Three Arsenal players the fans want to see against Eintracht Frankfurt

It is not usual that an opening Europa League for Arsenal takes on such importance as the game against Eintracht Frankfurt has but such is the times we live in.

Unai Emery cannot afford to put out a team full of fringe and youth players and will have to mix it up a little, however, there is room for some changes from the team that performed so dismally against Watford on Sunday.

Reading some of the comments on this website and we do get hundreds of them daily I have seen a pattern develop as to which players the fans would like to see play against the Bundesliga outfit and three names stand out.

Calum Chambers

There is a clamour for Chambers to be recalled, most of the comments say the same thing, he did well against Newcastle United, did not deserve to be dropped and after the calamitous displays from Sokratis and David Luiz, the feeling is that a recall is due.

Rob Holding

There is palpable excitement at the prospect of the 23-year-old returning to action after such a long period on the sidelines with injury. The centre back is seen as an automatic replacement in the centre of defence in place of either Sokratis or Luiz, in fact, a partnership of Chambers and Holding seems to be the prefered option for the fans.

Nicolas Pepe

Pepe clearly needs more game time and the fans are desperate for him to put in a performance that justifies all the hype, we have seen glimpses of what he can do and the Europa League could be just the competition that launches his Arsenal career off the launchpad.


  1. Tbh
    I want to see Sok Luiz and Xhaka they are in my opinion merely squad players so play them now and play chambers and holding in the important games

    1. This is an important game. We may not finish 4th so we need a another chance. Also we can’t take Frankfurt lightly if we want to win our first Europa League championship

  2. We need a new manager…..NOW. Arsenal should get rid of Unai Emery now. With nearly the whole season to come Jose Mourinho is the perfect manager to come in NOW. Arsenal….get a defence and stop playing out from the back even when being double pressed. Please Jose come in right now. Why wait for what is obvious? Why waste more time? Emery out, Jose in. Let’s not waste years going nowhere.

    1. yup, Jose in so he can tear the locker room apart, half the squad wants out, and we have to rebuild from the mess Mourinho ALWAYS leaves. We need a change soon, but Jose is far from the answer.

        1. Pepe will hopefully start to make a real impression soon in an attacking sense,but he needs to step up his work rate and help his team mates defensively.He failed to do that at Watford and piled pressure on AMN who had his hands full in any case.He was also guilty of giving the ball away when the situation demanded a period of Arsenal possession to alleviate pressure.He has most of the attributes to be a success with Arsenal but he cannot freewheel in the Premier League and has to apply himself and work hard off the ball like Mane and Salah at Liverpool.

      1. Yes to everything you said, RSH.

        We need a manager who is hungry and on the up and not used to having the best squad in the league. And also, someone who can work well with the players we now have.

        1. Mourinho is no good for many reasons
        2. Allegri might need a better squad for success
        3. Simeone would need at least 3 years to replace most of the squad with his kind of players (not that Simeone or Allegri would walk into our current mess, just using them as examples)

        We need someone like Nagelsmann who did well at Hoffenheim and now Leipzig. Or someone of that kind.

        To put it differently — we need a younger and more progressive version of Emery.

        Any suggestions (except Nagelsmann)?

      2. RSH
        “If things don’t change they stay as they are.” Do you want to watch us playing like we did against Watford again and again……no I am sure. If things don’t change now you will be puking at the end of the season. Do you want to wait for another 5- 10 years, like with Wenger, because Arsenal are so slow at treating their illness.

      3. what we need the the wonder kid tactician Julian Nagelsmann
        Nagelsmann was just 28 when he was appointed as head coach of Hoffenheim in February 2016.Julian Nagelsmann continue his good form in 2016–17 Bundesliga season, where they finished 4th in the table and qualified for the UEFA Champions League for the first time in their history.
        On 21 June 2019, RB Leipzig announced that Nagelsmann will be their manager from the 2019–20 season and has agreed a four-year contract
        and here is his current match form , drawing only a match with bayern Munich so far this season
        G W D L GF GA GD Win %
        6 5 1 0 15 6 +9 83.33 83.33

  3. If I were Emery I will put out this team.


    Martinelli, Ceballos, Pepe.

    Willock, Torreira.

    Kolasinac, Luiz, Chambers, A.M-Niles.


    Subs –
    E. S-Rowe

  4. Sue
    Your crush harry kane has scored yet another penalty, I don’t think there’s any player that has scored as much penalty as harry Kane for the past 2 seasons.

      1. Emery says he needs rest… for 70 minutes of football this season. This situation whole is a joke and has been going on too long.

        1. I read he’s reluctant to leave his wife, after what happened..
          Christ, what will Unai come out with next?! My personal favourite was about it being too hot.. but needing rest isn’t too far behind!! Bizarre, to say the least!!!

          1. Surely he can hire body guards. His job requires travel. He cant seriously just expect to play game in/around London? Thing is these strange absences have been going on for a couple years now, and I think it’s about time we just get a straight answer instead of sick notes and resting excuses. We can all tell something is going on.

          2. I think Emery is saying the truth about ozil needing rest, I don’t know if anyone else notice ozil looks so lean on Sunday, it really look like he’s depressed or something like that.

          3. I agree Lenohappy, he hasn’t looked quite right recently.

  ’s about time we were told, like you say it’s been going on for too long & it’s blatantly obvious something isn’t right (& this never seems to happen with any other player)

          4. What is Ozil gonna do to protect her?! He can’t fight Tom cleverly off a ball but he’s going to take down some armed gang members!!

    1. Throwing two goal leads. Maybe it’s a London thing then…

      Leaves a bad taste in the mouth. For goodness sake. Can’t those jokers mess up in their own way? I mean, can’t they just stop trying to imitate us? We lose two-goal leads and Bam! Their very next match, they do the same.

      Forever in our shadows.

  5. I dread to think what team Emery will pick tonight,but I bet that useless prat Xhaka’s in it.
    I have totally lost faith in Emery after that performance on sunday,I really am not sure he knows what he is doing.
    I think Gazidiz did know what he was doing when he legged it though.GETTING OUT BEFORE THE CRAP HIT THE FAN.

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