Three Arsenal players that can make the difference against Watford

If Arsenal is to beat Watford today they will need certain players to step up to the plate, players that can make a difference, especially if the game gets bogged down in physicality.

Arsenal has players that can open up defences and change the game and it is those players that can make all the difference today.

Dani Ceballos

There is no guarantee Unai Emery will pick the Spaniard but it would be a surprise if he did not, he has the vision and creativity to carve Watford open and anyone that saw him in action for Spain in the international break will know full well the capabilities he has at splitting defences wide open.

Nicolas Pepe

The young winger is still finding his feet but it cannot be long now before we see his brilliance, he has shown glimpses of what he can do and it is just a matter of time before he puts a team to the sword. He has not been 100% fit but he has had a good break and should be fresh and a lot closer to full fitness. Today could be the day we see the true Nicolas Pepe in action.

Reiss Nelson

Just like Ceballos, there is no guarantee he will start but I am confident he will come in as the replacement for Alexandre Lacazette and I have high hopes for the England U21 star, he is quick and creative, he is full of confidence and of the three Arsenal forwards he is the one that Watford will probably underestimate. I can see the 19-year-old putting in a big performance today.

There are others that pose huge dangers, Aubameyang as a classic example but to some extent, that is expected from him and he will need the service from Nelson, Pepe and Ceballos to make a difference and that is why it is the service providers that I see making the difference today.


    1. As he didn’t play for the U23 team yesterday (Holding and Mavropanos did) I’m hopeful he will be in the squad today but I don’t think Emery is adventurous enough to play him.

    2. I’d like to see him also..from what I no hes got a good work ethic & it’s another up & coming stair in the red & white

  1. We should also give Mesut Ozil a chance in this match. This are the kind of Matches Ozil is known to shine at….

  2. It takes a team to win. Everyone playing their best.

    But I think Aubameyang will play better being the only striker and playing up front by himself

    i think Either Nelson and Pepe will play as wingers or Pepe will move to a more central role.

  3. This is the exact moment when I wouldn’t have to worry if Eddie would be around…. Anyways.. We still have a Good squad this Season…. #COYG ?

    1. eddie decided to go on loan despite emery wanting him to stay so his loss as he would have been 2nd choice striker for 1.5 months.

  4. How about fielding miedema, shes unstoppable. Only 23 and already the record goalscorer for the Dutch national team

  5. Why mention Mav & Holding who are like Chambers, Unai will pick Sokratis and Luis first. They should be on loan then, not benched til mentally used up…

    Arsenal always misses two key players and no budget to fully allow doing so, that’s how we missed Suarez and Kante both willing to join Wenger…

    Reality, even more so than last year; we simply have no defense but losing Kos and our best RB on last day of transfer. He just scored in spain as he was getting back in form with us AT pre Season and start.

    Pepe all Big deal is not helping him nor solve our main issue; no top CB and a beast in front of them. You can score 2 but conceid 2 or 3 wont take us anywhere.

    Any team sees it and cant believe we cant get it right for years! Reds, Spurs got way above us that’s way in a matter of 3 years, Everton progress is also to note.

    We already out of top 4, if we win today, we supposed to but not sure nowdays… Spurs, Man U will keep building up momentum, Chelsea has a team to make top4, but still doubtful with new manager.

    Watch a football game without defense takes all interest off. We just in fear each game, rather lose a game with no fear than fear to be ridiculized with such a crazy situation. We have a great team but “no defense” makes us mediocre!

    1. Spuds are way above us? I don’t think so pal.
      Only one point difference in PL and sure they reached CL final, but we achieved that more than a decade ago.

      They are just like cavemen when they first discovered fire. We, as the modern men, should just laugh at them and pay no heed.

      After the final, we have lost our best players(RVP,Fabregas,Nasri,etc) and survived. Can they? I doubt it.

  6. I`d like to see a midfield of Ceballos, Ozil, Chambers and Kolasinac……..or……………..Kolasinac, Nelson, Ozil and Bellerin………………..COCK or KNOB ?…..what`s it to be ?

  7. Loads of option in middle but without CB and shaky wings, Unai tries to make up with défensive midfielders which doesn’t allow to play forward and creative football.

    We play a tuff team, Unai will have xhaka torreira gendouzi or Willock in same defending tasks. Not if we had top CBs and beast in front..

  8. It seems the arsenal coaching team with UE have a problem with ensuring or building a water tight defense.,. even from their history past.

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