Three key battles in Arsenal v Everton clash

Everton vs Arsenal: Three key battles on the pitch by SE

Arsenal visiting Goodison Park this weekend should bring us some intriguing one-on-one battles on the pitch, which, more importantly, could go on to decide who reigns superior at the end of 90 minutes. Here are three key battles to look forward to:

Mertesacker/Koscielny vs Lukaku
Everton’s new signing should, in all probability, lead the line for the Toffees. Last season, in the corresponding fixture, Lukaku played on the Right-Wing, and it proved to be an astute piece of tactic from Martinez, as Lukaku posed serious problems for Monreal, with his pace and power acting as the lynchpins to Everton’s first and second goals.

Tomorrow, however, Lukaku could get to play through the middle, which means one of Arsenal’s Center-Halves will have the job of marking the buccaneering Belgian. Expect Koscielny, who’s a lot more mobile than Mertesacker, to pick up Lukaku, and this should be one great battle to witness. Lukaku can drop deep into midfield, at times, which will not make Koscielny’s job any easier, as he would need to keep an eye on the 21-year old throughout.

Mesut Ozil vs Gareth Barry
The German playmaker is expected to return to action against Everton, which would be hugely welcomed by Wenger and the whole of Arsenal. I don’t think Ozil will play as Arsenal’s No.10, with Wenger shifting to a more dynamic 4-3-3 system this summer. Ozil could get to play on either wing, more so on the left, and drift in to do layoffs or even have a shot on goal, if the chance presents itself.

Gareth Barry, former Manchester City midfielder, will be tasked with looking after Ozil. And, the Englishman, having played this Defensive Midfielder role his entire career, would want to make it disconcerting for the German by hustling and harrying him incessantly. What could work against Ozil, though, is that he may find it tough to be at his best in his first game back, after a two month layoff; On the other hand, Barry is indefatigable, and it could come down to fitness of both men. Unlike Lukaku vs Koscielny, this won’t be a battle of pace and power, though.

Alexis Sanchez vs Leighton Baines
It would be the first time that Sanchez plays in a match of this magnitude, after moving from Barcelona to London. The Chilean was particularly impressive during the European night on Tuesday, as he single-handedly sought to win it for Arsenal. The way he ran, with the ball at his feet, was a sight to behold. And – had it not been for some last ditch tackling from Besiktas’ defenders – Sanchez could have harnessed his incisive runs into the box, with a lot more venom.

However, tomorrow, he would have to do a lot more than what he did on Tuesday night, as he could be confronted by one of the reputed Left-Backs in the world, Leighton Baines. The Englishman might not have the pace that Chilean has, in abundance, but Baines is renowned for his immaculate positioning, and it will be up to Sanchez to test out England Left-Back’s credentials, as the best Left-Back in the country.
Sanchez vs Baines will be one great battle, as both of them render their respective sides, with more or less the same utility: Crossing, set-pieces, and the stamina to keep running around.

Albeit it’s difficult to forecast whether the match could be decided on the basis of the aforementioned trio of battles; there is a distinct possibility that these three battles could impact the match on a serious note.

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    1. scezney
      debuchy kosscielny chambers monreal
      flamini ramsey
      sanchez wishire chamberleine

      we cant play sanchez upfront against a very physical everton , i prefer chamberlaine over cazorla because he can help monreal down the left and can create width to the team , maybe cazorla instead of wilshire also would do , i see it a tough match to win but we can do it if we play well defensively

      1. Baines is great going forward, linking up with Pienaar, but, defensively he is NOT that good.
        Alexis will give him a big headache, and I doubt he will be foraging too far most of the time.
        I would play Flamini and Rambo in the centre, with Santi in the hole, and Alexis CAMPBELL and AOC up top.
        AOC and Alexis are good at tracking back, Flamini will cover Debauchy should Baines try to go forwards, and also the back 2 against KAKU.
        Be a tough game, as always at Goodison, but THAT team should be very good defensively, and a quick devastating team going forward on the counter.
        I chose Joel up top simply because he holds the ball up well, good at laying it off on the counter, and, has the speed to devastate the slow Everton CBs.

    2. Starting to think we should sign one more big name player. Khedira, Cavani, Reus, and Falcao are the big names that are available and that could actually happen.

      For me I think Khedira is a must for the CDM position. And then I would like to have Reus but it would be nice to have a clinical striker of Cavani or Falcao.

  1. I hope the extended Holliday for the Germans won’t affect their form/performance. Ozil in particular. We have to play at our best to beat them.

  2. French media reports that Wenger wants t offer PSG 32mln plus Giroud for Cavani… .Hmmmmm, if that does happens then we’ve got somebody else in Wenger skin. He would never do that!!! But who knows!?

    1. french media has also confirm cavani is staying

      ibra is injured

      giroud is cup tied

      twitter rumour is a hoax

      1. I doubt if Giroud is cup-tied because of playing in Champs play-off against Beskitas.
        The game is improper Champions League game. Goal(s) scored there by player(s) is/are not credited to the player’s UEFA goals accounts.
        ANY team that signs Giroud now will definitely register him for Champs league games. Cup-tie begins at group stages only.

        Even, if Beskitas eliminates Arsenal (God forbdis), Giroud can sign with Beskitas and play for them in Champions League

      2. Actually he won’t be cup tied until the UEFA lists are finalized. These have to be handed end of this month prior to the competition proper start.
        However, I don’t think we can afford Cavani. He is having a huge salary and I don’t see how we can match that. And Ibra is injured so Cavani will not move.
        But if this deal happens I see two things happening : gooners all over the world would thank all the existing and non existing gods and the secon one is the fact that Giroud will actually start scoring as he did at Montpellier, maybe even more.

  3. The one u left out was Wenger v Martinez Last season Martinez outfoxed Wenger badly by his tactics over our manager’s. I

  4. I just thought of something that’s not completely unrealistic

    Can you imagine us NOT signing anyone else other than a defender AND Liverpool signing Falcao/Ballotelli and United signing di Maria/Reus and maybe Kehedira going to Chelsea or United

    Where would that leave us?

    It’s not inconceivable that we could end up 5th place.

    I hope Wenger has an ace up his sleeve

  5. Szczezny
    Debuchy Chambers Kos Monreal
    Wilshere Rosicky
    Campbell Sanchez Ox
    This is the team we should use. Cazorla and Giroud don’t deserve to start. They’ve been dire recently.

  6. Ozil will not start, probably on the Bench.

    I predict the same lineup as mid-week with Flamini coming for Arteta.

  7. Lets go for the win guys, we have stooped too low now days.. I remember we went into matches with a winning mentality, but it’s all gone, we go into them not to lose, nowonder we get spanked in 3-0 and 6-0…

    Our mentality as a club scares me. We go into each big game as a wet dog with her tail firmly between her legs and it rubs off onto our opponents who then smell the nervousness and go for the kill..

    I don’t know when this defeatist underdog energy will pass..

    Lets go in with high energy, I know it’s not as easy as that but we are becoming an easy target for every half decent team..

  8. So all this excitement about paying £50 – £60 million for Cavani… So we pay that money for an out of favour and out of form player? He has been terrible since moving to PSG, people keep going on about he is played out of position,but what happened when Zlatan was out? Cavani was played in is favoured position and he still looked like rubbish..

    For Uruguay, he is a complete donkey too.. He looks lost, Suarez was out and Cavani still did nothing, Suarez comes back into the Uruguay team and instantly changes the team..

    He went for £60 million, he has been pants but still valued in that £45 – £60 region? Torres went for £50 million and has been pants, so he too is still in that £50 million bracket he went for?

    If we were to spend more than £30 million on this guy I would be nervous..

      1. oh then what would you say about our 42 million princess

        1) doesnt do s##t in big games
        2) fights with his own teammates
        3) never tracks back (some sort of princess isnt he) after losing the ball

        oh i forgot his superior stats


        1. Don’t get us started on Ozil.. We upset many people when we criticise him, he is that never wrong, never his fault kind of player that will be protected, backed and fought for to the hill.

          He is a Prince to 99% of Gooners..

        2. @SAMESAME What a lot of nonsensical blurb

          1) I’ll refer you to the world cup (you may have seen Ozil holding it?) and the fact it was his first season of first team football for a while, as well as a debut season in the EPL.
          2) Utter balls
          3) See answer to point No2

  9. We don’t want to swap giroud for another striker as then we still only have sanogo and an other, (sanchez when walcotts back).We need an additional striker and keep giro ud as a sub. Even west brom have four strikers to choose from now. Considering the strikers available for each premier league club we have to be ranked in the bottom 10, very poor for a club of arsenals size, wealth and aspirations.

  10. At the moment, Sanchez is doing everything well, including playing his part defensively. However, his passing in the final third is still very erratic and we keep losing balls that way. If he can fix that, and attempt more shots, he’s going to be great for us…

    1. He’ll get there…it’s pretty much about putting the ball where you think the striker will be so once he adjusts and realises we have got Giroud and not Neymar all will be fine.

      The dangerously underrated battle is Monreal Vs Mirallas.

      1. Hope you are not putting the blame on Giroud already.. I really like Sanchez and think he will contribute more to the time than Ozil..

        But so far he has been erratic, his final ball has been so poor, over hitting his crosses, his through passes not going through. Runs himself into trouble, but it will all come together soon, I really rate this guy to the max..

        1. Actually I think Giroud does have a future at AFC, he fares significantly better coming from the bench and there are occasions where you just need a player of his stature from the start.

    2. Yeah he was with a team of messi and neymar last season. Messi probably wouldve scored from all that erratic passes. Like in the 10th minute giroud overrun the ball and fell down. Messi wouldve slotted it home for sure.

  11. On cavanni if we’re kooking to pay bigish money on a striker it would be falcao for me, (going to rm). Followed by bony, Jackson martinez, even hernandez, benteke and so on. Wenger bangs on about quality but we desperately need numbers and options to add depth for what will be a long and competitive season. Still suspect wenger is after Reus and aims to play him or sanchez up front.

  12. if Wenger takes a real good look at teams like Barcelona , Rea Madrid , Bayern munich , BVB , PSG , Chelsea , Man-city and very soon Monaco , Liverpool and inter millan ,Arsenal will have 0% chance of wining UCL TITITLE .If Wenger does not built a team like 2002-2004 season .am sorry only a miracle will get this current squad to win it .the best chance for us to win the league next season is by signing DI MARIA now with loan moves for dm and cb ,then signing of REUS next season and proper young CDM AND CB .

  13. Key battles: last season we had injury crises when we played them. Going head to head: sczesny should be in goal. Debuchy is a no nonsense defender and last season 2 of there goals was sagna’s fault. Koscileny is breaming wit confidence and lukaku is not match fit so I would expect to see him in koscileny’s pocket. Chambers/mertascker should be ok.where I think will cause us problm is mirallas against monreal. Mirallas is a tricky player and physical too. I just hope whoever plays infront of monreal have a sound day to help him out. Last season when we played then in FA cup chamberlain terrorised baines and I think wenger should go for chambo. And I think a midfield of chambers ramsey and carzola could work. Finally it all comes down to who takes their chances. Because am sure both teams will have chances but who takes theirs will win. I predict a 2-1 win for us giroud and carzola. And naismith for them.

  14. The only way wenger will buy someone is when we get destroyed tomorrow. No Ozil/walcott/mert/podolski. We are also without Gibbs so that left flank will be open for attack, we have no sanogo, so the lamp post will start against jagilka&distan. It saddens me to say this but i really hope its a HEAVY defeat, something to put tons of pressure on wenger as the papers will skin him alive once that happens.

  15. Diaby was at the training session sounds good so if he was fit i would do this to everton
    diaby ozil ramsey and at the front i would do this
    bellenin alexi campbel

    hey don’t be cheeky now

  16. how someone can think Cavani was shit after scorin over 20 goals in his debut season while being played out of position, really dazzles me..
    Ive always believed arsenal has some of the best suppliers around europe.. our only problem now is the end product.. giroud.. even for some of the games where we were thrashed by wide goal margins, that still was our set back.. failing to convert the few rare chances we had.. take for exapmle the liverpool game, we had the chance to pull one back when we were still 1-0 down but giroud failed to capitalise on that one, & soon as we conceeded a 2nd, the team started to fall apart.. we could conceed lots if we score alot more.. & for me, anyone slightly better than Giroud will do, any day, any time.. Edison Cavani, bei.g surrounded by Ozil, Sanchez, Ramsey, Wilshere, etc, is going to do the kind of job you need.. je doesnt have to be exactly outstanding, but he will score the few really obvious chances we have, which are totally game deciders..
    Cavani any day anytime..
    opinions divided

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