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Have Arsenal really got rid of Diaby ? Alexis talks success! by KM

Wow there! Hot news in the Arsenal transfer news! We’ve released… Abou Diaby. I think that in the list of players whose careers got ruined by injury, Diaby would be undoubtedly in the top five. He had the raw potential.

I remember two games against Liverpool where Diaby was superb. He had it all to be another Paddy V. But expectations with footballers these days rarely meet reality, and for a player who’s had 15 starts in the last 3 years it had to be game over.

He signed a 6 year deal, when it was clear he’s not a 50 games a season player. I read some news that he might still be talking to Wenger but a new contract for him would be just ridiculous – even for Arsene’s standards.

In other news, Alexis has been talking about his disappointment with his first season for us. He said it feels “bittersweet”. He’s disappointed that we didn’t play in the CL final and we’re not champions. Well Alexis I can feel your pain.

The paradox here is that when Alexis says he’s unhappy we didn’t win trophies, he’s the hero and when I say it, I’m the villain! I really wish that everyone in the club from fans to the manager has the same desire as the Chilean does.

I also hope that the fact he joined us means Wenger has a plan for success. Snapping up Cech would be a step in the right direction. Reports keep saying that he’s edging closer to a move with us, but I remember that Higuain was on the plane to London and that somehow ended up in southern Italy, so until I see it on I will not buy it.

The football summer is so quiet for now, but I feel an explosion will erupt in a month or two. Juventus are most likely losing Vidal, Pogba and Tevez. De Gea shipping off to Madrid and the usual spending spree the Manchester clubs will do for sure must trigger a massive melee of transfers.

With Rafa Benitez going to Real Madrid, I feel a few players might fall out of favor, and if we find the right moment, we might snap up a good deal like we did with Ozil and Sanchez.

That’s me for today, have a sublime week!


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  1. All this talk about Madrids keeper coming to arsenal shit what is he 37? No way that AW will do that. AW should go get spuds keeper pay the cash we have it. Then we need a player to side with FQ and a CF team done. And let ten go simple

    1. actually Iker is a lot younger than people think.
      He just started very very Young, his mother used to drive him to the first team practice because he couldnt drive a car when he was slecetd as # 1.

    2. Alexis has already won two trophies in his first season with arsenal. OK we should have challenged Chelsea and even win the EPL. But it didn’t happen and we ended up with winning the fa cup and that’s not bad at all, what would he get if he was at manure or shittty???maybe he’s just disappointed he wasn’t at barca this season since they won everything. Diaby was a hit when fit. He had it all. Too bad injuries destroyed him and I think we should keep him on a play and get paid basis. Cech would show we want the EPL and two more class players like kondogbia and martinez

      1. It is insulting to the intelligence of Alexis and Ozil to think they didn’t join us with their eyes wide open. They haven’t been living in an information vacuum or parallel universe for the past 5-10 years. You go from Real Madrid or Barcelona to Arsenal you are embarking on a project. Neither seem to be vanity players, they’ve picked up trophies at perhaps the two biggest clubs in the world – that is history now.

        The author “feels his pain”. How patronising and pompous is that? And Alexis being “disappointed” is very different from the author being disappointed. Alexis’s disappointment is an acknowledgement that him and his team-mates could not always perform to the best of their abilities. “We have a bunch of skilful players so to not achieve more is disappointing” is not an indictment of AFC, the manager, direction of the club etc but a purely personal feeling from someone who has been on the pitch for the season trying his heart out.

        And for those who have been banging on about “natural positions”, “need rigidity” etc our most sensational debutant ever has been played out of position. Fancy that. “I had a breakthrough in my football life. Now I switch to the left, I make goals, I pass, I am evolving. And if I am put in at centre forward, I will do it in the best way possible”.

    3. Arsene will not sign anyone until Chelsea, City and Man united does which will be too late I am sorry but we will always be a top 4 team but not really the team to win the premier league. City has made it clear they will spend a lot when the window opens Manchester United as started and Chelsea will if we don’t buy the 3-4 players that’s needed we will become 4 th next season.
      It sucks but it’s the truth I am a fan but this wait and see game by wenger won’t help and teams will go and buy all the top quality and leave the scraps for us. Just remember you were all warned by the disgusted1 and don’t be surprise when we regress instead of progress.

      Opinions divided

  2. GK = Cech
    Striker = Martinez
    DM= Wenger and God only knows lol
    (But hope it’s Kondogbia, Schneiderlin or krychowiak)

  3. I feel a little underwhelmed by our transfer rumours at the moment. A massive summer for us, trying to finally get back in the title hunt after many years adrift. Yet whilst the others are linked to some of the biggest and best names around, we seem solely interested in a 33 year old goalkeeper. Would be a solid buy, an improvement to our team, but not particularly exciting… I don’t think there’s one player we’re strongly linked to that I would be really excited about us signing. There’s players mentioned that I’d quite like us to get, but there aren’t really any big rumours going around about them, are there?

    Typical Arsenal summer. Never hear anything until it’s pretty much already done. Just hope we do buy a player that we can all get excited about seeing, someone to breathe some fresh air into our team and give us something new like Alexis did.

    1. Agree with the second point.

      It would nice, if once in a while, Wenger offered something vaguely like a commitment.

      I’m not suggesting that Wenger states who he intends to buy.

      However giving some clear intent like….”definitely plan to add to the squad in several areas”, “expect to see 2-3 new players to strengthen”…etc, would be a welcome relief for most gooners. Completely unlike Wenger, I know.

      The frustration for most gooners during the transfer window is we never know whether it’ll be fantastic (sum of the past 2-3 windows) or a total and utter disappointment. The frustration is fuelled by the usual intense press speculation where every top player of every top European team is destined for Arsenal! Summers tough for a gooner!

      1. Spot on. Don’t tell us your targets (if you have any) but give us an idea of what positions you are looking at or how many players you are looking to add, like every other manager.

        Then we the fans won’t have to suffer all summer. If we are told ‘ no, I do not need anyone/want to buy anyone’ then we could all pack our cases and go on holiday.


  4. i said it before and will say it again.
    Wenger has a defining momentum in his hands.
    Kind of like back in 04-06 just without the financial breaks cause of the stadium.

    Dont let us (and yourself) down Prof. wave farewell in a big way with a UCL and EPL trophy

  5. Anybody can bite my ass, IDGAF. It’s the truth, Arsenal has to aim higher and higher at all times. Honestly, I’m ok with how we finished the season, but not very ok (it’s called ambition). We could have done more if Wenger had done some of the very basics from the beginning (like getting a proper DM, an outstanding CB and a very good striker).

      1. You boys in the states?

        Thought the 1st copa America game wasn’t on in the UK until 12.30am Friday morn?

  6. I sincerely want us to sign higuain,he’s learnt aw tu play in italy which means he’s learnt to b physical in his game coupled wit d sleek style of play at madrid,he has al d elements tu succeed in d epl,he’s played in two diff leaque nd has bin successful fo me,so wenger sign higuain he’s more proven across two major leaques dan any oda striker available in europe,we need a striker dat can hit d ground runnin immediately nt d one dat wil need time tu adapt. higuain is perfect fo us in our quest tu win d epl next season.

  7. United already got Depay who really is a special player and are willing to spend a load more, City just said they will be splashing cash, Mourinho wants 3 more players to a team that won the league by a mile and wants to rehabilitate Falcao. Arsene says we are in good shape and are not looking for too many players. I really dont get it.
    What we need is someone who is willing to spend big and be ruthless with the development of potential. Potential doesnt always work out, when it does its great but when it doesnt then you are stuck with a mediocre player instead of a good one you could have bought ready made.
    Great example not buying Xabi Alonso for 15M and waiting for Denilson or Diaby to develop. Blah Blah Blah.
    Wenger always wants to do things his own way, which unfortunately in this day and age is not the right way.
    If we were ambitious we would get Cech, Vidal and Cavani at the least.
    Lets see what the next 75 days bring.


    do something in the market already I implore you oh cautious, prudent one!

    Or We will be left with Andy Caroll as the only ST option left;(((((((

  9. If we are going to be title contenders a new quality CB is a must. Love Per and he is a decent player with good understanding with Kos but being honest and realistic he is also a liability and costs us points in matches. Sure Cech would make us marginally better but buying a world class centre back to play with Kos for me is vital if we want to challenge Chelsea.

  10. I sometimes wonder whether sentiments get lost in translation (eg, Spanish to English). Alexis may simply have been trying to express the ambition he holds and that of the team…ala..yes we are happy with the FA Cup but we should have done more, etc
    Any of the Spanish speaking fans hear the interview? What’s the translation..
    I have never heard a Sanchez speak English in an interview.

    On Diaby – if Shad can fix his body and get his to hold up for 30 games a year, 1) Shad would be hailed a miracle worker 2) we would possibly have a 3rd option for the holding mid role (assuming Diaby has been training for that role over the past months). But alas, I think we clutch at straws here. Can AW afford a squad place for Diaby even if it’s pay-for-play?
    Perhaps sign him up as a scout or help him get a coaching badge and he can work with Jonker with the academy.

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