much to lose shape and we do need Mesut, who’s been influential to our form, besides he had a muscle scare before our last two games.

How nice would it have been if we did the same with Le Coq, Cazorla, Ramsey, Jack, Theo and so on. Regardless though, winter is coming! And that means it is time for a well deserved winter vacation off of work and hopefully we will be greeted by the best Arsenal gift, starting with a win over City on Monday.

Till then, enjoy!


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  1. this is a big one but we r a big team even without some players.
    am not worried about Flamini(u no wt to expect) am just worried abt Ramsey cos e enjoy attacking so much and ds game may require him to adjust a bit(am sure e can).
    Wenger knows ds too. nd wt Duracell back City shd b scared.

    Walcot nd Campbel ll b b key as well as ourr inform Oliver Girouuuuud

    1. NEWS JUST IN-



      disclaimer…i never like to laugh at ppls misfortune but u insult our club our manager over an over- you are not worth our respect

      1. What a day for Arsene Wenger and 442oons!!!

        Sacked in the evening,
        Youve been sacked in the evening,
        Saaacked in the Eeeevening
        Youre getting Sacked this evening!! Haha

        Specialist in Failure
        Youre just a speciali…… ?? Im expecting to hear chewys 2nd verse!!

        Hope 442oons get the 2nd verse out for this douchbag and good ridence to Jose Moaninho!!

      DAMN IT..

  2. We can win this! Its all in the midfield battle with flamini/ramsey v fernandinh/yaya… Ozil/Silva will be vital to both attacks!! Going to be a good game. 3points – Brilliant
    Draw – okay as long as leicester dont win
    Lose – not the end of world but big confidnce blow

  3. If Alexis is fit, we should start him….. Lets sign Wanyama in January to be more confident before facing Barca

  4. It all defends on how serious the players turn on, or treat the game. Its winnable of curse but not a walk in the park. No better time to beat City than now.

  5. I know one thing. If we turn up they will have a huge problem cuz their defense seems lost but it can go either way if they turn up and we don’t.

    OT: The Special one is gone!! He can’t blame no one but himself!! I wish he could stay til the end of the season so we can continue to laugh. Dude is so freaking arrogant. Eva Carneiro says HI hahaha!!! Karma is a *****.

  6. Now after the specialist in failure is out next season i have a feeling that simone and guardiola will take chelsea and city manager spot respectively so if we didn’t win the title this year we are f**cked
    Imagine simone,guardiolla,klopp and wenger in one league woooww

  7. a very clever move by abramovich, at best they can maybe get into 4th place. I honestly believe pep guardiola is going to announce that this is his last season at Bayern hence why abramovich has sacked Mourinho. You heard it here it first Guardiolla will be the chelsea manager come next season as much as it pains me to think about it.

  8. Rash decision by Chelsea especially with a transfer window just close by. It’ll have been nice though if the sack came after a heavy beating from Arsenal ;). Mourinho still got Wenger’s number, ha ha.

  9. lol after signing a new deal he gets sacked.
    Mourinho isnt a specialist in failure.He has put 37mil in his pocket after his sacking.It was a trick.Now he searches for a new job in qatar or china that pays better

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