Three Bournemouth players that Arsenal must be wary of

Bournemouth have players that can seriously hurt Arsenal tomorrow at the Emirates

Bournemouth are a remarkable club. They have dragged themselves from almost extinction to being a mid-table Premier League club. They have beaten some of the top-six and cannot be underestimated in any form.

Last time Bournemouth visited the Emirates they got stuffed 5-1. It would be ambitious to expect a repeat of that tomorrow. The Cherries are just one point behind Arsenal in the league, level with Tottenham and Chelsea and above Man Utd.

There is a reason they are doing so well and that is because they have a great manager and some classy players.

Ryan Fraser
A player Arsenal was repeatedly linked with through the summer, he is a fine winger and he will cause the Arsenal defence a lot of issues. If the Scottish international is not contained he will cause havoc, that much you can take to the bank.

Callum Wilson
The 27-year-old has forced himself into England reckoning and is apparently wanted by Man Utd such has been his form this season. The striker is full of confidence right now, he has scored the same amount of goals as Harry Kane and one more than Sadio Mane. A very dangerous player.

Harry Wilson
Wilson has found the back of the net three times in the Premier League this season. He is a full member of the Wales squad and is currently on loan from Liverpool. He is doing himself huge favours with some of his recent performances.


  1. I love Harry, dead ball specialist.. I’ll be bricking it every time they’re awarded a free kick just outside the box!
    I’ve just realised we’re not being shown on Sky – Hesgoal it is then!

  2. Cannot compare those Bournemouth aces with our 400+ M squad

    We would most likely demolish the Cherries if we play with 4-2-3-1, Ceballos, Willock, Guendouzi, Aubameyang, Holding, Tierney and Martinelli

  3. Our story thus far:

    A. Result: 1-0 away win at Newcastle.
    Excuse: First game of the season.
    B. Result: 2-1 home win against Burnley
    Excuse: Give time for team to settle
    C. Result: 1-3 away annihilation Vs L’pool
    Excuse: They are CL champions
    D. Result: 2-2 home draw Vs Spurs
    Excuse: we came back to hold them
    E. Result: 2-2- away draw to Watford
    Excuse: we wanted to protect our lead
    F. Result: 3-2 home win Vs Aston Villa
    Excuse: we came back with 10men & won
    G. Result: 1-1 draw Vs ManU
    Excuse: we went to OT and got a point

    All of the above is by playing with Emery’s Frist team, “his way, his capacity”.

    Contrast the above seven games with the two EL games & the one against Forest and these games were NOT, I repeat NOT in Emery’s way, his capacity and his first XI.

    In reality we lost 6 points in the 3 draws against struggling teams and laid down and let Liverpool walk all over us; the used our diamond to scratch us all over

    1. And yet tomorrow with a win we will be 3rd place!!!

      Liverpool only won 2-1 at HOME!
      They won 0-1 away to a midtable team

      1. Brendon made his team make Liverpool sweat till almost the last minute, unlike Emery, in his way, in his capacity made the players look like a bottom club.

        1. If I may ask, did Quique Sanchez Flores and Pochetino also not prepare their teams to play and make us sweat?
          Or it is okay for Liverpool to sweat in a game with Leicester but for Arsenal, hell must break loose for sweating against Villa?

    2. What could be our problem as fans that we deem it proper not to be grateful with the team’s efforts even after they win…be it 1 nil or 2:1? …that there be the need to come up with excuses even after we win?
      It is getting boring with all these hating.
      Every win is a win yet we chose to be negative after winning

  4. The problem I see with UE at present..

    Our 1st 11 for PL games our so called experienced players and set up is always negative, slow lazy players with a lack of offensive creativity and link up play.. NOW we have some of the league’s brightest young talent that are pushing for starts.. I dread every team line up each match because we never know who is gonna play..

    For me the line up i wanna see tomoz is

    Bellerin holding luiz Tierney
    Xhaka (as much as i hope he will b left on the bench)
    Guendouzi willock
    Pepe auba martinelli

  5. Callum Wilson is likely to cause problems if ,as seems likely,he is faced with our two mediocre centre backs namely Sokratis and Luiz .The sooner Chambers and Holding are paired with Bellerin and Tierney as a back four the better.Hopefully this will happen immediately after the international break by which time our full backs will be fully fit.

    1. It’s highly unlikely you’ll ever see a holding – chambers pairing. Truth be told, it would be as disastrous as the current pairing because they’re too similar. Both Sokratis and Luiz can be solid if paired with either chambers or holding.

  6. Until their given the opportunity to play together Joe who can say they would be disastrous?In my estimation they would be an upgrade on Sokratis and Luiz but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    1. I think Chambers and Holding are upgrades on Sokratis, Mustafa
      Not sure about Luiz yet

      Like you said we need to see Holding and Chambers given the opportunity. My belief is that they can be a solid pairing but we need to see them together firsg

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