Three Early Predictions for Arsenal v Napoli Europa League clash

Tomorrow we welcome Napoli to the Emirates for the Europa League quarter-final clash and I have three early predictions for you to consider. I firmly believe that we will win, I accept that Napoli are a top team and we are fresh off a bad away loss to Everton, but we are extremely strong at home, and while I am of course biased I honestly do feel that we will win the game by a couple of goals.

We beat Tottenham, Chelsea and Man Utd by two goals and no one can argue that they are weaker teams than Napoli and over our last ten home wins in the Premier League we have won just twice by a single goal and on six occasions in that sequence we have won by exactly two goals.

With that in mind, I am going with the following…..

Arsenal to win by 2 Goals @ 13/2

My second prediction is for us to be leading at half time.

Using the same last ten Premier League games we have been leading at half time on seven occasions and four of those were 1-0 or 40% of the time and that makes the odds of 15/4 good value to be 1-0 up after 45 minutes.

Arsenal half time correct score 1-0 @ 15/4

Finally, this one is not really from the game itself but is indirectly linked and that is for us to win the competition outright.

Our odds are currently 5/1 and if we win this game by a couple of goals as I believe we will then there is no way that those odds will stay the same, in fact, I reckon we could end up being very close to being favourites overall to lift the trophy.

Arsenal to win Europa League @ 5/1

And that is it for now, however, I have a couple more under serious consideration that I will post nearer the game.

As usual here is the disclaimer, these are my own personal opinions and not recommendations.

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  1. gotanidea says:

    I believe so, but Arsenal need to create a big gap in the first leg

    I predict there would be many crosses come from the wingbacks, so it’s gonna be up to the attackers whether they can be focused on converting the chances or not

  2. Stephan Luc Larose says:

    That’s incredibly optimistic given Arsenal’s away form. It would be a miracle for Arsenal to lift a trophy this year or get back into the Champions League. Judging purely on their away form this year, Arsenal will lose all its remaining away games–which is most of their games. Emery does not know how to use the players he has, doesn’t know his best team, and doesn’t know how to balance attack with defence. As a result, he has been hyper-defensive to make up for his woeful defence and it regularly backfires with Arsenal frequently putting in games with few or no shots on goal for entire halves. It’s like relying on your broken leg to improve your sprint, or hammering your face to scratch your forehead. Emery will need time. Arsenal fans must be patient and wait 2-3 years to get back into the CL.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      See that is what they all want us to think. All the focus about Arsenal’s away form was put in a way that we shouldn’t expect to do well in any of them, Liv, Tott, and Manu pundits all giving their say. Before the Eve match we looked in good shape, Emery got the manager of month award for March, we didn’t only play home games in March. We were starting to gear up it seemed, then comes a lobby of opinion to remind us how we are not as good away from home as we are at home, well that usually goes for most teams doesn’t it?? We played within ourselves, our fans listened to the lobbyists and danced to their tune. Our fans then done as much damage leading up to it all, I count myself as one of them. All the foreboding, the fear, we knew it’d be tough but we talked like we were going away to Barcelona or something. It was too much, if we play the way we know we can, even away, we know we can make teams sweat it while panicking the opposing fans. This next away match, I don’t know how the score will go, but I know that our players will make the other sides spectators squirm in their seats. Come on Arsenal, defend, attack, as a team, and make them earn it, that is all we want, come on you Gunners.

  3. gotanidea says:

    Glory Glory Man United… NOT! One goal for Barca

  4. Sue says:

    Ooh another United OG ?
    Now I’ll wait to be called petty & not the brightest soul for wanting a rival to lose ? smh

    1. ? Man utd are playing like Stoke City B

      1. Sue says:

        Spot on QD ?

        1. Sue says:

          I thought was an awful game QD…

            1. No shots on target at home pathetic ?

  5. RSH says:

    Need to win at least 2-0 tomorrow or we will be in trouble. Clean sheet will be essential to us advancing. If Napoli score even once, they will gain a huge advantage.

    1. Malik says:

      If we start with sokratis and koscielny I’m sure we can keep them out. If mustafi starts, not so sure ?.

  6. David Rusa says:

    Clean sheet is only useful within a given context. If we win 3-1 it is better than 1-0. I recall some few years back we beat Bayern 2-0 away but they beat us on goals scored because they had beaten us 3-1 at Emirates. Recently Man U stunned PSG on goals scored not clean sheet. I don’t understand the fascination with clean sheet. Games are won on goals scored not clean sheets. Let us aim to score as many goals as possible so as to increase our chances of advancing to the semi final.

    1. jon fox says:

      It is certainly true that away goals get far too much attention ,when as you rightly say, the MAIN factor is how many goals in total, not just away goals.

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