Three hints that the Arsenal Women can go to the next level next season…

Arsenal women are poised to finish third in the league. That’s not such a bad accomplishment considering how injuries have affected them. Finishing third means they’ll be back playing Champions League football and not just they may be a big threat in the WSL title race next season.

Speaking of being a big threat in the WSL title race, here are three hints that next season could be Arsenal’s season:

1. After Chelsea’s loss last weekend, Jonas Eidevall hinted he’s going to take advantage of the summer window and be ready to deal with the pressures other teams put on his team, claiming, “All teams are going to continue to invest and be better. I don’t think we can assume that next season will be the same, it’s about next season and it will be important to have a strong squad as possible. But that is what we are aiming for and building for. The title is out of our hands now but we can see there have been really really fine margins with these points. Those details matter a lot in the end, but we learn from them, so let’s finish the season strongly and after that I have full belief that we will be very competitive next season.”

2. The Arsenal women’s players believe in Eidevall’s project, and statements like this from Jen Beattie: “With the players we are missing we have done very well and lots of players have stepped up. We tried to make the best of it but with key players coming back we think we can go to another level. The players we have have been brilliant but with a fully fit squad I think we can push to win everything.”
Only go to prove that come next season they’ll continue to fight for him like they did this season.

3. If an injury-ridden Arsenal can manage to reach the Champions League semi-finals and lift the Continental Cup, beating Chelsea hands down and finishing third, then just imagine what a fully fit Arsenal squad would do. With a full house, Arsenal can dispatch anyone.

Is the 2023–24 WSL title going to be Arsenal’s? We can’t wait to see


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  1. I feel so guilty for having to write that I cannot, try as I might, get any REAL interst inour womens team. In my case it is tolate inlife, and I think THAT is the reason. Oh I do watch out womens team when onTV and of course root for them But whenever they lose, I quickly forget it and do not get at all upset.

    It is great to see so much improvement in their matches both in quality and esp in crowds, compoared with even fairly recent times of not long ago.

    And thankfully, the womens game WILL keep on attracting new fans But, it is my honest opinon that older very long time fans such as I will mostly never grow to love it, as we do with our mens team.

    An HONEST DINOSAUR, perhaps?

  2. Three hints why Arsenal Women won’t go to the next level. Hint 1,,, Jonas Eidevall,,, hint 2 ,,,,,, Jonas Eidevall,,,,,,,,,, hint 3,,,,,,,, Jonas Eidevall. Honestly the man is clueless. Player management is quite pathetic to be honest. He inherited a top team of class players left by coach/manager Joe Montemurro who left Arsenal for Juventus. And what did the Circus Ringmaster Jonas Eidevall do to that team???? The clown destroyed it. Arsenal had a world class player in Mana Iwaduchi that Arsenal had been busting their guts for years to ge at Arsenal,,,, they got her ( Joe Montemurro did). And what did Jonas Eidevall do,,,,, what he didn’t do was have a bloody clue in how to play Mana Iwaduchi. He destroyed her. Plus,,, Jonas Eidevall has divided the entire squad of players over his disgraceful treatment of Iwaduchi. Quite a few team leaders at Arsenal have gone on record in stating their disappointment in the treatment of Mana Iwaduchi. While Jonas Eidevall is at Arsenal, Arsenal ain’t going nowhere. He had far far less experience as a coach/manager than what Mikel Arteta had when he first started. Arteta inherited a team of driftwood. Jonas Eidevall inherited a ready made team of class players. With all the injuries the women have suffered,,, I bet he’s regretting his disgraceful treatment of Mana Iwaduchi. The most surprising thing about all of this is that Arsenal Football Club is supposed to be against racism. Yet they employed one of the biggest racists in Jonas Eidevall at Arsenal Football Club

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