Three Arsenal players that can punish Manchester United

Manchester United welcome Arsenal to Old Trafford Monday night in poor shape and under the current circumstances are there for the taking.

Arsenal has a great opportunity here, United are without a recognised forward, their best player, Paul Pogba, is unlikely to start, their defence is vulnerable and the midfield is all over the place.

Obviously, United do pose a serious threat, they have home advantage and a squad full of talented individuals but they are in a bit of mess and you have to think that Arsenal would prefer playing United now rather than when they have all their best players back and in harmony.

But for Arsenal to win they will need their best players to turn up and for good reason, they have the capability to tear United to pieces.

Nicolas Pepe

If there was ever a game that Arsenal fans want to see Pepe at his best it is this game, it is coming, we will very soon see what he can really do and once that happens someone is going to be on the end of a hiding, let’s hope it’s United.

Dani Ceballos

We have seen already this season what the young Spaniard can do, his first touch and vision are exceptional and the game against United is perfect for him, there will be room in midfield and he will be able to deploy his full arsenal.

Kieran Tierney

If he gets going down the flank then United are in serious trouble, he is absolutely electric with immense speed and he can cause some serious damage, of that, I am absolutely one percent confident.

There are more players, Aubameyang as an example, but I just feel the three players I named above have that capability to control the game, Auba is more clinical but needs the service that Pepe, Ceballos and Tierney will be providing. Without them, he will struggle to score.


  1. Martin, one percent confidence isn’t all the great!! (Just kidding as I know it’s a typo).
    I know ManU will come at hard, especially at Old Trafford, and it’s doesn’t matter if they are in the shape they are in now. If Emery plays try to form, this is a reality when they will run at us, if we stay back and play defensively.
    Our boys will do well to attack right from the beginning, with the midfielders controlling the game.

    1. The players mentioned are based on assumption rather than reality. Pepe hasn’t done much so far to suggest him as a player to hurt United. Apart from some take-ons against Liverpool, he has been relatively ineffective. Saka seem to be more productive than him at the moment. The jury is still out on him. Ceballos is more effective when playing lower teams. He hasn’t shown in the big games. Tierney, though showed quality against Forest. He needs patience to integrate and prove himself on the bigger stage.

  2. I think our attack in general is our strongest area

    Ceballos, Wilock, Pepe, Martinelli/Saka, Aubameyang

    Even our defenders are useful in attack ie Bellerin (not starting), Chambers, Holding, Tierney. Both Bellerin and Tierney are very speedy on the flanks

    The worst thing we can do is play to defensive. We should play to our strengths

    Because of today’s results we are 8th place. We need to WIN to return to the Top 4. 3Rd place is possible too. But we must win

    Emery’s lineup will be vital

    1. Yes, there are quality players in the squad. All depends on the manager getting the combination right and instructing them to play with intensity, not giving up possession easily.

  3. 1(Xhaka) I can’t forget that scremer he scored against David de gea last season, and I have a feeling he will score again tomorrow.
    2( Mesut Ozil) We will need his magical touch in midfield if we are to get anything from the match, he doesn’t have to defend,he doesn’t even need to do all the hard work all we need from him is the touches that will make opponent trembles,the touches the destroyed forest on Tuesday, am sure if Emery play him tomorrow he will get at least 3 assist.
    3(Aubamayang) What more can I say about tbis man, he’s a born goalscorer, I just can’t imagine what position we will be without him this season.

  4. Martin you listed 3 players that can punish Manchester United but I will tell you one man that will mess that up. This team is begging for a coach on the mode of Pep and Klopp

    1. Mobella, here do you find them, both have contracts with Manchester City and Liverpool respectively?
      Why don’t you just support Arsenal as it is, the coach and players, without the negativity?

      1. Emery makes it difficult for me to support him again with his unbelievable decisions, players selections and tactics he employs. I’m for Arsenal πŸ’― but can’t help to know Emery is not doing his job well

        1. I agree completely. Emery somehow manages to always come up with a weak selection giving the talents at his disposal and appears to be as stubborn as Wenger even when his tactics of playing out from the back is clearly not working. I really hope he gets it right on Monday night.

    2. Haven’t seen your comment in a while, Mobella…… I do agree with you, but we’re stuck with him for now. And for all our sakes, I hope we’re the ones dealing the damages come Monday night….. because I’ve never been able to stomach a loss to Man U. I do hope we win….. and if we get to batter them, even better. Cheers man

      1. I have being busy AY and as a result missed a lot of our matches. As regard Emery I can’t believe myself a lot I had said about him as I was jumping up and down with joy when we employed him but 3 months into his job I painfully realized he is not good enough or made for epl. He is a good coach though but we need a coach who knows how to play in epl. Compare the way we played against Liverpool and the way Sheffield did today and Chelsea did last week knowing that we have a better squad than those two teams

  5. Leno

    Chambers Mustafi Sikratis Tierney

    Torriera Xhaka Kolasinac

    Pepe Aubama Saka

    Aubama and ePpe will be the men to punish Man U

  6. United could put out there under 16 girls team and we’d still strugel to get a result because we’ll concede a goal if not 2 like we always do a old Trafford πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  7. Really? Man U will be fired up. Arsenal’s long winless run has to end and why not on Monday
    The gunners won’t be give
    time and space like what Everton are dishing out to MC.
    The reds maybe without their recognised forwards but even then they have other players to hurt the gunners in particular the winger.
    If every gunner plays his part,
    Arsenal can win.

    1. Fired up? I went to Man U fans forum only to discover that they are feeling downcast already. One was lamenting about their injury list and predicted 3-0 to Arsenal.

  8. I’m quite sure Arsenal will punish us; not just 3 players but all 11 plus the subs. I’m a supporter of Man U but between Ole and Woodward we have managed to scrape up the worst squad I have had the misfortune to see in all the years of my adherence to them. Since Munich, actually. Mediocre GK, bad defence, no midfield and no strikers. I reckon a pub side in league 99, women’s team would also be able to punish them. Maybe one day in the distant future when those two and their squad have passed on, we might make a comeback from Division 3.

  9. If our creative players such as Ceballos and Ozil can play like Man City midfielders, Man United would have to face sequential attacks

    De Bruyne plays centrally, but he managed to top EPL assist chart. Because he focuses on creating crosses, which are only fewer than Alexander-Arnold’s that lead EPL crosses stats

    De Bruyne and Silva were helped by Guardiola’s strategy, but our creative midfielders should be able to imitate their movements. Both Ceballos and Ozil are not fast enough and not tricky enough to play on the wings, but they could be great half-wingers and swap positions with Pepe/ Saka when needed

  10. If you remember the 8-2 bashing as freshly as I do, then you must agree with me that manUtd must pay for the sins of yester-years.

    Karma has made it their turn to be in poor shape and by gully, we must SHOW NO MERCY!!!!!!

    I will NEVER forgive Emery and the squad if we win by less than a 3-GOAL MARGIN. And that’s only because of players like blessed Tierny, super Hector, solid Holding and gallant chambers who are just returning from long term injuries and are trying to blend.

    As for Pepe, it is time to unleash his supreme talent without excuses. He was signed for games like this. I love him and I want to see him T-O-R-M-E-NT manUtd in front their supporters.
    I want to see them cry the way we cried.

    NO EXCUSES!!!!!
    UP ARSENAL!!!!

    1. Love the positivity and lack of insults to our players! We’re going to do them on Monday night! Let’s all get behind the team, and Emery, and leave our own agendas to one side

  11. For sure that is absolutely fantastic and it can work very well and Arsenal will defeat Manchester united

  12. Really Man. United will be punished today by superior Arsenal team. Areas Arsenal should concentrate is United Flanks. They are very powerful on the flanks and can easily punish Arsenal if we forget to keep them busy there. Absolutely, the victory is ours.

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