Three Arsenal players whose sale will make Mikel Arteta happy

Talksport claims that if Mikel Arteta can get rid of Shkodran Mustafi, Matteo Guendouzi, and Mesut Ozil by next week, he would be a very happy man.

Arteta has been overseeing the overhauling of the Arsenal team that struggled at the start of last season.

The Spaniard has made Arsenal competitive again with the Gunners now one of the teams to fear in the Premier League.

He has added the likes of Dani Ceballos (on-loan), Willian and Gabriel Magalhaes to his team in this transfer window.

He is still looking to land at least one more player, but he will need to also sell some of his current options.

Several players in the current Arsenal team will struggle to play this season and the report reckons that if he can offload the listed players he will be happy.

It also claims that if he eventually can land a midfielder like Chelsea’s Jorginho, then he will be even happier.

The report claims: “The smell of Lucas Torreira is going to be used as bait to get Thomas Partey from Atletico, finally – offering Simeone a Uruguayan who loves a bit of a dust-up is currently en vogue.

“If Arteta can get rid of Shkodran Mustafi, Matteo Guendozi and Mesut Ozil by this time next week he’ll be a very happy man, especially if he is then able to get his hands on Jorginho who is, by all accounts, available from Chelsea even though he really doesn’t take up that much room.”

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  1. We’re in for a very busy 6 days, according to the ITKs…. I’ll be happy if we move on 4.. maybe that’s wishful thinking… but I’m not keen on bringing Jorginho in….

  2. I am still confused about the Guendouzy situation! He was reintroduced to squad training and MA said he had wiped the slate clean, his words and actions tell a conflicting story, to me anyway!

    1. Brother, I’m sure MA is as confused as you on the situation of three players- Guanze, Toreira & Ozil, as he or the Mgt have no genuine football reasons to give, for the continuous freezing of the trio. QED. The end result is what has been our bane, hit & run midfield.

    2. Arteta is an employee and has to toe management line. That said when we make it clear to everyone and his dog that a player is not going to feature for the team, hence is of no imminent value to the team, how would you expect good offers to come in for said player? I wonder if Guendouzi, Ozil and Torreira are the three who rejected the salary reduction?

    3. Siamois , Poor lad being confused! It would help if you did not so naively believe as gospel every public statement football folk make. A litle prooer thought, assuming you can manage that, about why that statement was issued and what was actually meant might help prevent your youthful confusion next time.
      I will let you into a secret; sometimes people do not say precisely what they want others to think they mean. Life experience helps tell the diference and there is no substitue for life experience other than being older.

  3. Guendouzi should be reintegrated into the squad as his value can only go up from this point. The lad will mend his ways if given proper guidance otherwise he would not have made it this far. If we can get a good offer, fine – sell him, but if all we get is a pittance, we’re throwing away decent money next year.

    Also, in which universe is Torreira not more useful than Elneny who HAS improved but offers little defensively and NOTHING offensively? Could it be that Arteta sees himself in Elneny – a sideway pass merchant?

    Okay, Mustafi should be sold – last year of his contract, but if Ozil is not willing to leave, he should also be reintegrated as he has shown when Mikel first arrived that he can still be useful against weaker teams. Still the best passer in the team…

    1. Totally agree with you on Ozil.Give him a game against the lower teams and he will beat them to pulp.

      Kolasnac looks headed for Bundesliga and also Torreira is going to Spain.That will open up space for one recruitment in form of Aoaur (Home grown quota rule)

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