Three Arsenal positions up for grabs against Watford – who would you choose?

As usual, there is a lot of debate and guessing going on with regards to what team Unai Emery will select against Watford on Sunday and it appears there are three positions up for grabs.

The first position is who will replace Alexandre Lacazette up front and I would suggest it could be between Gabriel Martinelli and Reiss Nelson.

I personally would go with Nelson, I feel he would be a better fit on the left which would mean Aubameyang in his favoured central spot and Pepe on the right but Martinelli could also play on the left and for some, he is the more exciting player.

The second position is in central defence, should Calum Chambers be brought back into partner Sokratis and David Luiz dropped to the bench? Remember Chambers and Sokratis played together in the win at Newcastle that saw a clean sheet. Luiz has featured in games when the defence has been vulnerable and he has had his fair share of mishaps.

Finally, the midfield and there is a number of possible variations that can be utilised but it seems to me that Guendouzi and Ceballos are almost certain to start which leaves one spot up for grabs and that could be between three players, depending on who is fit.

My preference is for Joe Willock but I know that some would prefer to see Lucas Torreira or even Granit Xhaka as the third midfielder.

So there you have it, who would you choose in those three positions?


  1. We should maintain the same CB pairing.
    I’d like to see Chambers given a try at DM or Torreira start as the DM.
    It should be Willock-Torreira/Chambers-Ceballos

    1. Martinelli should also be given his first start in the EPL. It’s a risk but I it’s worth it. Nelson is not suited to the wings and he’s better as a RW. If Nelson starts tomorrow I still believe he’s capable of holding his own but I’d like to see Martinelli start

  2. Nelson hasn’t performed well on the left, so I’d go with Martinelli. I’d also go with Ozil as 10 and Ceballos and Guendouzi staying back and playing a pivot. Lastly, I’d play Chambers in the DM.

    I’ll mention that a 4-3-3 with Ceballos and Guendouzi as 2 CM’s with Chambers sitting back as DM to shield our weak CB’s would be nice too.

  3. I’d like to see:
    Leno, AMN, Chambers, Luiz, Kola, Guendouzi, Ceballos, Ozil, Pepe, Auba, Martinelli in either a 4231/433

    I expect to see:
    Leno, AMN, Sok, Luiz, Kola, Xhaka, Torreira, Guendouzi, Pepe, Auba, Nelson in probably a 4231

  4. The PL top 4 dog fight is already in full flow.
    For 9 months the chaotic roller coaster will hypnotize, captivate intrigue and infuriate the hearts and minds of millions.
    Every fan will believe in and give up on their team many times.
    The whole gamut of human emotions will be on shoe every day.
    By Tuesday night Toffees, Gooners and Irons will have had the
    chance to claim joint 2nd = with the worlds best team.
    If they WIN thousands of fans clad in Club regalia, will throng the streets singing songs of praise for their beloved manager.
    “He is the chosen one we honor him for ever.
    I knew from day one he would lead us to glory.
    I so love this game from when I was in the womb.
    I am the game the game is me. The beautiful game. ”
    However if results do NOT go the fan’s way the same town
    is dark, deserted rain lashes in and cold winds chill the bones.
    The greatest shame has befallen this once proud town.
    The football club has succumbed to a pub team.
    Managers effigies are burned. Disembowelment becomes an option.
    Last week the fans praised this brilliant tactical genius,
    But now the fans say “he must die” in the most painful way.
    “They (the players) treat us like fools like stones to walk upon.
    Never again will I endure another 9 months, a thousand cuts
    and with silverware glinting in my eyes… stolen from me again”!
    I hate this game.

    Till next week 🙂

  5. There’er two factors I’m also considering,the first one is the upcoming match four days time,which may also determine today’s selection, the other factor is during substitution, who to come in

  6. Frankly, the sooner Arsenal get used to not having Oezil and Xhaka, the better. Oezil simply does not suit epl football. Hes comparatively weak and flimsy, despite his skillful footwork and incisive passing. His lack of pace also impacts on the crucial attribute of being able to track back. Xhaka’s weaknesses surpass his positives. Xhaka, like Oezil, is slow and clumsy.

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