Three early predictions for Everton v Arsenal

On Sunday Arsenal face off against Everton and we could be as many as four points behind Tottenham when that match kicks off, though we will have two games in hand and that highlights why we simply cannot afford to slip up against the Toffees.

My predictions for last Monday’s game against Newcastle were fairly accurate with some fantastic returns, you can view that article here but these were the three winners from the five predictions

Arsenal 1-0 Newcastle half time score @ 5/2
Arsenal 2-0 full-time correct score @ 8/1
Arsenal to win and under 2.5 goals @ 16/5

Not to blow my own trumpet but you have to admit there were some good winners there and I will try and repeat that feat with my predictions for the Everton game.

I have three early predictions for you to consider with a couple more coming nearer the game.

I am going to be pragmatic and accept that our away record is not the best and go for two correct scores, one that has us winning and one that is a draw.

Arsenal 2-1 @ 9/1
Draw 2-2 @ 12/1

And my third one is

Arsenal to win and over 2.5 goals @ 21/10

So, you can see that I fancy a few goals in the game and while I do believe that we will win I am taking out a little insurance with a draw correct score prediction.

As usual, these are not recommendations, just an opinion on how I see the game playing out with the odds included.



  1. I hope you are right Martin

    I’d be happy to take one point at the Goodison Park due to Everton’s strength and pace. I’m more confident of the Wolves and Leicester games

    1. They are a very tricky team but Arsenal should be able to beat them.I hope we score first because when they go in defensive mode they can be quite difficult to break down.Everton have also shown weakness in mentality against Arsenal for several seasons but this time they might be up for it having been really impressive at home against some top teams.It could be a real thriller come Sunday.

      1. Agree. A quick first goal could make Everton panic

        We don’t have tall players like Ivanovic/ Giroud/ Ramos/ Mina that are big threats in set-pieces, but we have excellent wingbacks and lethal strikers to steal the first goal

  2. I, like everyone else, am desperate for a win however I think a draw is the more likely outcome. We’re playing a big club, in all of my 60 years following Arsenal, Everton are the only other club beside ourselves to spend all that time in the top division. Unlike Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham, Yo Yo club Chelsea and Manchester City who even spent time in the third tier of English football we’ve now been in the top flight for 100 years. Voted back with the help of some skullduggery from Sir Henry Norris in April 1919. A record we should be proud of even if the likes of Sky Sports, BT Sports, The BBC have so far failed to mention.

    1. Kenny, what a record we have as a top top club!!

      To put it into even more context, everton have never won the premier league, never done a double, never gone unbeaten, never moved out of the shadow of pool and never won the cup a record thirteen times.
      We, on the other hand,….

      I have always felt sorry for Everton though, as it was the pool supporters who got the english clubs kicked out of european competitions the seasonthey won the league.

      I’m going one better than your prediction, as I believe we will win and by a scoreline of 0-2.

      Given up completely on the media by the way and have you heard if Warnock has been charged for telling the truth about riley and his mottley crew?

      1. No Ken, haven’t heard anything about Neil Warnock so far but I’m sure without doubt he’ll be fined. Like Arsene, they jump on Neil at every opportunity. As for Everton’s rivalry with Liverpool, I’m sure you know, in the old days of Dixie Dean it was Liverpool who were playing catch up for decades.

        1. Kenny, yes it was pool catching up, but that’s my point I suppose.
          Pool have caught up, passed them and left them for dead.
          Not only on the field but off it as well, with the stadium, but also the value of the club.
          I thought that everton might have found their “saviour” when Usmanov sold his shares to kronkie, but that rumour seems to have faded away.
          At least their new ground seems to be going ahead, so perhaps there is better times ahead for this grand old club after all?

          I always thought charges were bought by the FA within two days of the match in question…maybe they have decided that the accusations were true!!!

          1. As with Arsene Ken, who proved them wrong on several occasions, The FA never gave him a break and I don’t expect Neil to be given one. Maybe their so embarrassed by the outcome they haven’t got the courage to go through with it. Did you know Ken that the most rescinded red cards for players is when teams were playing against Arsenal, There’s one to ponder.

            1. Keeny, is that opponents who were red carded then had them rescinded, or the other way around?
              I didn’t know this fact, whichever way it is by the way.
              The biggest farce was Gabriel’s red against chelsea when Dean got the whole game completely wrong…that was rescinded and Costa got banned for three games and, yet again, no apologies from anyone and Dean was referreing a premier league game the next week. Absolutely incredible.

              What I find incredible is that Riley (as far as I know anyway) has not uttered one word about Warnocks accusations/observations on him personally and the chelsea game as a whole!
              Has the man got any idea how this looks? He just doesn’t seem to give two hoots about anyone else and the english fa put up with it…at least fifa have sussed him and his mottley crew out.

              1. No Ken opponents to Arsenal have had their cards rescinded, Gabriel was one in a hundred for us and as far as getting a reply from Riley, that’s more or less impossible. The PGMOL are a closed shop. Leading journalists have tried to infiltrate this organisation without success. They answer to nobody.

                1. That’s a real nugget to bring out in conversation then Kenny…I assume this is under riley’s time?

                  Your last sentence sums up the whole problem we have in this country regarding football.

                  Managers are duty bound by sky to come out and give their reactions after a match and are fined if they mention a referees poor game.
                  But can a referee be questioned? Not until hell freezes over.
                  Wev’e just got rid of one bloodsucker who, supposedly represented the players union, shouldn’t we at least be able to QUESTION the referees association?
                  If a working man made as many mistakes in his job that they do, they would have been sacked and their manager put on notice.
                  Improve your people or out you go too…that’s how it works in real life.
                  Geez, how did we get into this mess?
                  Rugby, union and league, can teach us how to properly run a sport, that’s for sure.

                  1. Ken, everything you say is 100% right, go on line, read about the PGMOL, you’ll be shocked.

        2. Still remember Liverpool coming up from the old second division with Leyton Orient. We played the O’s first game of 1962/’63 season, Joe Baker’s debut, scored both goals in a 2-1 win.

    2. Thanks for this info. I didn’t know about this before and now I can proudly say I’m supporting the only true elite English club which have never been relegated since its promotion in 1919

      I think only a long time supporter like you know history like this, whereas I just knew Arsenal since Wenger’s era

      I believe the tactics, youth development system, transfer market and the players’ skills have changed a lot as compared to football in sixty years ago

        1. One other point Gotanidea, it wasn’t actually a promotion. It was after the First World War and when football resumed the Football League increased the first division from 20 clubs to 22. Arsenal, who finished 5th in the second division in 1914 were given one of the new places at the expense of Tottenham who had finished 3rd. An almighty row followed the decision but our Chairman MP Sir Henry Norris pulled strings and Tottenham have had to live with it for 100 years.

          1. Gotanidea, sorry you asked about tactics, youth development; transfer market and players skills. Well we started with a keeper a right back and a left back. The two full backs marked the two wingers. The left winger and right winger hogged the touchline, rarely came inside, we had a right half centre half and left half, The centre half stayed in a defensive position in the middle of defence the two wing half’s moved up and down the pitch sometimes attacking sometimes defending they would also mark the inside forwards who played either side of the centre forward who would remain in the middle marked by the centre half. This all changed with Ron Greenwood’s 442 and Sir Alf Ramsey who took over the England team around 1963 he changed the system to 433. The first big transfer fee I can remember was when we bought Mel Charles, brother of Welsh legend John, we then bought George Eastham from Newcastle for £47,500, Ian Ure for £62,000 from Dundee and Joe Baker from Torino for £73,000 around this time the highest fees were £99,999 Jimmy Greaves, AC Milan to Tottenham (manager Bill Nicholson refused to pay £100,000 for a footballer) and Denis Law, Torino to Manchester United for £115,000. The reserves played in The Combination League and the youth team played in the Metropolitan League. Boots and pads became much lighter around the mid fifties although a bit earlier in Europe due to the invention of new boots by Addidas a company formed by two German brothers. They then split and the other brother went off to form Puma. Hope this has been helpful.

            1. I think this year will make it 100 years continuously in the top flight. Perhaps admin can check it out? Some record if it’s true!!

              1. Andrew, April 1919 after World War One finished we we’re voted in for the start of the 1919/20 to start in August.

                1. Sorry small mistake in previous article. It was Ron Greewood’s 424 and not 442 that changed the the game in the early sixties.

  3. OT
    I hope Arsenal realized they’ve made a mistake after rejecting the chance to bring back Bennacer in January after Napoli were rumoured to have made an offer.We must do all we can to bring back our former talent to the club.He’s better than Xhaka and Guendouzi and if Arsenal didn’t think he didn’t have talent they wouldn’t have beaten off competition from Man City to sign him in the first place.We can sign him for very little too and it would be such a shame to pass up this opportunity.One thing I’m sure of is that he will surely move in the summer.

    1. This is the same Bennacer who used to play at Arsenal?

      Well I saw nothing at the time and back my impression… We need better options in my opinion to improve next year!

      Have you seen him play at Empoli? I haven’t so my my view is based on what I saw in past.

  4. Everton 0-2 Arsenal
    Arsenal 2-0 Napoli
    Watford 1-3 Arsenal
    Napoli 1-2 Arsenal

    Someone should save up these predictions…it could help you big time

  5. Wolves and watford are better teams than Everton .. More dangerous attacking .. A win is critical going in to a string of difficult games beginning with Napoli … Should line up to win this with strong attacking options and I hope torreira

  6. Everton are an attacking team they’ve got excellent Forward players… If Arsenal can neutralize this threat like they did against Newcastle it a sure win for us… To be honest am not scared of any of our away games they are all winnable provided we are injury free.

    When am this confident about arsenal… It always a real deal we usually take the point I expect… Am an Addicted fan I see the vibes beaming out of the players and Emery it gets through me… Am super confident we’ll finish 3rd…the mentality within the Lads are great which is they don’t shy away from challenge like this

  7. If we beat Everton we,ll be number three this season. Thanks for the good history about our team. 1919 is so long ago.

  8. Thanks Kenny for the history.We,ll remain a Big team always. 0-2 for Arsenal is my prediction.

  9. Had this fixture been a 5 or 6 weeks ago this would be a Arsenal win as Everton were in very poor form but now they have had some very good results and got there confidence back and this will be a real test worse case we get a draw but hopefully we can nick a win which would be a fantastic result!!

  10. Martin, your Arsenal 2 Newcatle 0 prediction only came true because Taylor ruled out not one, but two perfectly good goals by Arsenal. Makes you wonder sometimes about betting on football affecting results.

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